Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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The Dead by ebonizy
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Source of Magic
Chapter 66
The Dead

Duo leaned against the front of his desk. "Welcome back from spring break," he said. "Since the ground has sufficiently warmed up enough, we're going on a field trip. Does everyone have a warm coat and gloves? I don't want any of you to freeze. If you don't, we'll wait while you go back to your room and get them."

He glanced around, but no one took the offer. "Today we'll be going out to the graveyard to visit a guy I know. He happens to be dead, but don't hold that against him. I'll put up a distraction spell so we don't get any weird looks."

Duo stood up straight and began walking towards his coat. "We'll be gone maybe an hour and then we'll come back to class." Everyone put on their coats and they trooped out of the room.

He led them down the stairs, out of the building, across the parking lot, and down the sidewalk. They came to the end of the road and turned left. The gates were open and they walked into the graveyard.

There was still a lot of snow around, but it was thinning from the heat of the early spring days. Kagome was very glad she'd kept her boots and not traded them for sneakers over vacation.

Duo eventually reached a marker in the back of the graveyard. "This is Elliot Wright. He can't say hello right now, but he will in a few minutes."

He said the words to the distraction spell and then looked around. "First, you have to touch the gravestone. If the person doesn't have one, at least be standing on the ground where they're buried. This is only suitable for a single person raising. If you're doing a general 'help me out' raising, it's okay to stand almost anywhere."

Duo paused. "I once asked for help when I was in a tree. Of course, I was being chased by a really big dog at the time."

The class laughed a bit and he continued. "You do not have to wait until the ground thaws. You can do this at any time of the year, but it's easier when the ground is soft. It's also helpful to know the person's name."

"The main point to hit in raising a person from the dead is to make it extremely voluntary. It's the person's choice to talk to you. They can stay dead or whatever it is people do after they die. Elliot isn't going to threaten you, make the ghost noise, or anything like that. He's a normal guy that died twenty years ago."

Duo clapped a hand on the edge of the gravestone. "So it goes like this. Elliot Wright, I've got a class demonstration to do today. Do you think you could show up so I don't look like some yahoo who doesn't know what he's talking about?"


Duo glared at the ground. "Sometime today, Elliot..."

The ground shook slightly and parted. A man dressed in a blue plaid shirt and jeans sat up and got his feet underneath him. Once he was completely out of the ground, the split in the earth closed underneath him. Not a speck of dirt was on his clothes or in his brown hair. He smiled congenially at the class and looked at Duo. "Hi. I haven't seen you in a few months."

Duo shrugged. "Teaching classes, living, that sort of thing. Elliot, this is my class. Class, this is Elliot."

Elliot raised a hand in greeting. "Hello."

"As you can see, Elliot is not doing the ghost thing. He does not look dead. He also looks pretty good seeing as how he died when he was eight-eight years old."

Elliot shrugged. "I look like I did when I was about... early thirties."

"That's how you raise someone," Duo told his class. "Very simple. Touch the gravestone or the earth where they are. Knowing the name means a lot to someone who is dead. Give them a jingle, let them know that someone wants to talk to them. When they want to go back or you're finished talking, just say the word and that's it."

Elliot nodded. "There isn't anyone who's going to argue you with you about going back."

"Why?" someone asked.

He shrugged. "I can't answer why we want to go back, only that we want to."

"But," Duo continued, "it doesn't hurt at all. The person chose to come to talk to you. When the talking is over, they go back. It doesn't hurt them to stay up here and talk."

He nodded to Elliot. "Now, as far as this graveyard is concerned, there are a few people who like to sit and chat. Elliot's one of them. If you do a general calling on this graveyard, there's about four people who like to talk. There's one guy who thinks he's a comedian and likes to try to scare you. Over there," Duo pointed to the right, "is a lady who is really upset when someone does a general calling, but she normally doesn't say anything about it. If you do one and she shows up, apologize really fast."

"Those two are not included in the four that like to talk," Duo said. "Before we leave today, we'll visit each of their graves so you know where they are."

He turned back to Elliot. "I'll come talk with you soon, okay?" Elliot nodded and the earth opened again.

When it closed, Duo said, "See you later, Elliot." He nodded to the gravestone and began walking through the graveyard, pointing out the three other gravestones.


