Love Me For Who I Am by Jaztina
Summary: Kagome suffers alot of heartache and cannot accept the truth that is right in front of her face. will Inuyasha save her from herself, or will the end come to soon?
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This story is a sad one, so please, you have been warned..

throughout this story my encouragement was a song called ' missing you', by 1st lady.

1. Chapter 1 by Jaztina

2. Chapter 2 by Jaztina

3. Chapter 3 by Jaztina

4. Chapter 4 by Jaztina

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Chapter 1 by Jaztina
Author's Notes:

i hope you like this story, it is a sad one.. alot of emotion is shown in this story

“ Mother, Kagome, I’ll be back in an hour!”, Sesshoumaru Takahashi called, climbing into the red Fiat. The car pulled out of the Takahashi ’s driveway in Tokyo, Japan.
Kagome did not need to guess where her brother was going. He was going on a date with his beautiful girlfriend Rin. She stared wistfully at the fading car, and wished she had Sesshoumaru. People often said Kagome did not resemble her family, and they were not wrong. After all, she was an adopted child. Kagome had beautiful black hair and a slim body fit for a fifteen year old, while Sesshoumaru’s handsome features and slick silver hair resembled his father, who died years ago. Mrs. Takahashi , the kind widow, as most people called her, was not beautiful for a women of forty eight. But her kind face had no wrinkles and her Black hair showed no specks of gray.
Kagome had a crush on Sesshoumaru for three years now, and she loved him far more than a brother. His brown eyes could catch any girl’s heart, but Kagome knew in her own heart that she loved Sesshoumaru more than anyone else in the world, even Mrs. Takahashi .
Kagome spent the hour reading and waiting for Sesshoumaru, as she always did. The clock ticked noisily and the sounds of Mrs. Takahashi ’s knitting and her chair rocking could be heard throughout the house,
Late into the night the sound of keys in the door was heard and the door creaked open. A boy Sesshoumaru of age eighteen stepped in quietly as a mouse and went up to his sister, who had fallen asleep waiting for him on the couch, her book across her lap. Silently, he went up and put her head on his shoulder. The sleeping girl stirred but fell back into her slumber. Sesshoumaru stroked Kagome’s head gently for a while, then kissed her cheek. The moments of silence were broken by the loud chiming of the grandfather clock, indicating midnight.
“ Kagome, I know of your feelings toward me,” Sesshoumaru whispered into the night and to his sleeping sister. His voice was so soothing, like a lullaby.” I am sorry I am unable to love you back as more, but I will always love you, almost as I love Rin. You are a beautiful and gentle girl, like the night breeze that lures me to sleep each night. I have to go for a while now. Sleep well.” Sesshoumaru slowly lifted Kagome’s face up to his, then gently placed his lips over hers. It was a short kiss, but a true one. Seconds later the boy left again. Kagome opened her eyes and gazed at the empty driveway, trying to recall the kiss that she only half remembered, then fell back asleep.
The quiet dawn house of the Takahashi s were once again disturbed by the shrill ringing of the phone. Kagome rose from the couch and picked up the phone that rand at two o’clock. A male voice spoke.
“ Miss Takahashi , this is Officer Jyo from the Sacromento Police Department. I think you’d better come down to South Street. There has been an accident with your brother.”
Then he hung up.
Kagome was still for a moment, before she threw down the receiver and screamed.” Mother!”
Two ladies, one young, and one old, arrived at South Street minutes later. Police cars were everywhere, and there was an ambulance. A small crowd was huddled around two bodies.
Kagome and . Takahashi rushed and pushed through the crowd, where three officers were examining the two bodies. One was a stranger, whose head was heavily bandaged and stains of blood were visible through the bandage.
The other was Sesshoumaru. The boy’s head was bleeding heavily and blood stained his body, where cuts and bruises were located. Two more officers came with a stretcher and lifted the stranger onto it.
“ Emergency room immediately. There still might be hope.” An officer said.
“ What about my brother? He needs to go to the hospital, too!” Kagome screamed, her voice shaking uncontrollable as she stared at the bloody heap of her brother.
“ He needs to go! Somebody, bring a stretcher!” Kagome was shrieking, tears streaming down her face as she wrung her hands desperately.
“ Miss Takahashi , I’m sorry. There is no need for Sesshoumaru to go to a hospital.” The officer said, trying to soothe the frantic girl.
“ Why not! That person got to go! There’s still hope!” Kagome cried, shaking her head.
“ Sesshoumaru Takahashi is dead.”
Kagome froze. . Takahashi fainted, but Kagome didn't. Before she knew what she was doing, she grabbed the officer’s shirt.
“ You’re lying. Sesshoumaru said he was only going out for a little while. He’s coming back!” Kagome cried shrilly. At that moment all she wanted was for her brother to come back. She thought she was going crazy.
“ I’m sorry. But he is dead.” The officer replied, looking somber. He loosened himself from Kagome’s grip and walked away.
Kagome stood, then knelt in front of Sesshoumaru. She stroked his soft silver hair as he did to her, staining her hands with blood from his hair. Her tears spilled and she hugged Sesshoumaru to her. The crowd slowly parted, leaving Kagome and the dead Sesshoumaru. The officer came over and patted Kagome’s shoulder gently.
“ Miss Takahashi , we have to take your brother.” He said. The officer waved his hand and two other policemen gently pulled Kagome off Sesshoumaru.
Kagome didn’t know why she didn’t object. But she didn’t argue as Sesshoumaru was lifted onto a stretcher and covered in a white cloth.
The sirens of the ambulance and police cars softened as they slowly drove away. Kagome felt a fresh wave of tears come to her eyes, and she stood staring at the disappearing vehicles.
Sesshoumaru Takahashi died on December 14th.

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Chapter 2 by Jaztina
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hope you liked my last chapter and i hope you like this one


“ Kagome, have you packed all your things?” . Takahashi called from downstairs. “ Your plane to England leaves at six!”
Kagome stuffed the rest of her clothes into her suitcase and snapped the suitcase shut.
“ Almost done, Mother!” the sixteen year old called back. She hesitated as she looked at a picture of her and Sesshoumaru. Her brother, who would’ve been nineteen if he hadn’t died, had his arm around Kagome in the picture, and they were both smiling happily.
It had been almost a year since the death of her brother. Kagome never really got over the tragic incident, but much to her surprise, life soon became normal again for all others, but never for Kagome. A part of her had died, and she knew it was her heart. The young girl decided to attend a music orchestra school in England. After Sesshoumaru’s death, they never shut down the small beach house Kagome’s brother owned, but nobody ever went there again. However, everything inside was still active.
Kagome buried her thoughts and quickly placed the picture into her suitcase. She grabbed the suitcase and heaved it downstairs, where her mother was waiting for her.
“ Come on, hurry up, dear.” Mrs. Takahashi beckoned, climbing into the driver’s seat of their Fiat.
Mother and daughter bided each other goodbye at the airport. . Takahashi kissed Kagome on the cheek and told her to go and be careful.
Hours and hours later the American Airlines landed at the London airport. Kagome climbed off the airplane along with the other passengers. Security guards stood still as statues at every entrance, an the airport here wasn’t as crowded.
The girl’s eyes darted around for some sign of what she was looking for, a person or people who represented the Carson Music School.
Just then Kagome heard her name.
“ Miss Kagome Takahashi !”
She spun around. A boy dressed in a blue uniform gestured toward her. He ran over and took her suitcase, escorting her to a small group of people who were dressed as he was. The boy was red-haired and freckled. His British accent was strong and he seemed very polite.
“ Miss Kagome, this is our president, Mr. Aaron Spiel. And I’m Randy.” The red head introduce.
Kagome nodded and shook hands with Mr. Spiel.
“ Welcome, Miss Takahashi . We are honored to have you attend our music school.” Mr. Spiel said warmly.” Thank you for coming all this way.”
They escorted Kagome to a van and rode to the school. England was beautiful in an eerie way. Everything in London was so formal and exquisite. The construction was unique and brilliant, in Kagome’s thoughts.
They arrived at a white marble building and went inside. Pictures and portraits of the orchestra and extraordinary players were hung all over the wall.
Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, Kagome saw a lock of slick silver hair disappear at a corner of the hallway the girl’s breath caught in her chest as Sesshoumaru’s silvery silver hair flashed across her mind. She dropped her suitcase and ran to the hall where she had seen the boy. But just then the doors opened and a crowd of students holding violins came out. Kagome searched frantically for the boy, but he was gone.
“ Kagome, is anything wrong?” the voice of Randy brought her back to her senses.
“ Oh, nothing.” Kagome hesitated, then asked.” Is there a boy named Sesshoumaru Takahashi in the orchestra?”
Randy looked at her, puzzled.” No, Kagome. Do you know someone of the name?” he asked. Kagome’s eyes locked with Randy’s , then she shook her head.
Later Kagome was brought to a dormitory, where there was two beds. Randy addressed Kagome to hers, which was on the far right.
“ Kagome, I understand if you’re tired, but in an hour there will be a welcome ceremony for you. You can come if you wish.” Randy set down her suitcase and walked out. The girl peered around the dormitory and hung her clothes up in a closet that she shared with the other girl. She’d just set down her picture of Sesshoumaru and her when the door opened and a girl entered. The girl glanced at Kagome, then walked up to her and held out her hand, her silver curls dangling from an expensive butterfly hairpin.
“ Hello, I’m Kikyo .. You share a room with me.” The girl said abruptly in a superior tone.
Kagome held out her own hand and shook Kikyo’s.
“ I’m Kagome Takahashi .” She introduced.

