You were Tiny by 0nimusha
Summary: "Inuyasha, with the Jewel whole again and Naraku slain, how can we still want to bring a child into a world that is so wonderful and yet so dangerous all at the same time?" Kagome snuggled more into Inuyasha's embrace and closed her eyes as the memories of what took place that day they were able to make the Shikon no Tama whole once again.
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1. Chapter 1 by 0nimusha

2. Chapter 2 by 0nimusha

Chapter 1 by 0nimusha
You were Tiny.

Wrote by: Onimusha

A/N: I don't own Inu and comp. I do own the song. It is mine alone. In my story, Kagome's father didn't die when she was a little girl, but later.

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day in downtown Tokyo as everyone in the city went on their own way to complete their daily tasks, whether it be for work or not. The hustle and bustle of the world went on as a young women of 20, quietly entered the drawing room of her mothers home. Walking to the window on the other side of the room, she opened it. The morning breeze felt good on her face as it blew through her raven hair. Sighing to herself, a few tears escaped her eyes despite the fact she was so valiantly trying to keep them from falling in the first place.

Sighing again as she wiped the moister from her eyes with her hankie, she looked to the other side of the room to where a piano sat. Slowly walking to the instrument, she slumped her shoulders in defeat and didn't attempt to stop the tears from falling feely down her cheeks.

Placing her hand to her swollen belly, she sat herself on the bench and reached over with her other hand to the top of the piano and placed a sheet of music in front of her. After blowing her nose and drying her eyes, she composed herself as best she could in her hour of sadness and anguish.

Looking over her shoulder to make sure she was still alone, she placed the other hand to her belly and spoke in a quiet voice.

"My child. Soon you will be born into this world of ours. A world of wonders and excitement, full of life and love. But, also a world that hold great sadness along with it. Unfortunately my child, you will never know your Grandfather." she trailed off her sentence as her eyes welled up with a fresh set of tears. Quietly sobbing into her hankie for a few moments she dried her eyes again and continued speaking.

"Your Grandfather, my Father, was a very talented man you see. He possessed a very special talent in playing the piano. Mama and I would always be spell bound as we watched his fingers glide of the piano keys as he played for us. I remember anxiously waiting for him to come home from work when I was a little girl so that I could just watch him play. Then one day, when I was about 10 or so, he came home, took me by the hand and led me to the drawing room. There he asked me if I wanted to learn how to play that magnificent instrument in which I loved to hear so much of. Sigh... He taught me everything he knew over the next few years. Including how to compose my own music. Then one day I grew up, and fell in love with your Father. And to my surprise, on the day of our wedding, your Grandfather handed to me a folder. As I opened it, I started to cry. Inside the folder, was a simple sheet of music titled, 'You were Tiny.' It was addressed to me with my full name and sighed by my Father..." she trailed off again as she took her hands away from her belly and placed them onto the piano keys. Taking in a deep breath and releasing it, she slowly began to play the music as she then began to sing the words.

'You were tiny, oh, so tiny, You were such a tiny baby long ago, But it doesn't seem so long ago

to me, Today.

You were tiny, oh, so tiny, In the rocking chair you couldn't fill the seat, But you filled my heart up so completely, You did, You did.

Then you grew up, And even though I couldn't see you day by day, I saw my baby grow away, To become, The woman that I see today.

But don't feel bad, For dear old Dad, He understands, you see. That you should grow and leave your home, And start your own dear family.

There's another, There's another man to love and care for you, Do the things for you that I cant do, And that's ok.

I will miss you, I will miss my little girl, But I will love you;

love the woman you've become, But still, I miss you, And I think I always will.'


** As the she ended her song, two hands placed themselves onto her shoulders and gave a gentle squeeze. She didn't have to turn around to see who it was as the owner of the hands leaned down to her ear and whispered, 'I love you.' At those words she stood up and turned to face the owner of those hands. Wrapping her arms around their neck, she quietly sobbed into their shoulder.

"Why didn't have to happen? Why now when our child is near to be born? I very much wanted him to be the teacher, just as he taught me those years ago." She kept mumbling out such questions as the other person led them to the couch near the doorway and sat them down.

"Kagome, look at me."

Slowly pulling away from the shoulder she was crying on, she looked into her mother's soft eyes. Mrs. Higurashi smiled, and then placed one hand to her daughter's swollen belly, and the other to her cheek as she wiped a stray tear.

"Your Father has not left us Kagome. Just because you cannot see him, does’t mean he is not here. It is through music that he will live on. Each time you play that piece of music, he will fill the room with his presence. There is a story that goes with that song he wrote for you. Do you want to hear it?" Kagome slowly nodded her head.

"But what about the guests in the living room Mama. I can't go back out there right now. I just can't." Her throat started to tighten as she struggled to suppress the tears that threatened to fall again.

