Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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The End of the Second Year by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 42

The End of the Second Year

Kagome stared at the ceiling. The year was almost over, except for her psychology final on Tuesday. Rin had to stay until Thursday for her last final and Shippo had already left.

Since she had recovered from her cold, not much had happened. The notes and flowers kept coming and she kept hauling the trash bags out of her room. Classes continued as normal and she got her notes from people in class.

Midterms had came and went. Course selections had been made. To simplify the process, everyone had copies of their schedule made and passed out. So Kagome had Rin's, Shippo's, Sango's, and Inuyasha's. Rin and Kagome had requested to be roomed together again next year. They were friends, they did well together, and they didn't want to break in another roomie. Rin had chuckled over Kagome explaining to another person the whole Source of Magic thing. "It was confusing enough to me," she had said.

Of course, there had been the whole Spring Dance fiasco. Tons of invitations from all over campus had appeared for her. She had refused all of them.

Kagome angrily shoved the newest batch of invitations into the trash bag. "What is it with this people? After being this annoying, they actually think I'd want to go to a dance with them? Oh, and be rushed off my feet for dance after dance. I'd have to wonder about every glass of punch and sensory spells and what exactly he was muttering under his breath..."

Rin watched in fascination. "It's really bothering you that much?"


"Do you want to go?" Rin asked.

Kagome sat down on her bed. "No. It would be just like I said. I don't want to go with anyone and I don't want to go by myself. The Halloween dance was okay because I hung around with you and everyone. I went to see the costumes and eat cookies, not to dance."

Rin sighed sympathetically. "Well, they'll eventually get the hint."

"I've been here two years and I've refused everything. I don't think they're going to grow a brain over the summer," Kagome said dryly. "I'm going to stay in here on Saturday and play solitaire. Or maybe I'll brush up on protective spells."

That Saturday, Inuyasha casually asked, "Hey, Kagome? Are you going to the dance tonight?"

Kagome stared at him in horror for a moment. He's...what?

Inuyasha glanced at her and choked. "If you think that for one minute, I'm asking you to go with me to the dance... Kagome breathed a deep sigh of relief. "No, I was asking if anyone had plans for tonight."

"I've got to work until nine at least," Sango said. "What do you have in mind?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "Everyone's so enthralled with the dance and I'm not. I thought that a movie night would be good. Stay up until early morning and sack out in the living room?"

Kagome smiled. "I'm game."

"Me, too," Shippo said. Rin nodded her agreement.

Sango thought for a minute. "Let me ask Mom about it." She went to the kitchen, placed her call, and when she came back, she verified that she'd have to work until nine. After that, most of the dinner crowd went home.

Sango went right home after that announcement, but the rest of the group finished their homework. After they were done, Shippo, Rin, and Kagome went back to their rooms for clothes, blankets, pillows, and other necessities. Rin and Kagome took their showers early that evening and went back to Inuyasha's.

Sesshoumaru was home by this time and preparing dinner for five instead of two. After dinner, he pointed out that both cookie jars were full. Kagome's favorite was the one of the old-fashioned cookie jar, but Inuyasha always went for the Bugs Bunny one.

They started I, Robot at about seven o'clock. They called a break to stretch and raid the kitchen for more sodas, juice, and snacks. Sango walked in right as the previews were playing. Shippo was on the couch while Rin and Kagome had camped out on the floor. Sesshoumaru had claimed his chair and Inuyasha was on the loveseat.

Kagome glanced over her shoulder as the door opened. "Come in. Want a patch of floor?" Sango laughed and spread out her blanket.

Spiderman ended and they started Spiderman 2. Rin began nodding off. She was asleep twenty minutes into the movie. Shippo fell asleep in the middle.

Sesshoumaru glanced at the clock after Spiderman 2 was over. It was one o'clock in the morning. Shippo was fine on the couch, but his other guest...

He rose from his chair and walked over to Rin. He placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "Rin?" She stirred and looked at him blearily. "There's a guest bedroom upstairs." She nodded and tried to get to her feet.

She couldn't steady herself, which is a common occurrence when you've stayed up late and only had an hour and a half of sleep. Sesshoumaru chuckled and picked her up. He strode up the stairs and put her down right beside the bed. "Okay?" he asked. She nodded. He watched from the doorway as she got into bed and rolled over.

