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The Snowman Incident Part Two by Inu Hanyou Nikkie
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And now the reason why Kagome is so mad and punished him. And why Inuyasha is mad at me. Next to come How Kagome learned the technique.
The Snowman Incident Part Two

Kagome was in the highest heavens with every confession from her hanyou’s mouth and when he did those cute kisses before finally taking her lips in another kiss. She would have cooed if given the chance. Wanting more, she let her tongue slip out to softly lick at his lips.

Inuyasha pulled back the confused surprise showing on his face. “What was that you did?”

Kagome blushed and stammered to explain it without explaining it.

“C-can. . . can. . . you do that again?”

Kagome nodded and they moved in for another kiss, Kagome again letting her tongue slide out from between her lips to lick at Inuyasha’s – tasting him more than she did the first time. Inuyasha gave all appearance of enjoying it as he soon followed suit and let his tongue hesitatingly slip out to lick at Kagome’s lips. How they managed NOT to touch the other’s tongue was a mystery never to be solved but soon enough they touch tongues and fireworks sparked through both Inuyasha’s and Kagome’s bodies. They pulled apart again and Inuyasha, in awe, lowered Kagome back down onto her feet.

“What was. . . what was that we just did?” He inquired innocently.

“That. . . that was the start of what is called French kissing. . .” Kagome mumbled blushing fiercely.

“That was. . . nice. . . Do you. . . know more. . . of this ‘Free-wench’ kissing?” He asked blushing.

Kagome nodded her head mentally giggling at his pronunciation. “I’ve heard about it and read about it but you are the only one I wanted to do this with. . . Just follow what I do. . . Do what feels. . . natural.”

They came together again in a kiss and this time Inuyasha was the one to lick Kagome’s lips. She opened her mouth and let her tongue slip out to caress his again. She curled it about his tongue in an attempt to draw his tongue into her mouth. It took a few tries but he soon got the idea and followed Kagome’s tongue into her mouth. There he discovered sensations so very new and so incredibly deep and intimate it shocked him to the core. Their tongues stroked and soothed together as they deepened the kiss.

Inuyasha felt the need to be even closer to Kagome than ever, he pulled her in closer to his body moulding her against his firm body feeling all her curves. He let one hand travel up into Kagome thick mane of midnight onyx kissed hair and gather a handful to intensify his kiss while his other hand went to the middle of Kagome’s back to press her deeper into himself.

He was almost scared he had gone too far until he heard Kagome whimpering her pleasure in the back of her throat at his ministrations. Encouraged he began to be more confident in his kiss and his tongue strokes stronger whilst keeping the tenderness. It seemed to encourage Kagome as she wrapped her arms about his neck and stroked his hair. She gave a whine as he pulled back to let her breathe both of them panting.

Inuyasha’s chest swelled with masculine pride as he took in her now thoroughly kissed swollen red lips. Her beautiful eyes darkened to a stormy grey with desire and love that HE put there. The pleading whimpers of Kagome for HIS kisses, HIS attentions.

Kagome looked dazedly up into the molten gold of Inuyasha’s eyes, his pupils expanded to take in the sight before him in its fullest. His ears had they been freed would be pricked almost straining towards Kagome to capture every nuance of her sounds. His lips kissed puffy letting the glistening sharp tips of his fangs poke out. He looked positively feral and wild and so predatory intense that he was every inch the demon that he was sired from.

She had nothing to fear as this demon was all hers. . . all this instinctive hunting prey mode was for HER attentions, HER kisses, HER love. She sighed closing her eyes and leaned into him strong chest. She wanted to giggle some when she felt the obvious stirrings of Inuyasha’s affections below the waist as it began to make itself known to her and silently beg for her attentions as well. Instead, she let herself have this selfish moment. SHE caused him to harden up, not Kikyou. . . her!

From what Kagome knew about her beloved hanyou, he would be super body shy and easily spooked when it would come time for that part of the relationship. She mentally rolled her eyes as she pictured herself in some sexy, lack of clothing outfit at the bottom of the Goshinboku looking up and trying to coax the skitterish Inu hanyou out of the highest branches and explaining to him that it was alright and nothing bad was going to happen to either of them. In fact, she could picture this taking more than a week to do.

