Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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An Invitation by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 21

An Invitation

Kagome glanced to the right of the sidewalk and grimaced. "I thought we were supposed to have snow," she said.

Sango shrugged. "It does snow around here. Usually we get a couple inches in November, a few more in December, and then feet in January, February, and March. I don't know what's going on."

"Well, it didn't snow in November. There was that morning that we had a dusting in December."

"Ah!" Sango said, raising a hand. "We did get a few snowstorms while you were on Christmas break."

Kagome shook her head. "That's what it is. The weather doesn't like me. It hasn't snowed since. Not really."

Sango tilted her head back and looked up at the gray sky. "It's only the middle of February. We've had snow, but not that much. There's been some freezing rain." She grinned at the other girl as they walked across the intersection. "Happy about going home?"

Kagome shrugged. "Sort of."

She frowned and glanced at Kagome. "What's wrong?"

"First, I live a little far away to drive. I have to take a plane home." Sango opened the door and Kagome walked inside. They headed toward the fantasy and science fiction section of the bookstore.

"I had to go home for Thanskgiving, Christmas, and now these two vacations coming up. I know my parents want me home..."

Sango nodded slowly. "It's a lot of money and you feel a little guilty about going to college, tuition, paying for books, etc." Kagome looked at her puzzled. Sango shrugged. "Me, too. Except for the whole going home thing."

"Yeah. The money isn't really an issue. I could fly home on a weekend if I wanted. I like flying, but I don't like it that much." Kagome grinned. "I do want to go home, but I just got here! And we've got another vacation in April!"

"So you want to stay here, why...?"

Kagome sighed. "It seems like a lot of money to ferry me back home for a week when I'll be going back home in April. But I can't stay here. The dorms close on Friday."

Accepting it, Sango browsed the shelves with Kagome. There wasn't much she could do for her friend except lend an ear to her problems. It was true that the dorms would be locked on Friday evening. Everyone was expected to go home by five p.m.

Sango paused. She turned to Kagome with her idea. "Kagome?" she asked. "Why can't you stay with me?"

She froze. "Huh," she said finally. "Pack a few things, stay with you, and avoid the whole flying thing." Kagome grinned. "I know why. Because your mom and my mom wouldn't go for it."

"We could ask," Sango said eagerly.

Kagome nodded and held up a book. "Let me go pay for this."

Kirara was absolutely fine with Kagome staying. The guest room was ready for her and all that was needed was Kagome's mother's permission.

Sango sat on Melly's bed as Kagome dialed the number. "Hi, Mom," she said. "I've got a question." There was a pause. "I wanted to know if I could stay here this vacation and come home for Easter. Sango's mom said it was okay if I stayed with her and Sango."

There was another longer pause. "I'll be fine. I'll be staying in the guest bedroom and having meals at The Special."

Kagome handed the phone to Sango. "She wants to talk to you."

Sango took the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi, Sango," a warm voice said. "Is it okay if Kagome stays with you?"

She nodded. "Yes." There were a few more questions and Sango handed the phone back to Kagome.

A few more sentences of conversation and everything was set. Kagome hung up the phone and grinned at Sango. "Mom wants to know if you want to visit me this summer for a week in return."

Sango's eyes widened and she nodded. "Sure!"

Kagome glanced around the room. "I'll have to go do laundry today and just make sure I've got two changes of clothes here. But it looks like you've got a guest for next week."
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