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The Snowman Incident Part One by Inu Hanyou Nikkie
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I revised and did some editing to the first part. Hopefully made it better.

The Snowman Incident

By Inu Hanyou Nikkie

Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any monies off of Inuyasha and the gang. No, that pleasure completely belongs to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi. I am only using them for pure entertainment value. ***I do not own Parson Brown from Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

A/N: *6000 Yen = $56.21 in CDN, $55.15 in US.

**I have a piccie of this hat from the great Artist Sakuban.

The Snowman Incident

It was a few days later that Kagome had finally ceased her silent treatment of Inuyasha and began to speak to him again. Inuyasha for his part was very, no, incredibly embarrassed and thankfully it was only Kagome who was sole witness to his disgraceful moment. It had started off so perfectly and Inuyasha had been building up his courage to finally tell his futuristic Miko, Kagome just how much he loved her and wanted to be by her side for the rest of their lives.

Currently the miserable and very chastised Inu hanyou was sitting on the floor at the bottom of Kagome’s bed being a perfect little puppy (as the Higurashi women referred to him when he was silent and keeping out of trouble) while Kagome worked on some school work that was due after the Christmas and New Year break. His ears twitched to the sounds of the pencil scratching softly on the paper and Kagome’s sighs and low grumbling about not understanding this or that problem.

He was still reeling about the punishment he received from Kagome from That Night. She had grasped him firmly by the back of his neck applied slight pressure and Growled!! at him after the deed was done. He immediately went limp and completely submissive, whimpering his apologies to the Alpha Bitch. Inuyasha didn’t even register Kagome’s embarrassed ranting as he was still reeling from instinctively submitting to Kagome and how the seven Hells did she know what the fuck to do to get him to submit?!

Several Days Earlier. . .

A cutely embarrassed Inu hanyou, with pink cheeks all aglow, came through Kagome’s window one early evening, his ears slightly drooped and turned back. He wasn’t too sure how Kagome was going to react to his request and he really didn’t want to be faced with the rejection or the laughter at his expense by her. His Kagome was so very kind hearted that maybe, just maybe, she would accept out of pity. Inuyasha didn’t want to even think about that!

He wanted to take this time to tell her just how important she is in his scarred and brutal life. He hoped he was prepared for her rejection and if she did reject him he would remain with her until she no longer wanted him then he would disappear. But if he was thinking correctly and if he understood those damnable conflicting signals he got from Kagome. . . she wanted him as more than a travel companion, maybe even more than a friend? . . .

Possibly as. . . a lover, a mate and husband? . . .

Someone to have a family, a REAL family with. . .

Someone who wouldn’t hate or be sick from the idea of carrying and birthing his pups? Who would willingly do this?

. . .

. . . Or was those signals he got all wrong. Fuck, he couldn’t tell with her lot of the time. She do or say one thing then turn around and do or say the complete opposite!! Kagome was so damn confusing!! Why can’t that damn wench just for a first time be straight with him??

Grrrr. . .

Inuyasha shook his head when he realized he was very much growling outloud and not just in his head and Kagome was standing, looking rather shocked, in her doorway having just seconds ago came to her room as Inuyasha growled.

Inuyasha blushed brightly and turned his head while muttering loudly that he was thinking about Naraku and that was why he growled. If it’s one thing Inuyasha learned it was to say something quickly when Kagome had the “Osuwari” look building in her face.

Kagome’s rising ire vanished at Inuyasha’s muttered words and she slumped against the doorframe wearily. “I know, Inuyasha. He is really giving us all a very hard time with his Whack-a-Mole routine. I think it’s because he knows his time is up and that you are going to get him. I know it!”

Thank goodness, Kagome had explained the Whack-a-Mole game to Inuyasha quite a while back when she dragged the hanyou turned human to an arcade during one moonless night to play some relaxing games. Kagome thought it would be a great way for Inuyasha to relieve some stress and sharpen his senses more at the same time. She didn’t know that he would become very fond of that game after she sweetly told him to pretend those moles were Naraku, Kouga and Sesshoumaru.

That did it for Inuyasha and he spent several rounds at it with sadistic glee pounding the hapless plastic rodents until he was clobbering the evil things every single time they popped up before they finally moved onto other games. As they left the arcade that night to head back to her home Inuyasha boyishly asked if they could come back and play that game often. Kagome nodded her head and laughed joyously exclaiming whenever he wanted to!