“ Oh, so you’re the girl from Japan? Going to the ceremony? I wouldn’t miss all the attention for the world if I were you.” Kikyo sat onto her own bed and popped a candy into her mouth. “ I play the viola, you?”
“ I play the harp.” Kagome explained. She did not feel like engaging conversation with anyone right now, especially Kikyo. Kikyo seemed to read her thoughts, and she hopped off her bed, looking bored.
“ Well, I’m leaving.”
The girl slammed the door behind her.

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Chapter 3 by Jaztina
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An hour later Kagome stepped up onto the stage and was introduced to the orchestra piece of one hundred and seventy.
Kagome scanned the big orchestra with interest. It was certainly a good orchestra. Suddenly Kagome spotted the platinum hair again. Once again Kagome felt her heart hammer against her chest. The boy’s hair was slicked back and his head was down, studying the keys of the grand piano. Kagome dropped the microphone with a loud clang and all heads turned to her. Kikyo and her huge group of friends smirked and giggled. The boy looked up and Kagome gasped with shock.
The boy was Sesshoumaru. Exact sapphire blue eyes looked at her, except ten times colder, and the same pale skin and beautiful silver hair.
“ Sesshoumaru!” Kagome whispered, her voice hoarse with shock. The boy stepped up to her.
“ What do you want, Takahashi ?” he asked icily.
“ Oh, this is InuYasha Vacur, our pianist.” Randy explained, looking rather embarrassed at InuYasha’s rude attitude.” He’s rather rude toward strangers.”
But Kagome didn't hear him. All she saw was her handsome brother, standing alive in front of her. Tears filled her eyes and even InuYasha seemed surprise as the teardrops slid down Kagome’s white face and dropped onto her harp.
“ You’re not dead.” Kagome whispered.
“ You are very much mistaken, Takahashi . I never died. And my name is not Sesshoumaru, it’s InuYasha, I-N-U-Y-A-S-H-A, in case you can’t hear or spell.” The boy turned on his heels and went back to the piano.
Why is Sesshoumaru being so mean and cold? Kagome thought. He doesn’t love me, he hates me. Why does he glare at me like that like he never knew me? Clapping her hands over her mouth, Kagome sped out of the auditorium.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ What did you call InuYasha, Kagome Takahashi ?” Kikyo demanded, rounding on Kagome forcefully, where Kagome was staring wistfully at the picture of her and Sesshoumaru. Kikyo snatched the picture out of Kagome’s hands.
“ How did you know InuYasha?” she snapped, staring at the picture in disbelief and disgust.
“ That’s my brother Sesshoumaru when he was still alive.” Kagome said, reaching out to take her picture back.” Please give it to me.”
Kikyo smirked and held the picture out of reach.
“ You really like him, don’t you?” she asked. Kagome looked away but didn’t answer. To Kagome’s horror, Kikyo dropped the picture. The glass frame crashed to the floor an it shattered. The picture lay in the puddle of broken glass.
“ NO!” Kagome cried, bending to pick up the picture. The girl felt her heart shatter the moment the glass shattered. Tears streamed down Kagome’s face as she held the picture to her chest.
“ Why did you have to do that?” Kagome cried, glaring up at Kikyo with tear-filled eyes.
“ Oh, I’m so sorry. It just slipped out of my hand.” Kikyo said sarcastically. She moved her face closer to Kagome’s.” But I’m warning you, Kagome Takahashi , I like InuYasha, so stay away. He’s mine.” She stepped over the glass an stalked out, leaving Kagome and her shattered frame and heart.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Neither Kagome or Kikyo mentioned anything about the picture incident. Kagome performed spectacularly the next few days and their orchestra concert was a great success.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha walked over to his dormitory after the day of exhausting performing. His fingers were numb from playing. He reached his dormitory and found his dorm mate, Willis Patan sitting on the floor, three cups upside down in front of him.
“ Want me to foretell your future for you, Vacur?” Willis asked, wrinkling his forehead.
“ No thanks, Patan. I’ve outgrown fortune-telling.” InuYasha said coldly.
“ Come on, Vacur. Try it.” Willis nagged, pulling on InuYasha’s sleeve. The boy swung free and rolled his eyes, sitting down across from Willis.
“ Pick one.” Willis instructed, mixing the three cups up. InuYasha gave an impatient sigh and picked the middle one. Willis carefully opened the cup and took out a piece of paper.
“ Ooo, this is a love spirit. It says the girl of your life is getting closer to you now. You will find on her a card that says the same thing as I said to you.” Willis said, with a look of awe on his face.
InuYasha rolled his eyes in annoyance. “ It’s just a bunch of crap, as usual.” He muttered, climbing into bed.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Kagome walked along back to her dormitories after a day of music class. Suddenly, a shoulder knocked into hers and immense pain shot through her shoulder bones. It was InuYasha. For a moment their eyes met. Kagome stared deep into InuYasha’s blue eyes and saw something. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it looked like a streak of sunlight through all the ice. She stared at him for a long while and he stared back. Kagome couldn’t believe that anyone could look so alike in the world. The girl thought of Sesshoumaru’s handsome face, and his wonderful blue eyes, and that he would be standing here right next to her, them still joking and laughing like old times, if he hadn’t died in that horrible accident. If it weren’t for that other stupid driver, Sesshoumaru would still be here— A single tear rolled down her cheek and she let it trickle down her chin.
“ Why do you always cry whenever you see me, Takahashi ?” InuYasha asked, narrowing his eyes so they looked like slits.
“ You remind me of someone,” Kagome said vaguely, looking as if in a trance.” Someone that meant the world to me, someone who would be here today if that car accident hadn’t occurred one year ago.” Kagome turned on her heels and sped down the hall toward her dormitory. She hated facing InuYasha. She didn’t look back to see InuYasha staring after her for a long time. Somehow he remembered so clearly the way she looked at him. The way her tears rolled down her cheeks when she looked into her eyes. He slowly felt his heart crack.
Why did he care, Kagome thought. Why would he care about she cried. Unless he really is Sesshoumaru? Before Kagome could go into solutions of how that was possible, something on the ground caught her eye. It was a card that was laying face down. Curiously Kagome picked it up.
“ The boy of your life is getting closer.” Kagome read the card out loud. The girl smiled wanly. She didn’t believe in fortune telling, but all the same Kagome stuffed the card into her pocket, then went off to her dorm.

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Chapter 4 by Jaztina
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^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Kikyo . sat in music class, her beady eyes focused on InuYasha. How she loved his icy glare and his hair was silvery and admirable. The time ticked by slowly as Kikyo spent thirty minutes staring at the side of InuYasha’s face. She noticed his glance turn to Kagome several times and the girl’s eyes narrowed into a sneer. He never even looked at me, Kikyo thought angrily, her glint filled with not envy, but jealousy. What’s so great about that Kagome girl anyway? Kikyo had always been known as the princess of Beauty to all her schoolmates, and her wealthy background was most admirable. Most boys’ desire was to have Kikyo as their girlfriend. And yet, Kikyo thought glumly, the only boy she loved never even showed the slightest interest toward her. But somehow, Kikyo . was going to get what she wanted, even if her father’s money couldn’t buy it.
Kikyo took out her most expensive quill and very carefully and slowly slid it into Kagome’s schoolbag. The girl glanced around to make sure no one was watching, before she burst into a fit of fake tears. All heads turned to her.
“ Miss ., what’s wrong?” the teacher, Ms. Spinner asked, her chalk breaking in half out of her surprise.
“ My quill! My most expensive and precious quill is gone! It was a gift from my grandma, before she died!” Kikyo sobbed, pretending to look devastated. Everyone began to look around for her pen.
“ Everyone, turn your bags inside out.” The teacher ordered. Everyone did so obediently. Kikyo saw with grim satisfaction that Kagome looked dumbstruck when the quill fell out of her backpack.
“ Kagome Takahashi , how dare you!” Kikyo cried, pointing a menacing finger at Kagome. “ You are a thief!”
Everyone threw loathing looks at Kagome and the teacher scolded her.” Miss Takahashi , you must understand that thievery is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated at this school. I will have to report this. Do you have anything to say?”
Kagome looked at Kikyo in disbelief but did not say anything. Kikyo sneered at her. “ No, this is unacceptable, Ms. Spinner. I will take the punishment.” Kagome said after a moment.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha stared at Kagome in astonishment. He saw Kikyo frame Kagome. Why hadn’t she denied it? He thought, bewildered.
Long after class was over, InuYasha watched Kagome wash the board and scrub the tables. He stood waiting until she was done, then stepped up to her.
“ Wanna go for a walk?” he asked quietly. Kagome looked up in surprise.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Kagome and InuYasha walked along the sandy beach in silence. They both stared at their feet and the sand, each avoiding the other’s eyes carefully. Finally, InuYasha broke the silence.
“ Why didn’t you deny it and speak the truth? Look at your hands, they are blistering and red from all that work, and yet, why did you not tell the truth to avoid such pain?” he asked, finally finding his voice. It was his first time taking a walk with a girl, he never knew it would be so awkward. For a moment, Kagome didn’t reply, as if thinking of an answer.
“ Kikyo . is not someone you would want to mess with. She is stubborn as a rock and wouldn’t give up until she gets her way. If I don't give up, she will think of more ways to accuse me.” Kagome replied earnestly.” You know, she seems very attracted to you.” Kagome added as an afterthought, or perhaps to change the subject.
InuYasha’s face clouded over instantly.” That’s none of your business.” He said shortly. “ I’ve known Kikyo for long, she is not quite my type.”
Kagome fell silent.
“ It’s getting cold, let’s go back inside.” InuYasha suggested after another moment of silence. Kagome nodded and they started to walk back to the school.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
That night Kagome dreamed of Sesshoumaru again. She dreamed that he had come back to life, and they had reunited already. Her heart was filled with happiness. They were to be wedded. On the happiest day of Kagome’s life, just as the moment when Sesshoumaru was to give Kagome the ring, Kikyo came up and stabbed her in the back. She felt intense pain and saw Sesshoumaru fading away— Kagome woke up screaming and sobbing. It was then that she realized she was still in her dormitory, and that Sesshoumaru was dead. It was close to midnight, and to Kagome’s enormous relief Kikyo had not yet returned. Her thoughts drifted to Sesshoumaru, and her heart sank. Why did she have to think about him? She thought desperately. All she wanted was Sesshoumaru’s life back.
Just then the dormitory door opened and the figure of a boy came in. Kagome sat up, her eyes slightly unfocused. As her vision slowly cleared, she gasped. It was Sesshoumaru.
“ Kagome, are you alright?” Sesshoumaru said.” I heard you screaming.”
Kagome threw her arms around Sesshoumaru’s neck.
“ Sesshoumaru, why did you have to leave me like that? You really really scared me when the police officer said you died in that crash!” Kagome murmured, hugging him close to her. Her tears were mingled with sweat from her dream, and she held him.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^

