Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Fireball by ebonizy
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Source of Magic
Chapter 64

Kagome scowled at her backpack. Rin finally looked up from where she sat on her bed and said, "It isn't going to bite you."

She sniffed. "How do you know?"

"Because if it was interested in you, it would've pounced by now." Rin returned to her notes.

"You're just saying that because you've got the easy midterms."

Rin shook her head. "No argument here. Three multiple choice/true-false/essay question tests for psychology, one half written/half spoken for Japanese II, and a short paper for Experiences. I'll ace all of it."

Kagome growled. "And I'm stuck with making a program for Library Materials for Children, a Necromancy paper, and I.D. Which might bite me. You never know."

"Yes. Tokio would definitely send you something that would attack. Teachers are so devious that way."

Rin and Kagome looked at each other after that statement and cracked up. Kagome had to take a drink of her soda before she could calm down. "Okay," she said at last. "But I still think it's a bad idea to even approach that backpack."

"What's in there?" Rin asked, shuffling papers to find her Social Psychology notes.

"Three programming books for quotes and research, my necromancy textbook and a few other books that have bit pieces about necromancers, that object, and my other textbooks. Miscellaneous folders and stuff I've printed out to help me with that paper." Kagome sighed and got up. "I'll open it."

Rin watched as Kagome approached slowly and finally prodded the backpack with a toe. When it didn't leap at her, she picked it up and opened it.

Nothing happened and Rin smirked. Kagome started with her necromancy class since she had a good idea for a library program already. She browsed the index until she found something that sounded interesting.

Flipping through the pages, one opened wide and...

Kagome gave a mock scream and Rin looked over at her. "It bit you?" she asked calmly.

"No!" She pointed. "I knew something was waiting for me." Kagome removed the offending bit of paper and read it. "Another poem."

So We'll Go No More A-roving
Lord Byron

So, we'll go no more a-roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving
And the moon be still as bright.

For the sword outwears its sheath
And the soul wears out the breast
And a heart must pause to breathe
And love itself have rest.

Though the night was made for loving
And the day returns too soon,
Yet, we'll go no more a-roving
By the light of the moon.

Rin nodded. "Say what you will about the guy, but he does have good taste in poetry."
Kagome held up a hand. "Ah, but putting a love poem in a book about raising dead people? Strange..."


"Hey, Kagome?" Rin asked an hour later. "Is it getting hot in here?"

Kagome frowned. "Yeah. I wonder why." She pushed her book aside and went out into the hall. "It's even warmer out here."

Rin followed her. "Huh. Maybe someone turned the thermostat all the way up."

Kagome shook her head. "No, it wouldn't be this hot. I'm about to break out the shorts." She walked down the hall and felt it get noticeably warmer. Something's wrong, she thought and speeded up.

She stood in front of one door almost at the end of the hall and frowned. "Sarah?"


"Is something wrong? It's Kagome." There wasn't an answer. "Sarah, it's really hot out here." Kagome lowered her voice. "There's only me and Rin here. I think everyone else on the floor is gone."

The door opened a crack. "Something's gone wrong," Sarah said. "I can't let you come in because it'll get out."

"What'll get out?"

She darted a glance back at the room. "I was trying to do a fireball spell for my midterm and it's gotten out of hand. I can't control it."

Kagome's eyes widened. Fireball spells were just as they sounded. A ball of fire that would burn anything it was pointed at. "Have you given it a direction?"

She shook her head. "No. I can't."

Kagome swallowed hard. A fireball without a direction would eventually explode. Another fire could control it, but earth and air couldn't do anything. Rin had her water course, but the fire wouldn't react well to her tampering with it. "Have you got it under control for now? We could go get a teacher."

Sarah shook her head. "I've got it, but I don't think it'll hold long enough."

Kagome sighed. "I'll go into the spell with you and Rin can run for someone. With two of us, we should be able to control it." She turned to Rin. "Go to the main desk of the mage university and tell them what's going on." Rin nodded and ran off.


