Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Saturday Studying by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 28

Saturday Studying

Three college students were busy studying in the living room. Inuyasha was lounging sideways in a chair, nodding along with his psychology book. Kagome was concentrating on her element homework.

Sango finally looked up with a sign. "I know the class is called Real Fairy Tales, but you're not seriously trying to paint the enchantress in Beauty and the Beast as the good guy."

Inuyasha turned a page and glanced over at her. "Why not?"

"Because... She cursed him!"

Kagome grinned at her. "If it hadn't been for her, they never would have met. She was born after he would have died."

Sango shook her head and went back to her book. "I still say it's crazy."

Kagome sat up and held out her hand. She focused on the paper in front of her and breathed out. The paper fluttered and her eyes lit. "I did it!" she said excited. "Did you see that?"

"What?" Sango asked, looking sideways. Kagome made the paper move again and Sango's eyes widened. "Was that you?" Kagome nodded. "I have got to take an element class."

"Hope you're not a fire," Inuyasha muttered. "Recca's insane."

The two girls looked at him and he continued. "First thing he does is introduce us to his eight dragons. He took this metal thing off his arm and these dragons just burst out of nowhere."

Kagome cleared her throat. "Fuko showed us Fujin. It's this bracelet on her arm that controls air."

Sango snickered. "You two have got some great teachers." She held up her book. "But I'm taking this class from Aoshi's wife, Misao. I finally know why he's so quiet all the time. He never gets a word in edgewise with how fast she talks."

They finished their current homework and Inuyasha and Kagome worked on their Dispel reading. They had to get the reading done, the words and gestures paired, and then use it in class. Kagome was determined to remember everything and she'd already planned to keep the book when the class ended.

Kagome walked back to her dorm and up the stairs to her room. Rin glanced up as she entered and waved a hand in greeting. Kagome nodded to her and went to her computer. Thank goodness for those Saturday sessions. Otherwise she'd have to go find one of the spare rooms at the mage university to practice in. With Rin here, she couldn't do anything until Rin found out about the mage university.

Should she tell her? It would clear up a lot of the confusion. Kagome could do a bit of magic around the room and wouldn't have to worry about Rin walking in. Though the other girl was now used to the fan mail that Kagome received...

"Hey, Rin?" Kagome said casually. "What do you think about magic?"

No answer.

Kagome turned around and looked at Rin. She sighed. Headphones. She didn't even hear me.

She abandoned the computer desk and went to lie down on her bed. It was strange being back here. Home had felt so familiar, but being here did, too. She liked seeing Kenshin in the cafeteria, knowing that Sango would be the one to bring her dinner at the Special, and the quickest ways to get to where she was going around campus.

Sango and Inuyasha were good friends. At home, she and most of her friends had reconnected, but some hadn't. They had grown apart. One of her friends had come back dressed in black and talking about how the apocalypse was so near. Another had been pierced so many times Kagome didn't know where to look first.

Both wouldn't have mattered if there was anything left of their friendship. They didn't want to talk to her, just said hi, and walked away. Kagome mourned the friends she had lost, but liked her new friends. There were plenty of people on her floor or in class that she could say hi to and two she could talk to about anything else.

She glanced at Rin. If the other girl learned about the mage university, she would be a great friend, too. They had a lot in common, but keeping a huge secret like that was asking for disaster.

Rin finished saving her document and leaned back in her chair. A few odd things had happened recently that she didn't have the answers to. Or rather, she wasn't happy with the answers she did have.

Why had Kagome acted startled when her dragon figurine began to glow? She had written it off as a bad circuit inside, but Rin still wondered.

And all those letters and flowers that Kagome got and tried to laugh it away. The times Rin had walked into the room to find Kagome immediately busy with something.

There was a mystery around this room.

Knock, knock!

"Hey," someone said. "Is Kagome around?"