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Chapter 5 by Jaztina
Author's Notes:

This is starting to get really sad now.. ive cried alot when writing this..

InuYasha was totally surprised. Yuri clung onto his neck and broke down completely. He didn’t know why he didn’t shove her off and snap at her to come back to reality, but he didn’t. He just let her hug him and weep.
“ How could you leave me like that? Do you know how much I missed you? I thought about you every night, Sesshoumaru. I love you so much.” Kagome wept, her voice shattering.
InuYasha didn’t speak.
“ Sesshoumaru, please don’t leave me again—“ Kagome gasped. Then, to InuYasha’s astonishment, she pressed her soft lips on his and kissed him softly.
She’s in such pain and suffering so much, InuYasha thought sadly. She must’ve loved Sesshoumaru with all of her heart. Tears slid rapidly down Kagome’s face from her half opened eyes.
Just then Kagome gasped in surprise and stopped kissing InuYasha.
“ I—I’m so sorry, InuYasha.” She apologized hastily.
InuYasha continued to stare at Kagome.” It’s alright.” He said, beginning to blush.” I’d better go now.” he said awkwardly.
Kagome blushed and nodded. She draped a robe around her shoulders and escorted InuYasha downstairs.
“ Can’t tell me who Sesshoumaru is?” InuYasha asked. Kagome looked at him and shook her head sadly.
“ I’m afraid not, InuYasha,” she said quietly.” I’m sorry.”
InuYasha’s smile faded.” You know, it’s better if you stopped living in the shadow of that dead boy!” he said stiffly, his lips pursed in a thin line.
Kagome turned to InuYasha in disbelief.” How I live my life is my business, not yours!” she snapped.
“ Use your brains, if you have any,” InuYasha shot back.” What good is it to live thinking Sesshoumaru will come back, when he will never!”
The girl felt a fresh wave of tears flow down her face.” And what would you know about love, InuYasha Vacur?” she snapped coldly.” I bet some block of ice like you never loved anyone in your life! How would you know how I loved Sesshoumaru?”
InuYasha didn’t answer.
Kagome stared furiously at him for a moment, then stormed back to her dormitory. She slammed her door shut. Kikyo had not yet returned. Kagome was glad. She was getting sick of the girl’s taunting. Kagome stood fuming for a long time, hot tears stinging her eyes bitterly.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha stood still in the hallway downstairs. Kagome’s words hurt him more than he could have ever imagined. He never thought any words could affect him so deeply. But she was right. He didn’t know anything about love, until he met Kagome, until today. And he never did love anyone in his life. He didn’t know how to love. His father had been in a gang. He had lost money so he began taking money from Mrs. Vacur’s side of the family. He killed Mrs. Vacur’s parents and was later assassinated by the gang leader. Mrs. Vacur had sent InuYasha under the protection of a friend, before jumping into a lake and died. InuYasha lived for twelve years being tortured and enslaved by the couple who he thought was his parents. Then the couple lost everything from a robbery and sold him to Mrs. Vacur’s aunt, an elderly woman who was too old to care for him. On her deathbed, she revealed the truth InuYasha had never known. The old lady gave InuYasha her small fortune and he attended the orchestra. Aaron Spiel, upon hearing InuYasha’s tragic life, took no money from him. He never did love. Only carrying a little thankfulness for his mother’s aunt, who had told him the truth, he had spent his eighteen years of life in misery. Nobody could understand the pain and misery he went through. Now he lived with Aaron Spiel and Mr. Spiel’s son, and for the last two years, he had lived like a human.
Kikyo watched silently behind the door. An angry sneer of jealousy formed her mouth and she exhaled deeply, her devious eyes shining with malice toward Kagome.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
It was the next day and Kagome was finished with class. The day was stormy and gray, with thunder rumbling in a distance. She was putting her books into her locker when Kikyo came speeding toward her.
“ Kagome, I don’t know who did it! Come!” Kikyo gasped, panting slightly. Kagome turned curiously and went after Kikyo. Kikyo led Kagome to their dormitory. Kagome opened the door and gasped. Her drawers were flung open, and all her photos with Sesshoumaru were torn up and it scattered the floor. Tears stung her eyes as she bend to pick the ripped pieces of her photos. Her heart hurt like crazy and she slid onto the floor. Slowly, she felt her breath catch in her throat. She couldn’t breathe.
Kikyo sneered behind Kagome’s back and quickly dropped a quill down onto the floor. Then gasped.
“ Look!” Kikyo cried, bending to pick up the pen again as Kagome turned around.
“ What is that?” she asked wearily.
“ this pen, it’s—it’s—“ Kikyo stammered.
“ Whose is it, Kikyo? Whose is it?” Kagome demanded, grabbing the pen.
“ It’s InuYasha’s!” Kikyo said slowly, studying Kagome’s face. Her eyes widened in horror and anger. Then Kagome ran out of the room.
Kikyo’s lips curled into a sneer.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Kagome burst thought InuYasha’s door to find him studying. His dorm mate Willis was sprawled over his fortune cards. They both looked up in alarm.
“ InuYasha Vacur!” Kagome shrieked, tears flooding down her cheeks.” How dare you do that!”
“ What are you talking about, Kagome?” InuYasha asked, looking at her, puzzled.
“ Don’t deny it! Yesterday we fought and today I find my room wrecked and Sesshoumaru’s pictures torn up!” she screamed.
“ Knew something like that would happen.” Willis said.
“ Shut up, Willis. Your room wrecked?” asked InuYasha, concerned.” But who—“
“ And guess what I found?” Kagome went on.” This!” she threw the quill down onto the floor. InuYasha stared at it.
“ That is not mine!” he cried, enraged.” Kagome, this is treacherous!”
The girl covered her ears.” You know what’s treacherous? Is why I ever see good in a horrid person like you!” she snapped, before bolting out the door, leaving InuYasha staring after her.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Kagome cried and cried that night. she didn’t return to her dormitory tonight, because she knew Kikyo would be smirking. So Kagome spend the night walking around the area. She was not exactly angry, just heartbroken. She had trusted InuYasha with her heart, and also secretly loved him. Yet he did something beyond horrid, and now the shadow of Sesshoumaru weighed her down even more. How could she have been so gullible and naive?
Just then Kagome felt the same pain strike her as it did when she found her wrecked photos. Her legs suddenly felt weak, and they buckled beneath her. Her energy drained out of her slowly and she fell down.
A loud horn threw Kagome out of her pain. She suddenly realized she was kneeling in the middle of the street and a car was roaring down the road. Maybe this is how Sesshoumaru died, she thought vaguely. A loud honk and a blinding flash of light. Maybe that’s it. The car horn honked again but Kagome didn’t have the strength to move. Whit light blinded her and she knew nothing. Her fortune card fell out of her pocket and was crushed by the wheels of the car.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha ran down the dark street, searching frantically for Kagome. He had never felt so worried in his life. His platinum hair flew behind him and he breathed heavily, but didn’t stop. Far away, he heard a honk, but a car was nowhere in sight. A horrible feeling struck his head and he began to run, shouting Kagome’s name. But there was no response.
Far ahead, lit by the dim street lights, InuYasha saw what seemed like a large obstacle in the middle of the street. He ran closer and saw it was Kagome. There was little blood, but there was blood at the corner of her mouth. InuYasha was horrified. He picked up her body and begin to run again, ignoring the cramp in his side. He ran faster than he ever had in his life, even holding Kagome. He felt a tear at the corner of his eye, but it didn’t fall.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^

