Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Sango's Familiar by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 48

Sango's Familiar

Wufei entered the classroom and opened his briefcase. The conversations wound to an end and he passed out the appropriate materials.

"You've all taken Mythological Creatures," he began. "So you know you may attract a familiar that isn't something you've encountered before. If you have a problem, my number is located in your syllabus and on the paper I just handed out. We've gone over the summoning process and you all scored well on the test."

He paused. "Those of you who are magically inclined have the option of specifying that you wish a true familiar. But not being a mage doesn't mean that you will not attract a magical creature. If after you work your summoning, you find that you have something you're unfamiliar with, please call me."

He went on to detail the specifics of summoning and Sango stared at the paper along with the rest of the class. Most of the people here were studying to be mages. She had a few classmates that were taking this as an elective.

She wouldn't summon a true familiar because she wasn't interested in being a mage. If she'd shown any potential, someone would have said something by now.

So she'd summon a familiar that would be a friend to her. A creature that just wanted companionship, not a magical partnership.

Sango sat down in her room and reviewed the paper. Focus her will, speak the trigger words for summoning, and outline what she wanted. Sounds simple, she thought. My thoughts can't wander and I have to speak the words clearly.

She fell back on meditation and calmed herself down. What she wanted was already written down, so she'd be fine. Absolutely fine.

She'd spoken with her mother before entering the class and Kirara was fine with Sango having a familiar. She'd presented it like having a pet even though she had no idea what she'd end up summoning.

Sufficiently calm, she focused on the summoning process and spoke the words. She drew in a deep breath. "Someone who doesn't care if I'm a mage or not. I won't need their help with magic. I'd like someone who just wants a friend."

Sango spoke the ending words to shut down the summoning and glanced at the paper again. "The arrival of the familiar may take a few seconds or a few weeks, depending on how far away they are. The familiar will be known when the summoner touches the familiar and the spell energy is returned."

Kagome looked up as she walked into Inuyasha's house. "How'd the summoning go?" she asked cheerfully.

Sango shrugged. "I think I did it right. I'm waiting now."

"How does it work?" Rin asked. "Will the familiar find you or your house or...?"

"Me," Sango verified. "I'm the homing beacon."

"What do you think you'll get?" Kagome smiled as Inuyasha stole a cookie from her plate. "Hey! You don't have to sneak them. My cookies are your cookies."

He raised an eyebrow. "Actually, they're Sess's cookies. And why wouldn't I steal them? It's more fun that way."

Kagome rolled her eyes at him. "So what do you think, Sango?"

"I don't know. I'm just hoping for someone who isn't too strange."

Kagome nodded slowly. "It would be kind of weird to get a cockatrice or something dangerous." She looked at Sango who was now seriously doubting her sanity for signing up for that particular course. "Hey. Whoever comes to see you will be great."

That night, Sango wasn't so sure. What if it was someone...not suited to her? She turned out the light and snuggled down deep in her bed. The summoning had been completed. She'd just have to wait and see.

Kirara jolted awake, but didn't open her eyes. What had woken her up this time?

There it was again. A weird sound, almost like a scratching noise.

The door, she realized. Something is at the door. She sighed and opened her eyes. Middle of the night, she realized as she looked at the clock. A strange noise at the door. She slid the nightstand drawer open and took out the revolver. If it was a burglar, they were going to have a very painful surprise.

She approached the door carefully and peeked out a side window. Nothing moved and she didn't see anything...

Shrugging, she snapped the light on and looked out the window again. Her shoulders fell and Kirara rolled her eyes. She opened the door and a blur ran by her to stop in the middle of the room. She examined this new person and walked calmly away toward her new destination.

Kirara followed the creature up the stairs and watched it go into her daughter's room. It leapt up on the bed, curled into a ball, and snuggled into the covers.

She walked into the room and said, "Sango? Sango, wake up."

The girl stirred and focused on her mother. "Mom?"

Kirara pointed to the end of the bed. "You have company."

Sango looked and she smiled at the mostly white cat. She sat up and reached out a hand towards its head. When she touched it, she felt the energy return to her and she sighed happily. "It's her."

"How do you know it's a her?"

Sango frowned. "I just know. That's strange."

Kirara snorted. "Just tell her not to wake me up in the middle of the night. I thought she was a burglar. I'll put a cat flap in if she needs it."

Sango nodded and her mother left the room. She took a moment to look the cat over. Small and lean, mostly white with a touch of black around one ear, a bit at the tip of her tail, and her left back leg. and very big ears for her head.

The cat snoozed and Sango found her eyelids dropping. Morning, Sango thought. Think about this in the morning...

Morning came and Sango petted her familiar. The cat uncurled from her position and purred loudly. There is so much to do today, Sango thought to herself. "I've got to find you a litterbox, a water bowl, a food bowl..."

She frowned. "And find my notes. We're supposed to be able to do some interesting things, you and I."

The cat looked at her and winked. Sango raised an eyebrow. "Of course, you're fascinating on your own."

That Friday, everyone brought their familiars to class. A few hadn't shown up yet, but the majority had one.

Sango's Tama was sitting in her lap, watching the happenings around her. A few of the familiars were...mythical, but a lot of them were other cats. Sango wondered idly why there wasn't any fighting.

Wufei walked into the room and looked around. "Good. Class today is about your familiars and a brief lecture about what they are capable of. Start here," he said, pointing at the first row, "tell me what your familiar is and their name if you know it. When the last person in the row has spoken, switch to the back and go forward."

The first person spoke and by the time it had reached Sango, she knew that there was at least one gargoyle, a snake, and two birds in the room with her. "My familiar is a cat and her name is Tama."

Wufei nodded to her and looked at the next person. The listing continued until the last person had stated their familiar. "Your familiars are all capable of companionship. The mage familiars can help with magic and such. All of you should be able to get across to your familiars what you want and vice versa. By being around you and responding to your summons, they are more intelligent than average. Refer to your books for more information."

"Some of you might be wondering how you got your familiars into class today, while others called me for information. Your familiars will follow you wherever they choose unless you specifically ask them not to. Both colleges and their grounds have spells that only allow certain people to see your familiars. The teachers and mage students will, but the others won't. Everyone who is aware of the mage university will be able to see your familiars. Your classes should not have a problem provided that your familiar is quiet."

Wufei paused. "There are also spells to keep your familiar from being seen." He spoke a word and a blue dragon emerged into view. Sango's eyes widened. There was a small dragon curled around his shoulders.

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "That doesn't sound very practical. How would it keep its balance?"

"I don't know," Sango said. She was sitting on the loveseat in Inuyasha's living room. "But I found out that there's potential for telepathy or something like it between me and Tama."

Kagome grinned. "You named her Tama?" She shook her head. "Do you know what the name of the jewel inside me is? The Shikon no Tama?"

"It means jewel in Japanese." Sango looked proudly at her familiar. "And she is."
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