Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Christmas Present Shopping by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 37

Christmas Present Shopping


Her eyes flew open and she tried to focus on what was happening. She was moving. No... She was being moved.

"Kagome, Kagome, Kagome!" Rin said happily.

"I'm awake!" Kagome told her, smiling. "The way you're trying to shake me awake... I thought we were having an earthquake!"

Rin let go of her roommate and pointed at the window. "It snowed! It's snowing! There is snow!"

Kagome glanced at the window. "Time to put on my boots."

"Is that all you can say?! It's pretty. It's white and glistening. It just screams for a snowball fight."

Kagome held up her hands. "No way. Go find Inuyasha if you want that. We've got a date to go over to his house to decorate the tree. I do not want to be soaked in the process."

Rin pouted. "That doesn't sound like any fun at all."

Sango finished telling the joke and all three of the girls cracked up. "I can't believe that!" Rin said, tugging her hat down further. "The pharmacist said that she had a prescription?"

Sango nodded. "Yup. Never thought a picture could be one of those, but..."

Kagome grabbed Rin as she slipped. "Slush is slippery, too," she warned. "We'll go get you some boots today."

Rin smiled sheepishly. "I guess so. Sneakers just don't work, do they? My feet are frozen!"

A snowball landed in front of them and they looked up at two grinning boys behind a snowfort. Kagome's eyes widened. "No!" she shrieked.

Rin tried to keep from snickering. Kagome sighed heavily for the fifth time. "I said that I didn't want to get wet. I know I did."

"I was a witness," Rin said, raising one hand and giggling at her. "You got hit with at least five snowballs and then fell over backwards into the slush on the sidewalk."

Kagome looked down at her pants. Her boots had kept her feet dry and her coat had protected her shirt. But her jeans were soaked. Luckily, her coat was long enough to cover her rear so her underwear wasn't sticking as well.

Sesshoumaru looked up from where the tree box was. "Kagome..." he said slowly. "Do you have anything against flannel?"

She blinked. "Uh, no."

"Inuyasha, don't you have some drawstring pants?" Sess asked. Inuyasha nodded, got to his feet, and ran up the stairs. "If you'll change, I'll throw your pants into the dryer. They should be ready before you leave."

He returned with a pair of blue plaid sleeping pants. Kagome looked at them and sighed again. She accepted them and went to the bathroom to take off her wet jeans.

When she returned, she had them on. She had to let the drawstring out a little and roll up the cuffs three times, but... "These," she said slowly, "are so warm. Where did you get them?"

"Reny's," Inuyasha said with a shrug.

"Okay, I know where I'm shopping this afternoon." Kagome went to sit down on the couch with Rin and Sango while the boys did the complicated dance of putting up the tree.

The tree went up okay and the lights were artistically woven in and out. Kagome rolled her eyes at their antics. The lights couldn't just be draped around the tree. They had to be tucked in.

The boxes of ornaments came out and they all helped decorate the tree. Little green and red lanterns frosted with glittering snow, the traditional red, blue, green, and yellow glass balls, snowmen, candles, and other things. There were some individual ornaments that Sesshoumaru had bought last year. Inuyasha made sure that the little Yoda ornament had a place of honor, while Shippo found a place for Yukon Cornelius.

Kagome smiled as the tree was almost finished. That's why, she realized. Sango gets to decorate her tree with her mom, but the rest of us go home to an already decorated tree. It's a special part of Christmas.

"There!" Sesshoumaru said satisfied. "How does it look?"

"Great," Kagome said. She pointed underneath. "Except for the fact that there aren't any presents under it yet." She pressed a hand to her forehead. "I feel a shopping spree coming on."

Sango chuckled. "And I've got a few extra hours this afternoon. Want to walk downtown?"

"I've got to get boots," Rin said ruefully. "Isn't there a shoe place on the corner?"

Kagome nodded. "So we'll go shopping."

"After I feed you lunch," Sess insisted. "I made lasagna."

"Shopping is postponed," Kagome said hastily.

The first place the girls hit was Muted Twilight. Kagome walked purposefully down the aisle and plucked her prize off the shelf. "This is definitely for Inuyasha."

Sango looked at it. It was just a dark brown box with a Celtic circle on it. "Why?"