End Notes:
hope your liking it :) xx
Chapter 6 by Jaztina

Ambulance sirens screeched as it sped down the road. Inside the ambulance was a Kagome on a stretcher, and beside her was InuYasha, Aaron Spiel and Kikyo .. The three waited impatiently outside the emergency room.
InuYasha paced back and forth with a furrowed brow, while Aaron Spiel peered anxiously at the door. Kikyo sat still as stone, deep in thought. Kagome was now in the emergency room, and it was all something that started out with her. If she hadn’t wrecked Sesshoumaru’s photos out of her jealousy, Kagome wouldn’t have left and got hit by the car. Damn it, Kikyo thought. She just had to get hit, didn’t she? But she probably knew about Kikyo anyway. Kagome just wanted InuYasha to like her more, that’s why she got hit on purpose. And plus, who told her to go outside at night anyway, Kikyo thought sneeringly. Yes, that was it. Nothing on earth happens just when it’s not suppose to. Life isn’t that on target. Kikyo got angrier as she thought about it. That little witch! She won’t get InuYasha! Not while Kikyo . is around.
Three hours later the doctor came out to meet them.
“ Miss Takahashi is in no danger,” the doctor replied. InuYasha sighed with relief.” There is no need to worry her mother. Just a sprained ankle, a slightly twisted back and a few bruises won’t kill her. Kagome has been transferred to a regular ward. You may visit her.”
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Dawn slowly raised and InuYasha was nodding off toward the wall. Kagome was still unconscious and he had been with her ever since. Kikyo and Mr. Spiel had left later during the night.
Kagome began to stir, making InuYasha wake with a start. Kagome’s eyes slowly fluttered open. She blinked and saw InuYasha peering at her, concern written across every syllable of his handsome face.
“ Oh, hi,” Kagome said stiffly, sitting up. InuYasha awkwardly helped her.” What are you doing her?”
“ I want to talk, Kagome.” InuYasha said earnestly.
They walked along the pretty hedges of the hospital garden.
“ So.” They said in unison, both with different attempts.
“ You first.” Kagome said.
“ No, you’re a girl.” InuYasha replied politely.
“ Have you been with me the whole time?” Kagome asked. InuYasha nodded and she sighed.” You didn’t have to.”
“ Still think I wrecked your photos?” InuYasha asked quietly. The girl didn’t reply for a long time.
“ I guess not. I was so stunned the moment Kikyo told me it was your quill. And it hurt so much. I guess I blew up at you.” She said.
“ It’s still true, you can’t live in a shadow forever.” The boy began cautiously.
“ And what would you know?” Kagome said coldly.
“ I don’t, but it doesn’t seem right.” InuYasha said defiantly.
“ And why do you even care?” Kagome snapped, flaring up.
“ Because I care about you!” InuYasha blurted out, stunned at his own daring. And before he knew what he was doing, he threw his arms around Kagome.” I—I love you.”
Kagome stool still in InuYasha’s embrace, stunned. InuYasha, love her? Of all the girls who liked him, he loved her? He was just like Sesshoumaru. So sincere. So serious. Tears stung her eyes. Not tears of anger or sadness, but somehow tears of surprise and joy. Her arms lingered uncertainly around his waist. She thought she would never love again, but now she realized she was in love with InuYasha. And just until now, did she realize that. Kagome tightened her arms around InuYasha, and so did he, more confidently. They hugged for long, each admiring the other’s daring and happiness, and yet each just as proud and relieved of themselves.
Finally they broke apart.
Kagome confessed she was tired, and her twisted back was beginning to hurt, so they returned to the ward. InuYasha sat by Kagome, with her in his arms.
“ InuYasha, do you know which is my favorite poem?” Kagome whispered, her voice tired but happy.
“ Tell me.” InuYasha said soothingly.
“ My mother read it to me when I was little. My father had died, so she chanted this poem often it’s called” Love”:
Love is a legend, love is a story.
Love is a feeling, an experience, and a memory.
It’s something I can’t see,
It’s something just for two.
Yet I feel so special,
When I’m with you.
Through storm and fire,
I feel the strong desire.
Down cliffs and rivers,
So we can be together,
Up mountains and hills,
Just me and you forever.”
Kagome stopped and leaned on InuYasha’s shoulder.
“ That’s lovely.” InuYasha said.” I feel the same way toward you.” He smiled.
Minutes passed and Kagome slowly fell asleep. InuYasha laid her down and gently kissed her on the forehead, then left.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Miss Kagome, you can leave today.” Dr. Brown informed her.” Feeling better?”
“ I’m fully recovered, due to your careful treatment. Thank you.” Kagome said, packing up her books.
“ You know, Mr. Vacur is a fine young man.” Dr. Brown said suddenly.
Kagome looked up in surprise.” Yes indeed he is.”
“ Do you really think he can replace Mr. Sesshoumaru’s place in your heart?” the doctor stopped cleaning and looked down at his hands.” He will never be Sesshoumaru, you know. My wife died, and though I’ve met some fine young women, they will never replace her. Are you really loving him, or just using him as a mere shadow of Sesshoumaru? If you’re just using him, you will hurt him more than you can imagine.”
Kagome looked down, too. New that Dr. Brown had mentioned it, she wasn’t sure anymore if she wanted InuYasha. She didn’t want to hurt him and use him merely because he looks like Sesshoumaru. She can’t pretend he is Sesshoumaru, because he’s not. That would be too unfair for him.
Kagome suddenly realized she was still standing in the ward. She quickly bid the doctor goodbye and left.
Kagome reached her dormitory thirty minutes later. Kikyo stood there, glaring at her.
“ Kikyo, what—“
Kikyo slapped Kagome across the face.
“ You filthy little hag, how dare you get involved with InuYasha?” the girl snapped, her face in a frightful glare.” I told you to stay away. He’s mine. You just like him because he looks like that wretched brother of your Sesshoumaru!! You have to break up! You’re hurting InuYasha rather than loving him!” she glared at Kagome, hate in her blazing blue eyes.
Kagome was staring intently at Kikyo, tears in her eyes. They weren’t tears from the stinging pain, but from the fact that Kikyo was right.
“ I can give him real love! How can you just come in and break us apart? We were a fine couple before you came in! You’re so unfair to me, and to him!” Kikyo glowered at Kagome, then stormed out of the room.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Student, as you all know, “ Mr. Spiel’s voice came through the loudspeaker.” The annual music ball is to be held in one week. The gym will not be available due to decorating. Please prepare.”
InuYasha looked eagerly at Kagome. He had gone to the last ball with Kikyo, but this year he was looking forward to a real nice and romantic time with Kagome. However, she wasn’t looking his way, or was she avoiding his eyes?
After class, InuYasha hastened to catch up with Kagome.
“ Kagome, let’s go to the ball together.” He said, taking her hand.” It’ll be great.” But she didn’t reply.
“ InuYasha, I—I don't think I’m going to go.” Kagome stammered, to InuYasha’s surprise.” I’m a little ill this week. I think I’m going to rest for a bit.” Kagome shook free of InuYasha and walked away, her head bowed. A few minutes later Kikyo came up, to InuYasha’s dismay.
“ InuYasha, “ she said sweetly.” Since Kagome’s not going, are you willing to come again with me?” she batted her eyebrows furiously at him in a cute way. InuYasha stared after Kagome, who was well out of sight already. Then back at Kikyo, who was looking anxiously at him. He nodded.
Kikyo’s beautiful face broke into a smile.” It will be a success.” She took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, then left.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^

End Notes:
Chapter 7 by Jaztina
Author's Notes:
just so everyone knows this story is completed, but im not going to post any more chapters yet.. i just hope that people review and tell me if you like it or not..