Inuyasha turned back to Kagome and his gaze softened she really was an angel sent from the heavens to him at his darkest time to give the reason to go on. “Ka – Kagome. . . ? Can – can we go. . . and do something together in your time?” He blurted out haltingly before he could stop himself.

Kagome’s sapphire-blue/smoky-quartz grey eyes opened wide and her pink lipped mouth dropped open upon his request. Never in the years that they knew each other had Inuyasha once ever made a request like this! She was beside herself with joy. And from the bright red of Inuyasha’s face it was something he wanted to keep secret. Kagome smiled gently and nodded her head as she straightened up. Walking to the blustering blushing yet so cute hanyou, Kagome stood before Inuyasha and answered him back, “I would love to.”

She reached out with her hand to Inuyasha and he looking first at her hand then into her eyes to see the truth of the words and not scenting any deceit he hesitatingly took her hand. Barely grasping it for fear of hurting her, he was surprised again at the softness and smallness of her hand compared to his own rough, larger warriors’ hand. He was startled when Kagome gripped his hand more firmly and smiled that wonderful, special smile of hers and led him willingly from her room to the kitchen.

As they entered the kitchen, Kagome was pleased to see her guess was correct her mother was sitting at the table enjoying a cup of green tea as she flipped through a rather suspicious looking magazine that looked a lot like. . . a BABY magazine!! Kagome must have made some odd noise upon realization that it was really meant for her because her mother with the speed of a seasoned ninja, whipped that magazine from sight and beamed up at her daughter without even breaking into a sweat.

Inuyasha who was quietly blushing behind Kagome missed the tell-tale magazine when he shuffled his feet. He was mentally going through the different ways he can confess his love for her but first he needed that thing she kept speaking about that “mood” thing. Maybe if there is a nice spot with a nice view he can tell her. Kagome would like that. . . and he drifted off into a little daydream.

Kagome wanted nothing more than to erase that image of her mother and the Baby magazine and getting out of the house had even more meaning. “Mama? Inuyasha and I would like to go for a walk in the park. Mind if we go out?”

Mrs. Higurashi smiled winningly and gave her consent while telling them if they wanted to eat out as well to go ahead as she went into her purse and pulled out 6000.00 yen*. She was really hoping this would be the moment where her daughter and, hopefully future son-in-law, Inu hanyou will finally confess their feelings to each other. How much longer must she wait for Inu-eared grandchildren to dote on and spoil rotten, hype up on sugar then the evil pleasure of handing the sugar-loaded kids back to Kagome.

Kagome accepted the money and tugged the daydreaming Inuyasha into the genkan where she put her winter boots on. She gave Inuyasha (who was now more alert) his shoes to put on, they had found a pair and style that he approved of and they bought three pairs of them, which he did with a soft growl. How he hated those damn ‘shuu-laces’ things. Stupid things didn’t cooperate with his claws. Inuyasha then surprised Kagome by helping her into her winter jacket. Kagome blushed the softest shade of pink and quietly thanked him letting her hand linger on his for a moment.

Kagome let her mother know where they were heading to – a park that was not too far away - and the general time they would be back. She was about the open the door so they could go for their outing when Mrs. Higurashi stopped them. She came towards them holding something colourful and soft in her hands.

“Here you are Inuyasha, I made this myself for you so wouldn’t need to wear the ball cap during the wintertime. I would be so happy if you wore it. . . Please. . .”

Inuyasha couldn’t say no to her after that. Especially since she went through the trouble to make something for him, he took the hat and put it on marvelling at the softness against his ears giving them room to move without being noticed by others. As much as he hated letting people know of any weaknesses he may have - the cold of winter upon his ears can hurt, giving him headaches and ear-aches at times. He blushed as he said thank you to Mrs. Higurashi.

“Now off you two go and have some fun while you are out, okay. Oh and Kagome, I think you should visit that new restaurant that is close to the park,” Mrs. Higurashi stated with a knowing wink. Kagome flushed the same colour as Inuyasha’s blush as they left the house.

