Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Rin's Midterm by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 50

Rin's Midterm

Rin put her backpack over her shoulder gingerly. It contained nothing that she needed for her next task.

Don't think about it, she thought. After I get this done, I'm going to go to the library and study. Yes, concentrate on working on your anthropology homework.

She walked out of the cafeteria and decided on a route. About halfway there, she shook her head and stopped. I don't want to do this. I really don't want to do this. I'd rather answer Kagome's fan mail than do this.

She sighed and began walking again. I have to do this.

I aced the written part of the test. I just don't want to take the spoken part.

I shouldn't be upset about this. I know the material. He's going to carry on a small conversation with me, ask my numbers and colors, and that will be it.

She shuddered. I don't want to!

Rin pulled at the door and it didn't open. She sighed and stood away from it. "You do not intimidate me," she said sternly. Wrapping both hands around the bar, she pulled and the door came free. "Dratted heavy thing," she muttered.

She started up the first flight of steps. I did well on the written. I know I did. I love learning Japanese. It's just that the teacher is so...

Rin swallowed. He stares at the whole class as if daring them to learn his language. He scares me. He never smiles and his homework assignments are more like commands.

She cleared the first flight and started the second. She climbed the third and reached the top. Pulling open the door, she stared down the hallway.

Um... Have a few minutes. Good time for a bathroom break. She ducked inside and wasted a few minutes.

This is stupid. I am eighteen, in my second year of college, and I'm afraid to go talk to a professor? I know the subject. I can pass this. I just don't want to talk to him!

Rin straightened and marched out of the bathroom. She got all the way to his office and inside before she began to lose her nerve. He was just sitting there, writing something in a book. There wasn't anything to be afraid-

He pointed at the chair with the end of his pen. She sat immediately. He finished writing and looked at her. He nodded and said something in Japanese.

Rin didn't know what it was because she was frozen. His mouth moved, but she didn't hear him. He frowned slightly and repeated the question.

What am I going to do, she thought. I-I...

She bolted.

Down the stairs, she ran. Rin finally stopped on the first floor landing and panted. She stopped breathing for a moment and waited for the door on the third floor to open.

When it didn't, she breathed a sigh of relief. She looked out the window and her eyes widened. I just ran out of my professor's office.

My midterm.

I'm going to fail.

Even that wasn't enough to make her go back. Her cheeks flamed red and she winced. I can't go back to class. He'll ask why I ran and I...

Rin stared out the window. What am I going to do? Tears pricked at her eyes and she tried to blink them away. Her breathing hitched and she fought with herself. I am not going to cry. Not going to!

Someone moved between her and the door. "Rin?" he asked softly. "Is something wrong?"

She looked at the person, startled and ashamed to be caught crying. Violet eyes offered comfort to her and she sniffled. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," he replied. "What's wrong?" She shook her head. "Are you hurt? Do you need to go to the clinic?"


"To be able to fix it, I've got to know what's not right," he coaxed. She turned back toward the window and her tears fell free. He sighed and moved to stand closer to her. "Now, this isn't exactly good student/professor stuff, but-"

He tugged her around and offered a hug. "Come on. I've been told I'm a good one to cry on." Rin took the comfort he offered and cried.

When she finished, she looked up at him. "Thanks," she murmured.

"Ah, I needed a shower anyway," he joked. "Going to tell me now?"

"It's embarrassing."

"We've all had our moments. Did you want to go up to my office?" Rin nodded and he led her up to the third floor.

She shook her head when he opened the door for her. "Something wrong?"

"Yes," Rin said reluctantly. "Can we talk out here?"

Duo let go of the door. "Sure." They settled against the wall and he cleared his throat. "Any time you're ready."

She took a deep breath. "I'm taking a class and the teacher frightens me."

He nodded. "Okay. What frightens you?"

"He's quiet except when he's teaching us. He sits very straight and doesn't slouch. He assigns homework like the assignments are life and death. He looks at you and it's like he's staring into your soul." She glanced at him. "Don't laugh."

"I won't," Duo promised. "So... You've got a scary professor."

"I had to take a midterm with him today and I ran out of the room."

Duo pursed his lips. "That would be embarrassing." He pushed away from the wall. "So we'll go see this professor and I'll stay there while you take your exam. Sounds good?"

Rin shrugged. "I can try it."

"Who's the teacher?"

"Heero Yuy. He teaches Japanese."

Duo nodded solemnly. "The guy who shares my office. Now I see why you didn't want to go there. How about I go talk to him and I'll come back and get you? You're not going to run from me, right?" He grinned at her and she shook her head. He walked through the door and left Rin alone to go talk to her professor.


Duo leaned against the doorway. "You've done it again." Heero looked up. "Did a girl just run out of here?"

"That girl, who I might mention is one of my advisee students, just spent a few minutes crying on my shoulder because you frighten her."

Heero's head lowered a fraction and he closed his eyes. Duo came into the room proper and patted his best friend's shoulder. "I wouldn't worry about it. She's a really nice kid. She just needs to know that you're human. You might try to smile in class."

Heero glared at him. "Or maybe not," Duo amended. "I said that I'd stay during the exam. So I'll have a seat and watch." Duo ducked out of the office and fetched Rin.

The girl entered the office sheepishly and sat down in the chair again. "Ah, Rin," Duo said. "Why don't you take my chair? It rolls."

Rin got up and took the chair that was further from the door, but it was also away from Heero. Duo took her chair and slouched. "So, go speak Japanese," he said, waving a hand at them.

Heero greeted her in a much softer voice than the first exam and Rin responded cautiously. They managed to get through the rest of the exam without further mishap and Rin left after giving Duo a grateful smile.

"Why do I frighten her?" Heero asked.

Duo shrugged. "You look at her, you don't slouch, stuff like that. Stuff you're working on, but it doesn't come out around students until you've known them a few months." Heero nodded and went back to his work.
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