“ Kagome, tell me what’s wrong.” InuYasha begged.
“ I told you, I’m ill.” Kagome replied.
“ You’re hiding, I can tell.”
Kagome bit her lip, then turned to him in a matter-of-fact way.” InuYasha, I don’t want to hurt you, OK? I don’t know if I’m really loving you, or I’m just seeing Sesshoumaru through you.” She blurted out.
InuYasha looked astounded.” But I thought—“
“ Yes, you thought I love you! I don’t know if it’s real love, InuYasha! Just, please, go with Kikyo!” Kagome began to tremble uncontrollably. She got up and ran, ran all the way to the dormitory, well out of InuYasha’s sight.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Kagome, you have to go to the ball.” Kikyo pleaded, a purr in her voice.” Go with Randy, he asked you. That way you won’t hurt InuYasha and you will get to have fun also.” Kikyo reached into her suitcase and pulled out a beautiful dress of red satin. She measured Kagome’s body quickly.” We’re about the same size. Here, this is a dress of mine. It fits you perfectly. You can have it.”
Kagome looked at Kikyo, surprised at her sudden kindness toward her.” No, this is too beautiful and exquisite—“ she began, but Kikyo shoved the dress into Kagome’s arms.
“ You simply must go, Kagome. I’ll wait for you at the ball.” Kikyo said hastily, and left before Kagome could refuse.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
The night of the ball was cheerful and wonderful. Finally Kagome gave in to Kikyo’s endless nagging and dressed in the red satin dress. Kikyo and her crowd of friends were to meet their dates in the gym, but Randy waited for Kagome.
InuYasha and Kikyo stood chatting. InuYasha had worn a long and handsome black suit and a tie, while Kikyo wore a red satin dress. The gym was crowded with people, half of them Kikyo’s snobby and popular friends. InuYasha’s mind kept drifting to Kagome, and twice he had started for the door to go visit her but was stopped by Kikyo.
Just then his eyes caught on a flash of red that just entered the gym. It was Kagome, and Randy, and she was wearing exactly what Kikyo was wearing. Shocked, InuYasha dropped his cookie. Kikyo noticed too, and suddenly put a hand to her head. She looked at InuYasha, who caught her.
“ I feel so ashamed, InuYasha. Kagome told me she didn’t like that dress, that it was ugly and a waste of money, yet she goes and buy the exact same one to the ball. I think I’ll go back to my dormitory before she sees me.” She sped away before InuYasha could stop her. He was still staring in stunned silence at Kagome, a look of disbelief and disgust on his face. She had lied to him, and she had lied to Kikyo. She told him she wasn’t coming, and yet she turns up with Randy. What kind of rotten heart does she have?
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Two days had passed since the ball, and InuYasha refused to speak a word to Kagome. He stayed with Kikyo, who was beyond happy. She had won Kagome Takahashi , finally. Kagome began to feel the horrible pain more often and sometimes she felt weak and tired. She decided to ignore it, but the pains and weakness came more often, so she went for a check-up from Dr. Brown. Kagome waited patiently outside of the examination room while Dr. concluded the results.
He came out two hours later, his face somber and the conclusion paper shook in his trembling hands.
“ Kagome, the results were that you have received none other than leukemia.” The doctor said.
For a moment, Kagome was sure she had misunderstood him.” I—I’m sorry, Dr. Brown?”
“ You have caught leukemia, a cancer that affects your blood.”
Kagome looked carefully at the doctor to make sure he wasn’t joking.” M-Maybe you should do the results over again—“
“ Kagome, I did it three times already. There is no mistake.” The doctor said gravely. “ I’m afraid the only way to cure leukemia is to do surgery. But the price is unreasonably high—But I suppose you can always try the medicine.”
“ I’ll take that, then.” Kagome said quietly.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
The medicine bottle shook in Kagome’s hand as she stumbled back to the school. Leukemia? How could it have been this serious? She never imagined it was that bad. What will she do now? Certainly she couldn’t afford the operation, but what else is there to do? Maybe, just maybe, Kagome thought, the medicine will cure me. I’ll just have to wait and pray.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha glance uneasily around him. He had a feeling someone had been following him ever since he had left Kikyo. They had gone to music class together, then she went off shopping. And he just went for a walk.
A dark shadow flickered past again. InuYasha spun quickly, but there was nobody in sight. Damn it, he thought. Escaped again. He moves really quick. He was just about to turn when the culprit lunged out at him. InuYasha yelled in surprise but ducked just in time. The shadow fell a few feet before him but got up quick as a flash. It was Randy. Randy pulled out a gun and pointed it at InuYasha.
“ Randy—“
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^
Kagome returned from the hospital, her ears pounding slightly.
“ You will not live for long,” Dr. Brown’s words rung in her ears.” If you don’t do the operation, there is a chance that you will die shortly. And even the operation can only extend your life span and not fully cure it.”
Kagome was immersed in her thoughts when a deadly voice reached her ears.
“ I am son of the gang leader, your filthy father’s master.” It was Randy’s voice! Kagome quickly ducked behind a building to listen to the conversation.
“ My father?” came InuYasha’s surprised voice.
“ Your father, Marcus Vacur, was a filthy piece of crap. He stole money from my father when he was broke. He deserved to be killed. Now my father is dead, the gang is dismissed, and yet I’m the only one who remains loyal to my father.” Randy held out the gun.
Kagome clapped her hand over her mouth in horror. She reached quietly into her purse and pulled out her cell phone. Glancing uneasily at them to see what Randy was doing, she dialed 911 and gave them the address. The police said they would be there shortly.
She turned back to Randy, but InuYasha was talking now.
“ I never knew my father, and I don’t have one either.” He said coolly, glowering at Randy.
“ For years I have followed you to kill you. I have killed three of the un loyal gang members already. And now, to get rid of you.”
Kagome gasped. She heard sirens, but Randy seemed not to notice. Kagome ran to see the police cars. Officers leapt out and they ran back to Randy and InuYasha.
Half way there, Kagome heard a blast, no doubt Randy had pulled the trigger. There was a muffled yell and Kagome’s heart stopped.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Kagome,” Dr. Brown informed Kagome, who was waiting outside of the emergency room anxiously.” The situation is grim. InuYasha was shot severely in the stomach and a whole part of his liver is ruined. The only way to help him is for someone to transfer part of their liver to him. But—“
“ I’ll do it.” Kagome said instantly.
Dr. Brown sighed.” I was afraid you would say that. But you have to understand that you have leukemia and if you transfer your liver, or part of it to InuYasha, it will shorten your life span.” He said.
“ Please, Dr. Brown.. Please, I have to help him!” Kagome begged.
The doctor sighed.” Well, alright. I see you truly love him.”
“ Please don’t tell him I did it.” Kagome said. The doctor looked astonished.
“ But why would you not want him to know of your love for him?” he asked.
Kagome looked away.” I have hurt him enough. I don't want him to know that I sacrificed part of me. He’ll regret and feel bad for the rest of his life. Just say that you cured him, please.”
The doctor sighed for the third time.” Well alright. If you are so stubborn about it. Come to the operation room.”
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
The next day Kagome’s operation had been completed successfully. InuYasha was still unconscious but Kagome was awake and getting ready to leave.
“ Thank you, Dr. Brown. Please don’t tell InuYasha. Take good care of him.” She said.
Just then the door opened and InuYasha entered. His face was pale and tired. Kagome gasped and shut herself quickly in the closet in the doctor’s office.
“ InuYasha, what are you doing up from bed?” she heard Dr. Brown ask.
“ I’m alright, Dr. Thank you. I expect I will be able to leave in a few days?” InuYasha asked. Kagome thought his voice was more hoarse and strained then usual.
Suddenly she felt pain rapidly streaming through her bones and muscles. Her whole body felt immensely weak and rubbery. Her vision was turning from black to normal and to black again repeatedly. Unable to control herself, Kagome fell with a loud thud. InuYasha, who was heading out the door, turned. But Kagome was saved by Dr. Brown.
“ Oh, damn it, it must be the books in my closet again. And I just restacked them!” he said exasperatedly.
InuYasha smiled wanly and left. Kagome began to cry. She wanted InuYasha to know she loved him, but she didn’t want to hurt him anymore. The doctor helped her out and let Kagome cry.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Hi, mother. How are you?” Kagome said into the phone. It was night back at the dormitory and she was calling her mother.
“ I’m fine, Kagome, dear.” . Takahashi ’s voice replied.” And you?”
“ I’m—“ Kagome considered for a moment to tell her mother about her situation, but decided against it.” I’m alright, mother. Can I ask you if you could ever forget father?” she asked quietly.
“ No, Kagome, I will not forget your father ever.” Mrs. Takahashi answered.” I will not, and I cannot. Because once someone is deep in your heart, you will never be able to forget him.”
Kagome felt tears roll down her cheek.” Thanks, Mother.” She whispered.” I’ll talk to InuYasha then.” She added vaguely, before she knew what she was doing.
“ InuYasha who?:” . Takahashi suddenly demanded.
“ InuYasha Vacur.”
“ Him?” cried Mrs. Takahashi to Kagome’s great surprise.” You have to break up. You cannot be with him.”
“ Why? Do you know him mother?”
“ N-No, well yes, Kagome. I’ll fax an article to you right now, then you’ll understand.”
They chatted for a while longer, then Kagome hung up. She watched the fax machine as an article was printed out. She read it, and gasped”
December 28th, 2001
. Mr. Leon Spiel came to Sacromento for some meetings he had to attend in the name of his father, Mr. Aaron Spiel. It was then that he lost his young life. Late in the night of December 14th, his car had collided with that of Sesshoumaru Takahashi ’s, and he was sent directly to the hospital. Sesshoumaru Takahashi was killed instantly after the crash. Leon had received a severe bump in the head and a variety of cuts, but no big danger, and was sent back to London, England two days later, where he lived with his father and stepbrother, adopted InuYasha Vacur. However, four days later, it was said he developed tumor from a bump in his head and died a week later.
Kagome looked up, stunned. So it was InuYasha’s best friend who had killed Sesshoumaru. Miroku had killed Sesshoumaru. InuYasha was as good the murderer of her brother.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha bumped headlong into Kagome after music class the next day. She looked up at him firmly.
“ Kagome, let’s not break up.” InuYasha, said, grabbing her arm.
She looked up at him and saw a look, he wasn’t quite sure what, glistering in her eyes.
“ I’m sorry, InuYasha. We were never meant to be together. We can never be together, either.” She said. She swung free of him and walked away. As she did, a piece of white fax paper fell out of her bag. InuYasha picked it up and read. As he did, his eyes widened in horror and he understood. His Best friend had killed Sesshoumaru, the person Kagome had loved most in her life.

