Belonging by Knittingknots
Summary: Kagome finds its time to put away old things and start new.  Happens shortly before the start of After the End
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1. Belonging by Knittingknots

Belonging by Knittingknots
Disclaimer:  I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi


Kagome slowly unbuttoned the long-sleeved shirt she was wearing,

“We've been through a lot together, shirt,” she said, sliding it off her shoulders. She looked at the badly mended sleeve, where InuYasha had ripped it when Naraku had controlled him for a time.  She had never really been able to get the bloodstains out.  There was the place on the front where Shippou had dropped some of the last candy she had to give him, something bright red that held a mark nothing would remove.  A grease spot from the victory feast.

She quickly folded it, and put it into a box, along with the short green skirt that went with it.  And finally, on top, she laid the bright red scarf.  It was hard letting go, but that was her old life, dashing back and forth through time.  She closed the box.

She picked up the beige kosode.  The linen of the fabric felt crisp beneath her fingers. Sliding into it, she carefully closed the flaps, and then tied on the wrap skirt, indigo with white blossoms, over it.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped outside, blinking at the sunlight, feeling content, but a little self-conscious.  InuYasha and Shippou were waiting for her near the front door of the hut.

“You look different,” said Shippou, sitting on InuYasha's shoulder.  “You look like you belong here.”

“I do belong here,” she said, taking InuYasha's hand.  “Now that the well has closed, this is my home.”

“It suits you,” said InuYasha, smiling.
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