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Summary: Some thoughts on Inuyasha's part is all.
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1. Complete by inuyashaloverr

Complete by inuyashaloverr
Author's Notes:
I know this isn't all that now, just something I had on my mind at the time I wrote it.

Was originally posted to my Live Journal October 2006.

And I still suck at writing Onna, lol.

I do not own InuYasha... RT do. ;)
I think back at the days that's gone by
and think to myself and ask as to why

All that's happened in my life
just couldn't compare

To the things that we had
and all that we had shared

As for the jewel that we sought
and the friends that were made

Nothing could be as simple
as the show that was my facade

For I sought something that really wasn't there
and almost totally missed something that was so dear

For it was the unconditional love
of the beautiful woman that was my entire life

Something I couldn't admit
till it was almost too late.

I saw the error of my ways
and told her all

If I had not
that would have been my final fall

To the one, that one that saved me
to the one that I love

My Beloved,
My Kagome...
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