Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Source of Magic
Chapter 87

"Have you got everything?" Sesshoumaru asked, looking inside the car.

"Yes," Inuyasha said. He rolled his eyes at his older brother. "I've got the keys in my right front pocket. My wallet with my driver's license, credit card, and money is in my right back pocket. I have a jar full of change for tolls in the front console. There's a cooler full of sodas, sandwiches, and ice behind the passenger's seat. In back of my seat, there's a paper bag full of cookies, candy, and chips."

He looked in the back compartment. "I've packed a suitcase full of clothes and a duffel bag of other stuff. There's plenty of room for Kagome's clothes that she's taking home. I've got the cellphone in the front console and it is full charged. We'll be fine."

"I'm not that worried," Sess said smiling. "You've already said you'll call me when you get there. It's only an eight hour drive and Kagome has the directions. The real question is... Are you ready to meet her parents?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "She's met mine."

"Going to tell her?"

He sighed. "I guess. She should know everything."


Kagome hauled down the last box and slung it into the back. "Okay, I think we're ready to go."

"Got the directions?"

"On the front seat," she said, closing the back hatch. She got in, fished around for a soda, and pointed down the road. "Let's get going so I can show you off."

He groaned and pulled away from the sidewalk. "You are not."

"Why not? Are you insecure about your looks?"

"It's embarrassing."

"Awww..." Kagome reached out and patted him on the head. "I won't do it then. Actually, I wasn't going to in the first place. I've got to introduce you to my family, though. Is that too embarrassing?"

"I'm thinking of asking what you got into when you were younger."

She snorted. "You've seen me on campus. You know what I look like first thing in the morning. Let me name just a few things... Incubus. Movie Night. Bouncing heart balloon."

"You're right. What did you do before you had most of the male population of the campus after you?"

She sighed and leaned back in her seat. "I had a lot less trash. Turn left and go towards Whipper's."


They were driving through Massachusetts when Inuyasha cleared his throat. "Um, Kagome? You know the whole age thing?"


"There are a few other things you don't know about our family."

She turned to look at him. "You're a werewolf."

Inuyasha had to take a drink of his soda. "No. Wouldn't it be weredog?" He frowned. "Come to think of it, Rin's never seen Sess in his other form. He should do something about that."

"I know I would want to see what he looked like before I committed fully to a relationship."

He glanced at her. "Has she said something?"

"No. They've been dating for five months or so. From what I've heard, it could get serious very quickly."

Inuyasha shook his head. "I'll mention it to him. Getting back to my family... You know about the age thing." She nodded. "Do you know how we share our lives?"

"No. I haven't looked."

"Well, it takes place as the marriage ceremony. The youkai pledges to share their energy with their mate. It's fairly a new idea."

"How new?"

"Last couple of centuries."

She nodded. "Very new. Go on. You said there were a few things."

"Yeah." Inuyasha licked his lips. "Dad's almost eight hundred years old. He has a lot of money."

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "That's nice, but why would that matter to me?"

"Just getting it out in the open. One of the reasons for that is that he's lived so long. Another reason is... He used to rule part of Japan."

Kagome blinked. "What?"

"Dad used to rule the Western lands of Japan. He doesn't rule right now. Or not exactly. He kind of governs it and makes sure that it runs right." He shrugged. "Sess used to help him out in the old days, but then he decided to be a doctor."

"So what does he do now?"

"He works at the mage university in the health center."

"Your dad!"

"He goes back and forth between Japan and the U.S. There's a whole network set up over in Japan. He only has to be there for yearly and monthly meetings. Oh, and emergencies. The rest of the time, he's over here. They live in Vermont."

Kagome sighed. "Your dad's rich, powerful, and almost eight hundred years old. I'm beginning to think that your family's as weird as mine."


"About another minute and we'll be there." Kagome grinned at Inuyasha. "Just park in the driveway and we'll go in."

"You are enjoying this far too much," he grumbled.

She nodded and kept smiling as they found the right house. The car's engine cut off and Kagome climbed out of the passenger's seat. "Come on," she said, walking quickly around the car to his side.

"Is it too late to drive back home?" he whispered. She rolled her eyes. "I'm going to take it that means yes."

"Kagome!" Her mother came outside and smiled at them. "Do you need help with your things?" She nodded and Umeko turned toward the door. "Aki! Souta!"

