I Need To Know by Batmanswiss
Summary: Kagome had finally had enough.  She needed to know how he felt.  She needed to know if he loved her.
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Story Notes:

This was my first IY poem.  Please be kind! 

Disclaimer:  Though no names are mentioned, I should still state that I do not own InuYasha or Kagome!  That pleasure belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

1. I Need To Know by Batmanswiss

I Need To Know by Batmanswiss
I Need To Know

Under the milky starlight they stood,

One with eyes averted,

One with brown orbs clouded by tears.

I need to know, her eyes begged.

That you care,

that you love me,

that you won't leave me alone.

But he could not answer her

with words.

Only with a kiss.

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