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InuYasha's Doll Pt 2 by Inu Hanyou Nikkie
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Here we get a look into Mama's past, Kaede gets to check Inuyasha's fabrics and we find out Inuyasha needs. . . Honey??

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InuYasha’s Doll Part Two

By Inu Hanyou Nikkie

Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any monies off of Inuyasha and the gang. No, that pleasure completely belongs to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi. I am only using them for pure entertainment value.

InuYasha’s Doll

Part Two

The final part was to find a set of needles that Inuyasha could use. Even though Inuyasha told Mama Higurashi he had a couple of needles that his mother had given to him when he was but a pup – Mrs Higurashi insisted that he keep those special and tucked securely away. They settled on a set of six needles that Inuyasha tested for good balance and of a strong make.

Mrs Higurashi took the bolts of fabrics over to the cutting table to have several metres of each selection cut out nearing to taking the whole bolt for themselves. Inuyasha looked as though he was about to keel over from it all, but she just assured him it was because she wanted to have extras at home, and if he was anything like herself when it came to making things, he would only want absolute perfection. So if a mistake happened, and he needed more, it would be readily available at home for him.

Inuyasha’s eyes misted over before he quickly blinked it away. Again he was floored by the lengths and depths the Higurashi women would go to for him.

It came time to make their purchases, and for him to head back to his time to check up on the others. Once it was all folded up and bagged neatly, the duo of Mother-in-law and Son-in-law gathered up the bags and headed for home. Inuyasha took most of the packages to carry, saying, “Keh, they are pretty heavy. I can take them.” And they talked easily on the way back, laughing a couple of times about some silly thing or of Kouga’s wimpy outfit.

Inuyasha was rather pleased Mama Higurashi felt the same way about his outfit. It was awful, but what thrilled him best was Mama’s comment of, “Oh my!! I can imagine he has tons of fleas and ticks!” and “I was wondering where those fleas came from when Kagome came home that one time. It took a call to the pest control to get rid of them from the house! Thankfully they didn’t have time to breed more, or get on poor Buyo.” They laughed more and Inuyasha turned out to be an amazing story teller. He told Mama Higurashi about their adventures on the other side, including what Kouga did. He never knew humans could growl, and impressively at that as well, but that was exactly what Mama Higurashi did. Her face slowly began to flush red with a mother’s fury and then she exploded.

“He kidnapped my daughter!?! He sent man-eating wolves after you!?! Then he “claimed” her as “his” woman!?! If I could get through that Well myself, I’ll show that low-life a piece of my mind!! How dare he just “claim” my daughter like she is some sort of trophy!! Or a rock!! She’s a person who can make her own choices! What kind of jerk is he??!! Tell me more about this. . . Kouga person.”

And at that moment Inuyasha knew where Kagome got her very scary, fury and temper from. He quickly found himself telling her about Kouga, what happened whenever he showed up, the insults he was called, how Kagome would let the wimpy wolf drool all over her. . . NO!! Not really, he doesn’t drool on her!! *whew* . . . And how Kagome would always use that fucking rosary on him, leading the wolf on. Inuyasha spilled everything, and the fury radiating off Mama Higurashi, now a palatable thing, urged Inuyasha into getting out of range, fast.

She nodded her head as though she had decided on something, and then truly scaring the years out of Inuyasha when she smiled and cupped his cheek. “Don’t you worry anymore, Inuyasha. I’m going to have a very long talk with Kagome about her using that kotodama on you and about that . . . that . . . jerk.”

Inuyasha just slowly nodded his head and silently thanked whatever Fate or Kami that was watching over him, for sparing him. He did not want to ever be on the receiving end of Mama Higurashi’s wrath. . . Ever!!!

And as quickly as it came, it was gone, and Mama Higurashi was back in good spirits, offering Inuyasha another meal of Ramen before he headed back, as it was nearly supper time. Inuyasha’s ears perked up and he eagerly requested Chicken flavour this time. Laughing merrily, Mama Higurashi said it was no problem because they had plenty, and together they headed up the Shrine steps to the house.