Inuyasha started toward the back of the car and opened the hatch. He lifted a box while Kagome got her clothes that she'd wear while she was here. A man of medium height came outside with a teenager who looked similar. He smiled at Inuyasha and hugged Kagome. "Welcome home, sweetheart," he said. "Boxes yours?" She nodded and he hefted one.

Souta grinned at his sister. "You have no idea what awaits you inside that house," he said spookily. "Nice to meet you, Inuyasha. Don't mind the parents. Mom's trying to overload the refrigerator with food and Dad's been inside all day figuring out something. He says it's too complicated to explain." He reached for a box and said, "Follow me."

Inuyasha shrugged and followed him. "Nice to meet you, too. Why does Kagome have to have so many clothes?"

"Don't ask me. I'm happy with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Shoes are optional."


Once all the boxes and everything was settled, Kagome showed Inuyasha one of the guest rooms. They went downstairs after he had the tour of the upstairs. "Dad should be in the study room slash library."

"Wrong," he said cheerfully, poking his head out of the kitchen. "I'm tasting your mother's cooking."

"And doing it without my permission which means if he doesn't dodge quick enough, he'll get smacked with the spoon!"

Inuyasha chuckled. "Sounds like my kitchen."

"Your mother's the same way?" she asked as they walked in.

"No, my brother."

She stirred something and walked over. "I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself. I'm Umeko." She nodded toward the man who had a biscuit in his hand. "That's Aki. Souta's around somewhere..."

"We've met," Inuyasha said. "Inuyasha."

"It's good to meet Kagome's friends. Sango's been here over the summer sometimes, but..." She shrugged. "You should bring more of them home, Kagome."

"You'll get to meet everyone in a month or so," she said, looking hungrily at the pan of biscuits.

"If you wait fifteen minutes, everything will be done," Umeko cautioned. "Get a glass of something out of the refrigerator."

Kagome hurried to do that and asked Inuyasha what he wanted. Soon, they had juice and dinner was finished. Souta came in before Umeko had a chance to call him.

"Kagome's told us all about you, Inuyasha," she said, taking a forkful of chicken. "So I imagine you'd prefer it to be an even exchange. I'm the previous Source and I remember what a pain in the neck it was. At the moment, I'm working on another calendar. I draw pictures and there's a company that makes them into calendars and things like that."

"Souta's working on high school with a Ph.D. in mischief." She grinned at him. "Aki's a spell analyzer."
"So," she continued, "anything interesting happen lately?"


About halfway through their vacation, Kagome showed Inuyasha the little well house on their property. They stood at the top of the stairs and looked down. "I was fifteen," she told him. "Our cat hadn't been seen for a while and Souta thought he had heard something."

"So I was startled when I heard Buyo up here. I looked down and the next thing I knew Dad was pulling me outside." She shrugged. "He won't tell me what happened, only that I almost triggered something I shouldn't have."



Aki turned toward the door. "Inuyasha, you know I've told you to call me Aki."

He walked inside. "I thought I'd better be really polite. I've got something important to ask."

Aki raised an eyebrow. "Oh. This talk, hm?" Inuyasha started to blush. Aki chuckled at him. "Is it about Kagome?" Inuyasha nodded. "Go ahead and try not to stumble over it too much."

"I want to ask Kagome to marry me."

Aki nodded. "A very serious commitment. Knowing that I'm going to say that a decision like that is up to you and Kagome, did you want to talk about it?"

Inuyasha blinked "About what?"

"If she says yes, what are you going to do after that?" He waved the younger man toward the seat across from him.

Inuyasha sat down. "I'm going to finish college."

"After graduation?"

"I have applications in to a few companies. Research."

Aki smiled. "So you have plans, they're just up in the air at the moment. You want to be engaged, but what happens if you both graduate and neither of you have a job?"

"I'll stay with my brother until I do and Kagome will probably come back home." Inuyasha shrugged. "People with my major don't stay unemployed for too long."

"You're right about that."

"With the instant transportation, I'll move wherever Kagome finds work."

"The plan is sound. It's fine with me, if that's what you want to hear." He laughed as Inuyasha relaxed. "Oh, it's plain to see how she feels about you. Did you really think I'd say anything against it? It is the Source's choice after all."


"Well?" she demanded as soon as they were out of sight. "It wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No," Inuyasha said with a grin. "It wasn't. They're very nice. Of course," he glanced at her, "they'd have to be for you to be their daughter." She rolled her eyes and smiled at him.
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