Inuyasha chose a soda from the case and headed to the front of the drugstore. While he was waiting, he studied the jellybean case. He picked out his favorite, green apple, and his eyes wandered to the next ones in the row. Kagome liked green apple, too, but she really liked the strawberry.

Hm... He counted the money had on him and decided to buy her some of them.

Wait a minute, Inuyasha thought. You're buying her candy? You already bought her some on Valentine's Day.

The person ahead of him slid a movie across the counter and the cashier turned to get the dvd for her. Now there's an idea. We haven't seen a movie in a few days. Maybe she'd-

Inuyasha shook his head. What are you doing? Candy, movie... What, are you turning into one of those guys who follows her around and sends her stuff all the time? Geez.

But when he got to the register with his soda and the paperclips Sesshoumaru had sent him after, he asked for a half pound of jellybeans in two bags.


Sess wasn't expecting him back soon, so Inuyasha jogged up the stairs to Kagome's floor. If she wasn't there, he'd leave them with Rin or something.

He walked to her door and knocked. "Kagome? Anyone home?"

"Inuyasha!" He looked and saw a hand waving out of a room further down. From the urgency in her voice, he hurried down and saw the relief in her eyes through the crack in the door. "Oh, am I glad to see you. Sarah started a fireball spell and she can't control it."

Inuyasha pushed on the door and entered the room. The fireball was hovering in mid-air with Sarah standing beside it. It was obvious she was about at the end of her rope. Her hand was shaking, she had sweat on her forehead, and the fireball was jerking around.

"Rin ran for the university and we've been working together to keep it controlled."

"Does it have a target?" Inuyasha said, keeping his eyes trained on the fireball.

She shook her head. "No. She can't give it one."

Inuyasha gritted his teeth. "Pull me into the spell."

"I can't," Sarah wailed. "I'd have to let Kagome go and once I do hat, I won't have enough control to keep it from-"

"Just do it!" Inuyasha barked.

Sarah cried out as Kagome was loosed from the spell and Inuyasha took her place. His control surrounded the fireball and it stilled. "Dissipate," he growled. It began to shrink and the temperature went slowly down in the room.

A black-haired man slowly entered the room. "Young lady, you are going to have some extra training in containment," he said sternly.

"Yes, sir," she said unhappily.

Yanagi pushed past him and looked the girl over. "You'll be all right," she soothed. "But I want you to lie down and take a nap. When you get up, find some juice to drink. Okay?" Sarah nodded and immediately collapsed into bed.

The teacher marched from the room and Inuyasha and Kagome followed him. Rin stood outside, panting. "Is she all right?"

Kagome nodded. "Yeah."

"That was good work," Wufei told Inuyasha.

Inuyasha grinned. "Thanks."

Wufei looked at his watch. "I hate to have to leave, but I have a student who needs an extra lesson. Siraj keeps challenging me." He sighed. "Maybe I should have Duo talk some sense into him."

"Duo?" Kagome asked incredulously. "Sense?"

"It does sound odd, but he has a touch with students." Wufei let a small smile peek through. "When he tells a student to leave someone alone, they usually do it. It could have something to do with the last fight he was in."

At their interested looks, he sighed. "Let's just say that Duo had to pay for the wall to be replaced."


That night, Kagome looked up into the black sky. "Cold?" a voice said from her right. She turned and looked into the smiling eyes of the man next to her. "I brought a blanket for you to wrap up in."

She accepted it and stared at the sky again. "What time is it?"

"Almost time for them to start."

The first blossom of red exploded into the night sky and Kagome's jaw dropped. They were so beautiful!


Kagome woke up to sunshine on her face and she blinked. Hold it. I was on a bridge... at night... watching fireworks... with a guy. I hate heights. I don't like being out at night because it's dark and cold. Fireworks are great, but I'd rather watch them from inside a house or something.

She sighed. These dreams are really getting strange.
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