Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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The Wedding by ebonizy
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Source of Magic
Chapter 89
The Wedding

"I am so glad my finals are over," Kagome announced on Thursday.

"Lucky you," Sango grumbled. "I've still got one."

They were all relaxing in Sesshoumaru's living room. Sango was the only one left with a final to take. "One down," Kagome said. "And almost down for Sango."

Kagome sighed. "Three more to go."

"Tomorrow we help you move," Inuyasha said, squeezing her hand gently.

"It's definitely going to be an exhausting day," she said, smiling back. "Me, Rin, Thea, and Shippo have to be moved out of the dorms."

"We're going to be extremely lucky to get all of your things to the right person," Sesshoumaru said. "Even if I did buy the big post-its to stick on your things. Each one of you is going to get a color and we'll pile all the boxes in separate places."

"Kagome gets my bed, I get the floor. Rin gets Sess's bed and he gets the couch. Shippo gets to curl up on the loveseat while Thea gets the spare bedroom. Fine with me," Inuyasha said.

"I'd offer my spare bedrooms, but my family's going to be using them," Sango said apologetically.

"And my apartment doesn't come with spare rooms." Miroku glanced at Sango. "I'll have to figure something out soon."

She sighed. "This guy thinks I'm going to be barefoot and pregnant all the time. Could someone tell him that we're not in feudal Japan?"


Kagome and Rin's room had been tackled first. Kagome got blue post-its on her boxes and things. Rin got yellow post-its. They hauled some of the boxes down and put them in Sess's car. He drove them to his house and Inuyasha and Shippo put them in a pile. Sess drove back and picked up more boxes. Shippo was upstairs with Thea, getting her things sorted out.

The only things left out were Saturday's clothes with their graduation things, Sunday's clothes with the wedding outfits, and another change of clothes for Monday. Bath things and personal items weren't packed. They both had their backpacks full of books and small things they'd need.

On Kagome's empty desk was a pile of library books. Rin went up to help Thea and Shippo while Kagome made a quick trip to the library.

Myouga looked up as she walked in and smiled. "Kagome," he said warmly. "I wanted to know if you'd found a job yet." She shook her head. "We've just had an opening and I thought you might apply. We're looking for someone with your degree and I think you'd do well here."

"Yes, I'll apply." He got her the application and wished her well at her graduation tomorrow.


By the time she got back to her dorm, everyone had left for Shippo's. She tracked them down there and helped out with the packing.

After everyone's rooms had been disassembled, it was mid-afternoon. The work had been distributed between six people, so no one person was really tired or sore. Sesshoumaru declared that it was done and they had a late lunch/early dinner. Since their rooms were very empty, everyone decided to stay at Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's house that night.


"Kagome, have you seen my perfume?"

"Sess, where'd you put my robe?"

"What time is it?"

These were just a few of the questions flying around the house the next morning. Eventually, Rin found her perfume, Inuyasha was directed to the upstairs closet, and everyone made it to the first ceremony on time.

Rin, Kagome, and Sango were all graduating from the normal university which meant that the other five in their group were watching the ceremony. Sango's mom was there, but Kagome and Rin had no idea where their families were in the sea of seats. They had made arrangements to meet at the Special when the ceremony was over. The normal university's graduation ceremony was listed to run from nine to eleven thirty that morning. The mage university's ceremony was scheduled for two to four.

Inuyasha's nose led him to Kagome after it was all over. "That was the most boring ceremony," he complained.

She rolled her eyes at him. "You really thought so?"

"Yeah. How did you stand it? Me and Shippo kept making comments through the whole thing."

Kagome grinned and unzipped the gown. She pointed to a small rectangular pouch. "Easy. I pulled out a book and started reading."

Inuyasha stared. "Can I borrow that today?" he asked finally. She laughed and nodded. "Come on, I said I'd find you. I'm hungry!"

Sesshoumaru had waited with everyone else at the corner. "Look who I found," he said.

"Kagome!" her mother said happily. "I saw you. Oh, I'm so proud of you!" She wrapped her daughter in a hug. Rin was getting the same treatment from her family.

When pictures had been taken and robes had finally seen their moment, they continued on to the Special.


"I enjoyed yours better," Kagome said.

Inuyasha snorted. "How could you not? We had one speech which was summed up in a few sentences." He cleared his throat. "You've graduated. We're proud of you. Go use what you've learned and be happy."