Smiling a sad smile herself, Mrs. Higurashi engulfed her daughter in a motherly hug and kissed her forehead before speaking.

"I think they can handle themselves for a bit as I tell you this one story." Kagome nodded her head again and then laid it onto her mothers shoulder with her eyes closed just as a young man quietly entered the room. Mrs.Higurashi looked up at the young man and smiled.

As with every one in the house that morning, the young man was dressed in a black. His age is not for sure, even with him. But he looked quite young. Most likely in his twenties or so. His white/silver hair was pulled back with a hair tie and he wore a black cap on top of his head. He too, wore a sad smile as he slowly walked to the couch and sat down beside Kagome.

Feeling the left side of her sag down as the young man sat on the couch, Kagome raised her head from her mothers shoulder to chance a look at who it was. Upon seeing her mate next to her, she dried her eyes once again as he effortlessly picked her up and placed her on his lap. Wrapping his arms securely beneath her swollen belly, the young man nuzzled his face into Kagome's neck and began rubbing her belly. Upon seeing her daughter finally calming down, Mrs. Higurashi decided that maybe she would wait just a bit to tell the story behind that sheet of music. What her daughter needed for the moment, she couldn't give. "Kagome dear. Take all the time you need. And if you decide not to rejoin us in the living room, I'll understand. I don't want you anymore stressed out then you already are while your still pregnant. Just stay here and I'll bring up some lunch a bit later."

Getting up from the couch, Mrs. Higurashi bent down and placed a kiss to Kagome's forehead. Giving a quick rub to the belly that held her grandchild, she left the room and closed the door behind her.

"Kagome… What was that song you were singing a few moments ago? It was so beautiful, yet sad." Whispered Kagome's mate. Closing her eyes and taking in a deep breath, she reached up her small hand and took off his cap. After a moment of groping through his hair, she found the furry triangle ear and began to gently stroke it. The rumble that issued forth from his chest served to relax her more.

"My Father wrote that piece for me and gave it to me on our wedding day just before we left to go back through the Well." Kagome trailed off just as a stray tear fell down her cheek.

"Inuyasha, with the Jewel whole again and Naraku slain, how can we still want to bring a child into a world that is so wonderful and yet so dangerous all at the same time?" Kagome snuggled more into Inuyasha's embrace and closed her eyes as the memories of what took place that day they were able to make the Shikon no Tama whole once again.
Chapter 2 by 0nimusha
You were tiny..

Wrote by: Onimusha

A/N: I don't own Inu and comp.

Chapter 2


"INUYASHA...SIT!!!" screamed Kagome when she finally saw an opportunity to shoot the arrow that she had pulled taught in her bow. Just as Inuyasha kissed the ground with his face, she released her arrow that was filled with as much miko energy as she could pack into it and sent it soaring straight into Naraku's evil heart.

Sinking to her knees since she put so much energy into that arrow, Kagome was feeling very drained. She watched as Inuyasha picked himself up off the ground and stare at the spot that Naraku was at a moment ago before her energy purified and destroyed the vile hanyou that had threatened to consume the whole world if he were allowed to win the battle.

Staring at the spot Naraku was just at, Inuyasha's ears heard a soft thud come from behind him. Looking over his should he instantly dropped his sword and ran over to where Kagome now laid past out.

"KAGOME!!!! Kagome… wake up…Onegai..." Inuyasha's shout caught the attention of Miroku as he was tending to Sango's injuries. Picking her up, he walked them over to where Inuyasha now was sitting with Kagome in his lap stroking her cheek in an attempt to coax her back too the waking world. Placing Sango next to their hanyou friend, Miroku took out a bottle of water from Kagome's backpack and a rag from somewhere in his robs.

"Use these Inuyasha. Put some water on the rag and then place it onto her forehead. That should help bring her around a bit quicker. I'm afraid we need to hurry Inuyasha. Sango's injuries not sever, but if not treated right away, they will become infected." Miroku's voice was quiet as he spoke to the hanyou. Placing his hand to Inuyasha's shoulder, he squeezed gently and then resumed the task of bandaging Sango's injuries.

"Miroku," Sango whispered out. "Did...we win?" Miroku smiled as he bent down and kissed her forehead. Brushing her bangs out of her eyes he answered her.

"Hai that we did. Kagome 'sat' Inuyasha just as she released her arrow. It hit its target fast and true. The evil that had almost consumed our world is no more Sango. Can you ride Kiria?" Nodding her head, Miroku called the fire-cat over to them. Kiria, who was still in her full demon form, sat beside her Master and nuzzled her muzzle into Sango's neck. When Miroku finished with the last bandage, he helped Sango on to Kiria's back.

"Inuyasha, we will ride ahead back to the village. Sango is going to need a few stitches in some areas. Once Kagome awakens, met us there."

