Did you forget? by Jaztina

Its all about what you remember and what you forget... Living together for a life time is a huge step.. will Inuyasha remember to cherrish each moment, love thy partner and to have and to hold in sickness and in health for as long as they both shall live?..  only time and love will tell... 

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This story was a bit fun for me, i enjoyed writing it, or what i have done so far.. i have tried to go into the depths of marriage in this story, the good the bad and the ugly.. i hope every1 enjoys my first chappie..

1. A night remembered by Jaztina

A night remembered by Jaztina
Author's Notes:

Now before you start please be aware that my punctuation is completely and hopelessly terrible..  so in advanced i am sorry!


but i do hope u enjoy this story :)

DISCLAIMER: i do not own Inuyasha and gang.. as much as i would like to.. im pretty sure i will never own them.  also i do not get any money for this...

The glistening sun silently fell below the large sky scrapers of Tokyo, as the delightful scent of his love filled the air.

‘ Kagome?’, he said softly and seductively coming to a halt on the opposite side of the bathroom door.

‘ I’ll be out in a minute Inuyasha, keep your pants on’, she replied as she continued drying her slim water drenched body with a towel.

‘ do you need some help?’,

‘ not from you, thank you very much’, she said her voice muffled by the door, but Inuyasha could still tell that she was annoyed at him. He huffed in disappointment and went to sit on her bed. Tonight is supposed to be about letting go and having some fun, he thought to himself, oh well, she’ll certainly get what’s coming to her.

Inuyasha sat on her large bed, his arms crossed over his chest as he thought off the night when he asked Kagome to be his wife…





‘ You look beautiful’, said Inuyasha as he stood before his girlfriend on the night of their third anniversary. Kagome blushed and reached up to kiss him lightly on the cheek,

‘ thank you’, she said. Inuyasha reached forward and took her hand in his, although they had been together for what Inuyasha considered three perfect years, he could not remember a time he was this nervous around his love.

Kagome walked in silence beside Inuyasha, his long silver hair cascading down his back, partially covering his blood red dress top that he had worn for this special night he had planned. He gently squeezed her hand, feeling the promise band he had given her a year previously, he smiled warming. Kagome looked up at him, her face radiating with love,

Her raven hair twisted loosing above her slender shoulders, she was the perfect image of an angel, with her black gown hanging down just below her knees on a diagonal slant showing off a little toned leg, the back of the dress hung low as thin straps held it in place on her lower back.

They continued walking down the shadowy pathway, the cherry blossoms made a perimeter along the darkened path, Inuyasha held Kagome’s hand a little more firmly as they edged around a bridge that hung over head. Kagome let go of Inuyasha hand and wrapped it around the back of his waist holding him close to her. They neared the end of the darkness and ran into a flood of light illuminating a large open space of green grass. A large boulder made a center piece surrounded by a small, thin moat of clear water sprinkled with lilly pilly’s. Large tree’s caved inwards towards the boulder and pink petals covered the rocked surface of the center piece and the area surrounding it.

Kagome gasped at the beauty of the place, turning to look at Inuyasha, he didn’t even need to look at her to know that she was smiling. He led her over towards the moat, gently lifting her and placing her on the large rock, he kneeled before her, still holding one of her hands with his own.

‘ Kagome, my beloved, you have helped me though so much, I love you with all my heart and if you will accept me, will you do me the absolute honor of becoming my wife?’, he said taking a small black box from his shirt pocket and opening it up to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. He looked deep into her eyes as they swelled with love as tears seeped down her cheeks. She jumped off the boulder and into her love’s arms, wrapping her legs and arms around him, her lips pressed against his, she pulled back.

‘ yes, yes! Inuyasha I will become your wife’, she said as more tears swelled in her eyes. Inuyasha reached for her hand, gently slipping on the diamond ring. Inuyasha held her tightly and brought his lips back down upon hers in a searing kiss, he wrapped his arms around her body and gently lifted her up with him as he stood, never breaking their connection. Kagome brought her hands up and ran her fingers though his silver mane and up towards his ears that sat upon his head, gently rubbing one between her finger and thumb, he moaned against her lips. He pressed his body against hers and suddenly swooped her up bridle style and jumped atop the petal covered boulder. Gently laying her down on her back Inuyasha arched over her, kissing her lips again, before moving to lightly kiss her cheeks, he ran a delicate hand across her cheek and traced her lips. He lowered his head to the space between her neck and shoulder and started licking tentatively before placing light kisses along her jaw bone and along her neck down to her shoulder. Kagome shuddered under his touch and pulled him down beside herself, she turned to face him, looking deep into his eyes she rested her forehead against his.

