How To Say Your Sorry by Jaztina

Inuyasha and Kagome finally confess their love for one another.. but there is always a problem... there is always something or someone trying to keep them apart

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this is my first story, i hope every1 enjoys it.

Kagome feels that she is always coming second best to Kikyo.. will Inuyasha convince her that she is his one and only love?

1. Fun under the sun by Jaztina

2. Its Him.. by Jaztina

Fun under the sun by Jaztina
Author's Notes:
This is my first Inuyasha and Kagome story, i hope you like it, and any reviews will be much appreciated... 

Chapter One:

As the first ray of light peaked over the mountain top and splashed out over the forest, long silver locks of hair danced behind the infuriated hanyou as he ran. Up on the tree branches, leaping from one to the other, making his way towards the bone eaters well, he cursed harshly under his breath.

Why did they let her leave?! They knew that they had a job to do, and yet they let her take off back to her own era. GOSH! He was gone just under an hour and now he knew that what he had done had all been for nothing. He tried to do something nice for Kagome and tried to make it up to her and now she’s not even here! God Damn IT!

He continued to run. Fast. Kagome’s beautiful scent filled the air and he picked up his speed. ‘hopefully she hadn’t gone back through the well yet’. with that hopeful thought he raced faster, blurred images flashed past him, as his legs sped through the forest. Through the clearing in the tree’s Inuyasha could make out the stone path that led to the well, he quickly jumped down from the tree he was in and continued without breaking a stride to run full speed towards the bone eaters well. He didn’t slow as he came to his destination, and proceeded to jump down into the portal that allowed him to be taken into Kagome’s era, 5oo years in the future. Tokyo.

Inuyasha’s world spun violently as he began to go through in time, shutting his eyes, he knew the sensation would not last long.

The spinning soon ceased and Inuyasha climbed out of the well, and all at once, the harsh sound and polluted air attacked his sensitive nose and ears.



Kagome silently walked into her bedroom and shut the door behind her, and leaned against it, sighing to herself she walked across her room, past her bed and faced her cupboard sliding door mirror. Her face showed little expression, her eyes saddened as she thought of the hanyou that she had left behind, without even saying a word to. Her waist length raven hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders. Her slim body was covered with a short denim pants and a black singlet, layered with a tight fitting pink jumper. She turned away, not even able to look herself in the eye, as silent tears began to stream down her face. She flung herself out onto her bed, pulling a pillow close to her she cried herself to sleep.




Inuyasha climbed onto her window sill, and had sat watching his one true love walking around her room, her eyes filled with sadness and sorrow.


He had done that. He was the one that made her eyes glaze over with sadness. He had hurt her one to many times. That was why he wanted to show her how much she mean to him. He wanted her face to light up and to see her smile the way she used to, a smile that reached her eyes, her chocolate brown eyes that he could get lost in, the ones that had captured his heart.


All of a sudden Kagome had flung herself onto her bed and Inuyasha’s heart momentarily stopped as he watched her weep herself to sleep. After he could no longer smell the salt of her tears he gently pushed open the window that was keeping him from the one he loved. He climbed in, careful not to make a sound, he quietly crept towards the sleeping girl. Her head still buried into her pillow, her body lay peacefully across the bed. Inuyasha crept forward and knelt beside her, he gently brushed away her hair that fell in front of her face, she shifted slightly, but did not wake. Inuyasha then wanting to make her more comfortable lifted her up in his strong arms and peeled back her bed covers and lowered her down, tucking her delicate body in. her eyes closed, and her breathing shallow, he bent down and ran his hand though her hair. ‘ oh how soft it was’, he thought to himself, he just wanted her to be happy, but all he had done was bring sorrow into her life. He hesitantly brought his soft lips to her cheek, kissing her goodnight.




Kagome woke early the next morning, her eyes red and puffy, she rolled over under the covers and turned to look out her window. She let out a small gasped when she discovered the sleeping hanyou leaning back against the wall. Thoughts flashed through her mind as she recalled the previous day.


‘Sango ill be back soon im just going to get some more water okay?’, Kagome called as she finished tidying up Kaede’s hut.

‘ do you want me to come with you?’, came Sango’s voice as she popped her head through the door.

‘ no, its okay, I wont be that long’,

‘ okay then, don’t go wandering to far away’, said Sango with a smirk on her face, ‘ you know what happened last time’.

Even though Sango was like a sister to Kagome, she still didn’t like to think about last time she had gone to collect water.