Kagome nodded. "Yeah. That sounded much better than the 'inspirational' speeches we were supposed to listen to."

Everyone's parents had gone home for the evening except for Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's. They had gotten in late and had already gone to bed.

"So." Kagome looked over at Sango. "Wedding jitters?"

"Nope," she said smugly. "Not a one. Tomorrow I'm going to wiggle into a nice dress, stand in front of a justice of the peace, and say a few words. Mom, Kaede, and a few other people are helping with the kitchen. All I have to do is show up, get my relatives situated, and not stress."

Miroku smiled. "There isn't anything for you to be stressed over. Everyone's moved out of their dorms, finals are over, we've both graduated-" The smile slid from Miroku's face. A dawning horror began in his eyes. He looked anxiously at Sango. "We've got to call off the wedding."

Sango blinked at him. "What?" she said, frowning.

"Put it off until Monday. We'll say you had a 24-hour bug or something." Miroku spoke rapidly. He looked at Sesshoumaru. "You know what tomorrow is. Help me."

Sess slowly shook his head. "No... What is tomorrow?"

Miroku slumped in his seat. "Tomorrow? Day after graduation? All the students have gone home, leaving only the professors on campus?"

Sesshoumaru finally realized what Miroku was talking about. He looked directly at Sango. "He's right. Call it off."

Sango looked back and forth between the two of them. "One of you is going to tell me why," she said quietly. "I am not disrupting our wedding without a good reason."

"Oh, it's good," Miroku said. "Picture this. You put both good mages and dark mages in the same school. They've got to deal with each other from September to May. You tell them to play nice. If they didn't, it would be catastrophic."

Sesshoumaru sighed. "Let me talk for a minute. You're getting carried away. You've got two opposing sides in the mage university. Some of them like each other, but you've got a lot of enemies, too. There's a permanent truce during the school year. Once the students are gone, it's open season."

He smiled. "It used to be less regulated, of course. Now it occurs on the day after graduation and lasts from eight in the morning until five at night. Any spells that are cast cannot last after five p.m. They can't cause permanent harm. The spells can't be seen by people who don't know what they're seeing and they won't affect anyone who gets in the way."

Sango looked confused. "What does this have to do with the wedding?"

"We invited a lot of the faculty," Miroku told her. "Normally it's contained to the campus and the mage's home because that's where the mages are at the time."

"But the mages are going to be at the wedding," Sango said, nodding. "What kind of stuff happens?"

"Duels, sword-fighting, spells," Sesshoumaru said. "I'm usually exempt because I need to patch people up."

"And I haven't been teaching this year, so I won't be in it," Miroku assured her. "It's just the people around us. Officially, it's called the Mage University's End of the Year Free For All or free for all, for short."

Sango shrugged. "I'm not canceling the wedding because a few mages are going to throw spells around. Anyone who tries to fool with my wedding will have a size nine breaking their wand."


"Can I take it back?" Sango near-wailed.

Kagome patted her on the head. "No. You've only got an hour and a half until you're in saying 'I do'."

"Promise me that the next time I don't take Miroku's advice on something of a magical nature, you'll hit me with a pillow."

"I promise. It's really not that bad."

Sango stared at her. "Where have you been? Ryoga got into a fight with Ranma in the parking lot about something. He kept talking about a pig. Sanosuke broke it up, but ended up doing some martial arts thing against Ryoga. Saitou got into a sword fight against Tokiya Mikagami. Shampoo and Mousse are having relationship problems so they started yelling at each other and throwing little rubber fish. And that was just in the parking lot!"

Kagome shrugged. "Go home and have a bath. It's almost time for you to get dressed. I'll be up in an hour." Sango looked back at the Special and took Kagome's advice.

Rin ran out the back door and panted. "Kagome," she said anxiously. "Great timing. Someone's been kidnaped."

Kagome's eyes widened. "What?"

"Some blond girl. Shippo said he'd try to find someone who could track her down. I think he said her name was... Relena?" She gave her former roommate a pleading look. "Could you go find Duo and tell him?"

"Sure." Kagome ran off.


"Be mine, Akane!"

"I'm married, Kuno!"

Sesshoumaru shook his head. Those two never change. He looked around for the missing object. The topper for the wedding cake had gone missing.

"Looking for this?"

The topper dangled in front of him. He looked up and smiled at Ryoko. "Yes. Where did you find it?"

