Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Final Exams by ebonizy
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Source of Magic

Chapter 16

Final Exams

"'Tis the season to be frantic," Kagome hummed sarcastically to herself. She had just finished her English paper revision the night before. That was one final exam that was done. She had her Art History exam, Math, and Magical Diagrams, too.

Diagrams had just let out and she was on her way to the cafeteria to grab a snack. Then it was to her room to study for her Art History exam. She had a study session with Sango on Saturday. They were going to go over the math as much as possible and write down their formulas.

Kagome breathed a relieved sigh. Their math teacher was really understanding. So many math formulas, too little available brain space. They were allowed two 8x11 pieces of paper to write notes on. Sample problems, formulas, little pieces of information they'd picked up, anything.

She went into the cafeteria, nodded to Kenshin, and picked up two bags of chips, an orange, and a banana. That would keep her going until she turned in early tonight. A wild Thursday night.

Aoshi faced the class and stood at the end of the class. He nodded to them all. "You've all done well. Everyone passes. You are no longer my students in meditation."

The students nodded and smiled back at him. The majority started gathering up their things. Kagome sat where she was and looked around the room one last time. "My last class," she said softly.

"Mine, too," Inuyasha replied. He tossed his backpack over both shoulders and smiled at her. "See you later?"

She nodded. "Yeah." Kagome watched him walk out of the class, shrugged, and picked up her stuff. She'd probably never see him again. Classes were scattered and you never knew who you'd meet.

Saturday morning was spent at Sango's studying math problems. Saturday afternoon was spent on diagram studying. Sunday was a combination of studying, cleaning, and packing. The dorms were closed up during the few weeks worth holidays, but everyone still had to pack to go home.

"Oh, it's going to be so good to go home," Melly sighed.

Kagome shot her a dirty look. "Don't rub it in."

"That's right," Melly said snapping her fingers. "You have to stay here until Thursday."

"Diagrams final," Kagome mumbled. "Art History's on Monday, Math's on Wednesday, and Diagrams finishes on Thursday."

"Well, since I'm not going to be here to check you, I'm making you a list." Melly said grinning.

"A list?"

"Yeah. Remember to take your clothes home, unplug all the appliances, make your bed, etc. Leave everything neater than a pin and then you'll know if anyone's been in here." Melly finished writing the list and handed it to Kagome. She turned and put it on her desk.

"Actually," Kagome began, "I've already packed my clothes. I've left out four outfits and I'll wash three before I go home. You can disconnect the refrigerator when you leave. I've got tons of points left, so I'll just buy sodas from the cafeteria. I'll straighten up before I leave."

"Okay," Melly agreed. "Want me to quiz you on Art History?" Kagome nodded and handed her the papers.

Kagome shifted the duffel bag to a more comfortable position on her shoulder and picked up the suitcase. "Did you pack the kitchen sink?" she joked.

Melly shook her head and looked sadly at Kagome. "You should know that we don't really have a kitchen sink. There's one in the dorm kitchenette, but who would want the trouble of disconnecting it?"

They carried Melly's stuff down and pushed it into the trunk of her car. "Okay, Kagome," Melly said, turning toward her. "Remember to double-check the list I left you. Don't wander anywhere a guy can get you alone. I won't be there to bail you out."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "I'm going to be in my room, the library, the cafeteria, or at an exam. I'll be fine for three days. Actually, it's just what's left of today, Tuesday, Wednesday, and half of Thursday. I'm leaving at ten to go home."

"Just checking."

"I'll be fine," Kagome insisted. "Have a safe trip and email me over vacation." Melly nodded and got into her car as Kagome walked away to the dorm. She was supposed to meet Sango at the Special at seven to go over a few sticky math problems before the final on Wednesday morning.

Sango waited outside in the hall after she finished her test. She didn't need to be back at the restaurant for a few more minutes. The test had taken her an hour and fifteen minutes out of the full hour and a half.

She bit her lip. Kagome had better hurry or she won't finish...

Walking down the hall, she paused to take a drink from the water fountain. When she looked back up, Kagome was walking toward her. "How do you think you did?" Sango asked.

