By Time by Wannabe
Summary: There was a certain irony in fate’s plan….
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1. By Time by Wannabe

By Time by Wannabe
Author's Notes:
This is a very small version of a plunny (plot bunny) that I had at one time…since I will most likely never write the full version (too angsty), I turned it into a drabble.
“What's the problem?” Eri would ask.

“You know, you shouldn’t let distance get in the way of your relationship,” Yuka would reply.

Kagome would ignore them, because they weren’t separated by distance, by mountains, oceans or landscapes… They weren’t separated because they didn’t love each other. They weren’t separated because they didn’t want to be together.

As Kagome remembered staring down at the dirt beneath her hands, the dirt of the sealed well, she would think:

I can’t be with Inuyasha, because we’re separated by time… And the tears would roll down her cheeks, but she would never be with Inuyasha.
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