Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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The Special by ebonizy
Author's Notes:
This story is unedited meaning it's written exactly how Moonsilver wrote it all those years ago. Enjoy!
These characters do not belong to me, but the story does!

Source of Magic

Chapter 2

The Special

Sango ran in the back door, waved to Kaede, and went out to the main floor. She smiled at the group of three entering the restaurant. "Welcome to Special Delicacies. Three for dinner?" They nodded and she led them to a table.

Once the rush was over, Sango walked into the kitchen to help Kaede. Seeing that the older woman had everything under control, she bent to washing the dishes. Tsubame smiled gratefully and left for the evening.

Sango let her hands wash the dishes while she thought about her day. She'd seen Kagome again in math class. It was nice having a person you knew in two classes. It would probably never happen again, but she did like Kagome's company.

She'd spent from eight that morning to noon in classes. Another three hours getting all of her homework done for those classes, two hours of recreational time, and she'd taken off to help with the dinner rush. After these dishes were washed, maybe she'd have a few minutes. She was tired and it was only the second day of classes.

"Sango?" Kirara called. "Do you think you could help with the upstairs for a few minutes? Then you're free."

Sango turned and nodded. "Sure, mom."

Kagome sighed and pulled out her art history book. Maybe she could get a few minutes of reading done.

She was three pages into the new chapter when someone tapped her arm. She looked up into the face of a middle-aged woman. "Are you trying to study?" she asked. Kagome nodded. "Come with me, please."

Kagome frowned, but packed up her book. The woman led her to the back of the room where a sign pointed the way to the restrooms. She turned to the young woman and smiled. "My name's Kirara. It's much quieter upstairs and it's set aside for the students. Go up and someone will be up to ask you if you'd like something."

"Thank you. I'm Kagome."

Kirara smiled wider. "Very happy to meet you." She began walking toward the kitchen and Kagome went upstairs.

Her first impression was that this was very different from the downstairs. It was busy downstairs with people coming and going. The wood floors were the same and the lighting was just as bright, but somehow the upstairs was more homey. There were freestanding tables in the middle, booths on the walls, and some of those booths were curtained off. Backpacks slumped aside chairs and table legs. Students were pointing at books and gesturing with their hands.

Kagome smiled and chose a table. She pulled her art book out of her backpack and began reading.

"Kagome?" a familiar voice said.

She looked up. "Sango?" Kagome asked. The other girl nodded and sat down. "Do you work here?"

Sango grinned. "My mom opened the restaurant up last May. I've been working here all summer. I go to school full time and work the dinner crowd from five to seven."

"You're off now?"

Sango nodded. "As soon as I take care of whoever came up here."

Kagome smiled sheepishly. "That would be me. A lady called Kirara sent me up."

"That's my mom. So what did you want? Did you get a menu?"

"I just came in for a soda and and a snack," Kagome admitted.

Sango stood up. "Do you want a menu or just to come down to the kitchen?"

Kagome put away her history book. "I'll come downstairs."

The two girls went downstairs and Kagome met Kaede. The older woman pronounced Kagome too skinny and began feeding her.

Sango tried to stop her friend, but Kagome insisted on paying for her meal. After she was full, Kagome went back to her dorm room.

That was great, she thought. But I still didn't get my assignment read for tomorrow. She shrugged. I did get away from the adoring fans, though.

When she stepped into her room, she found another four notes on her desk. She tossed them into the trash after putting on her gloves. There was a reason behind this. Her mother had spelled the gloves so that as long as Kagome had them on, she could handle anything. Spell-resistant gloves. Never leave home without them.

Kagome changed for bed and took the book out again. She propped her head up on one elbow as she read from her position on the bed. She closed the book, slid it back into her backpack, and went to sleep.
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