Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Summer by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 25


Souta ran into her room, handed her two letters, and ran back out again. Kagome shook her head and sighed. Ah, to have that much energy.

She flipped the letters over and smiled at the addresses. Beginning to open them, she walked to her bed and sat down. She pulled out the first letter and began to read.

Dear Kagome,

Hi! It's almost time for you to come back. I can't wait to see you again! Not much has happened around here. Mom's fine and the Special is doing really well this year. There are a few college students still around and everyone's talking about college starting again soon.

I've seen Inuyasha a few times. Sesshoumaru and him come in for a meal every couple of weeks. We say hi and mention you. Has he really been writing to you? I couldn't believe that he asked me for your address after you left.

This is going to be a really short letter, but I'll be seeing you in a couple of weeks. If you write back fast, your letter might make it here before you do. wink


Kagome smiled and rolled her eyes. Yes, it probably would be the last letter. She'd send one back to Sango, but she might arrive before it did. She opened the next one and began reading.


Why do people always say hi and how are you in letters? I mean, they already know that you wrote a letter, so why do they have to greet you? You're going to say that you're fine, anyway. Even if you were fine when you wrote the letter, by the time it gets to the other person, they could've died.

Anyway, classes are going to be starting soon. We've got that Dispel class together so I'll see you there. Your refrigerator's still in the garage and it's okay. I've seen Sango a few times this summer and she's okay. Do you still want to do the Saturday study thing? My schedule's free for then. I keep forgetting to ask Sango when I'm in there.

See you in class.


Kagome pursed her lips. The studying sessions they had were good and it worked out fine on Saturday last year. Maybe Sango would want to continue it, too...

"Kagome?" Mrs. Higurashi asked, opening the door. "Souta missed something and put it in with my mail.

She accepted the letter. "Thanks, mom."

Mrs. Higurashi smiled and left the room. Kagome opened it and read the brief information. "Rin, hm?"

The paper in front of her listed her roommate's name, age, address, phone number, and a few of her likes/dislikes. Kagome nodded along with each.

When you filled out your survey for your roommate, you marked down whether you were a smoker, liked studying in quiet or with the radio on, and a few other things. The college paired you up accordingly.

Seems like they've done a good job, Kagome admitted. She glanced at the telephone. "Should I call her now or not?"

While she was deliberating, the phone rang. Kagome jumped a foot. Grinning at her skittishness, she picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Um, is Kagome Higurashi there?"

"Yes, this is she."

There was a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone. "This is Rin. Your new roommate?"


"It's for me, Mom."

"Okay, dear." There was the sound of a phone hanging up.

"Sorry, that was my Mom."

"It's okay," Rin assured her. There was a pause and Rin said, "Have you been to college before?"

Kagome settled down cross-legged on her bed. "I'm a sophomore. This is my second year back."

"Would you mind if I asked you some questions?"

"Nope, go right ahead."

Kagome heard some rustling on the other end of the line. "I've got a few papers here that I can't figure out. What does the meal plan mean? I'm signed up for one, but I'm still confused."

She nodded. "Which one are you signed up for?"

"Plan 1. 21 meals with $75 in points. That does mean that I can have three meals a day, seven days a week, right?"

"Right," Kagome agreed. "The points are what you're confused about?" There was an affirmative noise on the other end. "Okay. When it's ten in the morning and you've already had breakfast, that's when you use your points to buy a soda. Or it's four in the afternoon, you're starving, but you don't want dinner that soon. You pick up a bag of chips instead."

"So the meals are meals and the points are for when I want a drink or a snack?"

"That's it." Kagome paused. "Do you know your schedule?"

More rustling. "I've got it here somewhere," Rin muttered. "I feel like I'm drowning in paper and I don't even have any homework."

"Ah-ha! Here it is!" she said triumphantly. "I have Math 100 from 8-9:15, English 101 from 9:30-10:45, and Psychology 225 from 11-12:15 on Tuesday and Thursday. I have U. S. History I from 8-8:50 and Psychology 222 from 10-10:50 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."

"Is one of those pieces of paper a map of the campus?" Kagome asked.


"Would you mind if I tried to figure out something?"

"Okay..." Rin said cautiously.

Kagome moved to her computer and pulled up her online map of the campus. "Find dot 25. It's in the lower left hand corner."


"That is Scott Hall. We live on the other side of the dot. That long hall that's not marked by the dot? That's it. Where's Math 100?"


"We're on the second floor which is where I was last year. You're going to go down two flights of stairs, out the front door, down one long sidewalk, straight across the road, walk right down the sidewalk for a quarter block. You're going to cross another street and walk down a really long sidewalk and a steep hill. Then you're going to go into Roberts. Next class?"

"Same building."

"Lucky. Same floor?"

"No. It's a 200? The other one was a 300."

"You'll walk down a floor. Next class?"

"Thomas 67."

Kagome thought for a minute. "That's the auditorium. You're going to walk down two floors to get out of Roberts. You can either walk up the hill and stay on the sidewalk or you can cut through the Student Center, go across the street, walk half a block, and into the Thomas building. It's a long hike."

