Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Burn Marks by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 4

Burn Marks

Kirara shook her head. "I don't know what it is," she said to her daughter.

Sango sniffed at the air. "It doesn't smell like anyone's been smoking cigarettes."

"I don't think cigarettes would cause a scorch mark like that," she said, gesturing to the large black mark. "It looks more like someone took a blowtorch to the table." She sighed. "We'll just have to watch and see if we can catch whatever they're doing."

Sango noticed the young man right away. One hand brushed an errant lock of black hair out of his way. He was dressed in a pair of deep blue jeans and a black shirt with the first two buttons undone. He smiled at her as she approached. "Might I know where the students sit?" he asked smoothly.

She nodded. "This way." So, she thought, he's a student. He looks about my age. Maybe he's just finishing up college? Sango was aware that about three-quarters of the students fell between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two. The rest were various ages with some being in their middle years and a select few being older than that. She was getting a late start on her college career at twenty-three.

She shrugged. It didn't mean she couldn't be friends with Kagome and she was pretty sure the girl was eighteen. It wasn't that much of an age difference.

"Can I bring you a menu?" she asked as he entered the room.

"No, thank you," he said politely. "But I wouldn't mind a soft drink."

"We have Coke, Diet Coke, Sunkist, and Sprite," Sango offered.

"A Sprite will be fine."

Sango returned with his drink a few minutes later. He smiled as she put it down on the table. "Might I ask when closing hours are?"

"It's Saturday night so we'll close at eleven. We're open until eleven on Friday and Saturday, but during the week we close at ten."

He nodded. "Thank you. If you'll pardon me, I see some students I ought to speak to." He rose and walked to a curtained off booth.

Sango frowned. That's strange. If it's curtained, how did he see them? She shrugged. He probably saw them before the curtain was moved.

Kirara closed the register for the night. She could hear Kaede in the kitchen making sure the pots were hanging in their right places. Sango was just finishing wiping down the tables.


Sango turned toward the voice. The young man she'd seen upstairs had come down. She thought she'd seen him go out, but never mind that now. "I'm sorry," she said politely. "I thought you'd left before this."

He smiled. "No, actually I haven't paid for my drink yet."

Kaede called from the kitchen. "Good night, Kirara! Sango!" The two ladies heard the back door shut as the older woman left the restaurant.

He dug the appropriate change out of his pocket and placed it on the counter. "I have to confess that I have another reason for staying behind," he said sheepishly. "I'm sure that you've noticed the burn marks upstairs on your tables? I stayed to clean those up for you. I've warned the students that they have to be more careful in the future."

Sango frowned. "So it was cigarettes?"

He coughed. "No. Let me introduce myself. I'm Prof. Miroku. I teach at the mage university."

Kirara blinked. "The what?"

"I'm from the mage university," Miroku repeated patiently. "I think the best proof of that would be for us to go upstairs so you can see that the burn marks are gone." He turned and walked back toward the stairs.

Kirara hesitated, but followed him. Sango raised an eyebrow over the whole confusing mess and tagged along.

He went directly to the booth in question and pointed. "See? It's gone." Kirara saw that, but still gave him a skeptical look. Miroku stepped a few paces away from her and said, "This is what they were trying to do." He held out a cupped palm, focused intently on it for a few seconds, and a small flame burst into life.

Kirara's eyes widened and she backed away. Miroku cupped his hand over the flame and held up his hands disarmingly. "Believe me now?" he asked.

"Why don't you explain further?" she said cautiously. "I'm sure that I could find a magician somewhere in the world who could do what you just did without claiming magic as the cause."

Miroku nodded and sat down at a table. "It is magic," he began. "People who do magic are commonly called mages. There is a university in town that you know as a boarding school. I am a professor there. Any questions?"

"Yes," Sango said dryly. "How do we know this isn't a trick?"

"What proof should I offer?" Miroku asked. "Would you care to see the tables levitate? I've already shown you fire."

Kirara stared at him warily. "You can't read minds, can you?"

He laughed. "No. I can tell by the way you're acting that you're not sure what to make of me, but that's all. You can come to the university and see for yourself if what I'm telling you is true." He raised a hand and the chair beside Kirara moved. "Otherwise, I can do tricks all night. I'll admit that my magical area is cleaning up messes and doing protective magic, but I'll find something you'll believe."

"Say that we believe you," Kirara said. "You're a mage and there's a mage university. What then?"