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Chapter 8 by Jaztina

^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Father, how did Leon die?” InuYasha asked Aaron Spiel.
The man stopped in his tracks and looked at InuYasha in surprise.” Why do you ask?” he asked sharply.
“ Tell me!” InuYasha exclaimed.
“ He died with cancer, don’t you know?” Aaron Spiel said.
“ He killed Sesshoumaru Takahashi , Kagome’s brother, and then developed tumor from the crash, right?” InuYasha cried.
His father froze.” How did you find out?”
InuYasha shoved the letter in his father’s face. The man read it and sighed.
“ I knew how much you love Kagome, I didn’t want you to know.” Mr. Spiel said.
“ How did things become this way?” InuYasha yelled.” Why is love so unfair? Now she will hate me forever. I am the best friend of Sesshoumaru’s murderer!”
Meanwhile Kagome was back in her dormitory, her cell phone held tightly in her hand. She hesitantly dialed Sesshoumaru’s beach house number. Kagome waited for the four rings to pass, then Sesshoumaru’s voice: Please leave a message.
“ Sesshoumaru,” Kagome whispered into the receiver, her voice choked with misery.” I haven’t called you in a long time. How are you? I am in love with the best friend of your murderer. I can’t control my emotions, Sesshoumaru. You had always been a good resource. Please help me.” Kagome paused, so her tears would not spill. She swallowed, then went on.” Help me, Sesshoumaru. I don’t know if I should love him or not. Mother said a person who is deep in your heart is unforgettable. That person was you, but I’m not sure if InuYasha has replaced you or not— please help me decide—“ Kagome’s voice trailed off as she broke down completely. She felt pain burn her muscles and drain out her energy, and she squinted in her pain. The telephone receiver fell out of her hand and crashed to the ground. The power button hit the floor and the phone shut off. Kagome slumped onto the floor and clutched her chest, wincing in pain. She crawled to her bed and climbed in.
How long she slept, Kagome didn’t know. But it was break, so she didn’t have to worry about school. When she woke up, the sun was shining through the curtains. She still felt weak, but didn’t feel any pain. Kagome got up and dressed, and was about to leave when there was a knock on her door. Kagome opened it and found InuYasha standing at the doorway.
“ Oh, hello.” Kagome said quietly.
InuYasha studied her.
“ Kagome, you look terrible.” He said, concerned. He reached out to touch her face, but stopped.” Uh—I just want to tell you that Mr. Spiel has appointed me to go study in France, and—and—“ he stopped and looked down.” And, well, I just wanted to tell you.” He turned to walk away.
Kagome felt her heart break again. InuYasha was going to leave her. What should I do? She thought desperately. He was going right now, maybe leaving me forever, just like Sesshoumaru. Before Kagome could decide, she ran up and hugged InuYasha around the waist. He stopped moving and stood still.
“ InuYasha, I love you!” Kagome whispered, her tears falling and she lay her head on the back of his shoulder. She tightened her arms around him.
InuYasha felt the tears feeling at the corner of his eye again, but he didn’t let the tear fall. He lay his hands on hers.

Chapter 9 by Jaztina

^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha and Kagome walked along the sandy beach, their bare feet crashing with the waves.
“ I’m sorry, Kagome.” InuYasha said after a moment of silence.
“ It’s ok.. It’s not your fault.” Kagome said quietly, shifting her feet.” And plus, it’s already in the past. You’re right, I can’t live in the past and shadow forever.” She felt a sudden gust of wind hit her insides and closed her eyes and waited for it to go away.
“ I leave the day after tomorrow. My stuff’s packed already.” InuYasha said awkwardly. Kagome took his hand.
“ InuYasha, when will you come back?” she asked.
“ In a year.” The boy replied.
Kagome thought how long and painful that period of time would be without him. Then tell him not to go, he’ll listen, part of her brain was saying. She opened her mouth but the other half of her brain restrained her. No! if you want him to be happy, think for him, think for his career. This is very important to him, let him go. She suddenly felt weak and her stomach churned with pain. Kagome put her hand over her stomach and she knelt down, still holding InuYasha’s hand. Her weight pulled him back.
“ What’s wrong, Kagome?” he asked.
“ I-I slipped and I fell.” Kagome said before she could stop herself. It was the lamest lie she’d ever heard of told. InuYasha laughed and pulled her up.
“ Good luck there, InuYasha. I’ll wait for you to return.” Kagome said, squeezing his hand. He squeezed her hand in return to show his appreciation. Kagome felt her stomach churn again and she flinched. InuYasha put his hand around her waist and she felt better. Her vision was clearing and blurring again.
“ InuYasha, it’s cold. I think I’ll go rest now.” Kagome said.
“ I’ll walk you to your dorm.” InuYasha offered.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ How could you let him go?” Kikyo screamed, pointing a finger at Kagome.
“ I let him go because it was his wish.” Kagome said sincerely, sitting down on her bed.
“ Kagome Takahashi ! How dare you say you give him true love!” Kikyo shouted.” If I were you, I would not leave him! If I were you, I would always be at his side! If I were you—“
“ Kikyo, you’re only thinking of what you want. How could you be so selfish?” Kagome asked, taking a step toward Kikyo.” How could you say you truly love him. Have you ever considered what he wants? You think about what you want him to do! Not what he wants for himself!” she stopped and for once glared back and stared firmly back at her. Kikyo sneered.
“ There are many ways to love. You always think you do everything for the best. Not always your ways are the best. And just because I don’t want him to leave doesn’t mean I don’t truly love InuYasha!” Kikyo turned on her heels and stormed out.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^
“ InuYasha, please don’t go to France!” Kikyo begged. She and InuYasha were in an empty classroom.” I’m your girlfriend, please don’t leave me!” she hugged InuYasha.
“ Kikyo, I’m sorry, but I have to go.” InuYasha said.” Even Kagome—“
“ Then let’s get married and I’ll go with you!” Kikyo went on, trying to stop InuYasha from mentioning Kagome’s name.
“ What are you talking about, Kikyo?”
“ Why is that girl so much better than me to you?” Kikyo screamed.” If today Kagome said this to you instead of me, would you say yes?”
“ I’m not going to answer that question.”
“ Why not?”
“ Because Kagome would never be so unreasonable!”
Kikyo burst into tears.” So loving you, not wanting to loose you is being unreasonable? Fine, go to France! I don’t care!” she ran out, sobbing.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ InuYasha, take care.” Kagome said. They had arrived at the terminal to France.” Remember, I’ll wait for you.”
InuYasha nodded.” Kikyo came to me yesterday and said loads of nonsense. She didn’t want me to leave.”
Kagome forced a laugh.” Well, I don’t either. But you’re coming back.”
They bided goodbye and InuYasha turned toward the departing gate. Kagome stood gazing after him. She didn’t want him to go, she wanted to call for him to come back. Pain struck Kagome worse than ever as she watched InuYasha step into the terminal gateway. InuYasha, don’t go, she whispered in her heart, her forced-back tears flooding out of her eyes. InuYasha, please don’t go, I need you. Kagome felt her vision turning white from the light and she placed a hand on her head to steady herself. InuYasha, come back.. Please don’t leave me. Come back. But the airplane had taken off. She watched the plane’s wheels lift from the ground and InuYasha was gone. Kagome felt pain torturing her. She coughed and coughed. And felt something on her hand. Slowly, Kagome lifted her hand from her mouth. It was blood. She had coughed blood.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Kagome stumbled back to her dormitory to find Kikyo waiting for her.
“ You let him go?” she whispered, her voice hoarse from crying. She rounded on Kagome.” Why did you let him go?” she raised a fist and punched Kagome across the face. Kagome didn’t move. She stood numbly still. Kikyo screamed and out of the dormitory, sobbing and screaming. Kagome fell onto her bed.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^
For the next three weeks Kagome coughed blood often, and it was harder to hide her leukemia. She often tired and skipped half her classes. Once she even almost fainted in class. InuYasha phoned every week, cheerfully saying that he was doing well. Kagome cried every time he phoned, but hid it from him. She couldn’t bear to end his happiness.