Slowly Kagome made her way down to the river, her dark hair blowing in the wind as she walked, three bottle dangled from a rope in her hand as she came into the clearing. Water glided down the rocks and into a pool of glistening clear aqua. She didn’t take a lot of time filling up the bottles and hastily started to make her way back to the village

when she heard a tune fill the air, she had been on her way back to the hut, but instead she decieded to follow the humming, as the melody became louder Kagome realized that it was Inuyasha who had been humming it. He was standing beside the hot spring in nothing more than his hakama, his strong, toned muscles very much on display as he slipped off his last item of clothing, the hot sun beating down on his tanned skin, Kagome could not take her eyes off him, even if she had of wanted to.. ( which of course she did not ). Inuyasha still humming the sweet melody slipped into the misty hot waters and leaned his head back against a rock, his silver mane hanging limply down his shoulders.

Kagome leaned against a rough large tree, her head barely visable through the thick branches conceling her location about 20meters from the hot spring.


Inuyasha leaned back, the heated sun hitting his face, the calm breeze playing against his silver hair, then his eyes suddenly flashed open as the familiar sent of honey and flowers surrounded him, he looked up and into the bushes where Kagome quietly slipped back behind the tall tree. Inuyasha quickly jumped out of the water and wrapped his firerat around himself, following her sent he quickly made his way to the tree where she was hidden.

Kagome tried to stealthily make her way backwards towards the village, but strong hands made their way around the tree, circling her slim waist, she let out a small gasp of surprise.

Inuyasha poked his head around the side of the tree, as Kagome turned around in his arms to look up at him, her face flaming red. He pulled her closer to him, and she let out a small moan when he crashed his lips down onto her own, startled at first Kagome lips tried to risist his probing tongue, as he licked her lips begging her to let him enter, she slowly subsided and opened her mouth, his tongue entering as his hands slowly made their way down her back. Kagome could not believe what was happening, Inuyasha had never shown so much affection before, she circled her own arms around his waist, raising them so that they were looped around his neck, pulling his even more so into her. She let out another faint moan, muffled by his mouth as his hands made their way between the two bodies and up, cupping her breasts, her nipples rubbing against his palms as he slowly caressed her. He earned a whimper of protest when he pulled back slightly, just enough to look into her chocolate orbs.

‘ I think someone has been hanging around Miroku a bit to much’, he said with a sly grin, but before she could answer he had pulled her close to him again, and for the second time that day Inuyasha’s tongue entered her waiting mouth. This time it was not him who pulled back, still in each others arms they rested their foreheads against other, panting slightly.

‘ I think that we should head back’, said Kagome silently, turning in his arms so he was leaning into her back, his head resting on her shoulder.

‘Kaagommee..’, he whined, brushing away her hair from her neck, and slowly licking her collarbone, working his way up to her ear.

‘ Inuyasha, whats gotten into you?’, she asked through small moans of halfhearted attempts at protest.

‘ why don’t you like it?’, he said innocently, gently nipping at her neck. Kagome shivered with delight, she turned around again,

‘ I didn’t say that’, she said with a grin, pulling him in again and licked his lips with her tongue. Just when he opened his mouth to let her have entry, she pulled back and looked at him teasingly, biting her lower lip with a smirk on her face. He growled low in his throat and crushed his lips to hers, not even giving her a chance to realize what he was about to do. Her lips vibrated with her moan as he allowed her to come up for air, she gasped again as his hands found the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up slightly.

‘ Inuuyyaashaa’, she moaned out, trying to push his hands away, ‘ if we don’t go back soon kaede will send out shippo to look for us’,

She did have a point, he thought, and as much as he wanted her there and then he thought it best if he could make her first time as special as possible, now knowing that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

‘ okay’, he said with a sigh, releasing her from his grip

Inuyasha bent down and picked up the water bottles that Kagome had dropped,

‘ here’, he said, ‘ you dropped these, when you- ah’, Inuyahsa almost whispered

‘ yeah’, she said hastily taking the bottles from his hands. Inuyasha quickly realized her embarrassment and bent over to kiss her lightly on the cheek before lacing his hand with hers.

Arrh, she thought, what is with him, first he’s all over me now he’s acting all sweet and caring.

She turned and looked at him again a blush creeping back up to her face as she realized that she had been just as bad as Miroku when she had been perving on Inuyasha.

God, what must he think of me, she thought, as they walked hand in hand back to the village.

Kaede greeted the pair as they made their way into her hut, shippo was out in the garden pulling up weeds, while Sango and Miroku had gone to the village to get some supplies.

