Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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The Sword by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 20

The Sword

"I have an acquaintance coming for dinner," Sesshoumaru said casually as Inuyasha walked into the kitchen.

He shrugged. "Okay."

"I'd like you to be here."

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. "Why wouldn't I be here for dinner? What are you up to?" Sesshoumaru smiled to himself and turned back to preparing dinner.

Sesshoumaru answered the door and ushered the older gentleman inside. He took off his coat and Sesshoumaru hung it up for him. "Inuyasha is upstairs. Dinner should be ready in twenty minutes."

He turned and called up the stairs, "Inuyasha!"

There were a few thuds and then a door squeaked open. "Yeah?"

"Come down and meet our guest."

Inuyasha walked down the hall and down the steps. The older man held out a hand and he shook it. "Inuyasha, this is Toutousai. Toutousai, Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru looked at his younger brother. "He's a sword specialist."

Inuyasha eyed him warily. "Yeah?"

"Yes, I am," Toutousai replied, giving the young man a good once-over. "Where is it?" Inuyasha jerked a thumb toward his room. "Well, go get it." Inuyasha stood for another second, then turned on his heel and ran upstairs.

Who does he think he is giving me orders, Inuyasha fumed. He stomped into his room and grabbed the necklace.

But... If he knows anything about this sword. Inuyasha's temper cooled off. Meditation class had been worth something. He took a couple deep breaths and found that his anger was streaming away from him.

One nail tapped the miniature sword on its cord necklace. The cord had never broken in all the years he had worn it. That was suspicious.

A small smile on his lips, Inuyasha remembered when he had first found the sword.

His parents house was huge. There were rooms that hadn't been opened since grandfather's time, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru teased.

It was one of those he had wandered into when he was about four years old. He remembered trying all of the doors, but they were all locked. When he found one that wasn't, he walked right in.

It was some kind of private room. He had wrinkled his nose, but looked around anyway. There was a bed, a desk, bureau... In other words, a boring room that smelled because it hadn't been opened in years.

He had just been about to walk out when he saw it. The old scabbard was leaning against the bureau's side.

Inuyasha had trotted over and grabbed it. His new toy in hand, he went back to his room. His father wouldn't let him have a sword and Sesshoumaru had just gotten one. Fine, he had thought, I found my own.

The next morning, his mom dressed him for school and off he went. When he came home, he pulled the sword out from under the bed to look at it again.

His mother had come in to take him to dinner and saw him with it. "Inuyasha," she said, "why do you have a sword?"

He had cradled it to him. "I found it!"

She walked over and held out a hand. Guilty faced, he let her have it. "You're not old enough to have a sword," she told him gently. "You might cut yourself."

"No, I can't!" he insisted. Before she could stop him, he had pulled out the blade.

It was broken along the edge. There wasn't any way that sword could hold an edge. "Inuyasha, it's too long," she said.

His hand pushed the sword back into the sheath. He pouted and didn't pull his hand back from the sword hilt. "I wish you were smaller."

Inuyasha's mother dropped her hands from the sword as it started to move. Inuyasha grinned at the three inch long sword in his right hand. "Now it's small enough!" He looked up at his mother and the smile vanished. "Mommy?"

She managed a weak smile and then took him directly to his father. "Honey?" she called into the dining room. "Do we have any magic swords in the house?"

"A few," he said. "Did you want one?"

She pointed to her son. "Show Daddy." Inuyasha did and they had a hunt for the room immediately after dinner. They had done some research on the sword, but only the name of the owner was listed. His name had been Arata and one of Inuyasha's great-grandfather's sons.

Inuyasha shook himself out of his daydreaming and ran back downstairs. He handed the necklace to Toutousai. He examined it and said, "What have you found out?"

He shrugged. "It can grow bigger or smaller. It belonged to one of my great-grandfather's sons, Arata. It doesn't like being separated from me. It's followed me to school a few times. Mom finally put it on a necklace and let me wear it."

"That's it?" Toutousai said, raising an eyebrow. He thrust the necklace at him. "Make it bigger."

Inuyasha took it from him. He told the sword, "Grow bigger." Once it was full-size, he handed it back to him. Toutousai looked it over until dinner was ready without saying a word.

After dinner was over, they settled into the living room. Sesshoumaru cleared his throat. "So what do you think?"

Toutousai drank from his glass and leaned forward. "It's name is the Tetsusaiga. Your great-grandfather had it made for his hanyou son, Arata."

"How do you know all this just from looking at the sword?" Inuyasha blurted out.

The older man looked at Inuyasha and snorted. "Because I'm the one who made the sword."