Rin shook her head. "No. She's studying somewhere."
The person grimaced. "I brought her the notes she said she so desperately needed. Mind if I leave them here?" Rin gestured to the desk and the notes were laid out on it.

The other girl left and Rin stared at them. If Kagome really needed them...

She hesitantly got up and pulled out Kagome's address book. She was at Inuyasha's studying. Maybe the address would be in here and she could deliver them?

Rin found the address and printed out a map from the internet. The notes were slipped into a folder and Rin went out to track down a specific house.

Ten minutes later, she was hunting the right house number. Rin finally found it on a mailbox and walked up the little path to the front door. A flash of red caught her eye and she peeked through the window.

Her eyes widened. It's...a trick?

Kagome clapped her hands together and smiled. Another girl looked envious. What was going on? Inuyasha had fire in his hands?

The girl's eyes caught Rin's movement as she backed away a little. She said something and Kagome looked toward the door. Her eyes widened and she moved quickly to open it. "Hi, Rin," she said happily. "What are you up to?"

Rin wordlessly held out the folder. Kagome flipped it open and cooed. "Anne's notes! You brought them all the way out here?" She gestured into the house. "Why don't you come in?"

Rin didn't move. "Um, Kagome?" she said weakly. "What did I see?"

"We'll discuss that when you're not standing on the porch," Kagome said gently. "Come in and don't be afraid."

Her eyes widened. "Why? Is there something..."

Kagome sighed. "Rin, no one's going to hurt you. You just saw something that I want to explain. All I want you to do is come in, sit down, and let me explain it to you. We're not going to chant at you, dose you with drugs, or even come too close if you don't want us to. I swear, all we're going to do is talk."

Rin nodded and stepped cautiously inside the house. Kagome gestured to a couch and she sat. Kagome sat down on the other end. "Okay. Fact One. There is magic in the world and two people in this room can do it."

Rin blinked. "Okay. What is magic?"

Kagome grinned at her. "Good question. What you saw was Inuyasha practicing his element homework. I'm working on my dispel homework at the moment. There are two kinds of magic, good and bad. There's also a lot of grey, but those are the two types. After all, a bad mage can use fire to kill and a good mage can use fire to warm people by lighting a fire. A mage is a person who practices magic. With me so far?"

Rin nodded and Kagome went on. "There are two colleges in the area. You, Sango, and I go to the normal college." She waved a hand at the other girl in the room. "This is Sango, Rin. Sango, this is Rin."

"Hi," the girl said. She smiled reassuringly. "I went through this last year. It's all real, you're not crazy, and life does continue after this."

Rin smiled back. "That's a relief."

She started when the door opened again. "Hello, everyone," a tall man said, entering the room. "And who is this?"

"Sesshoumaru, this is my roommate, Rin. Rin, this is Inuyasha's older brother, Sess." Kagome swallowed. "Um, Rin came over with some notes and saw Inuyasha holding flame in his hand."

"Ah," he said wisely. "That would cause a minor upset. Let me know if you need anything. It was nice meeting you, Rin." She said the same. He walked into the kitchen.

"The other college is that boarding school. It's the mage university with an illusion set over it. There are strictly mage students and strictly normal university students." Kagome gestured to herself. "I'm getting my degree from the normal university with a lot of electives from the mage university. Inuyasha's strictly a mage student and Sango-"

"Sango is a normal university student who has looked over the list of courses at the mage university. Currently, she's taking Real Fairy Tales and getting weirded out over all the stuff they left out." Sango finished speaking.

Kagome turned back to Rin. "What do you think?"

"Am I hallucinating?" she asked plaintively. "There's magic, there are two universities in town, there's good and bad mages..." She raised an eyebrow. "Proof?"

Sess came out of the kitchen. "I don't think that will be a problem. Do you happen to have any injuries?"

Rin looked startled and he hastened to tell her that he didn't mean her any harm. She held up a finger. "I got a papercut this morning."