Once they had been walking for a few minutes Kagome decided to ask Inuyasha if he was hungry and would like to go have a bite at that restaurant that Mama suggested. He nodded his head and said yes. Kagome then led them towards the park and the restaurant. Inuyasha managed to nudge Kagome’s hand several times while appearing not to be doing anything before Kagome smiling widely took his hand in hers and squeezed gently. Inuyasha smiled softly and squeezed back. Yes, it may be tonight that he would get to tell her finally.

They arrived at the restaurant and Kagome was taken aback. The restaurant was one that specializes in the making home-made Ramen dishes. Inuyasha was in heaven! Ramen Heaven! She couldn’t help herself as she laughed happily at Inuyasha’s shining face and child-like joy. To Inuyasha this was like a child being in a toy store and told to have fun. Many other restaurant diners had their hats on still so Inuyasha was safe to keep his hat on as well. However, he did look hard for several long minutes at the group of diners who all wore hats with different types of animal ears attached to them.

The menu gave another delightful surprise. The prices were all very reasonable. It was advertising a Ramen all you can eat special on Thursdays so Kagome checked her watch and saw that today was indeed Thursday. Kagome looked up at Inuyasha who was frowning slightly at his menu. She had an instant worry that Inuyasha may have troubles reading it when he suddenly asked, “Kagome? What is a Th-eurr-iz-day?”

“It’s the way we tell the days apart in this time. Thursday is what we call this day and this night,” she answered him quietly to keep their privacy. She gave him the names of the other days of the week as well. The look on his face as he took in and processed this new information was worth her mother’s embarrassing push for them to dine out as a couple.

Their dinner went surprisingly well. Inuyasha displayed dining manners that were surprising but Kagome should have figured it out. His mother had been a princess after all and she would have taught her son everything she possibly could before she passed away. Inuyasha also showed great restraint in the all you can eat ramen by just having four bowls before he said he was full. Kagome, herself, was surprised that she put away two bowls of the delicious Ramen. While they ate, they talked easily about their friends back home, about Kagome’s tests, and her life here and what they may believe to be the place of the final battle. Kagome was feeling it would be where the Shikon was created and Inuyasha felt because of Naraku and his sick obsession with Kikyou it would be by Kaede’s village.

After they finished their meals, Kagome paid their bill -leaving a generous tip- and complimented the restaurant cooks on their fine restaurant and stated that they would regular customers from now on. They left the restaurant and Inuyasha suggested they head to the Park for the rest of their outing. Kagome sighed happily and agreed. As they walked to the park Inuyasha asked Kagome to help him learn about her money in her time, you know, in case he wanted to take her out to dinner sometimes. Kagome nodded her head and explained it to him while showing him the different types of money that modern Japan now used. Inuyasha took it all in and carefully stored it all away for future reference.

They walked with their hands tenderly clasped together in easy silence. The pace was relaxed and unhurried as they headed for their destination – a large park that had a thick forest area, a fairly good size lake that now doubled as a skating rink, a playground section for small children and several joyful fountains - some of which were heated so remained active during the winter months.

Kagome moved her body in more towards Inuyasha’s body as they walked and he started slightly while a cheery dusting of pink covered his cheeks and bridge of his nose. His ears twitching under the warm and knitted hat with ‘ear-flaps’. Seems that Mama Higurashi was a master knitter and seamstress. She had knitted the hat with this soft fuzzy yarn then lined it with a soft fleece so it wouldn’t make his ears itchy from the wool. It was mostly a warm orange colour with a soft cream matching his winter yukata closely thick bands one above the ear flaps and the other near the top where a big cheery pom-pom adorned the crescent. Between those cream bands were a golden stripe that matched his eyes to perfection, a crimson stripe that matched his haori and hamaka and a final stripe of emerald green that matched Kagome’s school uniform skirt and cuffs.**

Kagome freed her hand and lifted his arm to slip under and wrap around her waist before she wrapped her newly freed arm about his waist giving him a quick hug before sighing contentedly. Inuyasha’s blush darkened but he didn’t move to take his arm away or to move away from Kagome as she rested some of her weight into him. In fact, he leaned into her body as well.

Inuyasha was shocked with pleasure! He couldn’t believe his luck that Kagome wanted to be so close to him, to be held by him and in her time too! He did have a fleeting moment of hurt and rejection when Kagome let go of his hand but his heart stopped from love when she wrapped his arm about her so intimately like she did! It had just started beating again when Kagome caused it to stop and his breath to catch when Kagome slipped her arm about his waist gave a quick hug and sigh happily then to lean into him.

