Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Source of Magic

Chapter 7


Kagome woke and yawned. Melly was still in bed, snoring loudly. She shook her head and put her feet gingerly on the ground. After a month of living with her roommate, Kagome knew that nothing she did would wake her.

Slipping on her sneakers after dressing, she walked down the hall with the idea of breakfast stuck very firmly in her mind. She jogged down the stairs and out the main door.

On the way to the student center, Kagome felt her pace pick up. There were a few people staring at her. She frowned. There can't be anything on my face. I haven't eaten yet!

Reaching the building, she ducked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Nope, Kagome thought twirling in place, I'm dressed. My zipper's up, my hair's fine, my underthings are right where they're supposed to be...

She shrugged and exited the bathroom. Hm, she thought. Weren't there a few more people around the dorm hallway than usual?

Her feet presented her with the cafeteria and she got a tray from the stack. This morning was a choice of scrambled eggs, sausage, hot cakes, waffles, pastries, fruit, cereal, or bagels. Kagome chose a blueberry bagel and a serving of eggs. As an afterthought, she picked an orange from the bowl, a soda from the fridge, and took it all to the register. Yahiko rang her up and she chose a seat.

She spent a few seconds getting her eggs to fit on the bagel and began eating. About halfway through her bagel, she saw Melly walk to the register. Kagome waved to her and Melly waved back. She went back to eating her meal as Melly sat with a few of her friends.

Kagome was about to begin peeling her orange when she saw a few male students in a group looking at her and pointing. She stood, holding her soda and orange in one hand, and walked out of the cafeteria. She headed up instead of down. There was a small landing above the cafeteria. She stood there and watched the group of students walk out. They looked around and walked down to the main level.

She frowned. What was going on? She glanced behind her and decided to take the long way around. There was a door outside and a long stone staircase down, but it would let her out to the courtyard. Once there, she could cut across it, hit the pine trees, and walk across the street to her dorm.

Kagome breathed a sigh of relief once she opened the door to her dorm and began walking up the stairs. She'd just spend the day in her room as she had planned. There was enough homework to keep her busy, a few emails to answer, and...

Her jaw dropped. What was going on?

A large group of guys was around her door. Kagome glanced behind her. Would it be better to try to find Melly? Or go to The Special and find Sango?

No, Kagome decided. I'd have to walk there without knowing what they wanted. Being caught outside isn't a good thing. If, for some reason, this turns out to be a bad idea, there are enough people around to help me out.

She walked forward, pulling her key out of her pocket. Melly would have locked the room. Kagome strode through the group, got the key in the lock, and turned before one of them spoke up. "Are you Kagome?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered. She pulled the key free of the lock.

That seemed to be a signal. All of the boys started to speak at once. Three of them began to reach for her and she panicked. Kagome groped for the doorknob and pushed the door open. She half-fell through the door and slammed it shut. What was going on?!

"Kagome!" some of them called. "Come out!"

"No!" she shouted back. "Go away!"


She locked the door just as someone tried the doorknob. Luckily, the door did not open. Kagome backed away from the door wide-eyed. Why were they after her? What had she done now?

"Kagome, I don't know what kind of books you like but I'm sure that I'll like them, too!"

"Oh, you don't have a chance. Listen to me, Kagome. You wanted someone funny? A turtle walks into a bar-"

"Telling her bar jokes isn't being funny, Mike. She wants someone intelligent. Like me."

"Who was it that got drunk enough to spout Shakespearean sonnets? She said she didn't want someone who thought all girls were sweet and romantic. Come with me, Kagome. We'll go to a monster truck rally."

Kagome shook her head. This couldn't be happening. She was trapped in a tiny dorm room with a group of guys almost beating down her door for a date. There were girls who would love this situation, she realized. But I'm not one of them!

"Have to do research at the library, but forget the notebook and the folder with the assignment in it," Melly muttered. "Brilliant."

She pushed the second floor door open with a bit more force than actually needed and walked through. She blinked several times at the scene before her. There was a crowd in front of her room and several people looking curiously out of their rooms.