He shrugged. "Then nothing. If you happen to find any more burn marks on your furniture or a magical diagram on the floor," he pulled out a card, "I'd give you this and tell you to call me. The students like to relax here and I'm the one to clean up after them."

"Who are they? How do we tell?" Kirara asked, taking the card.

"You can't really. While we have some students who don't look human, you can't see their extra features unless you're expecting to see them."

"So anyone can be a mage?" Sango asked.

"No, not anyone. Not everyone wants to be a mathematician. It's the same with mages. You have to want to be one. Not everyone has the power to be a mage or the focus. Some people are magically dead. Most of the population could do something with their elemental power, though."

"Elemental power?" Kirara asked.

"Yes, like the fire I just showed you. That's what the students were trying to do. They've only been in class for two weeks and they're showing off."

Kirara nodded slowly. "Okay. I'd like to visit this mage university." Sango looked at her eagerly and Kirara added, "With my daughter."

"That can be arranged," Miroku said. "I'm teaching for most of the day on Monday, but I'm free on Tuesday afternoon. Shall we make an appointment for twelve thirty?"

The time was set and the three continued on their way to bed with much to think about.

Kagome puzzled over her English chapter while Sango cleaned the table around her. "Drat," she muttered, "another burn mark."

She turned a page. "Did you ever find out what was causing those?"

Sango froze. "Um... Sure. Or at least someone got rid of them for us."

"That's good," Kagome said distracted. Sango breathed a sigh of relief.

"I've gotten permission from some of the teachers to let you peek in on their classes," Miroku explained. He pushed open the door and they slid into the back of the auditorium.

They watched the blond haired man lecture about deceptive magics as he demonstrated. He carved a pumpkin, scooping out the seeds with his bare hands. The pumpkin vanished and he showed his clean hands to the class.

After half an hour of that, Miroku ushered them out to the hallway. "Our other stop is one of our magical classes, but not one that uses magic. This is our magic diagrams class. We show the students how the diagrams work and interact with daily life. Such as some of the world's best architecture being built in such ways that promote well-being for the whole planet."

He opened the door and smiled at the teacher. "Good afternoon, Belldandy."

"Hello, Miroku," she said pleasantly. "Class, this is Professor Miroku. He teaches the university's Dispel, Identification, and Protective Magic classes."

He nodded to the class. "And what are you teaching today?"

"We're only on the third week of classes, so we've just begun studying the-"

Belldandy's voice faded away as Sango's eyes found a familiar person in the classroom. "Kagome?" she whispered.

The other girl swallowed. Why was Sango here? Did she know? She hadn't said anything about magic.

"Sango?" Kirara said softly. "Is something wrong?" Sango just pointed at Kagome. Kirara's eyes widened as she saw the girl.

Miroku finished his chat with Belldandy and they walked from the classroom. "Convinced?" he asked.

Kirara nodded. "I am." She glanced at Sango.

She shrugged. "I guess."

"Good. Now the rules. Most people in this town don't know about the mage university. We told you because a lot of our students go to The Special. Most don't need to know. They'd expect that magic can solve everything. Try not to let anyone know. You can say mage without alerting anyone. They don't hear it."

"But you said it before," Kirara objected.

"Yes, with the intention of telling you all about it. If it's mentioned in simple conversation that someone can overhear, it isn't heard. Quite a neat bit of magic filtering. Don't tell anyone that hasn't already mentioned it to you."

"I have a question," Sango said softly. "I just saw one of my friends in that last class."

Miroku nodded. "Then I think it's safe to speak with her about magic."

Kagome got out of her diagrams class and ran to The Special. She nodded to Kirara at the register and asked, "Where's Sango?"

She smiled at the girl. "She's at home, working on homework." Kagome deflated. "If you go out the back door, you'll see a white house with black shutters. Knock on the door."

Kagome thanked her and ran off. She found the house and knocked. Sango opened the door. "Hi," Kagome said. "You looked a little shocked."

Sango nodded. "Want to come in?" She did and they sat down in the living room. "I was told Saturday night about the mage university. Mom and I went to see it for ourselves today."

She winced. "And?"

"Miroku made fire in his hand, levitated a chair, and I saw a guy make an illusionary pumpkin and dig out its guts. None of that made such an impression as you sitting calmly in class learning about diagrams," Sango said bluntly.

Kagome began laughing and Sango joined in. "So," Kagome said, "we're still friends?"

"Yeah!" Sango said. "You realize you've got to fill me in now?"

She grinned. "Where do you want to begin?"


Kagome nodded. "Sure. I'm a mage, kind of."