"That will do fine," he assured her. Moving closer, he said, "I'm not going to touch you, but I'll have to be a little closer." His hand hovered over her finger and Rin watched the two sides join.

"There," he said satisfied. "Good as new. You've just had your first healing."

Rin nodded. "Okay. That's pretty good proof." She looked over at Kagome. "What now?"

"Have you had lunch?" Sesshoumaru asked. Rin shook her head. "Then we'll leave the students to their studying and I'll feed you in the kitchen."

She looked uncertainly at Kagome who smiled. "Go ahead. I'll probably be here another hour if you want to walk back together."

Rin got up from the couch and followed Sesshoumaru into the kitchen. He gestured to the refrigerator. "See if there's anything you like in there. With Inuyasha here, I'm eaten out of house and home."

"You were the one who invited me to live here!" Inuyasha hollered from the living room.

Sess sighed. "Of course." He winked at Rin. "It's a good thing I like cooking." He began hauling tubs out from under the cabinet. "I made some tuna fish sandwiches for everyone, but if those are gone, there are some pork chops left from last night's dinner. Or there's a good selection of frozen dinners in the freezer. There's stuff for spaghetti, too."

Rin pulled a platter of sandwiches out and helped herself to one. Sesshoumaru found her a plate and she sat down to the table. "Juice, soda, water, milk?" he asked.

She swallowed a bite of her sandwich. "Soda?" she replied.

"Cola, orange... There might be a root beer in the back."

"Cola's fine."

She watched him pull things out and begin cooking. "Chocolate chip cookies," he told her. "Do you have more questions?"

She thought for a moment. "Why didn't Kagome tell me before?"

"Probably because of how you'd react. First year at college and you find out that your roommate can do magic? Those that don't take it well have that explanation you received replaced with a memory of studying." He smiled at her. "You're taking it well."

He turned back around. "As for any questions about me, I'm the mage university's healer. Well... One of them. Most of the normal university's staff know of the other university. If you mention magic around someone who doesn't know, they hear a perfectly normal conversation."

He finished mixing everything together and began dropping the cookies onto a baking sheet. "There are both good and bad mages on campus. You do not have to worry about anything. Practice only on campus."

Sess caught her eye. "You don't find biology majors taking the squirrels apart. You don't find good mages practicing magic and neither do the bad mages. It's actually not politically correct to call them bad mages. Dark mage is usually the term."

"They do their homework, keep their magic to themselves, and that is it. Did you want another sandwich?" Sess asked.

"I would," Sango said. She took her empty plate to the fridge and dumped a sandwich on it. "It's strange, but kind of cool," she said to Rin. "People who aren't mages, like us, can actually learn a little bit of magic."

She sniffed the air. "Are those chocolate chip?"

"Yes. Come back in another fifteen minutes."
"You got it," Sango said, heading back to the living room.

Rin and Kagome walked back to the dorm. Sango had left before them with a little bundle of cookies.

When they reached their room, Kagome shut the door. "Do you want the other half?" she said.

Rin held her head. "Let me get the aspirin," she joked. "Nah, go ahead."

Kagome filled her in on the whole Source of Magic thing and told Rin that she was it. Rin blinked. "Your life is really strange," she pronounced. "So all those flowers and stuff?"

"Don't sniff the flowers. They might have a love potion dropped in them. Those things don't work on me, but they might on you. Don't read the notes; they might have a persuasion spell on them. Don't touch them. Just let me handle it." Kagome grimaced. "I just stuff them into a bag, anyway."

"Why?" Rin asked.

Kagome sighed. "Because they don't want Kagome. They want the Source of Magic. To most, I'm just a broodmare, a prize. When one of them actually tries to get to know me, not the Source..."

She covered her mouth and looked around. "The last time I said something like that, I had a flock of guys follow me all over campus." Rin laughed. "It's not funny. I had to have Sango, Melly, and Inuyasha escort me everywhere that week!"
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