Chapter 10 by Jaztina

^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Kikyo wandered into the hospital for her annual health exam. She had just seen Dr. Slath, her private physician, and was informed that she was still healthy as ever. She was just walking past the cancer hallway when she heard Kagome’s voice.
“ Dr. Brown, I have been coughing blood often. Does this mean anything?” Kagome was asking. Kikyo froze, and hid behind the door to listen.
“ Kagome, I’m sorry. Your leukemia is getting worse. I’m afraid you will not live for another two months.” Dr. Brown said. Kikyo gasped silently. So that was why Kagome was looking so pale lately, she thought. Tears of regret welled up in her eyes. How horrible, Kagome had leukemia, and she was dying! But she’s so young, only not even seventeen! Kikyo thought tearfully. Bearing all that pain and torture, she still let InuYasha go. She still only thought for InuYasha and not herself. She truly loved InuYasha. I could never do what she did, Kikyo thought. I don’t deserve InuYasha. And now she was dying, and InuYasha is not even by her side.
“ I understand.” Kagome said.” Thank you, Dr. Brown.”
She was about to leave when Dr. Brown stopped her.
“ Is Mr. Vacur not here?” he asked.
“ He went to France.”
“ But why did you let him go when you needed him most?” the doctor asked.
“ It’s what he wanted.” Kagome answered.” I know I can’t be with him forever anymore. I don’t want him to know and freak. I want everything to stay normal. He’s happy right now, and I don’t want to ruin it. I want him to be forever happy, even after I die. To marry Kikyo and have children. A boy who is just as handsome as him, and a girl who is just as pretty Kikyo—“
Kikyo bolted out of the hallway, unable to bear it anymore. She slid down the wall and sobbed out loud. How could she have been so horrible to Kagome? She put her head on her knees and wept unashamedly. Her eyes caught on a pay phone in front of her. She sat up and picked it up, shoving some coins into it. InuYasha had to come back, he has to come back and be with Kagome. They belonged together. She held the phone close to her ears and dialed InuYasha’s number. It rang three times before he picked it up.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha picked up the phone. “ Hello?”
“ InuYasha, this is Kikyo.” Came the hoarse and somehow sad voice of Kikyo.
“ Hi, Kikyo.”
“ You have to come back to London as soon as possible.” She said.
InuYasha was a little annoyed at Kikyo’s stubbornness.” Listen, Kikyo. I can’t just leave right now. Listen, I can’t come back, for the last time—“
“ It’s about Kagome.” Kikyo interrupted. She began to cry.” You have to come back to her right now. She—she—“
“ What’s wrong with Kagome? Kikyo, What’s wrong with her?” InuYasha demanded, beginning to panic.
“ She’s ill with leukemia. The doctor says she can’t live more than two months!” Kikyo’s voice sobbed into the receiver. InuYasha hung up. He felt his heart stop. Kagome was sick she was dying. How could he have left her? At the airport, her look was pleading him to stay with her and yet he still left, still let her down, disappoint her, like he did so many times before.
InuYasha went into his black car and raced towards the airport to catch the earliest possible flight back to London.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^
Kagome walked down the hallway of the school. She was going to die soon and never would she be able to see InuYasha ever again. He left, her had left her. She was afraid he would leave her just like Sesshoumaru did, but she was going to leave him soon instead. She was going to make InuYasha endure all the pain she had gone through. Kagome didn’t want to die she wanted to be with InuYasha forever.
Suddenly immense pain shot through her body. Her veins, bones and muscles felt as if they were on fire. She felt her vision blind her again and this time her head spun. She knew she was going to die. Die right in the middle of the hallway. Die in front of all her schoolmates. Die without a last look at InuYasha. Her legs finally gave away beneath her. Her books fell with a loud thud onto the marble floor and she fell with her books. Everyone in the hallway turned to look at her. The moment she hit the floor Kagome’s eyes closed and she lay still.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha ran all the way out of the airport. He waved frantically for a cab and climbed in. They drove halfway when the cab broke down so InuYasha ran the rest of the way.
His hair flew out behind him and he felt sweat of panic trickle down his forehead. Kagome was waiting for him in the hospital she was still alive and waiting for him. He had to see her. He could see her pale face wincing in pain and she was crying and gasping suffering immensely. InuYasha quickened his pace.
Kikyo was waiting outside the hospital. Tears stained her white face and her expression was blank.
“ Kikyo, where’s Kagome?” he asked grabbing her shoulders. Kikyo didn’t reply for a minute just sobbed silently.
“ InuYasha she’s in the emergency room right now. Dr. Brown said she got worse. She fainted in the hallway. He reckons she could not live over three weeks.” Kikyo said numbly, before breaking down completely. InuYasha stumbled back, stunned. He felt his ears pounding, and before he knew it he bolted toward the emergency room.
“ Kagome!” he shouted, frantically trying to burst in. Aaron Spiel and another doctor held him back. InuYasha fought desperately, yelling Kagome’s name, but couldn’t free himself.
“ InuYasha, calm down!” Mr. Spiel ordered, gripping his son’s shoulders and shook it hard.
“ How can I calm down?” InuYasha yelled.” Kagome’s laying in the emergency room, dying! How can you expect me to calm down?”
“ You’re not helping Kagome being this way! Calm down!”
InuYasha looked at his father wearily.
“ Father, I just want Kagome back! I just want her back—“ Aaron Spiel clasped a hand on InuYasha’s back.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Kagome Takahashi , you are the meanest person in the entire universe,” InuYasha replied, his voice quiet and soothing.” We said we would be together, we promised each other we would never part. How could you be so cruel to me. How could you do this to me.” He hit her playfully and gently though there was nothing to play about. He felt the ####### feeling at his eyes, but still didn’t let it fall.
“ How could you make me worry about you like this. In France, I think about you every day, and now you hurt me like this. Kagome Takahashi , you’re inhuman and horrible. How could you make me go through all the pain you went through for Sesshoumaru.” InuYasha paused to swallow the horrible feeling. The ward was silent, and Kagome still remained motionless. InuYasha was unable to say anything bad anymore. He put his head face-down by Kagome’s cold hand.” Kagome, I love you. And for our love, please wake up!” he wanted to cry, but somehow he just couldn’t, maybe he just couldn’t, or perhaps he just thought it wasn’t the right time.” I’ve changed everything for you already, please wake up for me.”
Moments ticked by, then a soft murmur arose from the girl.
“ InuYasha…InuYasha…” Kagome was calling his name softly, her voice in a hoarse whisper. InuYasha raised his head in disbelief. Kagome was slowly stirring. She closed her hand gently around InuYasha’s.” Take me to the beach, InuYasha.” Her voice was hardly above a whisper, and her lips were colorless.
“ Alright.” InuYasha said soothingly. He very gently picked up the fragile girl.