They managed to find out that her MWF classes were all in Roberts. "It's not really that far, is it?" Rin said worriedly.

"No," Kagome assured her. "You've got fifteen minutes in between all of your Tuesday/Thursday classes. You'll have to get up early to get breakfast, though. When's your last class on Monday?"

"Ten fifty."

"Then you'll have the choice of getting an early lunch or a late lunch. What about Tuesday?"

"Twelve fifteen."

"Okay. That sounds good."



"Um... What's the food like?"

Kagome did some quick typing. "On the first day of classes you'll have your choice of the Omelet bar, poached eggs, fried doughboys, home fries, bacon, banana bread, cereal, bagels, bread, or fresh fruit for breakfast. Lunch will be Italian vegetable soup, California bean soup, Italian grinder, vegetable quesadilla, broccoli noodle bake, spinach, Caesar wrap, salad, tomato bisque, brownies, cake, and cookies. Dinner looks like more Italian vegetable soup, California bean soup, roast turkey breast, mushroom tortellini, Nantucket haddock, mashed potatoes and stuffing, squash, mixed vegetables, veggie pizza, and chocolate cake."

Kagome paused. "And the snack bar always does cheeseburgers, pizza, salad, chicken nuggets, french fries, etc."

"That's...a lot better than I expected."

Kagome laughed. "I know! I usually get a danish or a doughnut from the case for breakfast and get lunch and dinner at the cafeteria."

"I only got the quick tour. What are the dorms like?"

"Small," Kagome warned. "Bring only the absolute essentials. One of the things I worried about was the shower. It isn't an open shower. There are stalls enough for everyone as long as we don't all try to take a shower at once. Scott North is a co-ed dorm, so be prepared to see guys in towels."

There was a gulp. "Um..."

Kagome grinned. "Bring flipflops. You don't want to catch whatever anyone else has on their feet. Never walk barefoot except in your own room."

"The room has two beds, one for each of us. There are two windows. There's one phone outlet in the room. Melly brought the phone last year. She was my roommate, but she graduated." Kagome glanced at her mobile phone. "I'll find one that isn't cordless."

"I could bring mine."

Kagome nodded. "Okay. Computer hookup is free and there are two in each room. There's cable tv and I'm going to be bringing my television. I've got a dvd player and a VHS, too."

She sighed. "What else? There's one bed, bureau, closet, desk, and a desk chair. Security is good. Only access is with a keycard. There's laundry downstairs, a lounge, and a kitchenette. I've got a refrigerator to put in the room so we can have cold sodas when the cafeteria's closed. Mom's going to buy me a microwave, too."

"Do you need any help with what to bring?" Kagome asked as an afterthought. "I know I'm just talking a mile a minute."

"I have the list here. You're being really great about this."

"It's okay. I went through the same thing with Melly. Are we looking at the same page? Right Stuff to Bring?" Rin agreed. "Okay. Necessities. Everything. Financial aid stuff, dictionary, thesaurus... Binders and notepads. Find out from your professor if you're going to need them. Some want a three ring binder with looseleaf. Others don't care what you write on. Assignment planner. They sell those at the bookstore. Buy one. Five classes, all of them assign homework on the same day, it's easy to forget one."

"Ah, clothes. The closet is about two feet long. The bureau is a little tiny. You'll be going home sometime late November. Bring summer clothes for a month and fall clothes for two months. Socks, underwear, stuff like that. Bring something that you can wrap around you like a bathrobe. People pop into the room all the time or pass by the open door. In the winter, we can't keep the window open. If we want any air at all, the door has to be open."

"The closet doesn't come with coat hangers, so you need those. If you're going to write home, bring stationary and envelopes or you can buy it at the store. Walmart is right down the road and someone's usually going that way. Or phone cards to call home with."

"The health center's great, but all they're going to tell you is that you have a cold. I've got a whole bag full of Tylenol, Nyquil, Dayquil, aspirin, and stuff. Go get a small plastic box with a handle. Those are great to take into the shower with you. You can't leave your shampoo and stuff around because you don't know who might use it."

"You'll need a laundry bag or a basket for your laundry. Detergent, fabric softener, rolls of quarters for the machines..."

"Speaking of laundry, you'll need twin sheets, comforter, some towels, blanket, a pillow, and a pillowcase... Trashcan, lamp for the desk... Oh, and some of those plastic boxes that can go under the bed. You'd be amazed at the stuff you'll need and you don't have anywhere to put it." Kagome laughed for a minute. "Stressed yet?"

"Yeah. But you've been really helpful."

"It's not as bad as it sounds. Follow the checklist. Anything that you're unsure of, wait on it. How are you getting there?"

"My parents are going to drop me off with my stuff."

"Okay. I'm going to be there at ten o'clock. My parents are going to hang around until two. We'll unpack your stuff first and see if there's anything we've forgotten. Sound good?"

"Great. Thank you!"

"So I'll see you in two weeks?"

"Yes. Thank you, Kagome. See you later."

"See you later." The two girls hung up the phone. Kagome continued to play on her computer while Rin ran downstairs with her list.
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