Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Smell the Testosterone by ebonizy
Source of Magic

Chapter 8

Smell the Testosterone

"Kagome? Come on, wake up."

She blinked her eyes and tried to focus on whoever was talking to her. "Melly?" she said bewildered. Wait a minute, her brain said. She's dressed, got her books together, and is entirely too awake. She's never up this early!

"Yeah, it's me. Come on. We've got to get some breakfast before I drop you off. If I'm up this early I need food!" Melly said impatiently.

Kagome climbed out of bed and began her daily ritual of putting on enough clothes so that people wouldn't point and laugh. "You don't get up early."

"There's a good reason for that. See, first I have to have something to eat. It's a major necessity right now. High metabolism. Second, as you can see, I'm a bit hyper in the morning. If I sleep later, it goes away."

Kagome nodded and pulled on her clothes faster. After grabbing her backpack, she and Melly ventured out into the hallway. No one was there who wasn't supposed to be. Melly kept up a running dialogue down the stairs, out of the dorm building, and all the way into the cafeteria.

Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw all the food Melly put on her plate. "Don't worry," she said cheerfully, while adding an orange, "I'll burn it all off today."

They passed their meal cards over and sat down. Kagome watched with rabid fascination as Melly polished off three pancakes loaded with syrup and butter,two hash browns, a raisin bagel smeared with peanut butter, a banana, a small carton of milk, and debated eating the orange. "Nah," she decided. "I'll take a couple of napkins with me and eat it before class. We've got to go, anyway."

Kagome looked at the clock. "It's fifteen of!"

"Sure it is. We'll run you up to your class, drop you off with Sango, explain the situation to her, and incidentally chase away any of your admirers we find. Should be fun." Melly got up and disposed of her tray while Kagome had nothing left of the bagel she had eaten.

There were three guys hanging around the hall, but Melly glared at them and they ran off. Sango was waiting inside and looked relieved when Kagome walked into the classroom. Melly snagged the chair in front of Sango and said, "We've got a problem."

She jerked a thumb at Kagome. "See, I heard you asked a question about what kind of guy Kagome would like. So did a lot of other people." Melly sighed. "Kagome got trapped in the room yesterday because a bunch of guys wanted a date."

Sango's eyes widened. "What?"

Melly nodded. "They heard all about what Kagome wanted in a guy and decided that they fit the bill. So they found out which room she was in and set up camp. She went back to the room after breakfast yesterday and found a bunch of them waiting for her."

"I'm walking her around a bit today, but we thought we'd ask you to take her to art history." Melly finished. "I've got class."

Sango nodded. "No problem."

"Just glare at them a bit and they go away easy enough. Or at least the three down the hall did." Melly got up from the chair. "I'll see you later, Kagome."

Sango turned to Kagome as soon as she was out of the classroom. "I am so sorry, Kagome."

She gave her a weak smile. "They'll ease off in a while. Do you mind walking me to class?" Sango shook her head.

They didn't encounter any problems getting Kagome to her next class. After art history was over, Kagome peeked cautiously outside the door. No one was just hanging around so she began thinking about lunch. A bagel was fine until lunchtime, but she was getting hungry.

She sped up as she walked across the street. Did I see... She shook her head. Forget it. Melly said I could ask Kenshin for help if I need it.

Stopping for a quick trip to the bathroom, she almost jogged to the cafeteria. It could be my imagination, she thought.

Glancing at the stack of trays, she saw a guy standing by them. He smiled and winked at her. She looked behind her and saw two other boys coming into the cafeteria looking straight at her. A group at the table was pointing at her and whispering.

Kagome felt her heart begin to pound. Should she walk out?

A flicker of movement caught her eye and she turned to look, worried that someone else was approaching her.

Kenshin was by the salad bar adding more fruit to the bowl. Kagome hurried over and put him between her and the boys. "Kenshin," she whispered hurriedly.

"Ah, Miss Kagome. How are you?" Kenshin said cheerfully.

"I think a group of boys is after me." She pointed after saying that statement so bluntly.

Kenshin turned and looked at the boys hesitating and shooting hopeful glances at Kagome. "I think you are right," he said. "Did you do something?"

