The Rosary by Knittingknots

InuYasha thinks about how life now that Kagome has taken off his rosary and gone back through the well.


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1. The Rosary by Knittingknots

The Rosary by Knittingknots
InuYasha thought about all the times he had felt the impact of the ground, thrown there by the stupid beads.

O, he hated it all right, the taste of dirt, the feeling of being pounded into the ground, the helplessness of being forced.  The physical pain was minor, though.  What was worse was the hurt to his pride.  And the reasons why she did it.  She’d feel embarrassed or angry, like the time  he’d shown up for her the day she took her high school exam.  He didn’t realize she hadn’t taken her stupid test yet when he’d come through the well.  All he knew is she’d told him ten days, and ten days had passed, and he was trying to get a straight answer from her.  And soon as she’d seen him, she sat him.

Damn it, he wasn’t a dog!  He didn’t deserve to have to wear a collar.

But now he leaned against the well, fingering the beads, one by one.  How he’d love to see the fire in her eyes, the shrill anger in her voice, to feel the dirt rise up to meet him.  But yesterday, she had said her goodbye, pulled the beads off his neck with such a sad, longing look, and jumped down into the well for the last time.  He tried, oh he tried, over and over to follow her, but the well was sealed to him.

Damn it, it hurt!  He felt like half of his self was gone.

“If only I told her.  If only I said I loved her,” he said, sighing.

Suddenly, the darkness in the well burst into blue light.

“Kagome?” he whispered, unable to believe what his eyes and nose were telling him.

“I just...just couldn’t stay away,” she said.  “Help me up?”
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