Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Beginning of Year Four by ebonizy
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Source of Magic
Chapter 69
Beginning of Year Four

"You know what the good thing is about having a morning class together?"

Rin shook her head. "I can think of quite a few, but I'm sure you have a good reason."

"I do," Kagome said solemnly. "It means that we both have to set our alarm clocks for the same time so neither one of us will be late to class. We also get to have breakfast together."

"Very true," Rin said. "Of course, this requires us to actually get dressed."

Kagome looked down at her nightgown and grimaced. "I know."


Once they had gotten dressed and filled their stomachs with food from the cafeteria, they went to class. "This should be a great class."

"Sango enjoyed it." Kagome paused and went down the hall towards the vending machines. Rin changed her direction and followed. Kagome put in the right amount of change and punched a button. There was a rattling noise and she retrieved the bottled soda from the dispenser.

"I wonder what familiar we'll have."

Kagome grinned. "I want to see the dragon." Rin glanced at her. "Wufei's familiar is a dragon."

"I remember." They walked through the hall, up the stairs, and into their classroom. "What do you think he's like?"

Kagome shrugged. "No idea. Inuyasha likes him, though."

They talked about their new classes and what they had done that summer until the class filled up. A black-haired man walked in with a briefcase and went to the front of the room.

When the clock ticked precisely to nine, he began to speak. "Hello, class. I am Wufei Chang. You may call me Wufei, Professor, Mr. Chang, whichever of those suits your preference. I prefer to be on a first name basis with my students, but if any of you would like me to address you differently, please say so."

He looked down at his desk. "I will hand out the syllabus and we'll go over it together. Are there any first year students here?" He looked around but no one raised their hand. "Then the syllabus is standard to all of you. Don't come to class if you're sick or if there is bad weather. The first month of this class is concerned with learning about the various kinds of animals you may attract, their care, and abilities."

Wufei handed out the syllabus as he spoke. "At the end of the first month, you will summon your familiar. It is not difficult, but you must devote some time to thinking about what you are asking for."

"The second month will be learning about your specific familiar. How to interact with them and their needs will be covered. The rest of the semester will be spent studying familiars in our textbooks."

He looked out over the class. "If you have any problems, at any time, with your familiar... You are to call me. If it is one o'clock in the morning, you will call me. Your familiar trusts you to care for them and you are not to betray that trust."


Kagome walked up the stairs to her dorm after her Familiar class. Rin had gone to the library with the notion of getting some lunch before her one o'clock class.

Hm... I've got everything set up from moving in yesterday, Kagome thought. But I need to check a few websites and fill the refrigerator.

She heard footsteps behind her and glanced down from the second flight. "Thea?" she asked.

The girl's head shot up. "Kagome?"

She grinned. "Yeah. You live in this building?"

"Third floor."

Kagome waited until Thea caught up to her. "I'm on the second. How was your first day?"

"My first class is tomorrow. I'm so nervous." Thea grinned. "I've got Political Science. My room is a mess and I've got to clean that up." She shrugged. "My parents helped me a little, but they had to leave pretty soon after they got here."

"What about your roommate?" Kagome asked.

Thea grimaced. "She unpacked, said something about friends, and left."

"Rin's got class right now, but I can come help you for a few hours." Kagome started climbing again. "Which room is yours?"

Thea paused and said, "304. Are you sure?"

Kagome tossed a smile over her shoulder. "Of course. I've got all my stuff done already."


When Kagome got back from helping Thea, there was a message on the answering machine. "Hi, Kagome. It's Sango. Everyone's free this afternoon, so do you mind coming by the Special around four? Bye!"

Kagome found Rin's schedule on her desk and saw that she'd be back at three thirty. Glancing at the clock, she thought, that's only fifteen minutes from now.


She turned and grinned. "Speak of the psychology major. Sango's invited us to the Special at four. Want to go?"

Rin nodded. "Just let me drop off my backpack."


They walked in the front door and went up the stairs. Shippo was already sitting in one of the large circle booths with a drink in front of him. He waved at them as they began to approach. "Hi. How was your summer?"

"Pretty good," Kagome said, sliding in. "Where's everybody?"

Shippo looked at his drink. "Sango was just here. Miroku's going to be a little late. I don't know where the others are."

Kagome nodded and looked around. There were a few familiar faces, but no one she was really close to. She looked down at the table. How was she going to handle seeing Inuyasha again? The last time they were together...

He had kissed her. Her very first kiss, but they hadn't talked about it. Oh, sure, they had sent letters back and forth from May to the end of August. That one subject hadn't come up, though.

"Hello," Inuyasha said from beside her. She turned and he raised an eyebrow. "Geez, you look like you've seen a ghost." He waved a hand at her and she moved over.

"Drinks?" Sango asked. They nodded and she ran off. When she came back, she had Miroku in tow.

Sitting down, she sighed. "I've missed every one of you."

"But I was here yesterday," Miroku objected.

"I miss you every second we're apart," she told him.

"If you two are going to make eyes at each other, I'm going to go study," Inuyasha warned.

"Fine. How was your summer?" Sango asked.

Inuyasha shrugged. "Fine." He looked at Kagome. "Need that refrigerator of yours filled?"

She nodded. Rin had gone over to Sesshoumaru's and retrieved it before Kagome even got to college.

"Nothing but a pack mule," he said with a sigh.

"But you're a good pack mule." Kagome grinned. "Isn't that great, Rin? Inuyasha's going to take us shopping."

"Oh, good," the girl said happily. "We've got lots of groceries to get. Will he carry them up for us?"

"If we ask nicely," Kagome said. Inuyasha just rolled his eyes and drank his soda.
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