Kagome sighed. "Um, you know about the other school in town?" she asked.

Kenshin smiled and nodded. "Yes, I know about the mage university. In case you would ask, I also know about your decision and what rests upon it."

She breathed a sigh of relief. "A friend and I were talking about boys and-" She blushed.

"Perhaps this conversation would be better said in the kitchen," Kenshin said. "This way, Miss Kagome."

He led her into the kitchen and found a stool for her to sit on. "Now you may tell me all about it," he said soothingly. Kagome filled him in on the particulars and he shook his head. "Yes, this is a troubling thing to have happen. But I can solve one of your worries for you."

He smiled at her. "I will walk you to your next class if you'd like. I believe I can also speak with Hiko and he will make sure you are not bothered around his classroom."

"You know Hiko?" Kagome asked.

"Yes. He is my...adopted father," Kenshin said, coughing a little. "So I will walk you to Meditation and also have a word with Aoshi. There are not many of your teachers who would put up with such nonsense as they are displaying."

"Thank you, Kenshin."

With Kenshin by her side, no one approached her, though she did get a lot of glances. Aoshi was in the classroom and Kenshin spoke to him as he said he would. Kenshin left the room and Aoshi nodded once to Kagome. She relaxed and nodded back.

Once the class was over, she shouldered her backpack and walked toward the door. As she got closer, she could overhear some of the conversation.

"Where is she?"

"Is this the right classroom?"

"Where's Kagome?"

She backed up. I am not going out there, she thought firmly.

"What is it with you?" Inuyasha asked from just behind her. "Always running into someone. The door's right there, you know."

She turned. "I can't go out there."

Inuyasha snorted. "Why not?"

Some of them had gotten tired of waiting and now entered the classroom. "Kagome?" one of them said.

She looked back at them and felt tears prick her eyes. Why couldn't they just leave her alone?

Now wait a minute, she thought. There isn't any reason they can't leave me alone. I'm not going to be hounded like this!

"How dare you," she said coldly. "I am not something to be won or sought after. You're all hunting me like I'm some prize fox! I'll choose to date someone when I'm ready, not when I'm fed up enough with all this chasing around to just pick someone to get away from everyone else! So I described a few things I'd like in a guy. It doesn't mean that I want one right now. I'm here at college to learn, not to date. Leave me alone."

Some of the boys looked upset and some looked guilty. But it was the one who spoke next that Kagome was interested in.

"Good job. These boys aren't what you need anyway." The dark-haired man pushed away from the door. "Hello. I'm Kouga."

Kagome looked at him as he approached. "Yes? Are you with them?" She glanced at the other boys who were trying to sneak out of the room.

"No. I'm the one who you'll marry someday."

Kagome's eyes widened as he said that. Behind her, Inuyasha snorted. "Yeah, right," he said softly.

"What was that, dog?" Kouga grinned.

"I said yeah right as in you don't have a chance," Inuyasha growled.

"I don't have time to talk to you today." He reached out and took Kagome's elbow. "We've got a date to go on."

Kagome pulled away from him. "No, we don't," she disagreed.

He put his hand around her upper arm for a better grip. "Yes, we do," he smirked.

"Let me go," Kagome told him, trying to get loose.

"You heard her," Inuyasha said, flexing his hands. "Let her go."

"Or you'll do what, dog?" Kouga asked.

"It would be better for you to think what I will do to you for disturbing my peace," Aoshi said calmly beside them. Kouga dropped Kagome's arm and she began rubbing it with her other hand. "Kouga, leave my classroom and warn those out in the hall that it would be best if they were gone when I check in a few minutes." Kouga shot an angry look at Inuyasha and left.

"Well, you're popular," Inuyasha said.

Kagome shrugged. "Didn't ask to be."

Aoshi walked slowly to the door and looked out. "There is no one around," he verified.

She smiled. "Thank you. Now I've just got to get to my dorm without having another mob attack."

"They've been doing this everywhere?" Inuyasha said, wrinkling his nose.