They walked into the Park together looking for all the world like any other couple in love and enjoying a walk together in this time of Peace and joy. They walked over to the fountains and watched a few of the ones that were on display – still with arms about each other. Occasionally Kagome or Inuyasha would briefly tighten their grip in a small hug and sigh in joy when it was returned back.

As they moved along deeper into the park, Kagome looked up at Inuyasha and before the sparkling display of a particularly beautiful fountain; she reached up gripping his forelocks gently. She used his forelocks to lowered his surprised face to hers and captured his slightly chilled lips with her own. There they shared their first kiss, letting all their pent up and barred love burst forth into the other.

Each pressing lips gently, sweetly so uncertain yet so perfect. This first kiss was everything that sappy Romance novels couldn’t even have a hope of describing or ever capturing. Kagome’s mind had a fleeting thought that there was only one book that she had come across that could even come close to describing this kiss and that was The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

Kagome pulled back slowly her lips a rosy pink and slightly swollen to look into her hanyou’s molten golden eyes. She took in his own softly swollen and soft-red tinted lips and smiled the smile of pure love. His eyes speaking in the language of the heart and in the language of love to Kagome’s heart and she knew, knew without any doubts or hesitations that Inuyasha loves her. She knew that Inuyasha was not a man who could speak his emotions freely or with ease so she knew he may never be able to say those three words that every woman in the world longed to hear spoken to them by the one who loves them.

She whispered her heart to him, “I love you, Inuyasha.”

And she was sent to heaven, her heart painfully full of love and hope, when he answered her back, “I love you too, Ka-Go-Me.”

He loves her. . . Her - Kagome.

Not Kagome - the ‘Reincarnation of Kikyou’ or ‘Kikyou’s copy’, or even ‘The Replacement’ because Kikyou is gone now for real this time.

Not the ‘Back-up Consolation Prize’. . . but Ka. Go. Me.


Like when she first met Inuyasha and clarified just who she was to him as he was trapped by Kikyou’s sealing arrow on the Goshinboku.

Kagome didn’t think her love for Inuyasha could deepen even more than it already was in her very being but he went and showed her she was wrong. It only deepened and strengthened within her. She opened her mouth to say more but Inuyasha wasn’t finished.

“I love you Kagome so fucking much that I can’t breathe when you aren’t around. You strengthen me, empower me and you weaken me. You make me more than I thought I could ever be. With you, I am Complete. Wherever you are, I always have a home. A home, Kagome! Something I haven’t had since my mother died! Something I thought I forgot existed for someone like me.

“I know I am nothing. I have nothing to give you but my sword and my fire-rat and a hollow title but if you’ll have me Kagome I’ll give you everything I can. . . even the stars.” And as he finished his speech he lowered his head back down to Kagome’s face and sealed her lips with his own again. If she rejected him now he wanted to have the sweet memory of her kiss burned into his mind. He let the kiss continue soft and sweet, tender and tremulous before they both needed to go back to the reality that air is a definite necessity.

“I love you, Kagome.” Kagome’s eyes quickly filled with tears and she leapt up into Inuyasha’s arms wrapping her arms about his neck and her legs about his waist becoming the human version of velcro. Inuyasha had stiffened for a moment until Kagome’s mumblings reached his ears, “I love you too, Inuyasha.” He whooped with joy and gripped Kagome’s waist raising her high above his head.

“Say it again, Kagome!” He laughed.

“I love you Inuyasha!” Kagome replied smiling.

“Louder!” He encouraged.

“I LOVE you, Inuyasha!!” She happily answered his request.

“LOUDER!!” He asked again much louder not caring in the least who heard.

Throwing her head back, Kagome stretched her arms out straight from her body to the sides and shouted as loudly as she could, “I LOVE YOU INUYASHA!!! ” to the whole of the park before she looked down at Inuyasha and drew her arms to his hat covered head and cupped his face. “I love you so much, My Inuyasha,” she spoke softly knowing he would hear it.

“I love you so much as well. . . My Kagome,” He replied and slowly lowered Kagome down to his face so he could first rub his nose against hers, then press a sweet kiss to the tip and then captured her lips again in a kiss.

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