Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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First Week of Classes by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 38

First Week of Classes

Kagome stood outside of the classroom and shook her head. That man, she thought slowly. Rin talked me into one of his classes how?

Professor Duo Maxwell, or just Duo as he insisted, was a bundle of energy. She could see why Rin liked him, though. His enthusiasm was infectious.

She flipped her hand around to check her watch and noted that it was quarter to noon. This is insane, she thought, walking to the cafeteria. I've got one class on Thursday and one on Tuesday. I'm finished with both of them around lunchtime. The other two courses are online. What am I supposed to do with myself?

Of course, I do have a lot more free time, she thought. Kagome checked the road and walked across the street. But I've only got two mornings booked for the whole week!

Oh, well. I'll get my reading caught up and find something.

Sango yawned. Her schedule was definitely keeping her on her toes. Monday was pretty much shot as far as working at the Special. She was in General Chemistry with 'Little Washu' from nine thirty to three. Tuesday, she could work in the morning and evening, but she had her Anthropology class from one to four. Wednesday was wonderful because she had Mythological Creatures as an early class, only eight to ten thirty. Friday wasn't half bad either. Martial Arts was from ten to one.

Of course, Tuesday's class was a little strange. Her martial arts instructor, Ranma Saotome, had walked Professor Hibiki to the room. Then Akane came to take him to his next class. Ryoga had wandered all around the room talking about the class. He had been everywhere on the seven continents or at least it sounded like it.

Her mythological creatures class was strange, too. Mihoshi had lost the syllabus inside the huge briefcase she had. When she finally found it, she tripped over the wastebasket trying to hand it out. She got lost reading and rambled about other things. In spite of all this, Sango left the first class with a better understanding of creatures.

Rin got out of Meditation class and stretched. It is such a nice class, she thought. Definitely what I need at the end of this week.

She had Adulthood and Aging psychology class with Duo from ten to quarter of one on Monday. Then she turned around and had Mental Health and Self Exploration with Une from one to quarter of four. She didn't really have time to grab anything to eat, but as long as she ate a good breakfast before her first class, she was fine until four. On Tuesday she had Appreciation of Early American Movies from four to quarter of seven. Wednesday, she had Mythological Creatures from eight to ten thirty.

Duo was just the same. Une was a little too calm to teach psychology, but who was she to tell? Shampoo was Chinese and very pretty. She had someone named Mousse come to walk her home after class. It was late at night when the class ended, but Rin was only a minute's walk from her dorm. Plenty of other students were around at seven o'clock, because the cafeteria closed then. Mihoshi was funny and Sango was in Mythological Creatures class with her.

But meditation was one class she needed. Just watching Duo bounce around and lecture was exhausting. Une was calming, but draining. Movie class was great, but she had nothing to do on Tuesdays until it started at four.

Her main question this year was what to do with herself? She had five classes, but only Monday was really involved. Tuesday didn't start until four, Wednesday she had from ten thirty on to find something to do, and Thursday she had the whole morning and evening.

Maybe Kagome would have an idea?

Inuyasha grumbled most of the way to his house. British Literature sucked. That was it. It just sucked.

Anthropology wasn't too bad. At least it took up Monday morning. He had Wards I with Kagome and Shippo on Tuesday morning. British Literature wasn't good. Eleven to one thirty on Wednesday. The teacher was okay, but the whole subject... Gah.

He stomped up the steps and inside. Sess had baked pork chops the night before and that was going to be a good snack.

Shippo shook his head. Fuko was just like Kagome had described. His element class was turning out to be really good. Monday morning was Psychology 101, Tuesday with Kagome and Inuyasha in Wards I taught by Miroku, and the other two Illusion and Deceptive Tactics classes.

He grinned. This semester was going to be really great!

About an hour into the first Saturday studying group of the new year, Inuyasha growled at his textbook. "Something wrong?" Kagome asked, still looking at her psychology homework.

"I hate British Lit. class."

"Tell us something we don't know."

"Treize is okay, but this..." Inuyasha gestured to the text. "Literature and I don't get along. Give me a good science fiction book any day."

"Drop the class. Take something else," Kagome advised.

"No good. I want at least a little culture out of college life," Inuyasha told her.

Kagome marked her place and got out her Wards homework. "Take a break and help me with this." Inuyasha shrugged and rummaged in his backpack for the book.

Sango and Rin were taking advantage of the time together to work on their Mythological Creatures homework. Read a chapter and identify the creatures by picture. Not too hard. Shippo was practicing a new spell for illusions.

When their homework was done a couple hours later, they went into the kitchen for sandwiches. Inuyasha had fussed about British Literature enough so that they all knew he hated it.

Kagome sighed. "Inuyasha, pick another teacher, all right?"

He blinked. "Okay." He drew in a deep breath. "I went to Battle Magic class and this weird lady was teaching it. She showed us the shadow sphere and called herself Kagehoshi. She slid around in the shadows and you couldn't see her. She knows a lot about magic so she's teaching the lecture part of the course."

Inuyasha scratched his head. "The weird thing is that she's Recca's mom."

Kagome mouth fell open. "Kagehoshi? One of the Hokage?" Inuyasha nodded. "Recca and Fuko are Hokage."

He shrugged. "They're ninjas. Great. Well, she's strange."

"Rin and I have a problem. We've both got a lot of time on our hands. Any suggestions?" Kagome asked.

Sango shook her head. "Not me. I'm booked between classes and work."

Inuyasha snorted. "I'm going to be struggling with Brit. Lit."

"Practicing illusions," Shippo said.

Rin spoke up. "I've got an idea already. I'm going to invade the library."

Kagome groaned. "So you're going to exercise your brains and I'm not going to be doing anything. Wonderful."

Somehow it didn't turn out that way...

Rin wanted to know if Kagome wanted to go with her to the mage university's library and Kagome accepted. Once there, Rin dove into the stacks and Kagome wandered around. She looked idly at the books and wondered if there was actually anything interesting in there.

One title caught her attention and she tipped the book off the shelf.

Rin's eyes widened as she saw the stack of books in Kagome's arms. "Did you find something? the other girl said dryly.

Kagome grinned. "No, I'm hauling these around for weight training."

She nodded. "Glad we cleared that up." They both laughed. "So what are they really for?"

"Most of these are protection spells. I'm not on a really advanced level, but these are the beginner's books."

"Hm... What's the difference?"

"Range mostly. Beginner spells are just as good as advanced ones. Advanced spells last longer, defend against more stuff, can protect a few people at a time, cover an entire house instead of just one room... But beginner spells do basically the same thing as the advanced ones."

Rin paused. "Most of the books are protection spells. What are the rest?"

Kagome snickered. "Did you know that this library has a pretty good craft section? I think I'm going to learn how to crochet. Feel like having a scarf soon?"

Rin coughed. "Sure. Just practice a bit first. And I get to choose the yarn."
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