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Just a lil poetry that was inspired by our favorite couple


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1. Chapter 1 by gem1216

Chapter 1 by gem1216

Why is it you come to me when all I see is red

Why is it you run to me when you should have fled

Why is it you stay with me when all I bring is dread

Why is it you embrace me when all others want me dead


Why does the site of you bring me to new height

Why does the sent of you settle all my fight

Why does the sound of you make my heart feel light

Why does the feel of you in my arms make everything right


Why do I feel alone unless you are here with me

Why do I feel need to fix things when you are unhappy

Why do I feel happy when you smile up with glee

Why do I feel alive when I think of not I but we


Why is it I’m uneasy when you leave my side

Why is it I’m positive that to me you never lied

Why is it I’m heartbroken when you have cried

Why is it I’m here when so many times I should have died


This life we know is fleeting

This life we share since our meeting

This life we protect from a beating

This life we write together for our future reading


Love has given us a song

Love has lead us along

Love has kept us strong

Love has never been wrong


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