Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Source of Magic
Chapter 77

Kagome balanced the tupperware containers while she unlocked the door. Rin was out to one of her classes while Kagome had gone to see Inuyasha on the Monday after Thanksgiving break. Sesshoumaru had sent her home with containers of turkey, gravy, and cookies.

This is going to taste so good, she thought. Turkey and gravy were perfect for dinner since she'd had to leave all of her family's leftovers in their refrigerator at home. Not to say that she hadn't gorged herself silly on turkey, stuff, mashed potatoes...

She shook her head. Mind off of food, she thought. Another helping of turkey is good right now, but I ate way too much over the weekend. It's lunchtime and I'm not even tempted to sneak a piece of turkey. What does that tell you?

The door finally accepted the key and Kagome put it back in her pocket. She stepped into the room and her jaw fell to the floor.

A small table with a lace tablecloth was in the center of the room. Soft candlelight spread out to touch the food presented. A goblet was filled halfway with an amber liquid beside a plate of something Kagome couldn't identify.

The man on the other side rose and smiled at her. "Would you care to sit, my lady? Enjoy a small lunch with me?"

Kagome closed her eyes. "No, thank you."

He lowered his gaze. "I know it isn't much, but I have done the best I could."

"I can see that," Kagome said politely. "But I don't know you. You didn't ask me to lunch." She frowned. "And, unless Rin has suddenly lost a bit of her common sense, you broke into the room after she'd locked the door."

"What is a door in the path of true love?" he said marvelously.

Kagome shook her head. "You broke into my room and now you're trying-" She sighed. "No. Take the table and lunch and leave."

"But I went through all this trouble!" The guy started to lose a little of his graceful manner. "You've got to-"

Kagome glared at him. "I don't have to do anything. In fact, have this all out of here by the time I get back."

She turned to leave, but he ran forward and caught her arm. "You're not leaving," he said forcefully. "You're going to sit down and eat this meal."

She began to struggle. "No, I'm not!"

"Kagome, do you have a copy of," Inuyasha began as he walked into the room. He raised an eyebrow when he saw who was there. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Yeah," Kagome said, yanking her arm free. "This guy just invited me to lunch after breaking into my dorm room. He's leaving."

The other man scowled at her. "Why do you have to be so difficult? You're over twenty-one years old. When are you going to start dating someone?"

"I don't have to start dating until I want to. And when I do, it won't be you," Kagome retorted.

Inuyasha shrugged. "I guess you're off her potential dating list. Kagome, Sess wanted to watch Terminator 3 tonight."

"I don't have that one."

"Okay," he said easily. "Want to walk down to the video store with me?" She nodded and left the room. The man inside narrowed his eyes suspiciously, but began cleaning up.


Kagome and Thea hopped in the car. Inuyasha pulled away from the sidewalk and Shippo looked back at them. "Sometimes," he said solemnly, "you don't want cafeteria food."

"Or the Special," Inuyasha added.

They drove until Inuyasha pulled into the parking lot and shut off the car. He opened Kagome's door. "Your dinner awaits," he said grandly. Chuckling, Shippo opened Thea's door.

Kagome looked up at the golden arches and sighed. "Thank you so much. I really have a craving for nuggets."

They stepped inside already planning out what they were going to get. "Hi!" someone called. Kagome turned and looked. She smiled and waved at the person.

After they had gotten their meals, they looked for a place to sit. Duo waved them over and they took one of the booths beside the other group. "In case no one remembers our names," Duo said grandly. "I'm Duo and this guy wearing a tank top is Heero." He pointed across the table. "Quatre, the blond Arabian, Trowa, and Wufei."

"Nice to meet you," Kagome said.

They began eating and Duo asked, "So, Kagome, what's the next adventure in the life of the Source?"

Kagome rolled her eyes and told them about the guy in her room. "The thing is, he prepared lunch for me right after Thanksgiving. Who wants to eat another huge meal right after that?"

Duo nodded solemnly. "I understand. Of course, we eat huge meals all the time. Thanksgiving requires two tables with supports under them for all the food."

"Especially with all he eats," Heero muttered.

"That's it, Yuy! Balls at three paces!" Duo yelled. Heero stood and followed Duo as they marched off.

Thea's eyes were wide as Kagome asked the table at large, "Balls?"

"Plastic," Quatre said helpfully.

"Three paces?" Inuyasha asked after devouring a fry.

Quatre shrugged. "There isn't much space inside the netted area."

Wufei nodded to the dragon on Kagome's shoulder. "Good morning, Kaie." She chirped and Wufei's Alastair came into view.

Kagome blinked. "Oh. I forgot you could see her."

Quatre smiled. "It is hard to remember when it's common for them not to be seen." He offered a french fry to someone sitting on the bench beside him. It was taken out of his hand and Quatre glanced at the table. "Want to show yourself?" The head of a small sphinx came into view and stared at them for a while before settling back onto the plastic bench.

Duo and Heero came back with Duo smiling and clapping him on the back. "Hi, guys! We're in the open, huh?" He sniffed at his seat. "Move over, Raven." A black cat came into view and moved under protest. Trowa's gray cat blinked at Kagome a few times and settled back into his lap.

"Now, Heero's is a little strange, so don't be shocked," Duo warned.

Inuyasha looked at the little fellow. "I thought they hid most of the time."

Duo shrugged. "Don't have a clue about that particular gargoyle. But he and Heero get along great. I suppose they've got the whole 'silent as stone' thing going."


Thea and Shippo were both dropped off, but Kagome went back to Inuyasha's house to watch a movie. "I wouldn't do that," Inuyasha said suddenly.

She frowned and glanced at him. "What?"

"The whole showing up for lunch thing." He smiled at her. "How confusing would it be if you got a present that was supposedly from me and it was from someone else?"

Kagome grimaced. "Good point."

"So when I give you something, I'll do it in person."

"Then I'd better find an anti-illusion charm," Kagome said.
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