Mama went and made Inuyasha’s Ramen first, and after seeing that he was settled at the table, she told him that she was going to cut out the pattern and fabrics for him. He nodded his okay and happily dug into his extra large bowl of Ramen. There was a peaceful and easy silence, with the sounds of Inuyasha slurping his noodles, and a bass counter-beat to the treble of the scissors as it made the cuts.

Inuyasha finished his meal well before Mama Higurashi did, so he put his dishes into the sink and cleaned them, and then he followed the sounds of cutting to locate Mama Higurashi in her craft room. She had most of the fabric cut up and the pattern pieces cut out. He went over and gave the pieces a cursory sniff. His ears twitched in his pride at having this project, and the approval of two women he dearly looked up to (though he’d never say that outloud). He silently gave his approval as Mama Higurashi finished the last cut, and sighed happily.

They quickly discussed the project and different techniques, before Inuyasha gathered up the parts that he needed right now, storing them in his haori, and bowing, left for the Feudal era.

Mama Higurashi, smiling and glowing with motherly pride and love, watched as her daughter’s beloved, disappear into the well house. She sighed wistfully. Her daughter and Inuyasha were so much like herself and her dearest husband when they had first started off. It was like travelling back and watching herself in the past.

They had fought so viciously, that friends thought they would come to trading blows. After all, one time she had smushed her plate of cafeteria food into his face and he, in return, dumped his drink over her head. They slowly developed growing feelings for each other, and eventually those feelings blossomed into love. They still fought like anything, but it only made their love stronger and deeper from it. What Kagome didn’t know was that Mama’s husband, Kagome’s father, also had a past love, which caused them much trouble, and lots of tears. He, too, was torn between his guilt and honour, and his future and heart.

Mama Higurashi closed her eyes as her tears fell, as she allowed her sweet memories to flood her mind, revelling in her love. Sniffling and wiping away those tears that wet her face, she went into her bedroom and pulled out the stack of Wedding and Baby magazines, and then her special book. She opened the book that was brimming with notes, swatches of fabrics, ribbons and laces, pictures and little envelopes of money, and continued from where she had left off in planning her daughter’s future wedding to the surly Hanyou, and then to the future dog-eared grandchildren they would bless her with.

Once on the other side, Inuyasha made it back to Kaede’s hut in record time. Peering inside, he noted that everyone was still slumbering and showing no signs of stirring. Kaede merely opened her good eye and smiled at the hanyou. She was excited to see what Inuyasha had, and it showed, making her appear much more youthful, almost girlish. She got up and made her way, slowly, carefully, to Inuyasha. She motioned to Inuyasha to walk a bit with her, which he nodded, and fell into step with her.

“Might I see the fabric?” she inquired eagerly when they were a ways from her hut.

“Keh, of course, you old babaa. Kagome’s mother took me to a shop and helped me get these things,” Inuyasha replied as he pulled out each item from out of his haori.

“I have never seen such wonderful fabric before, and so close to skin colour! Such amazing likeness,” Kaede stated as she lightly touched the fabric, marvelling at the wondrous material.

“I. . . I know. Can you hang onto these for me? I need to collect the honey from the Steel Forger Bees, and it can be messy,” Inuyasha requested with a slight blush, as he carefully handed Kaede his collection of project parts.

“Yes, of course I can, but what do you need the honey for?” Kaede couldn’t help but be curious about his need for honey.

“It isn’t for me. It’s for the colony of Silk Weaver Spider Youkai that lives in my forest. They love that stuff, and will grant any request if presented with some. They can’t get it themselves because once they find a spot for a colony they root themselves into the ground and trees. I figure seeing that I’m just a worthless hanyou, I may need a lot of the honey for them to even give me a small handful of silk.”

“Inuyasha, Kagome would be saddened to hear you speak of yourself in that way. None of us think of you like that. . . Wait! There are Youkai in your forest that you allow to live?? Why do you not kill, or chase them away like the others?” Kaede asked surprised.

“Feh! These youkai live on leaves, grasses and flowers, and are relatively peaceful. And they have this craving for honey, so whenever offered it, they will take it up.”

“You are much smarter than you let on, my dear.”