Kagome handed it to her. "Try to open it."

She pulled at the obvious place, but it didn't work. "What's wrong with it?" Sango asked.

"Nothing." Kagome took it back. "It's a puzzle box. It only opens one way."

Sango and Rin began looking around. While Kagome was looking at the clothing in the back, Sango pointed out the jewelry. "She's been looking at one of those necklaces for weeks. It's twenty-five dollars. Want to go halves?" Rin nodded.

Sango got the necklace off the wall and gave Rin her half of the money. Rin paid for the necklace while Sango distracted Kagome around the Celtic tapestries.

"You know..." Kagome fingered a deep green one with the Tree of Life on it. "Shippo did admire our drapes once. Do you think if we bought him one, he'd use it?"

"Sure," Sango said. "Would he like this one?" They both agreed on the green one.

Over the next few days, there were quite a few shopping trips. Some were in groups, some went by themselves. Finals descended on the group and shopping was done in between studying.

Kagome filled trashbag after trashbag full of Christmas cards, invitations of private study sessions, and miscellaneous flowers and candy. She truly hated to throw away the beautiful poinsettias, but she couldn't accept any of it without sending the wrong message.

She was using her gloves and checking the tags before she donated the gifts to goodwill. Her friends had all agreed to meet at Sesshoumaru's and put the presents under the tree there. In fact, more presents kept showing up underneath that tree.

But there might be one or two cards or presents that were sincere. From fellow classmates or teachers.

Kagome found one marked 'From Jinenji, Shippo's roommate'. She worked the enchantment spell and found that it was safe. She pried open the metal tin to find an assortment of cookies and small candies.

She sank down to the bed. Now what was she going to do? She couldn't just throw this away, but she couldn't accept it. If she did and Jinenji showed up for a date...

Kagome picked up her coat and walked out the door. She'd go ask Shippo.

She arrived at his door and knocked. A voice called for her to come in and she entered the room. Kagome managed to keep the grimace off her face when she realized Shippo wasn't there.

"Hello," Jinenji said slowly. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas," Kagome returned. "Um... Is Shippo coming back soon?"

Jinenji shook his head. "No. He went shopping."

Kagome stiffened her resolve and held out the tin. "I can't accept these."

He looked at them. "Why? Are you allergic to sugar?"

She bit her lip. "No... Jinenji, you're really sweet, but..."

"They're just a present. My mom sent me five tins to give away."

"Oh," Kagome said quietly. "Just a present?" She emphasized the word 'just'.

He stared at her. "Yes. You're Shippo's friend and he's been much happier here since you met." He tilted his head. "Is it so strange that you would receive a gift that didn't have any strings attached?"

"Tell that to the three bags sitting downstairs." She sighed. "A lot of the notes have date invitations attached. I can't accept the presents because if I do, that guy automatically becomes my boyfriend."

Jinenji pointed at the tin. "They're not bespelled. And I don't want to be your boyfriend."

Kagome laughed. She opened the tin and munched on one of the cookies. "These are good," she said. "Thank you. And would you thank your mom for me?" He nodded.

Kagome's next trip was to the cafeteria. "Kenshin?" she asked from the counter.

"Yes, Miss Kagome?" he said, coming around the corner.

She offered a box. "Merry Christmas."

He motioned her around to the side and handed her a box in exchange. "This is from Kaoru and I."

She unwrapped it to reveal a small piece of jade with a loop at the top. "Jade is for healing, calming, cleansing, and protection," he explained. "If you wear it or keep it in your pocket, all you have to do is hold it and then whisper to it 'cleanse'. It will make sure that nothing you eat or drink is enchanted."

"Thank you!" she said and hugged him.

He unwrapped his while she was examining the stone. He pulled a gold snowflake surrounded by three gold rings out of the box. It was on a tiny 'S' hanger that had three stars decorating it.

"I thought you might want something for your tree."

"It is perfect and Kaoru and I will enjoy it very much. I'll place it on the tree tonight. Thank you."

Kagome smiled at him. "Now, there's something else I'd like to discuss..."



Subject: Merry Christmas!

Dear Melly,

I sent your present out today and I hope it gets there soon. I overnighted the package so be sure to unwrap it quickly. It is...perishable.