She was shaken from her thoughts when Inuyasha abruptly let her go and spun away from her. Confused she reached out to him. “Inuyasha? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Inuyasha pulled away, ears plastered against his head and shook his head violently, his hair whipping about but he refused to answer her. Kagome cocked her head to the side in a very canine manner of puzzlement. What was wrong with him? Was he upset. . .? Did she do something to make him act like this? She reached out for him again this latching onto his shoulder and holding on.

“Inuyasha, please tell me what’s wrong? Did I. . . did I offend you somehow?” she asked in a small hurt voice.

That got a response. Inuyasha turned back to Kagome nearly making her lose her balance with his quickness but he steadied her. Kagome could see his face was the same colour as his clothing, even his sweet ears were a vivid red colour on the insides as they lifted up from his head.

“Not you. You didn’t do anything wrong. . . it was. . . It was. . .”

“It’s okay Inuyasha you can tell me. I won’t get upset or laugh.”

“. . . It’s. . . It’s. . . It’s doing it again. . .” he nearly moaned in distress, ears again plastered against his head as he pointed downwards towards his pelvis. His eyes looking now haunted instead of heated.

Kagome followed his finger with her eyes and saw what he was referring to.

Inuyasha. . . the bravest hanyou to ever walk and lived. Inuyasha. . . the one who never backed down in any battle or obstacle. Inuyasha. . . the brash, rude and larger than life Inu hanyou. . . was undone by his body’s natural response to the woman he loved.

He was becoming unglued over an erection.

Kagome simply smiled softly at Inuyasha and took his hand in hers and told him it was alright and this was natural. Kagome also revised her previous love-making thoughts to include the upcoming stressful teachings of Inuyasha and Sexual Education. Thank goodness, they gave out so much literature on the subject in her classes. She is going to need them all.

She told him that she can answer his questions and concerns about why his body does this later on in her room if he wanted her to. While keeping in mind maybe the best way would be live presentation and examination, of course all this would be in the name of educating Inuyasha and not because she wanted to see her hanyou naked. Nope not that at all. And if he wasn’t comfortable with speaking with her then her mother could help him out after all Mama will have the same talk with Souta in a few years time and it wouldn’t bother her at all.

He looked so relieved that Kagome or her mother could talk to him about his body. There was no way in the seven hells would he ever talk about something this personal to that fucking lecherous monk. . . Miroku would only twist it into something disgusting, something sick and diseased while making sure to add those sharp verbal spears to twist into Inuyasha’s heart, because he didn’t know any better, that would make him feel even worse about himself than he already does. Sesshoumaru wasn’t one to do anything to help him understand his body other than the fact he was nothing but a lowly hanyou. A blight on his and their father’s blood. Myouga, that coward, would be running away every second that he could or dance around what he needed to know leaving him more confused than he first started. Villages weren’t accommodating of orphaned hanyou or youkai and in teaching them anything but the fact they needed to die as slowly and as painfully as possible. Therefore, Inuyasha grew up not knowing about his body and sexuality.

Inuyasha nodded his head shyly and mumbled he wouldn’t mind it if she or her mother explained it to him and then he asked if it was a really natural response his body was having and it wasn’t his demon possessing him. . . Kagome took his arm and gave it a hug before she went and hugged him around the chest.

“Yes, Inuyasha it’s perfectly natural to have these reactions. My body has it’s own reactions too. . .” she assured in a positive tone while silently adding, ‘I can show you those reactions if you want sometime as well. Damn! I’m getting to be a hentai when it comes to Inuyasha. . .’

She released him from her comforting hug and they made on their way again. As they moved deeper into the winter wonderland of the park, they began to notice the snowmen that were built by previous park visitors.

Some were small and not much more than a big lop sided snowball with two rocks for eyes, other were more intricate and presented.

