Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Familiar by ebonizy
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Source of Magic
Chapter 72

Wufei held up the piece of paper and began to read aloud. "Step one, focus. You've all had meditation class so you know what I mean. Step two, speak the words listed below. Do not worry if you mispronounce one. Step three, start talking about what you'd like in a familiar. As with web searching, the broader you are, the more results you'll get. If you get very specific, you might not have a familiar. This is not to say that you just ask for a familiar. Don't detail things like eye color and such. Personality, a specific type such as a cat, what you'd like to be able to accomplish together, those are perfectly acceptable."

He lowered the paper. "When you are through, close the spell with the final words. Upon meeting your familiar, you will feel a small jolt as the energy in the spell comes back to you. If your familiar is a species that you've not seen before, feel free to contact me. It's better to call and ask than have your familiar be uncomfortable. It doesn't matter if they arrive at two thirty in the morning, call me."

"The next class will be about your familiars. If yours hasn't arrived yet, take notes and pay attention. In my experience with this class, most familiars arrive quickly." He nodded to them. "Dismissed."

Kagome and Rin began to pack up their backpacks and headed out of class. It was lunchtime and they walked down to the cafeteria. "So when are you going to do your homework?" Kagome asked.

Rin shrugged. "Tonight. Yours?"

Kagome sighed. "I don't know. I've got classes until Thursday. Maybe then."

"I've got another class today, two on Tuesday, and one on Thursday. Wednesday would be a good arrival day."

Kagome nodded. "So you want me out of the room tonight? I could go to Inuyasha's for a bit."

"That would be nice."


Rin considered her list for a moment and nodded. She worked through the first two steps and started on the third. "I'm definitely not a mage student, though I can work elemental magic. I love learning about magic, youkai, and anything else I can get my hands on. So it doesn't matter to me whether my familiar is magical or not, but they should know that I can't work a lot of magic."

She sighed. "This is better when it's written down. I'd like someone who doesn't mind libraries and poetry readings and such. I don't want a constant companion, but someone who was around would be nice."

Rin glanced down at her list. "Okay, I can't work much magic, I like to learn, the whole time alone thing... Oh! I'll take the time to learn about whatever species the familiar is and treat them well."

She spoke the end of the summoning and leaned back. "Well, that's done," she muttered. "I hope I didn't mess it up too badly."


Rin opened up the library's webpage and waited for it to fill in her identification information. Once it did, she clicked 'ok' and then 'books checked out'. Consulting the list in front of her, she sorted through the stack of library books. "Okay," she muttered to herself. "These five have to go back to the library and the rest aren't due for another week. But have I read any of the others?"

In the end, she had eight books that had to be returned to the library. She bundled them all up in her backpack and headed out. It was a nice walk, full of sunshine and orange leaves on the sidewalk. She turned toward the mage university and down the corridors to the library.

She smiled at Myouga as she put her books up on the counter. Rin browsed the new arrivals shelf and then went upstairs for her favorite sections.

Myouga was a treasure of information. He kindly guided her toward the books that didn't require an intimate knowledge of magic. The beginner's books and the general information were the ones she hit first. Now she was able to look around on her own, searching out the topics that interested her. From Kagome's necromancy class last year, she had learned more about the kinds of magic that used to be considered dark, but were really based on the person's point of view. Shippo had recommended a few of the illusion texts and even Inuyasha had let her borrow a couple of his books.

She was deep in the stacks when she heard a small chirp. Frowning, she glanced around. "Huh," she said quietly. "I wonder what that was."


Rin looked down beside her and gasped. A tiny, perfect dragon was sitting on her backpack. It had green scales, varying from a light green to a dark green. Some vague portion of Rin's mind noted that it looked like an Eastern dragon. No fur or skin, just like a lizard...


Rin chuckled. "Offended? No, I think you're beautiful." She glanced around. "Are you lost? Who do you belong to?" The dragon snorted and looked away from her. "Excuse me. Belong with, of course."

The dragon moved forward, its wings folded tightly to its back. Rin held very still as it rose up to let its forefeet land on her leg. Rin blinked quickly several times. "Hm... A jolt. It would appear that you're my familiar." The dragon looked into her eyes and chirped. "Really?"

Rin looked down at the book in her hands. "I can just get these for today and come back some other time." The dragon managed to look horribly affronted. "What? You'd like me to stay?" She nodded. "Now, I know dragons are intelligent, but I don't know how intelligent. You'll excuse me if I make a mistake before I get to know you better."