“No need to hide it from me, or Kagome. We won’t tease you about it. Go and get your honey for your silk. . . You can take the largest empty jar I have outside my hut, by the side, to put the honey in.”

“. . . thanks. . .”

Inuyasha was still blushing as he retrieved the empty jar, and he quickly checked for any sounds of anyone awakening inside. No, everyone was still sleeping peacefully, and his shoulders slumped, thinking that he must have pushed them pretty hard this time to get back here. Well, he would let them have a few days of rest without complaints . . . but onlya few!! Hefting the jar onto his shoulder, he raced off to where the Steel Forger Bees were that had repaired his Tessaiga’s sheath after the Thunder Brother’s incident.

It was pretty easy to find, as the hive was three times the size it was before, and about five times as loud. Inuyasha flattened his ears against his head in an effort to lessen the power of the buzzing, and to hopefully stave off a headache he knew would arise later. If he remembered correctly to get these Bees to give up honey, all he needed to do was to leave the pot alone near the hive and not bother them, go out and gather up some flowering plants, and plant them near the hive as a payment. Seeing how huge the hive was, and the sheer massive number of bees, it wouldn’t take very long to fill.

Inuyasha slowly walked towards the hive, and bowing slowly, presented the jar before the bees. Putting the jar down, he backed away as slowly as he came forward, and told the bees he would return with several flower plants for them as payment if they would fill the jar for him even half way. Several of the bees immediately went to the jar and started to crawl on the outside edge before a couple approached him. They landed on his haori, and did a dance that involved circling about and vigourously shaking their bodies and vibrating their wings. After doing this a few times, they lifted off and circled the jar twice before returning to the hive. Inuyasha felt that his offer had been accepted, and that the bees would provide him with honey. He bowed head his head in thanks, turned, and then leapt away to find his payment.

It took him a few good hours before he had found several flowering bushes, and not just a few flowering plants. He carefully removed them from the ground so as to keep as many roots as possible. Then he raced back to the hive with his payment carefully grasped in his arms.

He couldn’t believe his good luck when arriving at the area of the hive, seeing the bees covering his jar, and the sounds of hundreds of bees that were busily converting nectar into honey. He spoke quietly and slowed to a sedated walk alerting the bees to his presence, his non-threat to their hive and the fact he brought the payment swiftly back.

Several bees left the hive and jar together to circle over Inuyasha’s head, and then flew leisurely to a wide empty spot, landed and performed that same circling/shaking dance. Inuyasha understood their meaning. This was where they wanted the bushes and plants to be transplanted. He walked slowly over to the spot and quickly, but carefully dug several good size holes to accommodate the various plants he had returned with. As he did this digging and sizing and planting, Inuyasha spoke to the bees in low tones about what he was planning to do for Kagome, and why he needed the honey. Before he knew it, he had every plant carefully replanted in its new home, and the bees had left his jar.

He thanked the bees for their honey, and promised he would return to make sure the payment was taking okay in a couple of days. Going to the jar, he was floored; they had filled the jar with honey, nearly all the way up, leaving only a couple of inches from the top. Inuyasha carefully took the jar of honey up into his arms, and with great care, raced back to Kaede’s hut.

He slowed his approach before he reached her hut so that he could hear if anyone was awake yet. He could hear the movements of people awakening in the hut, so he set the jar down while still inside the boundary of his forest. Making sure the jar was securely placed with a couple of large rocks by the sides, and in no danger of being tipped over, Inuyasha then walked towards the hut and stood outside, carefully putting his usual scowl in place. He couldn’t let Kagome know how excited he was about his project, even though his inner dog was yipping and chasing his tail in overflowing happiness.

He was a Demon and Demons Did NOT Chase their tails!!

Okay, fine . . . so one time Kagome’s grandfather just happened to witness him doing this very act around the dinner table while Kagome was away at school. Thank Kami that Kagome thought her grandfather was one for the loony bin, and didn’t believe him when he told her about Inuyasha’s antics that day. And Triple thank the Kami, that no one had caught him claiming that funny bone that squeaked a most enticing noise, when squeezed with his teeth from that ‘park’. No one else was there, and it was left out in the open. Plus the scents that were on it were very, very stale and old.