Kagome noticed a large sign announcing the upcoming annual Build-a-Snowman contest and the snowmen located in that section of the park were the applications to the contest. She smiled and wished she had brought with her the digital camera and memory cards she had gotten for her birthday last year. Maybe Inuyasha will want to come back again soon and they can take lots of pictures. She smiled softer and drifted off into a sweet fantasy of her and Inuyasha cuddled together next to a snowman pretending he was a parson who was going to marry them.***

As Kagome lapsed into her romantic dreams, Inuyasha caught scent of so many interesting smells. He went onto all fours and began tracking each individual scent. Going in wide arcs or into intricate woven trails, he scented and sniffed. He growled at some, whuffled at others and sneezed at those too strong and off. He would go off but always return to Kagome’s side and woof softly at her letting her know he was still close to her.

Then one scent. . . one smell drove him to distraction. It was the scent of another male dog one that was close to the gagging scent of Kouga in its too cockiness and wolfness. He growled ferally low in his throat and diverted nearly all his attention on this scent that made his hackles rise. He followed it and it led over to a particularly well-built snowman. This. . . wolf. . . was overly arrogant to try and lay claim on this territory. He sniffed long and hard at the scent.

Inuyasha snarled at the scent that hovered about the base the snowman. This was where that. . wimpy wolf. . . left his mark. Well, Inuyasha was going to fix that! This territory belonged to the humans and not to some. . . lousy wolf. . .

He snorted loudly and turned so he was sideways to the snowman about an inch or more away. Still on all fours and parallel to the snowman, he reached under to his hakama and without removing any clothing freed himself. He then went back to all fours and lifted his leg closest to the snowman and began to leave HIS mark on the snowman.

That outta teach that wimpy wolf. . .

Kagome came out of her fantasy when she shivered from the lowering temperatures and instinctively looked for Inuyasha. She found him. Boy did she find him.

There was her beloved Inuyasha on all fours. . . no. . . make that all threes with one. . . leg. . . up. . . in. . . the. . . air. . .

. . . and. . .

He can’t be!!!

He couldn’t be!!!

It wasn’t happening!!

He WASN’T doing what she thinks he is doing!!!

This is just her over-active imagination playing tricks on her mind stemming from the great meal, the cold air. . .

Inuyasha was NOT peeing on that snowman!!

But he was. . .

. . . and the snowman showed it. . . the cheery yellow decorated the snowman’s base on one side.

Kagome could feel her blood pressure rise in leaps and bounds! This has to be THE most embarrassing thing Inuyasha has EVER done to date!! She thought her fury could have melted the ice and snow about them it was that hot raging inside of her.

She stormed over to Inuyasha while was preoccupied with territorial marking and using the recently acquired knowledge she gathered from Sesshoumaru in canine discipline and behaviour correction and snapped out her hand firmly gripping the back of Inuyasha’s neck she gave a good squeeze and growled as loudly as she could at him. She reminded herself to thank Sesshoumaru when she saw him next when Inuyasha instinctively and instantly submitted to her punishment. She caught his whimpers of apology and that helped soothe some of her fury.

So she instead began a angry tirade about his behaviour and these snowman are in a competition! How can they show this one now! And oh GODS!!! How can she fix this up!?! Thank GODS that she didn’t see him actually doing the act and what she did see was too much. She looked about as she continued her speech and nearly collapsed with relief. The park was still deserted. Kagome then noticed that Inuyasha was still in the limp submissive position and whimpering his apologies, she sighed and raised a hand to her forehead giving it a quick rub.

“Come on Inuyasha let’s go home,” she told him in a tone that left no argument.

Together they left the park, Kagome still held Inuyasha’s hand after he had collected himself and fixed himself to be presentable and gotten back onto his feet. Kagome was silent in her ire and Inuyasha was silent in his embarrassment. Each had the same thought ‘How could he/I do that?!’ as they made their way home.

And that silence from Kagome lasted for several days. She was still giving him touches and when he needed it cuddling but she didn’t speak. She couldn’t trust herself to not say something that would improve the situation anymore. She figured out the next day that Inuyasha was quite distressed over what he had done and gave him a smile and a hug with a kiss to the cheek and then left her mother to explain why Kagome was silent.