Kagome shrugged. "I didn't get stuck on anything. It just took forever to write everything down."

Sango nodded her agreement and they began walking to the stairs. "I've got work," Sango said apologetically.

"Don't worry about it," Kagome said. "I'm going to go get something to eat at the cafeteria to tide me over until this afternoon and then study diagrams."

"Oh, big excitement," Sango teased, starting down the stairs. "Couldn't you find a date?"

"Don't say that!" Kagome said, shaking a finger at her friend in mock anger. "The last time I mentioned anything about guys, it was a disaster!" She smiled and said, "No. I've got to look over the diagrams again and then I'll be set for tomorrow morning."

"Then you go home?"

Kagome nodded. "I'll be leaving tomorrow at ten. I've got to call a taxi to take me to the airport."

"Will you drop by before you leave?"

"Sure," she said. "I'll be by tonight." They reached the end of the stairs and had to part. Sango had to leave for the door near the road and Kagome had to go down the hall to get to the cafeteria. They said good-bye and walked away.

Kagome walked down the hallway, idly noticing the out of date posters, and through the courtyard. She climbed the stairs and walked into the cafeteria. It was only nine thirty, but she figured a few pieces of fruit and maybe a danish would hold her until she could come in at lunch time.

She frowned as she saw nothing cooking. Kenshin wasn't there to greet her. Usually, he would say hello and there would be steam rising from the counter...

With a shrug, she picked two bananas from the fruit bowl and chose a cheese danish. She opened the soda case door and got a cranapple juice bottle. Plunking all of it down in front of Yahiko, she tilted her head toward the kitchen and looked at him curiously. "Where's Kenshin?"

He sighed. "Kaoru went into labor last night. He can't come in."

Kagome's jaw dropped. "She did?" She paused. "The cafeteria isn't closed. Who's going to cook?"

"Some of the culinary arts students. Ukyo'll be making dinner." When she didn't look particularly enlightened, he added, "She's one of the teachers for culinary arts."

"At least most of the students are already gone," she said. Picking up her stuff, she exited the cafeteria.

One very tasty cheese danish, a banana, and half a bottle of cranapple juice later, Kagome glanced at the clock. Ten thirty-five. She sighed and looked back at her textbook. She knew this. She was just going over it because there wasn't anything else to do. Melly wasn't around to talk to. Sango was working. No classes. No packing to do. She'd eaten already.

She leaned back in her chair and looked at the ceiling. "Kagome," she said to herself, "it is pretty bad when you choose studying as entertainment."

Shaking her head, she got up from the chair and pulled on her coat. She could at least go for a walk. It would get her out of the dorm and maybe she'd find a book to read or something.

She walked down the stairs and to the front door. A blast of cold air made her almost reconsider her plan, but she gritted her teeth and walked out.

Slowly, she walked past the student parking lot, the church, and the apartment building. An idle glance toward the other side of the street made her think of something. She walked quickly to the crosswalk, waited for the light to change, and went to the other side. She ducked into the little pharmacy/general store/video store and went directly to the Jelly Belly jellybean section. Pulling one of the little polka dot bags out of the dispenser, she filled it halfway with root beer flavored jellybeans. Souta will love these, she thought.

"Hi, Kagome."

She turned around and saw Inuyasha standing behind her. "Hi," she replied. "Still here?"

He shrugged. "I'm moving in with my brother. My roommate's driving me nuts."

"I've got one last exam tomorrow morning." She paid for the jellybeans and waited as Inuyasha paid for his packet of rubber bands.

"I didn't know I had so much stuff," Inuyasha told her as they walked out the door into the cold.

"I know," Kagome said, rolling her eyes. "My wardrobe didn't used to be that big." Shrugging, she said, "It's because I had to have late summer clothes, fall, and winter clothes. They ought to make those things bigger."

"But you're only taking clothes home. I've got to my my computer, clothes, blankets, stuff, textbooks..."

Kagome frowned. "Why don't you get your roommate to help you?"

"He's gone."


"He's at work."