"You?" Inuyasha said in disbelief.

"Yes, me. You know that youkai live a lot longer than hanyous or humans. Although, I was younger in those days..." He coughed and went on. "The sword was created to keep Arata alive. Hanyous weren't popular back then and he needed the sword to defend himself."

He looked at Inuyasha. "The sword was made for a hanyou. Your family hasn't had many since Arata, so it probably got lonely. When you found it, it decided to stay with you."

Inuyasha glanced down at his necklace. "The sword...was lonely?"

"You a parrot?" Toutousai asked mildly. He pointed at Inuyasha's necklace. "That thing has a mind of its own. It's intelligent, but not overly so. It'll follow you, try to do what you ask of it, and it chooses who it is wielded by."

The conversation switched to Sesshoumaru's Tenseiga and Inuyasha went upstairs to prepare for class.

Inuyasha glanced at the clock. Nine thirty on a Monday morning. His eyes swung to focus on Toutousai again. Pity his brother hadn't warned him that the old man was going to be presenting to his swordmanship class today.

"And now we'll have a demonstration of one of my swords. Inuyasha, come up here."

Gritting his teeth, he stood and walked to the front of the room. This had better be good...

Toutousai gave the class a brief description of the sword and how he had come to be. He had Inuyasha make the sword grow smaller and larger before he sprang the trap. "Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha invited me to their house last night to talk about the sword. There was one more thing about it that I didn't tell them."

He looked around the class and shook his head. "No. There isn't anyone suitable in here. I'll go find someone." He ducked outside, leaving the class alone with their teacher.

Kagome slid her backpack strap up onto her shoulder. Go to the mage library and work on that energy channeling reading, she thought. I'm so glad that Noin let us out of class twenty minutes early. Now I won't have to rush through it.


She turned to look at the elderly man. "Yes? May I help you?"

He smiled. "Yes, you can. I need some help with a demonstration for my class. It's nothing hard. You just have to stand there."

Kagome thought for a second. "Will any magic be cast on me?" He shook his head. "Okay."

Inuyasha looked up as Toutousai entered the room again with a person in tow. He frowned when he saw Kagome. What's she doing here?

"This young lady has consented to help today," Toutousai told the class. "Now, Kagome, I'd like you to stand by the blackboard. Inuyasha, move over toward the desks."

They moved and Toutousai looked at Kagome. "I did promise that no magic would be cast on you, correct?" She nodded. "Sadly, you did not ask if any magic would be cast." He lifted his hands and inhaled. "I'm sorry, young lady, but for this demonstration you have to be hurt."

He exhaled and fire erupted toward Kagome. Her eyes widened and she froze. Inuyasha leapt in front of her before the fire reached her.

Toutousai straightened and looked at Inuyasha with pride. "As the class can see, the sword has another function."

Inuyasha stared at the sword. Kagome peeked around him and frowned. "Wasn't that a rusty stick?" she asked quietly.

"The sword was made from the fang of an inuyoukai for his hanyou son. The sword will protect anyone, but Inuyasha has never invoked this part of Tetsusaiga. It was best to find someone that was human and fairly defenseless."

"Hey!" Kagome said loudly. "I am not!"

Toutousai glanced at her. "You are a human female and susceptible to fire."

"I'm also the Source and most spells don't work on me."

"Oh," he said. He shrugged. "Inuyasha still defended you so it worked. Now for the last part of the powers of the Tetsusaiga, we'll have to move outside. Gather your things. You'll be leaving after this short demonstration."

The class moved outside and Toutousai hauled a sword out of his pile of stuff. "Have you had any sword training?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "Some. Dad made sure we knew which end to use. I only had a few years, so I'm still a beginner."

"Good." Toutousai leapt at him.

Kagome watched with the class. Inuyasha may have had some training, but Toutousai had more. For some reason, even though Inuyasha was a beginner, Toutousai never connected.

A few minutes later, Toutousai called a halt. "The next thing that is built into the sword will help its wielder. Inuyasha does not need to know how to fight with a sword as long as he uses that sword." He grinned. "That sword will also only answer to Inuyasha. Class dismissed."

The class dispersed and Inuyasha had a few words with Toutousai about threatening Kagome and hiding things. He waved them off and said a cheerful good-bye.

Kagome picked up her backpack. "Um, thank you?"

"For what?"

"The fire and jumping in front of me. You didn't know it wouldn't burn." She shifted from one foot to the next. "I'm going to study at the library. Energy channeling."

"Mind if I tag along?"

Kagome grinned. "As long as I don't get dragged into another class demonstration."
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