Time for bed, he thought yawning.

Sango stayed awake until they started watching Miss Congeniality, but fell asleep somewhere after the first half hour.

When they reached the end of the movie, Inuyasha and Kagome looked around them. Sango had taken over the loveseat. Shippo was snoring lightly on the couch. Sesshoumaru had his bedroom door closed. They knew that Rin had gone up to the spare bedroom.

"Well," Inuyasha said softly. "What now?"

Kagome grinned at him. "It's two thirty in the morning. Are you tired?"


Kagome snorted. "Then neither am I."

Inuyasha got up and plucked a dvd from the shelf. "Labyrinth?" Kagome nodded and he put it in the player. They quoted lines back and forth with Inuyasha being Jareth and Kagome playing Sarah.

"You had more lines, but mine were better," Inuyasha bragged when the movie ended.

"Yeah, right. I had the 'It's a piece of cake' line."

"Sarah, I have been generous till now and I can be cruel."

"The whole 'ello business."

"You remind me of the babe."

Kagome yawned and it almost split her head open. "Tired now?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome nodded sheepishly.

She looked around and said, "At least there's a good patch of floor to sleep on."

"Nah, you're sleeping upstairs."

Kagome did a double take. "What?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "If I go upstairs and sleep in my bed, I'm going to feel guilty. So you're taking my bed."

"You could sleep on the floor, too," she said generously. He huffed and pointed at the stairs. She shrugged and began walking.

She settled herself into his bed and Inuyasha found his extra blankets. He bedded down on the floor. He realized something was wrong and opened his mouth to ask for his pillow.


Kagome giggled. "That's for making me sleep here."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Oh, I'm such a scoundrel for letting the girl have the bed. You could call it being chivalrous."

"You're giving up a nice soft bed like this to me? I'd call it lunacy. Good night, Doc Boy."

"Don't call me Doc Boy!"

They both laughed at themselves and Kagome said seriously, "Thank you, Inuyasha. Good night."

"Hmph. Good morning, but the sentiment is appreciated. Good night, Kagome."

"Inuyasha, do you know where- Oh, there you are, Kagome. I realize that you must not be well rested, but I'm starting lunch."

Kagome blinked her eyes open. "Lunch?"

"Yes," Sesshoumaru said. "It's eleven o'clock. When did you go to sleep?"

"After four," Inuyasha said from the floor.

"Ah, seven hours. Not as bad as I had thought. Shippo, Sango, and Rin have all changed and had their showers. I've started chicken nuggets and french fries for everyone."

"Sounds good," Kagome said, becoming more and more awake. "Inuyasha, where are my clothes?"

Inuyasha froze. "How would I know where your clothes are?"

"They're downstairs with your blankets. If you'll wait in the bathroom, I'll bring them up." Sesshoumaru left. Inuyasha chose his clothes from the closet and Kagome got dressed in the bathroom.

Kagome rolled off the bed and found their schedules. She went back to bed and spread them out. Her schedule was filled with sociology of the family, an English class on manga, a library class on library materials for the young adult, and her mythological creatures class.

From everyone else's schedules, they were pretty full next semester. Sango and Rin were in her manga class and she was going to be taking mythological creatures with Inuyasha.

This year had changed so much in her life. She had gained two new friends, Shippo and Rin. She knew how to protect herself better now thanks to her extra studying in the mage university's library. She could protect herself and her dorm room.

She remembered the enchanted glass with a roll of the eyes. She'd been so embarrassed that she'd looked at Inuyasha like that. Then Sango and Rin had to ask if she liked him over spring vacation. It was true that they were friends, but they weren't that way. He was just a friend and one of the few guys that didn't look at her like she was a very juicy steak.

"Hey, Kagome?"

She shook herself out of her daydreaming. "Yeah?"

Sango gestured at the room. "You asked me to come over and help you pack. You leave tomorrow, remember?"

Kagome got off the bed and walked to her closet. "Take my final and my parents will be here at ten. Pack the car, go have some lunch, and go home." She looked into the depths of her closet and grimaced. "What do you think are the chances of me talking to the college into letting me have this room next year and just leave it all here?"

"About the same chances as the guys leaving you alone."

"I was afraid of that."
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