The dragon moved aside and Rin pushed the book into her backpack. "Dragons," she whispered. "Where would books on dragons be?"

She looked at the dragon. "And are you going to follow me on foot or do I carry you or-" The dragon got to its feet and walked a few steps. "Hm... It's going to be hard to keep up that way," Rin said doubtfully. The dragon chirped and Rin shrugged. She found a computer catalog and looked up what she needed.

The shelf she was concerned with had a few books of interest. She chose three and went to the checkout. Once her books were processed, she walked out into the corridor. Looking down, she frowned at the dragon. "Perhaps you could ride on my backpack. I'm pretty sure it would hold up against your talons." The dragon chirped again and unfolded her wings. Inch by inch, she rose into the air and settled on the offered object. Rin walked off gently and glanced back every so often to make sure her passenger was okay.

When she got back to her room, the first thing she found was Wufei's number. Dialing, she waited for someone to pick up. "Hello?"

"Hi, is Wufei there?"

"Yep, one minute. 'Fei, it's for you."

"Who else would it be for? This is my office. Hello?"

"Hi. It's Rin from your Summoning a Familiar class."

"Good morning, Rin. Do you have a question for me?"

Rin looked at her backpack that had a dragon hanging on to it. "Yes, I do," she said firmly. "I was in the library today when I met my familiar. I've never seen one before, but I did find a few books."

"Your familiar is...?"

Rin winced. "Sorry. I'm a little frazzled. It's a dragon, a small one."

"That's fine. Have you got time to come by my office in the next hour?"

"I can be there in a few minutes." They said good-bye and hung up. Rin looked at her backpack. "Want another ride?" The dragon chirped.


Ten minutes later, Rin walked into Wufei's office on the mage university campus. He turned to look at her and smiled. "Hello, Rin. Where's your-" She set the backpack down gently and he nodded. "Ah. There she is."


"Yes, as noted by the shorter muzzle and a few other things. You met in the library?"

Rin nodded. "She surprised me. She is my familiar, isn't she?"

"No doubt about that," Wufei said. "Dragons are very proprietary animals and if she didn't like you, she wouldn't have approached." He looked at a spot on his desk and a blue dragon materialized. "Alastair." He looked at the new dragon and nodded. The green nodded back to him.

"So what did you want to know?" Wufei asked.

"Everything," Rin answered immediately. "Dragons are considered extremely magical and I can't work very much of it."

"Perhaps she doesn't want to help with magic. What did you ask for?"

Rin shrugged. "Someone who wouldn't be with me every second of the day and that didn't mind libraries and learning."

Wufei looked at the green dragon. "Dragons are intelligent. Maybe she wants to learn more about humans rather than spend her time helping with magic."

"What will she need?"

"She'll let you know when she wants something that you're eating. Otherwise, you'll need to buy a box of these." Wufei reached for a book on the shelf. When he touched it, it turned into a cardboard box.

He opened the top and held out something that looked like a flat, round cookie about the shape of a nickel. Alastair opened his mouth immediately and devoured it. He offered the box to Rin and she did the same with her dragon. "They'll eat those three times a day or every five to six hours. One usually is enough, though sometimes they want two."

He put the box away and looked at Rin. "They don't need a litterbox or anything other than food. If you don't feed them, they will hunt other things. There's a touch of magic inside the cookies. You can buy the boxes at the local pet shop. Just tell them that you have a dragon and they'll know what you need."

Rin nodded. "The only thing I need to buy is a box of dragon cookies. What else?"

"They sleep where they choose and she'll accompany you to class. No one will be able to see her except the students who have taken my class and the faculty that already have a familiar. Though if you want someone to see her, all you have to do is deliberately draw attention to her such as I did with Alastair when you walked in." Wufei looked at the dragon. "Has she told you her name yet?"

Rin blinked. "Dragons can talk?"

"Not usually," he said dryly. "But once in a while, you'll hear them talk in your head."

*Since he's so eloquent... Keelin. It's Celtic for slender and fair.*

Rin stared at the dragon. "Of course," Wufei continued, "the more they get to know you, the more you get talked to. And you can talk to them any time you want."

*Yes. It's nice to meet you, Rin.* The dragon unwound herself from the backpack and sat up.

"Nice to meet you, too," she said dazed. Turning back to Wufei, she said, "She had a problem keeping up with me in the library, so she rode on my backpack."

"Yes. She'll either fly with you, ride on your shoulder, or anywhere else you offer."

Rin frowned. "How would she keep her balance?"

