A Day Filled Of Sorrow by puppylover1x1
Summary: he leaves for alittle while and everything is destroyed. will he find anything left in one piece, or will hew discover that he is all alone, and drowned in grief.
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Story Notes:
a poem that comes in three parts, each part unfolding another piece of this short story. its not my first poem, but its the first thing i have ever posted.

1. Chapter 1 by puppylover1x1

2. Chapter 2 by puppylover1x1

3. Chapter 3 by puppylover1x1

Chapter 1 by puppylover1x1
Author's Notes:
its a tad bit sorrowful, depending on you read it.

Standing here

In the ruins of a once beautiful village

I realize that fate is not always kind

Looking out

At the now useless soil

At the blackness of the ground

At the bareness of the few trees that still remain

Sadness overwhelms me

It was once so enchanting

There was green everywhere

Flowers too

And trees that were overflowing with leaves

That is now gone though

Because monsters came

In that little time I chose to go away

Not the type of creatures you check under your bed for

But men

And a few women

That were born with no soul

They came and destroyed my home

They murdered many of my dear friends

And made me realize that the pity

And understanding

I had tried to hold in my heart for them had been put to waste

Tears gather in my eyes

Even though I am a man

And believe I should not cry

Why, my heart screams

Why God,

Why is such a great pain being cursed upon me?

I want to slash at something

Kill something

I want to get rid of my misery

But there is nothing,

Nothing to do

But fall to my knees and weep


End Notes:

tell me if you like it

Chapter 2 by puppylover1x1
Author's Notes:

the second part. its alittle sad


I’m digging

Searching through the ruins

Trying to find a sign

A sign of life

Of survival

Or at the very least

A body that was thrown aside

So that I can have one last look

And find closure

Though I will never again find peace

Those monsters!

They destroyed everything

They left nothing in one piece

I walk through the village that was

And will always be

My home

And continue to weep

My breath catches in my throat

A sob escapes from deep within my chest

When I catch sight of the small hut

Where my mate and I had not too long ago held on to each other

As we watched our little pup sleep

God, I scream

Once again

This time as a plea


Oh please!

Don’t tell me you took them away from me

Don’t tell me you left me alone in this world

To do nothing

But drowned in grief

Chapter 3 by puppylover1x1

I run

And run

To the tiny hut that is hardly standing anymore

I scream for my mate

And a sob escapes me

That sounds very much like my son’s name

I so desperately need to find them

My mind is so focused on them,

That I forget about my friends

My relatives

And about the wreckage all around me

They are all that matters

They are all I need



All I can do is pray

That He didn’t take them from me

I throw wood aside

Trying to get in

I have to find them

They have to be alive

I need them

I have to have them by my side

Or else there is no way I can survive

God, I know it sounds dramatic

Like another Romeo and Juliet piece

But it’s true.

I drop to my knees again

Weeping out my grief

But when I look up

I see a flash of something

And cant decide to weep some more

Or to sigh in relief


Walking towards me

All in one piece

Is my mate

And my son

Seeing them

My shattered world

Though still filled with sorrow

Puts itself back together again

Piece by broken piece

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