Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Halloween by ebonizy
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Source of Magic
Chapter 75

Thea called, "It's open!"

"Good morning!" Kagome said cheerfully.

Thea looked up from her textbook. "Oh, you've saved me from my U.S. History notes."

Rin laughed. "You might not be so happy in a minute."

"Yes," Kagome said solemnly. "Let me spin you a tale. Last year, there were two female dormmates. They were both very beautiful and had lots of classes."

"I'm not sure about the beautiful part, but the classes were true," Rin added.

"It was winter and it was cold. The two ladies fell ill. Horribly ill with fevers and coughing. They were both rescued by a handsome knight and taken to a woman he knew. The woman nursed them and they were better in a week."

"Again," Rin said, "I'm not sure about the handsome knight part."

Thea blinked. "The moral of the story?"

"Get your flu shot because living in a dorm is really bad. When one person gets it, that's it for the whole building," Kagome said bluntly. "In the words of my first roommate, 'I am not nursing you through cold chills, waking you up for medicine at two in the morning, or fetching tissues if it can be prevented.'"

Rin rolled her eyes. "So we came to ask if you'd like to go with us to get a flu shot. We both hate needles, so it's better if there's another person there."

Thea shrugged and got up. "I don't mind them and I don't want to get sick, so I guess I'd better go get one."

She walked the few steps to them and paused. "Aren't we going?"

Kagome shook her head. "Let me tell you about Inuyasha's first year flu shot..."


Later that same week, Rin and Kagome collected Thea from her room. "There are two?" Thea asked.

Rin nodded. "Two universities, two parties. So we'll stop in at both. The normal university's really only good because of Kenshin's cookies."

"And the mage university?" Thea asked.

Kagome winced. "We're going to stop in because it's tradition. We'll pick up the guys there."

Sango was downstairs in the lobby and accompanied them to their campus's party. Thea was firmly sold on the idea of Kenshin's cookies by the time she had finished one.

"Kenshin, we've got a slight problem," Kagome said with a sigh. "It's my last year and I don't know whether or not I'm going to be able to survive without your cooking."

He smiled. "That's all right, Miss Kagome. So many students have said the same thing over the past four years that I am starting a small bakery service. I will work here part-time during the school year and the other part will be at home. I hope to have a website by the time everyone leaves at the end of this school year."

Kagome's eyes widened. "That's great! Melly can order cookies on her own now."

Kaoru smiled. "I've been telling him to start a bakery for years now."

"But, Kaoru-"

"Don't say it, Kenshin. Flour is not bad for the baby."

"Yes, Kaoru."


They left their party after half an hour and went to the mage university's. Inuyasha, Miroku, and Shippo were waiting for them by the door. "Ready?" Inuyasha said grinning.

Kagome sighed. "We're not staying long. Hopefully, nothing will happen."

Thea frowned. "Like what?"

"Let's get some refreshments before we talk about that," Miroku said tactfully.

Once they were all sitting down at a table with their cups of punch and various cookies and candy, Thea asked again. "The first year... Someone summoned a demon and focused it on me," Kagome told her.

"A demon?" Thea said with a squeak.

Kagome nodded. "Yes. But Ranma got rid of it."

Sango shivered. "The second year it was illusions of what you were afraid of. I saw clowns."

"My wedding reception," Kagome added.

"Spiders," Inuyasha muttered.

"The ouija board that someone channeled ghosts through," Miroku said thoughtfully. "Tokio handled that very well."

"Last year, when you looked up, the ceiling was of little men looking down on you. I thought it was an illusion, but Shippo said it was real."

"That doesn't sound so bad," Thea ventured.

Kagome grimaced. "Very evil little red men."

Shippo closed his eyes and created a small replica of what they had seen. Thea stared and shook her head. "Very scary."

"Oh, it got worse," Kagome said. "The dead walked. Naraku set a bunch of skeletons loose."

Thea looked around. "This is a joke, right?"

Miroku shook his head. "No. That's why we're not going to stay long this year."

"I think it's me," Kagome said. "Something like that happens every year when I get here."

"It is not," Inuyasha told her.

"Is too," Kagome said stubbornly.

"You're here now and is anything spooky going on?"

Kagome looked around. Innocent paper streamers were flapping in the small breeze, the music wasn't extremely loud, everyone was having fun. "No..."

The lights flickered.

They all looked up. "It's windy tonight," Miroku said calmly. "It might just be a branch hitting the power lines."

The lights went out. Miroku conjured a ball of light and fire sprang to life in Inuyasha's hand. "Back-up generator?" Inuyasha asked.

Miroku shook his head. "It should come on any minute now."


They turned toward the doors. "How did they get shut?" Miroku muttered.

"Worse, what's making that much effort to come in?" Shippo asked.


The lights came back on just in time for them to see things stream through the doors. From her classes, Kagome identified ghouls, goblins, vampires, werewolves...

They had all gotten to their feet, but Shippo sat down. "Illusion," he pronounced.

Miroku took a closer look and relaxed. "They're not real."

Thea looked at them worriedly. "They look real." People around them were running and screaming.

Inuyasha squinted. "Kagome, you want to put up a ward?"

She nodded. "On three." They counted and a lavender ward flashed up between them. It spread to encompass the whole table.

Thea watched as the things went around their table, not even attempting to harm them. She gave a relieved sigh. "They're not real?"

