InuYasha's Dream by Knittingknots
Summary: Takes place after vol 474.  Kikyou comes to InuYasha one last time in a dream that allows him to let go grief and begin living again. The concept is based especially on a dream experience I had after the death of a dear one  that allowed me to let go and start to heal.
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1. Chapter 1 by Knittingknots

Chapter 1 by Knittingknots
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or any of its characters

InuYasha's dream

Did she come and whisper to you In your dreams one night,
Bright eyed and at peace,
The way those who cross over
sometimes come back
when they return to heal?

Did she come and whisper to you,
Smelling of jasmine and summer sunshine,
Free from the smells of pain, or revenge or fear,
her sweet laughter happier now
than in life,
her personal mysteries revealed?

Did she come and whisper to you,
unlocking the chains of guilt you wrapped around your heart,
unbound the fetters you tied yourself up with,
feelings of failure, the whip of remorse,
the inability to fight fate
all the tools you used to make yourself feel worthless?

Did she come and whisper to you,
unlocking the doors that would let you love again,
blessing the union of your heart with her soul,
resting near you,
vibrant and alive,
child of your destiny,
Kikyou your past,
Kagome your future?

And when you awakened, surprisingly refreshed,
and knew in your heart once again
that life could have joy
and not just pain,
did you feel her parting kiss,
and like a white pearl,
her last word to you: Live and be happy?
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