Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Halloween by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 51


"Oh, you look nice!"

"Thank you," the three girls chorused.

Kaoru grinned at them. "Here for more of Kenshin's cookies, hm?" They nodded and helped themselves to orange napkins and cookies shaped like pumpkins.

It was yet another Halloween and their annual dilemma over who made the best cookies, Kenshin or Kasumi.

"I sent off a package this morning," Kenshin said, dipping up a few more cups of punch. "Melly actually sent me a check for them this year." He shook his head. "I told her she didn't need to."

Kaoru snickered. "She enjoyed it. Signed the check 'To Mr. Kenshin Himura' and added a note about it being from a Miss Melly." She turned and settled her son back in his chair. "This is Kenji, everyone." They cooed over the two-year-old and Kaoru proudly announced that she'd be coming back to the childcare center as soon as spring semester started.

Sango looked at her watch and tapped it. Kagome stopped admiring Kenji and they made their goodbyes. The guys were going to meet them at the mage university's party and they didn't want to be late.

"No demons, no illusions, nothing creepy," Rin said softly. "Please?"

Kagome laughed. "Oh, something will go wrong."

"Then why are we going?"

Sango grinned. "Because I want to see what happens to Kagome."

"Oh, thanks a lot," Kagome complained.

They made it to the auditorium without anything happening and Kagome breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe she'd escape unscathed this year.

"Sango!" Miroku hugged her and stepped away. "You make an adorable goddess."

She stared at his hat. "Um..."

"Do you like it?" he asked, adjusting the hat so it was straight.

Inuyasha shook his head as he came up to them. "A Viking. We're from all over the globe, aren't we?"

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "Musketeer?"


"And I, their lady-in-waiting," Rin said, curtseying.

Shippo held up a magnifying glass. "And I shall investigate the mystery. For is it not said, 'When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.'?"

Kagome groaned. "Has anything happened yet?"

"We just arrived," Miroku told her, kissing Sango's hand gallantly. "Would my lady like something from the refreshment table?" She nodded and they began their walk over.

Inuyasha looked around. "Did you want to sit or stand?"

"Sit," Kagome said. "Let's find a table so we can all have somewhere to enjoy Kasumi's snacks." Rin and Shippo accompanied them.

Sango and Miroku came back with a tray of goodies and punch for everyone. They commented on the costumes and the decorations.

"Why do you keep turning around?" Inuyasha asked Kagome.

She shrugged. "I keep feeling something. Like someone's poked me in the back."

"There isn't anyone there."

"I know. That's the funny thing."

Rin got up from the table. "Ladies room," she said. Kagome joined her. Sango sat with the guys and munched on cookies. Or at least the cookies that the guys hadn't already sneaked for themselves.

When the tray was empty, Shippo and Inuyasha got up to load it with more snacks. On the way there, Inuyasha stepped around a shadow. Shippo frowned at it, but followed the older boy.

Kasumi had just put out two new platters of cookies and the guys helped themselves. A small black shadow, about the size of a tennis ball, inched toward them. Shippo pointed. "Inuyasha, is that shadow attached to anything?"

He glanced at it. "Maybe it's a reflection from something."

Kasumi walked over and shooed it away. "They're all over the place tonight," she told them.

"What?" Shippo asked.

"Kagehoshi is making the shadows dance," Kasumi told them matter-of-factly. "They won't hurt you."

Both of them just shook their heads and took the tray back to the table. They'd seen stranger things since living in this town.

When they got back to the table, Kagome and Rin had returned and were telling Sango and Miroku about the shadows. "We found one of those on the refreshment table," Inuyasha told her.

She took a cookie shaped like a witch's hat. "No, we're talking about the ones that dive at you from above."


"This big black winged shadowy thing dived at us from the ceiling," she told him. "We both shrieked and it flew away." She bit into the cookie.

Sango looked up and shivered. "That's not the only thing that's up there," she said softly. The whole table looked up at the tone of her voice.

