Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Christmas Preparation by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 57

Christmas Preparations

"Merry Christmas!" Kagome caroled.

Inuyasha turned to look at her. "Not for another two weeks, it isn't."

She snorted and bounced over to an available electrical outlet in the living room. She plugged the stereo in and Bing Crosby began to play. "Get into the mood, Inuyasha."

"I'm in the Christmas mood," he said. "I'm volunteering to haul the tree down, aren't I?"

"That you did," Sesshoumaru said. "Cookies are in the oven still."

Inuyasha grumbled but headed up the stairs to get the tree. Kagome snickered at him and waved hello to Sango and Miroku as they came in the door. "Oi!" Inuyasha yelled down the stairs. "I could use some help, Miroku."

"Anything to assist," he said gallantly. "Provided that it furthers the festivities."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, but together they got the tree down. Sesshoumaru began hauling cookies out of his oven to cool. Rin started to help him decorate them as soon as they were cool enough. Kagome almost laughed herself sick over the guys and the Christmas lights. Sango just shook her head and chatted with Shippo.

"You know what would be easier this year?" Kagome said suddenly.

"What?" Sango asked.

"Well, last year we ran around trying to get presents for everyone. Most of us found someone else who pitched in toward a present."

Shippo nodded. "Mm-hm?"

"Wouldn't it be easier if we all decided what to get each other, pool the money, and go buy the present?"

Sango nodded slowly. "How would we decide?"

Kagome looked around. "Everyone's here. We could meet in the kitchen and send the other person somewhere else in the house..."

"Or we could talk here, lay a spell of silence on the person, and blindfold them so they couldn't read lips," Sesshoumaru said, bearing the first plate of cookies. "Someone could note who was going to buy which present and get the money to them."

"Good idea," Kagome said. "Well?"

Everyone agreed and Sess found a notebook for them to write on. Sesshoumaru laid the spell on Shippo and handed him a blindfold. Once it was assured that the kitsune wouldn't hear them, they began sorting out his present.

"What does he want?" Kagome said, pencil poised.

As a group, they shrugged. Finally, it came out that Shippo wanted a set of movies.

Miroku was next in line and Sango piped up right away. "There's a spell book he's been eying in Book in Bloom." She pressed a hand to her forehead. "It's on the third shelf... Blue binding... I cannot remember the title, but I know what it looks like."

Since Sango was the only one who knew what the book looked like, it was decided that she'd go and buy it for him.

The blindfold slipped over Sango's eyes and Kagome and Rin both started talking about a particular necklace she'd been eyeing. "I'll pick it up," Rin volunteered.

When it was Rin's turn, Inuyasha snorted. "I think we know what she wants." He looked pointedly at Sesshoumaru. "You've turned her into a Stargate fanatic."

So Rin's gift was to be Stargate SG-1: Season One. Kagome raised her hand a little and said, "I'll go buy the movies for Shippo and Rin. Saves a trip."

Sesshoumaru was a difficult person to buy for, but Inuyasha mentioned that he wanted a set of calligraphy pens and the paper to go with them from the art shop downtown. He shrugged and said that he'd pick them up.

Inuyasha played a particular computer game all the time at Shippo's dorm room, so his present was easy to decide. Shippo would go get the game.

They discussed Kagome's present until they were almost arguing, but finally decided on something Inuyasha had seen.

When the gifts had been decided on, they began to decorate the tree with its ornaments. Sesshoumaru ducked out occasionally to get more cookies out of the oven, but he was there for the most part.

The new addition this year was to add twinkle lights to the trees and bushes outside. Sesshoumaru, being the tallest person there, put the lights up over the door to the porch. Miroku and Sango tackled one tree while Shippo and Rin did the other. Inuyasha took one side of the bushes and Kagome took the other.

Of course, with snow on the ground, the inevitable happened. Even if there wasn't much snow.

"Ah!" Kagome glared at Inuyasha. "You didn't."

"I did," he said smugly.

She sighed. "So childish. You really shouldn't throw bits of snow at people." She walked calmly inside the house.

Inuyasha looked around. "Um... What just happened?"

Sesshoumaru shrugged. "I'm sure you'll find out."


They were finished with the lights and walked inside. Inuyasha stood in the porch, taking off his snowy boots when Kagome came to the door. "Are you mad?" he asked.

She smiled sweetly and shook her head. He relaxed. She held out a can in front of her and depressed the button. Stuff squirted out of it and Inuyasha held up his hands to ward it off.

Kagome released the button and smirked. He was covered in pink strands and his hair was absolutely...sticky. "On the other hand, Silly String is much better to be childish with." He growled and she ran. He chased her into the kitchen where she ran out the side door. He stopped on the edge of the doorway and realized... No boots.

She ran in through the back door and smiled at him. "Shouldn't you be taking a shower before that stuff really gets icky?"

"You just wait until spring gets here. You are so going to get water-ballooned," he threatened.

She stuck out her tongue. "Take your best shot. I think I'll be getting the better half of the bargain, though."


"If I hit you with a water balloon, I'd have to smell wet dog all day," she teased.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower now, so you'll have to smell it anyway." He walked into the bathroom and firmly shut the door.

"Men," Kagome muttered.


So money exchanged hands and they all went after their presents. Shippo and Kagome hitched a ride with Inuyasha even though they were all buying presents for each other. "How are we going to work this?" Kagome asked. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm buying a present for one of the people in this car."

"Same here," Shippo piped up.

"My present is in the Christmas part of the store," Inuyasha told them. "So I'll check out there."

Shippo nodded. "My present is in electronics." He glanced at Kagome.

She shook her head. "So's mine."

"Okay," he said. "I'll go get mine and sit in the restaurant part. When you see me do that, you can go buy your presents." Kagome agreed. It was in this way that no one saw what their present was ahead of time.
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