Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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A Walk Downtown by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 6

A Walk Downtown

Kagome showed up promptly at one that Saturday. She walked into The Special, her eyes scanning for a familiar face.

"She's in the kitchen," Kirara said helpfully at the cashier's desk. "She had to clean up a soda spill and her hands were sticky."

"Thanks, Kirara," Kagome responded. She wrinkled her nose. "Sticky hands aren't good for shopping trips."

"Nah, they aren't," Sango agreed, weaving through the tables. "I'd have to buy everything I touched and bankrupt mom."

Kirara sniffed a little. "Business is very good. I doubt you could touch that much."

Sango winked at Kagome. "Ooh! A challenge."

She laughed. "Just remember to be back by five, dear." Sango nodded and the two girls left The Special.

Sango admired one of the many skirts in the store, Muted Twilight, and reluctantly let the fabric drop. She worked in her mother's restaurant only during the dinner rush. Fourteen hours wasn't really enough to buy a fifty dollar skirt that she'd never wear.

She had been working a little after high school, but mostly to save up money for college. Once the windfall had come into her mother's hands, they had moved and begun a restaurant. In exchange for working all summer and continuing to work there, Kirara would pay for her daughter's college education. Sango lived at home with her mom, worked in the restaurant at dinner time, went to college, and got a hundred dollars a week for expenses. She helped clean up at night, too.

So half of her weekly pay wasn't a good idea for one skirt.

"Going to try it on?" Kagome asked. Sango shook her head. She looked around. "Well, I've got a few things. I want to see if they fit."

Sango watched Kagome walk toward the counter. She sighed and took the skirt from the rack. "Me, too."

Sango exited the store feeling much happier with herself. She wasn't going to spend all her money for this week, but she was still going to have the skirt thanks to a little invention called layaway. Twenty-five dollars this week and the same next week. Then she'd have to worry about finding a shirt to match the peculiar green/gray/blue color...

The next stop was the small used bookstore two shops down from the corner. It was called A Book in Bloom and the owner was very nice. She was tall with bouncy auburn hair. "Hi!" she greeted them.

"Hi, Catherine!" Sango and Kagome chorused. She waved them toward the stacks and they bent their heads to browsing.

"Hey, Kagome," Sango said idly from the right side of the bookcase. "What do you want your perfect guy to be like?"

Kagome came around the bookcase, following the B's of the science fiction and fantasy section. "Oh, that's a good question. One I'd better not answer with any potential ears around to hear."

Sango snickered. "I guess not."

"So what's your perfect guy like?" she asked instead.

"Mine?" Sango browsed through H while she was thinking. "Well, I've done a lot of thinking about this subject."

"Mm," Kagome said sagely.

"And a bit of dating, so I'm pretty sure what I'd like to try first. You never know. At our age, we have one thing in mind that we absolutely have to have in a guy. Ten years from now it could drive us nuts. Or we could get used to football and like the time to read or something."

Sango took a deep breath. "I don't have a preference on the age as long as he isn't way older or younger than I am." Kagome nodded. "All the standard stuff like having a sense of humor and being smart."

"Of course."

"Looks-wise... I'm usually attracted to the dark-haired ones. I don't care if he works out as long as he isn't hard as a rock and doesn't have those little veins sticking up all over."

Kagome giggled. "I don't know about the dark hair, but you and I agree about the muscles."

"Someone I can talk to. Not anyone who uses language that I can't understand and talks over me. Or at least if they use a word I don't know, they'll explain it." Sango paused. "Someone intelligent."

Kagome nodded slowly. "Yes. And not anyone who acts like they're intelligent. Someone who has an opinion and can back it up with why."

"Yes, that's what I mean." Sango plucked a book out and examined the back cover. The other girl moved around her and continued on through the T section.

The conversation lagged a bit while the two girls both found books they'd like to purchase and paid Catherine for them. Once they were out on the street, it picked up again.

"Someone I don't have to bug them to do their laundry," Sango said with a chuckle. "And they know how to pull their pants up," she said, passing a local teenager.

Kagome laughed and cupped a hand over her mouth. "Not to change the subject, but how do you think we did on that math test two days ago?"

Sango shrugged. "I think I did okay. Have any problems with the ones you were having trouble with?"

Once upstairs in The Special, ensconced in the corner with two Sunkist sodas, the conversation returned to the track of the perfect guy.

"We've covered age, looks, muscles, intelligent, someone you can talk to, and laundry," Kagome summed up.

"Someone who has relatively the same taste in movies, books, etc. that I do. Not that we have to read the same thing."

Kagome shook her head. "No. Just somewhere that we overlap. We both like science fiction, but he likes thrillers and I like romances."

She began daydreaming. "The age thing I agree with and the muscles. Intelligence is okay and I'd like someone to talk to. Someone who realizes that not all girls are sweet and romantic." Kagome bent closer to Sango. "I'd like just once for someone to not give me flowers or candy."

She straightened and went on. "Someone handsome and funny. That's more of the standard stuff you want, isn't it?" Sango nodded. "I don't know. I have thought about it, but a lot of it depends on the person."

"What about personal habits?" Sango asked.

"Absolutely no smoking," Kagome said instantly. "It makes me cough and gives me a headache."

"Well, that's specific. No drinking, no smoking, no drugs. Someone who looks at me like I'm the only girl around." Sango sighed and lifted her drink. "Here's to the guys we'll never find."

Kagome raised hers and the plastic clinked together. "To the men we'll find." The two ladies drank.
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