‘ I love you Inuyasha, don’t you ever forget that, okay?’, she said brushing her nose against his, gently licking his lips with her tongue.

‘ I love you to..’, he said, but was prevented by saying anything else as Kagome tongue reached inside his mouth, her lips pressing against his and his hands came up behind her and started caressing her back and shoulders. Kagome rolled herself on top of him and sat up straddling his thighs, she lent down and kissed his neck and she felt him give a low growl in his throat as a sign on submission. Kagome smiled warmly at him and reached down to his dress shirt, seeking out the buttons, playing with them between her finger tips.

Inuyasha looked up into Kagome’s eyes as she started fiddling with his buttons, he reached up and covered her hand with his own. She stopped and looked at him,

‘ is this what you want?’, he asked gently,


He reached up and kissed her on the lips again,

‘ I don’t expect anything from you’, he whispered into her ear. She turned her head to look at him, and she bowed her head low.

Inuyasha kissed her lips again, then lowered his head to nuzzle at her neck.

‘ we have all the time in the world Kagome’, he whispered into her ear again. Inuyasha felt her give a small nod as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled himself up into a sitting position, resting her in his lap. Inuyasha looked up into the night sky, thousands of sparkling lights lit up the darkness. He nodded upwards and Kagome followed his gaze.

‘ for everyone of those stars littering the night sky, is how much more I end up loving you each day’, he said to her, capturing her lips again.

Kagome pulled back and rested her head on his shoulder, still looking up towards the night sky, she felt Inuyasha lean back pulling her gently with him. Kagome closed her eyes, lying back with Inuyasha’s arms wrapped around her, she let sleep take her in the arms of her beloved hanyou.

Inuyasha looked down at his sleeping fiancée, he pulled her tighter against his chest.

‘ one day my love, one day.’

Inuyasha felt Kagome give a small shudder as the cold wind swept over her body. He picked her up bridle style again and carefully jumped down off of the boulder. He walked through the tall wooden gates that they had come through into the park, and continued back down along the pathway towards the gleaming lights of Tokyo city. She unconsciously held him tighter as he carried her though the city streets and up towards the entrance to the finest hotel in the city.

He stepped inside the large doors of the hotel, his feet tip tapping as he walked along the tiled floor.

‘ ah, my lord Takahashi, pleased to see you again, did your evening go as you had planned?’, asked the doorman as Inuyasha came to a halt by the elevator.

‘ yes Miroku, every thing went splendidly, thank you for your suggestion’, answered Inuyasha.

‘ oh but it was my pleasure my lord, I shall now bid you goodnight, so you and your misses can have a peaceful sleep’, said the doorman as he bowed low to Inuyasha and backed away.

Inuyasha turned back towards the elevator that was open to him and stepped inside, pulling Kagome higher in his grip he placed a small kiss on her forehead.

After the elevator had made one stop and then reached the highest floor that was completely for Inuyasha use, He stepped out again and walked to his room, opening the door and entered. Just as Miroku promised as he left for the evening, everything had been cleaned and fresh red roses littered the entire bedroom. Kagome moaned softly against his chest and cracked a sleepy eye open. She gasped softly in surprise as Inuyasha reached down and captured her lips with his own, he carried her over towards the bed and gently laid her down.

‘ sleep my love’, he said to her as her eyelids drooped low and sleep took her.

Inuyasha walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of loose fitting track pants to put on as he unbuttoned his dress shirt, and pulled off his pants, sliding on the track pants, then walking over to the king size bed where Kagome was strewed across. Inuyasha picked Kagome up and pulled back the blankets, carefully arranging her in a comfortable position, he lied down next to her and pulled the blanket up again, covering them both. He breathed in the sweet sent of his love and closed his eyes,

‘ I love you, Kagome’, he whispered into the night.. This night was all he had hoped for.. And more..

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