"Shut me up inside my dorm room yesterday, Melly frightened a few of them away from my English class today, and Kenshin hid me inside the kitchen a few hours ago." Kagome said, ticking them off on her fingers.

Inuyasha shook his head. "I'll walk you back." Kagome stared at him. "This is my last class of the day."

Aoshi nodded. "It would be best if you had an escort."

She accepted and they walked out of the building. "Do you want to go to your dorm or The Special?" Inuyasha asked. "I was going there after class."

"Melly will be expecting me, but she won't be there until after six." Kagome looked at him. "If we go to The Special, can you walk me to my dorm later?"

"Yeah. Guess so."

"Hey," Kagome said, stopping suddenly. She looked at him suspiciously. "Did you just corner me into a date?"

Inuyasha snorted. "No. I was going to The Special, but I have to walk you back to your dorm. I thought you might like to go somewhere with someone grumpy enough to tell the guys to back off. I ain't interested. I've just got a thing about damsels being in distress. Blame it on my mother reading too many fairy tales to me when I was a kid."

Kagome shrugged and struggled to hide a smile. "Okay."

They began walking again and Inuyasha asked, "So why're they after you all of a sudden?"

"It's a long story," Kagome sighed.

"And that's it," she finished. "Stupid of us, but we did take a few precautions." She reached out to sip at her soda.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Yeah, talking in the middle of a bookstore and then up here. I've got a question for you anyway."


"How'd you see these?" He pointed at his ears.

Kagome shrugged. "I'm good at seeing things that are really there. It's startling sometimes when I see something no one else can."

Inuyasha smirked. "How many people up here are youkai?"

She turned and looked around obediently. "Huh. There's a bird youkai over there."

"Mm-hm. Did you check before you started talking? There could have been someone up here who could hear a long distance."

"I don't always check, you know. There weren't many youkai where I lived. I knew who they all were." She frowned. "Why are there a lot of youkai here?"

"Because a lot of them are magically inclined."

"Um?" They both turned to look at the boy who was standing at the end of the table. "Are you Kagome?"

"Yes," she said warily.

"Hi, I'm Evon. I thought... Maybe later... If you're not busy..."

"She is," Inuyasha said briskly. "With me."

He paled and stammered an apology. Then he turned and walked away.

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "I am?"

"Yeah, you are. I'm walking you to your dorm, right?"

She grinned. "I guess I am busy later."

Inuyasha growled low in his throat when he saw the group of boys around Kagome's door. "Get lost," he said to them. "I'll see you later, Kagome."

She smiled. "Yup. See you on Wednesday."

The boys looked disappointed and Melly opened the door. "Kagome!" she said happily. "I was wondering when you'd get here. Did you want to go to The Special?"

She laughed. "I've just come back from there with Inuyasha."

"Is that right?" she said speculatively, looking down the hall at the retreating hanyou. "Well, I'll leave you here then." She ran off.

Catching up with Inuyasha on the ground floor, she walked up beside him. "Hi, I'm Melly."

"I remember," he said.

"I've got a favor to ask. You walked Kagome home?"


"Hey, could you stop for a minute?" she asked. Inuyasha paused and looked at her. "She's got a class tomorrow. Magical Diagrams. Do you think you could walk her home so she doesn't go through the mass of boys desperate for her hand in marriage?"

He sighed. "Does she have someone dropping her off?"

"I don't think so. She said she'd either be in the library or the cafeteria." Melly grinned. "Want me to make sure she's in the cafeteria?" Inuyasha nodded and stomped off.

"I would walk you to class again, Miss Kagome," Kenshin said regretfully. "But it is the middle of lunch."

Kagome hadn't even asked, but she had hopes that she wouldn't have to walk there alone. "It's okay, Kenshin," she said. "I'll be careful."

"Hey! Kagome!"

She turned and saw Inuyasha at the counter. He beckoned to her with one hand. "Come on. Don't you have class at twelve thirty?"


He rolled his eyes. "I told your roommate that I'd walk you there and back."

Kagome smiled and said good-bye to Kenshin. She walked out of the kitchen and to Inuyasha's side. He did a good job at stopping the boys from pestering her.
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