Striding down the hall, she stopped in front of the crowd. "What is going on?" she demanded.

Someone spoke up. "Kagome's locked herself in and she won't come out."

Melly frowned and pushed her way to the door. "Kagome?" she called, knocking on the door. "What's wrong?"

"Melly?" came a strangled voice.

"Yeah, it's me. Now what's wrong?"

"They won't go away!"

Melly glared at the guys surrounding the door. "Go away and leave my roomie alone." She put one hand on the doorknob. "I swear, any one of you tries to sneak around me into this room, I'll fry them. Kagome, unlock the door."

"But you can't do that," someone objected.

She grinned. "You're right. My element isn't fire, it's water. Try and I'll make sure you drown in your next shower."

"You're going to drown someone in an open shower? There's not enough water to flood the entire room."

"Wanna bet?" Melly heard the door click and she opened the door. Closing it behind her quickly and locking it, she looked at Kagome. The poor girl had begun to cry. "Aw, Kagome..." Melly walked to her roommate's bed and put her arms around the girl. Kagome struggled for a minute and then surrendered.

When Kagome could speak without hiccuping or beginning to cry again, Melly asked, "What's made them go into a feeding frenzy?"

Kagome took a deep breath. "Sango and I went shopping downtown. She asked 'what do you want your perfect guy to be like'."

Melly winced. "Tell me you didn't answer that question in a public area."

"No. Kind of." Kagome shook her head. "Sango was talking about what she wanted and I agreed with some of what she was saying while we were in the bookstore. I didn't answer the question until we were upstairs in The Special. But there wasn't very many people up there and we sat away from everyone."

"What did you say?"

"We talked about age, looks, muscles, intelligence, someone you could talk to, and laundry while were were outside. Once we got into The Special, I agreed with all of those and said that I'd like someone who realizes that not all girls are sweet and romantic. Handsome, funny, no smoking... Someone who had the same taste in movies and books. That's all."

Melly sighed. "Any other girl could go on for hours and not get the response you have." She glanced at the door. "Well, you can't stay in here forever. They'll probably stop bothering you in a few days. The majority of those chocolates and things have gone down, right?" Kagome nodded. "Then we'll just try to keep you with someone who can tell them to buzz off."

She got up and collected her notebook and folder. "I'm going to the library to do some research. Want to come with?" Kagome jumped up from her bed and began packing her backpack.

Melly thought. "When are your first classes?" Kagome dug her schedule out of her desk and handed it to her. She looked at it and nodded. "All right. I'll get up early and walk you to your first classes all week. That takes care of English and Math. I can drop you off at Meditation, too, but then I've got a long class so I can't pick you up. Anyone you know that can pick you up some of those?"

Kagome thought. "Sango can walk me from English to Art History. Then I'm stuck from ten fifty until you can pick me up for Meditation."

Melly nodded. "So I get up early and walk you to English. Sango walks you to Art History. Then you've got until one o'clock Meditation. That's not a problem." Kagome stared at her. Melly shrugged nonchalantly. "You've met Kenshin? Ask him for some help. He'll make sure that you're not bothered. And he knows about the mage university and the source of magic so you're covered there."

She continued. "But after Meditation, you're in the middle of the mage university and there isn't anyone who can walk you back to the dorm." Melly sighed. "As a last resort, ask Aoshi for some help."

Melly looked at Kagome's schedule again. "Tuesday and Thursday. I'll walk you to Math. Then I've got classes for most of the day."

Kagome thought. "Sango goes right by the library on her way to class. I'll tag along with her to there. On my way to Magical Diagrams, I'll grab an apple or something." She sighed. "After that... Maybe I can ask Belldandy to speak to them if they're still after me."

Melly patted the girl on the back. "Come on. We'll do some major homework and get our minds off the whole business." She looked at the door. "Once we get through your admirers."

She opened the door and faced immediate shouting. Melly raised her hands. "Guys! I doubt that you're going to get a date with her now. You've scared her and made her cry. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Now go away and let her out of her own dorm room!"

Under Melly's influence, they all left and the two girls went to the library.
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