Upon Waking by Batmanswiss
Summary: An excersise in creativiy, describing the awakening of the senses. Inspired by a certain IY pairing, and the oh-too-few tender moments between them.
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Disclaimer: Though it would be fun if I did, I still hold no claim to IY and co.

1. Upon Waking by Batmanswiss

Upon Waking by Batmanswiss

Upon Waking


That was her world; every breath, every blink of her weary eyes washed her in that single color. It wasn’t the bright red of her first bicycle, or the worn painted color of her grandfather’s favorite rice bowl. She shivered slightly as another thought crossed her mind. But it was not that color either, the dark crimson of precious lifeblood. No, this red was different. It smelled faintly of an earthen musk.

The world shifted, and suddenly Kagome had to close her eyes against the harsh white that drowned out all else. From within that light, a quiet whisper tugged at her ear, awakening a sense that no color could satiate. Heavy lids were forced to part as the voice beckoned again, and Kagome obeyed.

The menacing light once more stunned her eyes, forcing the dark pupils to retract in self defense. She blinked once, twice, and slowly a shadow emerged from the brilliance. Another blink of the eyes defined the features. If she had taken a moment more, she would have seen lips pressed tight, or a gleaming crown of silver hair lightly covering a brow furrowed with worry.

But what caught her attention, what became her world once again, was another sharp color. It was as though the sun itself settled directly in front of her, glistening with the early morning dew and almost blinding in its intensity and brilliance.

The sun blinked, and the dew slipped down a sun kissed cheek to land softly on her lower lip. She could taste the sadness in the salty drop, and wished that she would never know the taste again.

She murmured a name- his name.

And then the gold, the white, the salty dew and soft spoken words all disappeared as her world once more became nothing but red.

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