Kagome's eyes widened. Intellectually, she knew that there were lights above her. She knew that. How else would there be light on the table and in the auditorium if there weren't lights?

But her eyes fed her another picture. A picture of inky darkness, with shadows whirling from black to a dark grey. Of tiny red figures with glowing eyes and wicked claws grinning at her. They were not happy little red men, they were evil. A coldness touched her heart.

"Shippo?" she said faintly.


"That's an illusion, right?"

He paused. "Um... Yes and no."


"It's real, but it's not here."

Kagome felt light-headed. "Oh."

Rin looked firmly down at the table. "I am going to eat my cookie and enjoy Halloween. Though, I think I'd rather be around six years old and going trick-or-treating. I've had much scarier Halloweens since I've been here."

"Maybe next year we should just throw our own Halloween party," Kagome suggested. "Watch the Snoopy Halloween special with the Great Pumpkin. Have Kenshin's cookies."

"Ah, this isn't scary," Duo said from behind her. "What's scary is what the professors wanted to do and got talked out of." He sat in one of the available chairs and nodded to Rin. "Hi, Rin. Having fun?" She nodded. "Good."

Kagome looked at his Death costume and he grinned. "I wear the same one every year. Reminds me of something." She decided not to ask what it reminded him of.

Heero showed up at his shoulder and nodded to Rin. She returned the favor and he lowered his head to speak quietly to Duo.

"Now?" Duo said. "This early?" Heero nodded. "Idiot," he muttered. Duo looked around at the table. "Anyone squeamish should leave the party now."

Rin swallowed. "Why?"

Someone whispered over the intercom system, "The dead walk."

Duo grimaced. "That's why."

A man in thick black robes stood in the center of the stage and raised his hands to gain attention. He raised his head and everyone saw his calm eyes. After all, if the guy on the stage was calm, why wouldn't everyone else be?

"As a special Halloween treat..." He gestured to the sides of the stage. "The dead walk." The people around the stage began shuffling. Kagome raised a hand to her mouth and shook her head. There were two skeletons with red glowing eyes and no clothes. The rest were clothed and in various stages. Most were skeletons with bits of rags, but a few were... not very decomposed.

Their bodies didn't move like they were alive and breathing. It was a shuffling walk as if they were afraid of moving too fast that their bones might shatter. Arms were outstretched and Naraku's gaze followed them everywhere. People shrank away from them and let them pass unimpeded.

Duo closed his eyes and sought out every person that Naraku had raised. Man, this ticks me off, he thought. Unnatural power to raise them which means he either borrowed it off of a necromancer or he made a pact with something else.

It was his job to check if anyone did it the wrong way. If they did that... Duo grinned. They'd be mine.

And Naraku is slippery enough that he's done it right. Except for this one.

Duo freed one of the people and it turned back the way it had come, headed for its grave. Duo looked at Naraku who was giving him a sour look. He raised his glass of punch to the older man and drank.

While Duo was checking the walking dead, Naraku had maneuvered one close to their table. Kagome shrank away from the sight of it walking through the crowd, but didn't get up.

It walked determined to their table and kept its gaze focused on Kagome. Miroku was staring at it as well and beckoned for Sango and Rin to get up. Shippo watched from his seat while Inuyasha glared at the person.

Duo lowered his glass in time to see the person reach out for Kagome. How'd he get so close!

She shouted a spell and the arm stopped. It fell back to its side and waited, still staring at her.

Duo gave the person a stern look and pointed back to Naraku. The skeleton walked sedately back to its caller. The walking dead returned to Naraku and he left with them. Duo relaxed. "Hey," he said, looking at Heero. "Why didn't you warn me?"

"I had to?"

Duo sniffed. "Well, it would've been nice."

Kagome sighed, much relieved. "I'm just glad that spell stopped it." The group quickly decided that they didn't really want to be there and left.

Duo took another cookie and got up from the table. No, he thought. It didn't.
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