Kagome put the bottles of water down on the table and went to lie out her sleeping bag again, it was about mid afternoon by now and Kagome was feeling the exhaustion from the day and lied down to rest her head.

Inuyasha watched her as she slowly drifted to sleep, her peaceful figure lying undisturbed as her chest rose and fell with each breath. Her long brown hair, partially covering her face, her chocolate eyes hidden, her lips slightly parted as Inuyasha took in every aspect of her.

When he was sure that she would not wake any time soon, he carefully made his way out of the hut and towards the forest again. Inuyasha wanted to surprise Kagome, he wanted to make this night one for her to remember, and the only way he was going to do that was to surprise her with all that he had.

He made his way deep into the forest, heading for the hot spring when he caught a sent that would send his world spinning out of control. He stop as a figure made its way towards him.

‘ hello Inuyasha’, said the figure, hiding in the shadows of some of the tall over hanging trees.

‘ Kikyo’, he said aggravated. This is not what he needed right now, he thought to himself.

‘ Inu baby, why havnt you come to see me lately’, said Kikyo as she stepped out of the shadows and came to stand in front of Inuyasha.

‘ I am not your baby, what are you doing her Kikyo’, he said through gritted teeth as she laced her arms around his neck.

At that moment a sound behind them, made them both turn and look. From where Inuyasha was standing all he saw was the darkness of the shadows from the trees.

A sob escaped Kagome’s lips as she watched Kikyo come up to Inuyasha and wrap her arms around him. Kagome couldn’t stand it a moment later and took off at full speed back to the hut.

‘ Did you hear something?’, Inuyasha asked Kikyo.

‘ No’, she said innocently back to him, even though she had seen Kagome run off into the distance, Inuyasha had no idea that she had even been there. He reached up for her arms and put them down by her side.

‘ Kikyo NO’, he said firmly before heading off away from her again.




Kagome sat up in her bed, her eyes watering with sadness with the thought that her beloved hanyou had betrayed her with his former love, only hours after the moments that they shared at the hot spring. She thought that finally he had gotten over Kikyo and that he loved her, Kagome. She thought that finally he had seen her, for what she really was, not the reincarnation of the undead miko. She wiped away her tears, as anger started to seep into her.

He was not going to use her, Kagome thought, he was not going to run to back and forth from Kikyo and herself. She would not let him hurt her. Again…



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Its Him.. by Jaztina
Author's Notes:

I started this chapter and it just flowed, i hope you like it


‘ INUYASHA!!!’, Kagome screamed at the top of her voice.

But being that he had demon hearing and that he was asleep and had not expected it, Kagome’s scream sounded like an atomic bomb going off right in front of him. It was deafening.

Inuyasha jumped straight up at the sound of her voice, his head smashing into the window sill above from where he was leaning.

‘ Arhh’, he screamed back, emitting a vast range of colorful words as his hand found his head, trying to ease the pain.

‘ Fuck Kagome! What was that for!’, he yelled at her.

‘ You- Stupid- Cheating- Hypocrite!’, she yelled back at him, his encounter with Kikyo still fresh in her mind

‘SIT!!!’, she screamed, ‘SIT, SIT, SIT!’. Her last word piercing Inuyasha’s heart with fury and sadness, he had barely time to register what was being said before she stalked out of her room, slamming the door on her way out, her cheeks red with fury.


Inuyasha felt the magical pull of the beads around his neck, and his face found the timber floor of Kagome’s room, time and time again.

Inuyasha. Timber. Inuyasha. Timber. Inuyasha. Timber. Inuyasha. Timber.


After a few minutes of conversation with his new friend Timber, Inuyasha peeled himself up off of the hard floor. Glancing around the room and then out into the hallway, Inuyasha was totally oblivious to what was wrong with his Kagome, his hand still rubbing his throbbing head, he glanced at the window contemplating whether or not to leave..




What on earth was he doing here!, she thought to herself as she slammed the bedroom door and stormed down the stairs, furious with the thought that he now he had finished ‘playing’ with Kikyo that now he could come running back to her.

She made her way through the kitchen and out the front door, hot tears swallowed her eyes as images of Kikyo and Inuyasha filled her mind, tainted with the thought that he could never love her.

Kagome wrapped her arms around her body, suddenly painfully aware that she was in nothing more than a small silk night gown, as a gust of cold morning air hit her, sending shivers down her spine. She looked around quickly, hoping that everyone was still sleeping as the sun shone over her small body. She looked down the street, to Yuki’s house, with a sudden thought that she wished to see her friend again, Kagome started running to her destination, trying to get away from prying eyes that may be peering out of windows.