When they got back to class, Duo put his coat back over his chair. "You've seen your first raising today. We're going to take our fifteen minute break now. When we come back, you're going to write down what you saw, thought, felt, whatever. I'm not going to read this, so feel free to put down anything you want. When everyone's had half an hour to do that, I'm going to pair you up and you can talk. Get all of the 'we saw what?' out. Someone just saw the same thing you did and I want to make sure you have someone to talk about it with."

Duo smiled. "I'm going to go get some coffee and I'll be back." He and most of the students left the room.

Kagome took a bathroom break and stared into the mirror. "I just saw a dead person," she said. She nodded to herself. "I can deal with that."

She walked back to the classroom and sat down. One of her classmates was in the room, rustling through some papers in their folder. She got out a notebook and a pencil to begin her assignment.

She heard footsteps and looked up. A man who looked to be about mid-forties stood in front of the classroom. "Is this Professor Maxwell's class?" he asked smoothly. The other student nodded.

"Ah, Kagome Higurashi." He walked slowly to her desk and smiled. "How did you find your first raising?"

She shrugged. "It was okay."

"Just okay? You didn't feel the thrill of raising?"

Kagome frowned. "Um... No?"


"Well, no one fainted."

"That's good," Heero said, finishing a sentence on his laptop.

"Yeah," Duo said, sipping at his coffee. "That's good. Just wanted to give you an update."

"Siraj was by."

Duo groaned. "And I missed him?"

"He said that he was taking stock in whatever company makes band-aids. Between you and Wufei, he figures he'll double his money within days."

"That kid has got to figure out that he needs to stop challenging Gundam pilots." Duo muttered. Heero raised an eyebrow. "No. He's pretty much shaken Wufei out of his system and we are not getting him started on you. He'd end up in the hospital." He waved good-bye and headed back to class.

Duo walked down the stairs to the second floor and heard an unwelcome voice as he neared his classroom. "Great," he muttered. "He's in there trying to disrupt my hard work."

Throwing on a devil-may-care grin, he walked into the classroom. "Hi, everyone. Hello, Naraku. Just had to get another cup of coffee. It was cold outside, wasn't it?"

The older man narrowed his eyes. "Good afternoon, Professor Maxwell."

Duo nodded to him and set his cup down. "Now what did you come to see me about?"

"I came to visit the students and see how they liked your field trip today." He glanced at Kagome. "It seems they don't have the proper enthusiasm."

Duo shrugged dramatically. "Most people who have the natural talent for it don't use it. You know that." He smiled at Naraku. "It's the ones who can't do it by themselves that really want to use necromancy."

Duo sat quietly while the rest of his class came in and Naraku began talking to all of them. He held his peace until the fifteen minutes for break were up. "Well, Naraku, it's been good having you in my classroom, but we're getting back to class now."

"You object to me talking to your students? After all, I have practical experience as a necromancer." Naraku looked down his nose at Duo. "I don't possess a natural talent, but another point of view on necromancy could be fortunate."

From his position at the desk, Duo could see Wufei standing outside. He frowned slightly and glanced inside. Duo grinned and shook his head. "Naraku, the last time you tried interrupting one of my classes, you woke up with a bright pink teddy bear in your bed. I even have some of the pictures from you cuddling it."

"Now," he continued, "if you keep this up, you're just asking for another stuffed animal. I think a purple hippopotamus should work this time."

Naraku opened his mouth and Wufei walked in. "You are keeping up this injustice?" Wufei said coldly. "You would teach these students to raise people on the border of good and evil? Injustice!"

Naraku's eyes went wide at Wufei's appearance. He made his excuses and left the classroom. Duo snickered as soon as Naraku was out of earshot. "Thank you, Wufei."

He nodded to him. "I wouldn't see that poisoning their minds."

"But he is a teacher."

"An average one," Wufei conceded. "Skilled in his area, but it is narrow. I'll see you later, Duo." He nodded to the class and left.

Duo sighed. "That, my dear students, was Naraku. He raised the people at Halloween and is notorious for raising people while barely doing so on the good side. He is not a natural and gets his power to raise the dead from bargains he makes. We've gone over what bargains are necessary in our textbooks. If he approaches you, listen to him, don't listen, whichever you decide. Just don't cross over and do things the wrong way." He continued with the writing exercise and they all had a group discussion about what they had seen.
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