Chapter 11 by Jaztina

^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha carried Kagome along the beach her face against his. Their foreheads touched fondly.
“ Why didn't you tell me?” InuYasha asked, watching her black hair blow around her.
“ I’m sorry, InuYasha.” Kagome whispered. Her voice was tired and soft, and she felt tears slid silently down her cheeks.” I don’t want to die, InuYasha.”
InuYasha lay Kagome down carefully and sat down next to her on a large rock. Her skirt fluttered around her feet and the sun blinded her slightly on the windy December day.
“ I don’t either, Kagome.” InuYasha said, wiping her tears away.
“ InuYasha, I know I won’t be able to live long,” Kagome said quietly.” Let our hearts connect forever. No matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you. No matter what happens, our hearts will always be together, ok?”
InuYasha looked at her fondly, his platinum hair whipping out behind him. He nodded and placed his hands behind him on the cold rock.
“ Look at the ocean, it’s violent today.” He said.
“ Yes, I love the ocean. It’s sometimes calm, but other times so violent and unsure, just like our love.” She turned to InuYasha.” InuYasha, my heart will never leave you.” She closed her eyes, and so did he. They both leaned forward in unison, and kissed very gently. InuYasha placed his hand on Kagome’s cold face and put his fingers through her layer of soft black hair like a comb. They kissed in front of the roaring ocean under the pale sunset.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ *^^^^^^
“ InuYasha, can you sing me a lullaby?” Kagome said quietly. They were back at school in InuYasha’s dormitory. Kagome was laying InuYasha’s arms, because she didn’t want to go back to the hospital. InuYasha had been with her every second. Aaron Spiel had called Mrs. Takahashi . Even though Kagome objected against it, Mr. Spiel insisted that her mother be with her.
“ I don’t know any lullabies, Kagome, but I have a poem. It’s called ‘Together’. Here is how it goes: I’ll hold your hand and help you stand,
when you need me.
I’ll truly love you and be your eyes,
When you are blind.
I’ll help you find your way and be your compass,
When you are lost.
I’ll keep you warm and be your blanket,
When you are cold.
But I believe when we’re together,
We can accomplish whatever.
We will hold hands,
With nothing to worry,
And nothing to hide.
We can be together,
Just me and you forever.”
“ That is a beautiful poem, InuYasha.” Kagome murmured sleepily, her eyelids felt heavy. She put her head onto his shoulder and murmured.” Can you do all that for me?”
InuYasha kissed her on the cheek.” Of course I can. I would do anything for you. Remember, our hearts are connected.” He hugged her tightly.
“ I’ll remember…” Kagome’s voice trailed off and she fell into a deep slumber.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Kagome!” Mrs. Takahashi burst through the door and ran up to her daughter, a duffel bag clinging limply out of her hand. She studied her daughter. Kagome looked so pale, so weak and fragile. She stroked her daughter’s face and hugged her tightly.
“ Hi, Mother.” Kagome said. Mrs. Takahashi began to sob.” Mother, what’s wrong?”
“ Oh, my dear, what happened?” Mrs. Takahashi said. Kagome felt pain shoot through her body and her body felt cold.
“ It’s alright, Mother.” Kagome managed to choke out. Her muscles were weakening again.
“ Kagome look at you. You’ve grown so much more skinnier!” her mother put her arms around Kagome, but turned to InuYasha.” InuYasha, dear. Thank you for taking care of my little girl.” She said, tears in her eyes. InuYasha nodded.
“ Kagome, you should go back to the hospital. You will take the operation.” Mrs. Takahashi insisted. InuYasha and Mrs. Takahashi escorted her to the hospital, where they filled in papers for the operation.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Mrs. Takahashi , go and rest for a while. I’ll take care of Kagome.” InuYasha offered. The lady smiled wanly.
“ Alright, I’ll go wait outside while you two chat.” She said, patting his shoulder.
InuYasha sat down next to Kagome, and she grabbed his hand.
“ InuYasha, I’m scared. I don't want to have surgery.” She said, her eyes frightened. InuYasha took her in his arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek.” I’ll be right next to you, Kagome. Don’t worry.” He said gently.
“ I’m afraid of dying.” Kagome confessed.” Everyone thinks I’m so noble and brave. But nobody understands how scared I am inside. I don’t want to die.” She began to tremble slightly. InuYasha hugged her tighter.
“ Everything will be OK.” He soothed.
He hugged her for a long time, until she spoke.” InuYasha, go. Go get some rest.” She said.
InuYasha smiled and nodded. Kagome noticed dark shadows under his blue eyes and he did not harden his platinum hair with gel today. Kagome watched him leave, and her heart began to hammer with fear. She was so scared, she was so afraid of death. She sat up and put her head against her knees, crying into the dark. She felt so lonely, so lost…
The door to the ward opened and Kikyo stepped in. She was crying as well.
“ You called InuYasha, Kikyo. Thank you.” Kagome said through her sobs. Kikyo nodded and hesitantly hugged Kagome.” I’m so sorry!” she whispered.
Kagome hugged her back.” Kikyo, I’m so scared. I don't want to have operation. I don't want to!”
Kikyo held Kagome’s head gently.” Kagome, be brave, not for me. Not for InuYasha, but for yourself.” She encouraged. Both girls wept out their long time sorrow. For how long, neither knew, but it made them both feel better.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ InuYasha, Mrs. Takahashi Kikyo, Kagome’s conditions has worsened.” Dr. Brown said.” There is no hope, and she can’t have the operation anymore. We have arranged for your last visits.” He walked away to his office. Mrs. Takahashi fell back onto the bench tears flooding down her cheeks. Kikyo gasped and InuYasha shook his head before turning on his heels and racing out of the hospital. He ran with all his might until he stumbled and couldn’t run anymore. He put his hands on the fountain in front of him and stared at his reflection. They were so close to extending Kagome’s life span. Now she was going to die. He could not keep his promise and be with her forever. InuYasha threw back his head and shouted into the December night sky.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Mrs. Takahashi and Kikyo sat by Kagome’s bedside. The air was filled with misery, and even the weather was mourning. The wind howled and it began to rain, the tears of god.
“ Kagome, please wake up,” Mrs. Takahashi sobbed.” Mother is sorry, I owe you so much. I wasn't able to protect you, just like I couldn’t protect Sesshoumaru and you father. Why am I so useless…”
“ Mrs. Takahashi , I beg you to stop being this way.” Kikyo said.” Kagome doesn’t need us to sob over her right now. She needs encouragement.”
“ You’re right, Kikyo.” Mrs. Takahashi said. She turned back to Kagome.” Kagome, look at all who love you so much. Look around. Open your eyes, sit up, and look around. We all love you so much, please wake up!”
But despite all their talk, Kagome remained motionless and lifeless.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
It was seven o’clock in the morning in the ward. Nobody except the patient was in the ward. The clock struck seven and the patient’s fingers moved very slightly. Her eyelids twitched and fluttered open, like a butterfly spreading it’s wings. Kagome sat up very slowly. The last time she was conscious she coughed blood and couldn’t breathe. But now her breath was back. She got up slowly and walked along the hallway, and for some reason she was glad of the eerie silence and peacefulness. The hallways were empty and Kagome went down to the beach. She bent down before the rock she had sat with InuYasha on and took out a piece of chalk. Very slowly, because her hand shook from weakness, Kagome wrote the words: Kagome and InuYasha Forever. then she sat down on the rock to gaze at the churning ocean.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Dr. Brown, where is Kagome?” InuYasha demanded. The doctor turned, startled.
“ She’s not in the ward?”
“ No, I went to the ward, but it was empty.” InuYasha replied, beginning to panic. He turned to go search for Kagome, but Dr. Brown grabbed his arm.
“ She truly loves you.” The doctor said.” You never knew how much. That time you got shot, it was she who gave you part of her liver. She did it even though she knew that if she did so, her life span will shorten. She saved you, not me. Go find her.”
InuYasha swung free of the doctor, shocked. So it was Kagome who had saved him. If I weren’t for Kagome, he would be dead. If it weren’t for him, Kagome would be able to live longer today. It was his fault. InuYasha bolted out the hospital gates toward the beach, where he assumed she was. And he was right. Far away on a rock, a figure in blue was seated. He ran up to her and froze three feet away from her. She turned and gazed back at him. They stared at each other for a moment, then InuYasha, for the first time in his life, started to cry. He ran up and hugged Kagome to him. He kissed her cheek and her forehead, the tears he had been holding back his whole life spilled.
“ Kagome why did you have to save me?” InuYasha cried, tears streaming down his pale face.” I’m so sorry!”
Kagome lay in his embrace.” Don’t be, InuYasha. If I hadn’t save you, my happiness wouldn’t have lasted.” She said, silent tears pouring down her face. He hugged her like he could never let go, as she lay on his lap. Kagome felt suddenly immense pain penetrate her body and she flinched. Her energy was all drained out and her lips were colorless and dry.
“ I love you, InuYasha.” She whispered.
“ I love you, Kagome.” InuYasha said. He could feel her energy drain and he knew she was dying. More tears leaked out of his eyes.
“ Remember the time when we first met? You were really mean to me.” Kagome said.
InuYasha nodded.” And the time when you kissed me on accident.”
“ When our eyes first met.”
“ When we first broke up.”
“ When we first kissed.” Kagome’s voice got softer as she spoke. InuYasha held her tighter.
“ InuYasha, remember the poem I read to you?”
“ I remember every word.”
“ Can you read it with me?” Kagome asked. InuYasha nodded, tears flooding his eyes again. Kagome smiled and began to clap as she chanted. InuYasha joined in:
Love is a legend, love is a story.
Love is a feeling, an experience, and a memory.
It’s something I can’t see,
It’s something just for two.
Yet I feel so special,
When I’m with you.
Through storm and fire,
I feel the strong desire.
Down cliffs and rivers,
So we can be together,
Up mountains and hills,
Just me and you forever.”
They stopped together. Kagome’s arms felt heavy, and she managed a soft laugh as she struggled to keep her eyes open.
“ InuYasha, now let’s read your poem:
I’ll hold your hand and help you stand,
when you need me.
I’ll truly love you and be your eyes,
When you are blind.
I’ll help you find your way and be your compass,
When you are lost.
I’ll keep you warm and be your blanket,
When you are cold.”
Kagome’s voice trailed off. And she struggled to finish the poem.
“But I believe when we’re together,
We can accomplish whatever.
We will hold hands…
With… nothing… to… worry…”
Kagome stopped clapping and chanting. Her hands fell onto her lap and her head rolled to the side and against InuYasha’s shoulder. InuYasha felt tears penetrate his eyes but he did not stop. He continued chanting and clapping and finished the poem.
And nothing to hide.
“We can be together,
Just me and you forever.”
InuYasha looked down at Kagome, but she had died. He felt pain strike the middle of his heart and cupped her head in his hands. “ Kagome, I’ll be your compass and blanket! I’ll be your anything! Kagome, please don’t go! Kagome!!!” he held her head and shouted, more tears streaming down his cheeks. A huge wave crashed against the rock and the letters: Kagome and InuYasha Forever was washed away by that wave, along with Kagome’s life.
Kagome Takahashi died on December 14th, exactly two years after her brother’s death.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
InuYasha stood by the ocean. It was three months after Kagome’s death. He glared at the ocean, tears now falling unashamedly down his cheeks. He had promised Kagome they would be together forever, and he had decided that if she couldn’t stay with him, he would go to her. He took a step into the cold ocean…and another…and another…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ************ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Three years later Kikyo . and her husband InuYasha Vacur watched their infant son crawl in his play pen. InuYasha was saved by Kikyo, but he had lost his memory when he tried to drown.
Kikyo gazed at her happy family. She was filled with joy at what was given to her today, and she would never forget Kagome Takahashi , the girl who gave her all she had today. Far away, they heard an orchestra playing the song of love. Kagome Takahashi , you will always be InuYasha’s girl…InuYasha’s memory…InuYasha’s love…his princess…his angel…and InuYasha’s universe…

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