Inuyasha understood after Mrs. Higurashi explained and to be perfectly honest he accepted it. During those days Kagome gave him the silent treatment Inuyasha made certain he was on his very best behaviour and not bothering Kagome as she did her homework. He helped out around the shrine and house doing heavy chores for both Mrs. Higurashi and Jii-chan.

Which now leads them up to this day. . . Inuyasha was ready to ask how Kagome knew about the proper way to punish an Inu after it had done something wrong and why hadn’t Kagome used the rosary like she was so fond of doing. So he waited until Kagome had finished her homework to ask her. His ears still focused on Kagome and her movements.

Finally Kagome sighed putting her books away on her desk and rushed her chair back stretching her arms above her head. Inuyasha’s ears twitched as he now watched Kagome’s movements. He caught her slight wince at the stiff muscles in her neck and shoulders. Maybe he can help get back on her good side if he tried some of that “mah-sage” that he’d seen Mrs. Higurashi do with both Kagome and Jii-chan’s neck and shoulders.

“I’m finished Inuyasha. Thanks for being quiet. Are you hungry? I can make you some Ramen if you like?” she asked her hanyou as she got up.

“Yea, some Ramen would be nice,” Inuyasha answered quietly before he then asked, “Kagome. . .?”

“Yea?” She replied, as she got closer to her hanyou for some much needed snuggle and if all goes well ear time.

“Can. . . Can I ask a question that has been bothering me?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“How did you know how to punish me like that? Like an Alpha of a pack. And why didn’t you use the rosary?”

“I’ll answer the rosary part first and the other question after we get something to eat, okay?”

Inuyasha nodded his head in agreement his ears flicking in attention.

Kagome indicated that she wished to sit next to him so Inuyasha moved a little to let her sit and mold herself into his side. He wrapped his arm about her waist and she took his hand into both of hers caressing with her thumbs. She took a deep breath and began speaking.

“I just feel that I have been too abusive with that rosary. It has become a cruel tool for me to use on you just because you may accidentally do something to irritate me or upset me. I have relied too heavily upon it and I hate it! I hate that rosary! That abuse I’ve put you through. I have called you my best friend and my now my beloved and yet I hurt you by slamming you face first into the dirt. I do nothing to Miroku when he sexually molests me, when he spies on me or makes me feel uncomfortable. I do nothing when Kouga comes around and treats me like I’m some sort of trophy rather a feeling living and thinking being. I do nothing when he man-handles me and spouts those empty words of ‘love’.

I do nothing when Shippou pushes you too far and makes you react instinctive. Or when he deliberately says those nasty things. I let my wounded ego take control of my treatment of you and you always ended up suffering for it. Just because I couldn’t be a grown and mature person about it. So for now on, I’m going to talk to you! I’m going to react to the others the way I should have been when they are upsetting you. I will be more respectful to you and your feelings. . . . Inuyasha. . . I want to remove the beads.”

Inuyasha was floored, completely taken by surprised. In all the reasons that Kagome stopped using the damned beads of subjugation this was not one of them. To have Kagome say outloud what he has kept buried deep within was overwhelming. He had scooped her into his lap and was pressing kisses to her face and lips before he could think or speak. His flood of gratitude showing in his eyes by the high glossy look created when tears gather but are not shed and in his touches the way he trembled and breathed.

Kagome accepted his kisses and knew what she had always suspected was in fact true and she had been undoubtedly cruel with that word. While they shared kisses and caresses Kagome managed to get her hands upon the hated beads and when they pulled back breathing hard from the kisses looked into Inuyasha’s eyes and slowly eased the rosary up and over his head where he took them and his hair to free his long silky silvery waterfall from the beads.

Kagome was surprised at the immediate pulses of youki energies that flowed from Inuyasha as his dampened strengths and powers returned back to normal. The look in his eyes as he felt himself becoming even more whole than before after so long was indescribable and he crashed his lips on hers and quickly demanded entrance into her mouth. Kagome more than willingly let him in and they dueled with each other in heated passion. If this was the type of kiss he issued when freed then maybe he would agree to putting on and taking off the rosary. . . nyah. . . this was just right the way it is now.

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