Since Kagome had a final at eight o'clock that morning, they all made arrangements to meet at Sesshoumaru's at ten o'clock. Kagome, Rin, and Shippo were going home between that evening and the next morning, so it was a good time for the presents.

Shippo was the last one to arrive. The tree was lit and there were a few extra presents underneath. Rin walked out of the kitchen to see who had arrived and waved at him. "We're in the kitchen, helping with pre-Christmas dinner."

It wasn't Christmas dinner and Christmas Eve wasn't until almost a week from now. So it was a practice dinner. It wasn't anything fancy. Sess had bought an extra ham, made some mashed potatoes and gravy, and some macaroni and cheese. There was a couple cans of string beans on the table and some rolls with butter.

"Shippo, could you help Inuyasha set the table? He's got a problem with the glasses."

"Sess," Inuyasha complained. "I only break one or two every other year."

"Let's hope it's not this year," Kagome said, grinning. Inuyasha stuck his tongue out at her.

Shippo helped and soon the table was set. The dishes were laid out and everyone had a good meal. Kagome made mountains with her mashed potatoes. Inuyasha tried to build a fort out of his string beans. Rin behaved with impeccable table manners, while Sesshoumaru carved the ham for them. Sango had to get up to find some jam to put on her rolls and Shippo absconded it after a few minutes of inactivity.

Once the dishes were all in the sink, it was present time. "Should we get into pajamas and act like we just woke up?" Kagome asked.

"Hah! It's just another excuse for you to steal my pants again!"

"They were warm! Besides, I have my own pair and I slept in them last night. So there."

"That's not necessary," Sesshoumaru assured her. "Who's handing out the presents?"

"Oh, why don't you play Santa?" Inuyasha said with a smirk.

He nodded and crouched down by the tree. He pulled out a small package and handed it to Inuyasha. "Congratulations. You just appointed yourself as my elf. This goes to Kagome."

Inuyasha grumbled but took it to its recipient. Sesshoumaru made small piles and Inuyasha ferried them to where they needed to go. They all sat on the floor and waited for everyone to have their presents.

"Okay," Kagome said, fingers poised above the paper. "Is any of this fragile?"

Inuyasha raised a finger. "The small package of Sango's is the only one I know of." No one else spoke up and Sango promised to be careful.

Kagome's hand descended and ripped the paper off. Her eyes widened and she squealed. "The entire Enchanted Forest Chronicles? Shippo, where did you find them?"

"Ordered them online. I'm just glad they got here in time."

"I love them! My paperback copies are so bad right now that the pages are falling out."

"We know," Rin and Sango chorused.

"I know exactly what to do with this," Sango said, opening the small glass box with a golden butterfly design. "Thank you, Inuyasha and Shippo."

"And these match the tapestry," Rin said, displaying her pillow covers. "The jewelry box is just great."

"I'm glad someone was paying attention when I said I didn't have anything to write in," Shippo said, examining his new journal. "Thank you, Rin."

Kagome admired the dolphin design on her new mousepad while Shippo went on to unwrap his Celtic tapestry. Sango promised to make it into curtains for him if he wanted them.

Kagome had to lean over to show Inuyasha how to get into his puzzle box. Shippo looked at the back of the Escher puzzle to figure out how it was supposed to go together.

"I know what I'm watching tonight," Inuyasha said, opening the Star Wars trilogy DVD set.

Kagome swallowed hard as she removed the necklace from its box. "Oh," she said softly. "Do you like it?" Rin asked.

"You've been looking at it," Sango told her.

"It's perfect. Someone going to help me put it on?" Kagome asked. Rin helped her. "Thank you."

"Before we get too mushy," Inuyasha said, "Sess hasn't opened his present yet."

"Oh, that's because I haven't fetched the rest." He stood and retrieved five metal bucket tins. "I believe those are your favorites." The buckets were opened to reveal layer upon layer of their favorite cookies.

Sess opened his package and smiled at the seventh season of Stargate. "Great. We're going to have dueling sound effects. Stargate versus Star Wars."

As things always do, the small party ended. The presents were taken home, the wrapping paper was pushed into the trash, and the fall semester ended with the promise of phone calls during winter break.
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