The cold air followed her with more force as she made her way down the street, in little to no time at all Kagome was standing in front of Yuki’s door. Hoping that someone was awake, she rattled her knuckles on the glass door. Standing in front of the frosted glass, Kagome shivered as another gust of wind hit her hard, she wished that someone would hurry up and answer the door. She was just about to raise her hand and knock again when she heard a distant voice, which was muffled by the door calling out that they were coming. A moment later the frosted glass was flung open to reveal a drowsy looking Yuki. Both girls gasped and wrapped each other in a warm embracing hug. Warm tears fell onto Yuki’s shoulder as Kagome pulled back, weakly smiling at her friends confused expression.

‘ Kagome, wha- what’s the matter?’, she asked, latching onto the girls shoulders, looking deep into her eyes. Kagome melted into another tight hug before stiffly gasping out a small ‘him’.

‘ oh Kagome, what’s happened’, Yuki said, realizing that she meant Inuyasha.

When Kagome didn’t answer, Yuki drew her friend closer and inside, leading her up into her room, letting her lay on her bed as she sat by the floor, with a motherly look on her face.

Yuki looked into her friends face, her cheeks pink, her eyes red and puffy with tear stains running down to her chin. Kagome looked back at Yuki, she missed Sango she thought, but she wasn’t ready to go back to the feudal era just yet.


‘ its him’, Kagome muttered under her breath, ‘ its him and that stupid bitch. The one who wanted to turn him into a human!, gods I love him just the way he is, and yet he can never see how much I truly love him. He always runs off with HER!’, she said breaking into sobs, covering her face with her hands.

Yuki shuffled closer to her friend, placing a protective arm over her shoulders as her friend shivered under she touch.





Inuyasha quickly dismissed the thought of returning to the feudal without his Kagome.

Wait. his Kagome, when did she become his, he thought. Just because of the moment at the hot spring…

Inuyasha pulled himself out of his day dreams. What was her problem, he thought coming back to reality. She was fine when he left her that night, 500 years in the past, what happened? What changed?

He pulled himself up off of the bed and walked into the hallway, following the strong sent of her tears. Gods how his heart broke every single time she cried, and now she was furious with him and he had no clue as to why. Inuyasha descended the stairs and out into the kitchen, following her sent out the front door.

The harsh morning sun blinded the half demon as he attempted to shield himself from the hot rays of light. He growled deep in his throat as he caught sight of a man standing out on his veranda in nothing more than a pair of shorts that looked to be five sizes to small, his stomach hanging low as he winked at the hanyou. Inuyasha let out a louder growl this time as he opened his mouth to show the man how wide his vocabulary was, when he mentally thought of Kagome’s hand slapping him upside the head the last time he swore in public. So he opted for showing the man his finger before turning and following Kagome’s scent down the street.

Inuyasha was about to continue down the street when her scent led him to a small house with a glass door. He remembered this house he thought, this is where one of Kagome’s school friends lives. He didn’t want to go barging in on Kagome and her friend, especially now that Kagome was angry with him and he still didn’t know why.

Inuyasha stealthily made his way across the front of the house and out the back, following the side of the building he climbed up on top of a concrete car port that was and extended part of the house. The roof of the car port was slanted and was slightly lower than the house, coming to a halt right under a roof, Inuyasha stopped and crouched down, pressing his ear against the window that stood ajar.

Inuyasha had to restrain himself when he heard Kagome sobbing. He quickly stole a glance through the window, seeing Kagome sitting on a bed, her knee’s pulled up into her chest and her head hanging in her hands as tears made their way down her cheeks, his heart breaking time and time again as her friend reached out to comfort her. Oh how he wished that he could be the one to comfort her, and for her to tell him what was wrong. But no, Yuki was there to comfort her.

Inuyasha pushed his ear back against the glass, his heart heaving as he heard her muffled, broken words.

‘ It’s him’, he heard Kagome sob. His heart was torn apart at the realization that she had seen him with Kikyo.

Fuck! he mentally cursed himself, FUCK! FUCK! YOU FUCKING IDIOT INUYASHA!!! No wander Kagome was angry at him.


‘ Its him and that stupid bitch. The one who wanted to turn him into a human!, gods I love him just the way he is, and yet he can never see how much I truly love him. He always runs off with HER!’, He heard her saying. His heart breaking at each word, the pain he felt seeping throughout his veins, causing his whole body to shake in self hatred.


She loves me, he thought.

Just as much as I love her… I’m such a fool.. A fool in love…



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