Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Shippo's Birthday by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 49

Shippo's Birthday

Shippo's eyes popped open when he awoke on a very special day. It was also Tuesday which meant he had to be up early anyway to go to Dorothy's Sociology class, but today was also his birthday!

He leapt out of bed, got dressed, and checked his email. As usual, he had dozens of birthday messages from relatives around the world. With a wide smile, he threw his backpack over his shoulder and ran off for class. He snagged a doughnut and a small container of orange juice from the cafeteria and slid into class four minutes early.

Dorothy didn't pay any attention to him and finally began class three minutes after eight. "Today we are going to look at societal pressures," she began.


Shippo got out of class at ten thirty and ran back to his dorm room. Someone stopped him at the mail window. "Shippo, you have mail," she said grinning. "Did you want it?"

"Sure," he said.

"Good." She ducked out of sight and a few moments later, a door opened into the hallway. "Come give me a hand," she said faintly.

Shippo walked around the corner and saw what she was talking about. "You win the prize for having the biggest present shipped from home. Congratulations." She glared at the box. "It's bigger than you are."

He stood next to it and, sure enough, it was a few inches taller. "Could you keep an eye on it for me? Jinenji might be around to help with it."

She nodded and he ran up the stairs. Since they had gotten along really well, he and Jinenji had decided to be roommates again this year. Jinenji had a lot of problems with people just seeing his size and not his gentle manner. Shippo was short for his age and he was the youngest person on campus when he started here at sixteen. He didn't have a problem with Jinenji and Jinenji felt that Shippo was one of the people he could trust.

Plus what if Jinenji had been paired with another large person? How would you fit both of them in one of the tiny dorm rooms?

Shippo opened the door and saw Jinenji look up at him. "Do you have a minute?" he asked.

Jinenji nodded. "I've got to be in class in twenty-five minutes, though."

"My family just sent me a huge package and I can't carry it by myself." Shippo and Jinenji went downstairs and Jinenji picked up the package by himself. He carried it upstairs and into the dorm room where he set it down in the center of the room.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." Jinenji got his backpack and left the room.

Shippo stared at the package and then at his dorm room. "They know I'm living in a small space," he muttered.

"Who knows that?"

Shippo turned to see Inuyasha in the doorway. "Hi."

"Happy Birthday!" Rin and Kagome said.

Inuyasha moved and the two girls walked into the room. "Geez," Kagome said, admiring the package. "What are you going to do with that?"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "He's going to open it, of course."

"I know that! What if it's something huge? He doesn't have the space for it."

"He'll figure it out."

"Oh, you're so compassionate," Kagome said dryly. "Shippo, we just came over to tell you happy birthday."

Inuyasha shook his head. "And Sesshoumaru wants everyone over for dinner and birthday cake tonight around five thirty."

Rin looked at the box and tilted her head. "How'd you get it up here?"

"Jinenji," Shippo said. He reached a hand up on the top of the box and pulled at the end. "I don't know what's going to come out of here..."

"Good point," Kagome said, backing up.

Shippo pulled the top open and a group of balloons floated out. They arranged themselves in front of him and chorused, "Happy Eighteenth Birthday, Shippo!"

"I'm sorry we couldn't be there."

"But we got you lots of presents."

"Your brother says you're doing fine."

"We miss you!"

"Happy Birthday!"

The voices stopped and Shippo tentatively reached into the box. His hand met a crinkle of paper and he pulled it out. It was a rolled cylinder. He pulled the paper off and shook it out. It was a blue fleece throw. He shook his head. "Mom. Always worried about me being cold."

He tipped the box toward him and set it down gently. He sat down on the floor and began pulling out packages while Inuyasha, Kagome, and Rin found places to sit. The girls took Jinenji's bed and Inuyasha sat on the floor. Shippo kept his bed for all the presents.

When he was finally through unwrapping everything, he had a blue fleece throw, five new dvds, a gift card for 100 to Walmart, nine books including the newest hardcover of a favorite series, a microwave, a box of CD-Rs, a cordless phone, and a very thick stack of games for his computer.

"Well," he said. He looked over it all and nodded. "I'm going to call them tonight and tell them the package got here."

Kagome blinked at all the stuff. "I don't think we have to return any of our presents." She glanced at Rin who shook her head.

"I hate to break this up," Kagome said.

"But we've got class at one," Inuyasha finished for her.

She grinned at him. "And I've got to go back to my dorm, grab my stuff, and find something to eat."

Inuyasha agreed with her. "Five thirty," he said. "Sesshoumaru was talking about a new recipe for chocolate frosting." Rin left with them, leaving Shippo to put away the stuff. The dvds went on the shelf as soon as they had been unwrapped. The books encountered the same treatment. The CD-Rs went under his desk. The throw went over the bed. The microwave was set up along with the phone. He put the gift card in his wallet and began installing the games on his computer.

While he was waiting for the first game to install he thought back to Kagome and Inuyasha. He finished her thought, Shippo realized. He guessed exactly what she was going to say. Strange...


He showed up at quarter after five and sniffed the air. His favorite dinner and...cake?

Shippo tried to walk near the kitchen, but Sesshoumaru called out, "If you come in here, I will shove a wooden spoon up your nose."

He made a u-turn and went to sit in the living room.

Inuyasha thundered down the stairs and grinned at him. "He won't let anyone in. Did you get the 'If you come in here, I will slam your hands in the refrigerator?'"

"No." Shippo repeated the threat he got and then the girls walked in. Kagome carried the small gift and Sango was toting the big box.

Sesshoumaru announced that dinner was ready and they all went into the kitchen. Kagome glanced around. "Where's the cake?"

Inuyasha laughed. "It's hidden somewhere."

Sesshoumaru glared at him. "It is not. It is in a cake cover." Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. "Which is hiding behind the cereal boxes."


When dinner was over, Shippo unwrapped his presents. The big present was a new computer mouse and the small present was shared between all of them. They had pooled their money to buy him a gift card for one of the online music stores.

Shippo thanked them until he was blue in the face. Sesshoumaru went into the kitchen and cut the cake when Shippo declined the tradition of blowing out the candles. They all trundled in after their slice and returned to the living room with their chocolate on chocolate cake.

"So what happened to the balloons?" Kagome asked.

Shippo frowned. "They were an illusion. The strings hanging from them were the recording devices for the voices."

"You can do that?"

He nodded. "Very easily. I can do that. I should be able to produce something like those wings you had for the end of this semester?"

Inuyasha winced. "Don't tell her that. You'll get dragged into making illusions next Halloween."

"Well... Not this Halloween, but maybe next year," Kagome said consideringly.
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