Wufei smiled. "Offer and see." Rin looked at Keelin in invitation and the dragon lifted into the air. She curled around Rin with her front feet on the girl's right shoulder and her back feet carefully hanging onto her back. The dragon stayed there for a few moments and then shifted to sit on Rin's right shoulder. She rested her head against her soft hair and chirped again.

"That's how," Wufei said. "She's as intelligent as a human, more so in some cases. Her agenda in this partnership is most likely to learn." He glanced as Alastair. "His is."


Rin walked into her dorm room again and found Kagome on the computer. "Hi," she said without looking at her roommate.

"Hi, Kagome. My familiar arrived this morning."

Kagome turned. "Really?" Her eyes widened when she saw the dragon. "Oh, wow," she said softly.

"Kagome, this is Keelin. Keelin, Kagome." The dragon straightened up and nodded to Kagome.

"Very happy to meet you, Keelin," Kagome said, nodding back to her. "I hope you enjoy your stay." She glanced around. "It's kind of small for two, but..."

The dragon chirped and flew from Rin's shoulder to the rail of Kagome's bed. She regarded the girl keenly and chirped again. *Yes. I like her. Would you tell her so?*

Rin relayed the message and Kagome's eyes sparkled in delight. "Thank you. I think you're absolutely beautiful." The dragon preened at the news and flew to Rin's bed where she rested on the pillow.

"I've got to walk downtown and buy some food for her. Did you want to come?" Rin asked. Kagome nodded. "Keelin?" The dragon rose and landed on Rin's shoulder.


"It's so strange," Rin said on Thursday morning.

"What's strange?" Kagome asked.

"I woke up with two... Well, I guess you could call them hollows. I know that Keelin slept in one, but there's another one. Did she roll over or something?"

"Why not ask her?"

"She won't tell me."

Kagome shrugged. "I don't know then. I'm going to do my summoning today."

"Why not this morning? I've got a psychology class." Kagome agreed that it was a good time to do hers.

Once Rin left and Kagome had eaten, she sat down on her bed and thought. She worked the spell and began laying out what she wanted. "I'm the Source of Magic, but I don't want a familiar who chooses me for that reason. I want someone who realizes that I'm just Kagome. I do work magic, but I'm not a high level mage. I'd like some help sometimes, but I don't have to have it. I don't care what species or about the ability to help with magic. I do like time to myself which means that I'd like a familiar who has other things to do besides be with me. I'm a library major, so I'm going to be in and out of libraries most of my life." She ended the spell and began reading her Library Management homework.


Rin woke up Friday morning and noticed that she only had one hollow and it had a sleeping dragon in it. She shrugged it off and got up. Rin got dressed while her computer started up. She reached for the bagels after starting her internet connection and paused. "Kagome?" she asked.

The other girl stirred. "Yeah?"

"Your familiar is sleeping on your bed."

Kagome's eyes flew open. "What?" She looked down by her chest and saw two eyes peering back at her. "Uh... Hi."

*Good morning. My name is Kaie, Kagome.*

"Nice to meet you." She glanced at the other bed. "What are the chances of both of us having dragons as familiars?"

*My clutch-sister.*

Kagome blinked. "Sisters?"

Rin shook her head. "Yours is blue and mine is green. I think we need another box of dragon cookies."

Kaie's head swung in the direction of the box and she chirped. Kagome slid out of bed and retrieved the box. "Are you hungry?" Another chirp and Kagome gave her a cookie. She ate it and looked for another.

"Definitely another box," Kagome said. "We've got the whole day."


Kagome and Rin stood on the doorstep. Kagome opened the door and walked in. "Hi, everyone!" she called.

Inuyasha came down the stairs. "Hello." He glanced at their shoulders. "Introductions?"

"Kaie, this is Inuyasha." Kagome looked at Rin who introduced hers.

Inuyasha nodded to them. "Nice to meet you, ladies."

Kaie straightened up and looked at him. She tilted her head to one side and Inuyasha kept still. She launched herself from Kagome's shoulder and hovered in the air a moment. "Yes," he said and she landed on his shoulder.

"Huh," Rin said. "Dragons don't usually do that. Only with people they're comfortable around."

"She probably just smells the cake I had. Did you want a bit of it?" Inuyasha asked. She chirped and he walked back into the kitchen.

Rin shrugged slightly. "I'll go introduce Keelin to Sesshoumaru." She walked a few steps and looked back at Kagome. "They also evaluate people that their partner is close to."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "It's probably the cake, Rin."
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