"Wait a second Miroku..." Inuyasha said. Turning his head off to the left he voiced a growling/bark. And with in moments, Shippou came out from his hiding place that he was instructed to stay at by Kagome until he was called out. Bounding over to perch himself onto Inuyasha's shoulder, Shippou let out a loud sigh of relief when he saw that Kagome was unharmed.

"Shippou, I want you to go with Sango and Miroku. And this time, no questions 'why.' Just do as I say. Understand runt." Shippou just stuck out his tongue behind Inuyasha's head and jumped from his shoulder to Kiria's head.

"Will Kagome be ok Inuyasha?" Shippou squeaked out. The hanyou nodded his head and the motioned to Miroku to get going. Climbing onto Kiria's back, he sat himself behind Sango and held her by her waist as the fire-cat leapt into the air and headed in the direction of the village.

Once Inuyasha saw that they were out of view, set himself back to the task of waking Kagome up. Opening the water bottle, he got the rag damp and began to wash her face, all the while calling to her to awaken. With in a few minuets, Kagome slowly opened her eyes only to have them fill with tears.

Reaching her hand up, her small fingers felt around for the furry ear she knew was somewhere in his hair. Upon finding it, she stroked it lightly and giggled a little when Inuyasha's chest began to rumble. Hugging her closer to his chest he nuzzled into her neck, inhaling her intoxicating scent.

"Is he gone?" Kagome whispered.

"Hai, he is Kagome." Leaning up, Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him, then began to cry.

"It's finally over...all of our efforts weren't in vain..." Pulling back away from him a little bit she realized she had forgotten something.

"Inuyasha...where is the other half of the Jewel?"

Nuzzling into her neck again, Inuyasha stood up. Carefully placing Kagome back onto her feet, she looked over to where she knew Naraku once stood. Then she saw it. A few inches off to the right she saw the familiar glow of the other half of the Jewel. Pointing it out to Inuyasha, he helped her walk over to retrieve it. She picked it up with one hand and took off her necklace with the other hand. For a moment, Kagome could only stare at the two half's, but then slowly she put her hands together. A soft pink light shone through her fingers as the two half's finally became one.

Turning around, she took a step back from Inuyasha. As he tilted his head to regard her, she gently took his right hand and placed the whole Shikon no Tama into it. Taking another step back, she spoke in a meek voice.

"Our mission is complete now Inuyasha. Sango's family and village have been avenged. As have Shippou's parents. And now Miroku will no longer fear his hand. He will be able to live a long and happy life. And as for you..." Kagome trailed off when she felt her throat close up on her as her eyes filled with tears.

"As for now have what you have always wanted Inuyasha. I wish you the most happiness of all with your life. When we get back to the village, I will say good-bye's to every one there, and then go back to where I came where I belong."

But if truth were told, Inuyasha was no longer seeking after the Jewel. Instead, his heart fell in love with something more powerful then what the Jewel had. He tried to deny it in the beginning, saying to himself it could never happened to a lowly hanyou like him. But as time went on during their journey for the shards, the feelings that he was experiencing were slowly getting stronger. And now that the journey is over.. his heart could no longer contain the love it had for the miko that now stood in front of him.

Unaffected by her words, or by the fact that he just couldn't hear them as his heart beat thundered away in his ears, he quickly embraced Kagome in a fierce hug. Not understanding why he was doing this, she simply returned the hug to him. And for a few moments in time, they were the only two in their world.

Inuyasha then pulled away only slightly so that he could peer into her gray/blue eyes. Cupping her chin gently in his clawed hand, he bent down and gave to her a chaste kiss onto her soft lips. Breaking the kiss, but remaining nose-to-nose, Inuyasha asked her a simple and honest question.

"Will you be my mate?"

(End of Flashback)


Kagome opened her eyes when she heard the drawing room door open and watched as her Mother brought in a tray of lunch for them. After unloading the tray of its goods onto the coffee table, Kagome's Mother brought over the piano bench and sat herself in front of the small table as Kagome and Inuyasha began to eat their lunch.

"The guests are beginning to leave Kagome. They wish you well with your pregnancy and their condolences about your Father. I instructed Grandfather and Sota to see them all out and then Sota is to stay the night over at Lee's house so that I can stay here with you for while as comfort, and maybe tell you the story behind that piece of music that you enjoy playing so much." Said Mrs. Higurashi as she stood up from her seat and retrieved the sheet of music from the piano. Sitting back down onto the bench, Mrs. Higurashi took a drink from her teacup and cleared her throat.

"Who would have that some many wonderful things could have happened to this family? I married, what I thought was the absolute most talented man alive at the time, had two very beautiful children; of which one can travel through time, good health with everyone, and a grandchild on the way." Mrs. Higurashi sighed and smiled as she leaned over the table and rubbed Kagome's tummy.

"Anyways, enough of my ramblings, its story time."
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