It made his time waiting for Kagome in her era so much easier to handle. He would throw it up into the air and catch it with his teeth, prompting that wonderful squeak! He would pin it down on the ground with his hands, and pull on it with his teeth, or gnaw on it while growling happily. And when he tossed it away with his teeth, he would run after it on all fours and pounce! The Wonderful Bone he had left buried in the Well House in Kagome’s time was so that he could keep it in secret.

Giving his head a good shake to jumble those thoughts back underneath the “Things I Will Never Let Anyone Know About” pile; Inuyasha awaited outside the hut and began to tap his foot as if with great impatience, and affected his normal scowling appearance.

A sleepy and rather bed-headed Kagome, stepped softly outside, her small hand coming up to cover her mouth as a wide yawn broke through.

“Sorry, Inuyasha, I didn’t know I was that tired,” Kagome said while flushing with embarrassment. “Do we need to leave now?”

Inuyasha affected annoyance, and stuck his nose into the air, “Keh! You humans would be falling asleep on the road, making me carry your sorry asses around if we did leave now. I’ll give you all a few days to rest up and then we leave . . . with no complaining, got that?”

Kagome’s embarrassed flush swiftly switched over to indignant anger, which then fizzled out when she realised that Inuyasha was really concerned about them, and his real words were more on the lines of ‘I’ve been pushing you all hard. I’m sorry. Get some rest so we can be a team again.’ Kagome hid a smile behind another yawn. He really was becoming sweeter as he matured, and though he still had his moments – like this – where he used his harsh words for his protection, he had truly grown and developed during their vast travels.

Kagome let the soft smile show on her face as she stepped closer to the currently sulking Inu hanyou, and tilting her head back slightly to look up into her hanyou’s eyes she pressed a fast, soft kiss to his cheek.

Damnit! How am I going to get away from Kagome and the lechers’ prying eyes? I need to get the silk for my project. . . Damnit!

Just then, it seemed that Kaede appeared from out of nowhere, and approached the young lovers at the same time Miroku was stumbling out from the hut, blinking blearily and leaning heavily against the doorframe, not even seeing Kaede approach, until she was suddenly leaning into him, smiling sexily . . . with her hand firmly gripping onto his ass. Miroku gave the best little girlie shriek ever to be heard as he jumped into the air, his head connecting with the doorframe and toppling backwards was out cold.

Kaede burst into highly amused chuckles as Kagome raced over to check on Miroku, while trying to figure out just who this person was that looked like Kaede. Kaede turned her head to Inuyasha and winked, before lifting her chin to indicate that now would be a good time to get going while Kagome was busy kneeling down beside her and not paying attention.

Inuyasha’s eyes were wide in shock, and then went wider when he realized Kaede had just provided the perfect distraction for him to slip away for the next part of his plans. Inuyasha’s ears and eyebrows both twitched in rapid tempo like they were attempting to take flight and flutter away. Damn, he had really, no seriously, misjudged the old woman!! With a silent ‘thank you’, he was gone in a blink of an eye.

Once Inuyasha scooped the heavy jar of honey, he raced off to the area in his forest where the special silk weaving Spider Youkai lived. He soon caught their scent and homed in on them. He sped up as much as he could, while carefully balancing the heavy jar so nothing would drip out.

Breaking into a flower-covered, mostly opened area, he spotted the spider youkai he had been searching for. In a close grouping, against a close clump of trees, were the peaceful Silk-Weavers’ spider youkai - about ten or twelve of them. He shuddered slightly, thinking about previous spider youkai that he had experiences with; yes, these spiders were peaceful, but if threatened, they had a very potent venom and exceptionally sticky silk.

These youkai all looked female in appearance, their voices a soft melodious tone, that could be easily mistaken for either male or female at times. Their large abdomens were resting against either ground or tree. From the abdomen’s, came roots that secured them to the surface and/or trees without doing any damage to the trees. Their forms besides their abdomens were mostly humanoid in appearance. With two legs and three pairs of arms, what made a difference, was the fact these human-looking arms were very, very long and had several segmented joints, and instead of fingers, they had hooked claws in groupings of four. Their arms moved in a continuous synchronized movement while creating and weaving the silk.