"Ryo-ohki ran off with it." Ryoko hopped down. "If you'll excuse me, I've got to go hex Nagi. Can you believe she started those rumors about that cave again? I'm going to go fill her shoes with swamp water."


"How does it work?"

Kaoru Koganei shrugged. "Alchemy."

"How interesting," Skuld muttered, examining the weapon.

Inuyasha slid past them. It was best not to disturb those two.

"Hey, Inuyasha?" He turned. "Have you seen Duo? Someone told me to look for him."

He shrugged. "I haven't seen him, Shippo. The only thing I have seen is Une carrying some roses looking for Treize."

Shippo sighed. "Relena's been kidnaped and I have to find someone who can go find her."


"As far as I can tell, it's not serious because it happens all the time." Shippo watched as Howard put out a fire from Recca fighting with Kurei. "I hope this place doesn't get damaged."


Kagome sighed. She hadn't found Duo yet. She had seen Mihoshi and Kiyone chasing an experiment of Washu's. Aoshi, Misao, and Cologne were having a quiet conversation in one of the booths. She walked upstairs and looked around.

"Hi. Time for the ceremony?"

She smiled. "No, but I have been looking for you. Relena's been kidnaped."

"Again? Girl can't go anywhere." Duo swallowed the last of his drink and stood up. "We'll find Heero and he'll go after her. Last time it took him ten minutes flat to have her back without a hair out of place."


Relena was back in time for the wedding. She'd been kidnaped by a passing random villain. Sango was bathed and dressed. She came in the back entrance to take one last look at the cake.

"I challenge you to a duel."

Kenshin sighed and looked at Shishio. "Can't it wait until I frost the last bit of this cake?"

"Yes," Sango said firmly. She walked into the room and pointed a finger at the bandaged man. "You do one thing to harm that cake or my wedding and I'll do something terrible to you."

"Such as?"

"She'll find the Tenken and make him smile at you forever," Miroku said calmly. "Honey, I know I'm not supposed to see the bride before the wedding, but you look beautiful."

"Thank you. Same to you."

Kenshin frosted the cake and looked at it happily. "All done! Now you can go say your vows."


Sango and Miroku got to the altar and the justice of the peace started to speak. About halfway through, he began speaking gibberish and then fainted. "What-" Miroku began.

Sesshoumaru got up and diagnosed the poor man. "Spell that went wild," he said. "He'll be out for an hour. It would be best if we put a memory erase spell on him so that he doesn't remember this."

"Then who's going to marry us?" Sango asked.

Hiko reluctantly raised a hand. "I'm certified." He walked up to the front and began where the other man left off. Sango and Miroku were extremely happy to be married and everyone hurried to the reception.


Kagome sighed. "Someone needs to make a chart of who did what to whom at that wedding."

Thea pushed a lock of hair out of the way. "I'm busy packing. Plus, I don't know most of the people who were at the wedding."

It was four in the afternoon and only a few of them were left. Rin and Shippo had gone home an hour ago. Sango and Miroku were off on their honeymoon. Sesshoumaru was in the kitchen fixing a small dinner. Inuyasha was helping the two girls carry their things out to the cars.

"Well, Skuld and Urd started fighting. They're sisters. Duo was preventing Naraku from flooding the reception with the walking dead. Wufei finally had to threaten Naraku to make him leave. I think that was the end of the festivities."

Thea was quiet for a few minutes. "Am I ever going to see any of you again?"

Kagome grinned. "Sango and Miroku are going to be in town. Miroku's teaching at the mage university and Sango's looking right now. Sesshoumaru's working at the mage university. Rin and Sess have an arrangement. They're engaged and Rin's going to look for work in this area. She has six months to find something. If she has a job in two months, she moves up here and they get married. If she doesn't, she still moves up here and marries Sess. Inuyasha and I have the same agreement."

"Shippo's coming back next year to get his master's degree," Thea said.

Kagome nodded. "So the only ones who might not be here are Inuyasha and I. It depends on where I get a job. But Myouga, the head librarian for the mage university, wanted me to fill out an application, so..."

"Hey, Kagome! Your parents are ready," Inuyasha called from the porch. She smiled at Thea and said good-bye to Sess.

"I'm going to miss you," Inuyasha told her when she stepped outside.

"Me, too. I'll call you when I get home." She pulled him down for a lengthy kiss. "I love you."

"I love you, too." They smiled at each other and Kagome walked to the waiting car.
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