"No," Shippo said cheerfully. "This must be someone's idea of a joke."

Miroku looked toward the stage. His line of sight was blocked, but he sensed a few mages up there. "Or the darker mages got permission to play this Halloween."

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked.

"I-" Miroku began, but found himself in a tree. He looked down at the ground below him. He heard something moving below him and his insides chilled with fear.

No, he thought. This is over. I know how to prevent this now. They can't hurt me.

The thing came into view and he shivered at the sight. It was a dog. It had been run over and its back leg was hanging on by a thread. He heard another noise and saw an unknown youkai slithering toward him.

"This isn't real," he said. "It isn't. I was at a Halloween party."

Once he realized that, he woke up. He looked around and saw that all of his friends were in the same trance. He turned to Sango and shook her gently. "Wake up, Sango. It isn't real, whatever you're seeing."

She opened her eyes slowly and focused on him. "Miroku? I was lost at a circus..."

"It wasn't real," he insisted. "It's a mass dream illusion. Wake everyone up." He moved to Shippo who was sitting beside him. Sango turned to Rin.

Once they had all woken up, they took a good look around. People everywhere were cornered by the illusion-creatures that had come through the door. Others were caught in the same nightmares they were.

And on stage, five dark mages were smirking at the auditorium.

"That is quite enough of that," said a firm voice.

"I agree."

They turned and saw Zechs, Duo, and Quatre behind them. "What's going on?" Miroku asked.

"Naraku got a few people together and launched a powerful illusion/dream spell. If the illusion didn't get you, the dream spell would." Duo shook his head.

Zechs began to speak and the illusions disappeared one by one. Quatre closed his eyes and began waking the dreamers while Duo steadied him.

Naraku and the other mages fought to keep their control, but they were no match for the other two mages. Zechs wasn't attacking them directly, but their creations. Quatre was only waking the dreamers.

Kagome looked around after everything had disappeared. "Inuyasha?" she said sweetly. "What were you saying about the spooky things not being my fault?"

He froze. "I think," he said slowly, "that we are going to leave the party and go to my house. Movies and Sesshoumaru's cookies sound really good right now."


They watched the Halloween specials of Peanuts and Garfield first. Since no one wanted to go home, they continued their television special with Casper and Hocus Pocus. By the time that the last movie had hit the credits, almost everyone was asleep.

Miroku and Sango were curled up together on the couch. Inuyasha snickered. "I do not want to be him in the morning," he whispered. "He'll fall off and then wonder why he hurts so much."

Kagome rolled her eyes. Shippo was in the chair and Thea was on the loveseat. Rin had toddled off to the guest room after Casper. Sesshoumaru had left before Hocus Pocus started.

Inuyasha pointed toward the stairs and Kagome followed him. "You get the bed and I get the floor," he told her.

Kagome didn't argue. She climbed into his bed and fell asleep.


"Hey, are you going to wake up or not?"

Kagome stirred and found Inuyasha sitting on the edge of the bed. "Morning," she mumbled.

"It is morning. Nine thirty to be exact. Sess is up and he says he'll be making breakfast in a few minutes. You don't get a shower in the morning, do you?"

"I'll get one when I go back to my room. Clean clothes, too. I hadn't planned on spending the night." Kagome sat up and yawned.

"I thought..." Inuyasha cleared his throat. "Could we talk for a few minutes? Everyone's either asleep, in the shower, or watching television."

Kagome shrugged. "What about?"

"Um... We're still dating, right?" Kagome nodded. "Was last night a date?"

She blinked. "I don't know."

"Well, did you want to go on one where we both know what it is?"

She looked into his eyes and asked a very important question. "What's a date?"

"Uh... Going out. Doing stuff."

"We've been to the movies together, had dinner, taken walks. What's the difference?"

Inuyasha scratched his head. "I don't know. I just thought I'd ask."

Kagome smiled at him. "Why don't we go walk downtown around one? That work?" Inuyasha nodded. "Good. Up, I've got to visit the ladies." Inuyasha moved and Kagome walked out of the room.


After she'd had a shower and some clean clothes, Kagome worked on her computer until Inuyasha showed up. He was uncomfortable until Kagome pointed a finger at him and said, "Would you ease up? What's the problem?"

He sat down on Rin's bed. "I don't know."

Kagome sat down on the other end. "Regretting something?"

"No!" he told her. "I just... You're my friend and now you're..."

Kagome snickered. "Have I told you that I thought you were hot since the first few weeks of college?" His jaw dropped and she laughed out loud. "But I told myself you were a friend and I wanted to keep you that way. So we're dating. So what? We're still friends, we still act the same."

She narrowed her eyes. "You don't expect me to go all gooey and tell you that you're right all the time, do you?" He shook his head. "Good. Because I'm still going to argue with you."

Inuyasha sighed. "We're just going to continue like we have been?"

Kagome nodded. "Unless you want something to change. We'll still do the same things. The only thing that's really changed is the way we see each other."

Inuyasha looked at the ceiling. "Yeah. I never noticed-" He stopped in mid-sentence. "Not going to say that."

"Awww..." Kagome said mock-disappointed. "We walk downtown, look in the stores we usually do, buy some jelly beans, and come home. That's it."

Inuyasha grinned. "That we can do."
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