They had long, flowing pale coloured hair that resembled more the silk they spun, than actual hair. They had four small pupil-less eyes in place of the usual two, the irises just as pale coloured as their hair. Their mouths were slightly wider than normal, bearing four sets of elongated fangs that rested just at the bottom of their full lips. They all bore the same markings in bright colours about their arms and faces. Their Kimono’s all had no sleeves and ended above their ‘knee’ joints. They didn’t appear to be very strong with their slender limbs, but they were incredibly strong.

Inuyasha watched them quietly, sensing that it would be better if they acknowledged him first, instead of him interrupting them. They continued weaving as one, while they reached out to pluck a handful of flowers carefully, and brought it to their mouths to eat – also as one. Inuyasha waited with remarkable patience for them to acknowledge him.

Then they collectively stopped what they were doing and looked at Inuyasha.

“So, we have a young pup here, do we?” They spoke as one softly.

Inuyasha, after placing the jar of honey on the ground next to him, bowed deeply to them all semblance of the brash, quick-tempered and ill-mannered hanyou was gone leaving in its place was every inch the refined young demon Lord he was since his birth and while still in the bow, he spoke respectfully to them. “This Inuyasha, second son of the great Inu no Tashio, has come with a request of you. This Inuyasha, also wishes to give you an offering of honey, to show my request is true and that I, Inuyasha wish you no harm.”

Thank the kami that none of his pack was around, nor was his stuck up brother, and his followers to hear him speak like this. For them to see that he was in fact refined and well mannered in the ways of royal courts. Then again, it might have been okay with his brother, since he was friendlier towards him when he got that sword out of his ass . . . err arm. . . Yes Inuyasha could speak formally, he could even read and write. After all, he was the son of the late Lady Izayoi, and she was a Hime before her death.

They seemed to pause and think about his words before as one, they spoke again, “Come closer to us, young pup, and speak to us of your request. We have heard of you before, young pup, and we have spoken with your father while he was still alive. We are intrigued, and haven’t had many a visitor in aeons.”

Inuyasha picked up the jar and walked closer in a steady assured gait, until he was within their striking distance. There he placed the jar down again, and resting one hand on the lip to keep it from possibly tipping, he made his request.

“This Inuyasha has come to ask of you for some of your special sewing silk. This Inuyasha is making . . . a present . . . for his Alpha Bitch, as she has troubles sleeping at night. She is an amazing, kind hearted and loving woman, who never thinks of herself, and puts the needs of others before her. Lately, our enemy has caused her to suffer nightmares . . . and tears that this Inuyasha will avenge. Her powers . . . have been sealed and she feels . . . unworthy.”

“You speak so highly of this female. Is she worth it? What would you do, young pup, for this female of yours, we wish to know,” They spoke again.

“This Inuyasha would let his greatest embarrassment be known to others to make her happy. Anything in this Inuyasha’s power to keep her safe and happy would be worth the cost.”

“We wish to know what this present is. If it is worthy of us, we shall allow it and accept your offer.”

Inuyasha began to blush darkly at the idea of telling another about him sewing a doll for Kagome, but soon pulled himself up straighter and taller. Kagome was worth anything and told them, “A doll. This Inuyasha is sewing a doll that resembles himself, to keep Kagome’s nightmares away, and to see her smile at me.”

The spider youkai all tilted their heads to one side and thought about it. “Young pup, we have heard you, and now we shall decide if you shall receive our silk.”

Inuyasha bowed again and accepted their decision, and waited while the spiders murmured in one collective voice. It only took a couple of minutes before they spoke again.

“Young pup; we have accepted your request and your offering. It will take but a moment or two for us to make your sewing silk. We like you, young pup. You have much honour in you and we miss this. You are so different from the tales we have heard about you. You may wait here if you like.”

Inuyasha nodded and smiled before he bowed again to them. He settled himself down beside the jar and waited.