Sango frowned. "Kind of?"

"Yeah. It's complicated." She sighed. "But I'll try to sort it out for you. See, there are the two universities. Normal and mage. You can get a degree at either or at both. You've got students who take classes only at one university. There are also students who spend eight years getting two degrees, one at the normal and one at the mage."

"But," Kagome said, holding up a finger, "you've also got mage students who take a few electives at the normal university and vice versa. I'm a library science major at the normal university and I'm taking all of my electives at the mage university."

"Power-wise, I'm a three. I can do most of the introductory classes, but not very many of the higher up ones, if any." Kagome grinned. "My younger brother, Souta, is very interested in this college when he gets older. He's a six right now, but they're predicting that he'll be an eight power-wise at full strength."

She seemed to hesitate and then went on. "There's something else if we're sharing secrets. This is a bit of a history lesson." She looked up and was reassured by whatever encouragement she saw in Sango's eyes.

Kagome reached for the coffee table. She pointed to the left of the table. "On that side, there were evil mages." She pointed to the right. "Good mages were over there." She tapped the TV remote that was in the middle. "And this was how far they had to reach to gain magical power."

"Magical power?" Sango asked.

"Low level spells you can do from the energy that you generate. For larger ones, you need a larger battery," she explained. "They both had to reach... Like the equivalent of arm's length. Comfortably within reach."

"Well, one day both sides said to themselves 'nah, we want the energy closer'. So they began trying to move the main power source." Kagome held up her hands. "Don't ask me what it is. I only know that it's there."

"Neither side liked the other very much. They got into a war and some people died." She grinned. "Here's the good part. The prophetess Kikyo got them together and basically banged their heads together. She told both sides that there was going to be a girl. Whoever this girl willingly-"

Kagome paused there. "This is very important. Willingly fell in love with and willingly married got the access."

Sango shook her head. "I don't get it."

She gestured back to the table. "If the girl fell in love with someone on the bad side, the energy would move closer to them. They'd have the energy almost at their elbows and the good side would have to stretch for it. It doesn't mean anything about having more energy, just where it is."

Sango nodded. "I get it. So if the good side had it, the bad side would have to reach further to get energy to work their spells. It makes the side who doesn't have it think about whether they want to do that spell or not."

"Yes," Kagome agreed. "The willing part is important because of the love potion thing." She rolled her eyes. "Dope the poor woman up with a love potion and game over. Plus there was the added idea of not killing off whoever she fell in love with or the competition before she fell in love."

"Kikyo was smart that way. If the woman fell in love and someone killed him before they got to marry, she'd have to find someone else. It would take a long time. See, if the woman fell in love, married, and had a child, it worked quicker."

She stopped. "I'm getting ahead of the story. The power had the potential to shift with each generation. That's another reason why both sides agreed to it."

"They asked who the woman was. Kikyo smirked at them and said, 'I'. She was the woman who was going to decide and they called her the Source of Magic. She married a bad mage. Her daughter married a bad mage. But her grandson married a good mage."

Kagome paused for a moment. "Each generation is born with something called the Shikon no Tama inside them. It's this little pink marble that signifies them as the next Source of Magic."

She sighed. "I'm it."

Sango blinked. "What?"

"I'm the Source of Magic."

"I'm friends with a celebrity of the magic world?" Sango asked, grinning.

"No!" Kagome said rolling her eyes. "Well, yeah." She shook her head. "It's not all that great. I'm expected by half of the uppity mages to fall in love immediately and begin the shift again. Mom married a good mage. The bad mages are after me to fall in love with them. I went through two boxes of trashbags in just my first week here! Chocolates that have love potions in them, notes of flowery nonsense..."

Sango was laughing and Kagome sighed. "It's not funny," she protested.

"Yes, it is!" she said through her laughter. "You've got all sorts of admirers and I don't have one!"

"You can have them," Kagome said disgusted.

She wiped away the water around her eyes and said, "So can anyone take courses at the mage university?"

"Yes. To take a magic class, you'd have to take meditation first. You could take magical diagrams or mythological creatures..."

Kagome and Sango talked about magic classes and elements until the clock chimed four thirty. Sango made her apologies, but Kagome understood that her friend had to get to work. "So, you're fine on the magic thing?" Kagome said.

Sango nodded. "I think so. You did say I could take the element class?" Kagome nodded. She grinned. "I can learn how to do a little magic at least."

"It's not the key to everything."

"But it would be so cool!"

Kagome rolled her eyes and Sango went to get changed.
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