The spider youkai worked swiftly and flawlessly to create yards and yards of silks. One arm would be stretched up to hold the silk as it was produced, before clipping it off and collecting more. The other two arms would twist and spin the silk into a strong thread. The final arm and hand would gather the silk thread into skeins to lay by their feet. Their limbs moved so quickly, it was a blur of motion. The only sign of the end resulting produce was the skeins upon the ground. Then they stopped and reached down to pick up four of the skeins from the pile. Fitting two skeins in between two claws of two arms, they began to weave the silk from the skeins together to create a much stronger thread.

As they had promised, it only took them a couple of hours to finish making the silk thread for Inuyasha. They placed the couple dozen skeins on the ground before Inuyasha, and smiled softly at him.

“Your female, young pup, we hope understands what kind of male you are. And we hope she is worthy of you. Take your silk, young pup and make her happy.”

“This Inuyasha cannot thank you enough for your willingness to make me this silk, and to give it to me. Thank you. And it is the reverse. . . I only can hope I am worthy of her.” Inuyasha bowed again then straightening, he picked up the jar of honey and moved it even closer to the spider youkai for their convenience. He bowed again and picked up the silk thread skeins.

Inuyasha, grinning from ear to ear, clutched his skeins of freshly made silk thread, and thanked the silk weaving spider youkai several times. His luck and joy knew no bounds as he carefully slipped the skeins into his haori, and he yipped a few times before he raced off on all fours - his butt wriggling as he tried to wag the non-existent tail while heading back to Kaede and the fabrics while visions of Inu Dolls danced in his head.

“Be sure to let the skeins of silk a few hours to dry before you use them, young pup as they are still more spider silk than sewing silk,” the colony of spider youkai called out in their single voice. Then as a whole, they shook their collective heads noticing the cavorting Inu-hanyou, as he bounced and leapt towards his destination, without even hear their words. Oh well, maybe he would figure it out that the silk needed a few hours to completely transform to what he needed, otherwise it would be very sticky, and most likely make a bit of a tangling mess. . .

“Come, let’s make him some more silk. The young pup will need it. This female of his must be something very special and other-worldly for him to be this way. We remember when he was such a rough and unpleasant pup. Yes, she must be something very special,” the spiders again spoke as a single unit, as they moved like one being to make more silk with their two pairs of arms, while one leg would search the thickened web behind each of them until finding what they wanted. They pulled out a sake cup carefully and securely grasped in the clawed hooks at the end of the leg, and as one, dipped the sake cup into the jar of honey. Then taking the cup to their fangs, they sipped the honey and sighed contentedly.

Much later on, the forest was filled with the usual noises of nature going about its daily routine, with the exception of claws and arms clicking together as the spiders wove more of their silk for their delightful visitor (and hopefully), returning customer, and their accompanying sighs of happiness as they sipped their honey.

Inuyasha was overjoyed. For the first time in his rough and oft time’s cruel life, things were looking up and going his way. He was treated with respect, spoken to like a person of equal standing, and Kagome would be kissing him soon again! He couldn’t hold it back anymore, and so he gave into his inner dog stopping to chase his “tail”, but then yipped and raced back and forth, burning off the excited energies within him. He did a few back flips in the air, snapping his jaws at a passing butterfly or other insect that happened to cross overhead Inuyasha’s line of sight. He whined cutely, and rolled over onto his back and started to wriggle from one side, his head moving to come close to his knees on each side, with his arms tucked in close to his body and hands folded in close to his chest in a “begging” pose.

Once he got all that excited energy (and damnable “cuteness” as Kagome would have said if she saw it. . . which she will never, ever will) out of his system, Inuyasha sat back on his heels, hands firmly planted on the ground, panting with his tongue peeking out from the side of his mouth, pondering his next step.

A nosy fly came over to inspect a silky furred ear - bothering Inuyasha’s thoughts with its annoying, droning noise and tickling feet. Without thinking, Inuyasha brought his foot up to his ear by going over his shoulder, then dipping it down, and scratched vigorously at the tickle on his ear, effectively getting rid of the fly.

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In the next chapter, Inuyasha makes his first attempt.
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