Kagome sighed. "Is your dorm co-ed?"

Inuyasha shot her a puzzled look. "Why?"

"I haven't got anything else to do. Just let me drop these jellybeans off in my room and I'll come help."

"I can handle it."

"It'd be easier with two people."

"I'm just carrying stuff down to my brother's car and driving it to his house."

"Like I said, it'll go faster with two people. Your stuff can't be heavier than Melly's stuff." Kagome argued. With a sly look, she said, "You've got a damsel in distress problem, right? Won't you save me from my boredom? If you don't let me help you, I'll have to go back to studying my magical diagrams textbook for the fifth time."

Inuyasha threw up his hands. "Fine. You can help me carry it down and unpack it if you want."

"I want," Kagome said sweetly.

Inuyasha's dorm was co-ed, but it was also deserted. "Everyone else on this floor has already gone home," he explained. He opened the door and gestured at the plastic boxes. "I'll get the computer. Do you think you can handle a few of those clothes cartons?"

"Sure," Kagome chirped and lifted one. "Where are we carrying it to?"

He lifted the monitor into his arms and said, "Follow me."

Inuyasha led the way out of the dorm and down the sidewalk to a car parked at the curb. Kagome set down her burden and opened the backseat. He put the monitor inside and unlocked the trunk for his clothes. "I've already taken one load over this morning," he explained.

"So there's just a few clothes left?" she asked.

They began walking upstairs and Inuyasha pointed out what was left. Kagome had been right. There were two clothes cartons left, a pile of bedding, and his computer. "I already took over half the clothes, the stuff in the desk, and the books and other junk."

Kagome nodded. "All right. How about you carry the computer out to the car and I'll get the other stuff to the door?" Inuyasha agreed and picked up his CPU.

While Inuyasha carried that out, Kagome got the two clothes cartons down and put the bedding on top of them. She'd just finished putting it down when Inuyasha arrived. He got the carton with the bedding on top and she picked up the last one. One of the cartons went into the trunk and the other went onto the backseat. The bedding was scrunched into the floor.

Kagome slid into the passenger's seat while Inuyasha got out the spare keys. He started the car and they drove to Sesshoumaru's house.

Even in winter, the house was pretty nice. Two stories and a nice little yard. Inuyasha got out and walked up the cement path. He took the steps two at a time and crossed the porch quickly. He unlocked the door and went back to the car for his stuff.

Kagome dragged the bedding out of the floor while Inuyasha got his computer out on the other side of the car. He led her into the house and she marked where everything was. To her right was the living room, to her left a bedroom, and straight ahead was the staircase. He led up the stairs and to the right. Putting the computer down, he gestured for her to put the bedding on the bed.

She looked around. There were four windows, one to her left and right, and two straight ahead. The desk was in the upper right hand corner with the bed between the two windows. A nightstand was to the left of the bed. There was a bookshelf in the lower right hand corner and an entertainment center opposite the bed. "It's nice," she said.

"Yeah. Sesshoumaru had this as a guest room," Inuyasha answered. They quickly got the rest of his clothes and things upstairs.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Did you want me to drive you back to the dorm?" She shook her head. "Did you want to unpack the books?" She nodded and he pointed her toward the bookcase. Kagome began opening the boxes and putting them on the shelves while he set up his computer.

Once she was done with that, she asked where the closet was. "It's around the corner, right before the bathroom."

"Oh," Kagome answered, darting a look at the door. "Um, can I-?"

He looked confused for a minute, then blushed and turned his head away. "Sure."

Kagome went out of the room to relieve herself and found the closet. She opened one of the cartons and asked, "Inuyasha, which of your clothes did you want put up?"

He shrugged. "That closet's big enough for an elephant's clothes. All of 'em." She tugged it out into the hall and began putting things on hangers.

Inuyasha finished with his computer and took care of setting up his desk. Once that was done, he sorted out his television, player, and DVDs. Kagome came back into the room and her eyes went wide when she saw he had the Labyrinth on DVD.

They settled down on the floor and watched that, quoting lines along with the characters. Kagome laughed when Inuyasha said, "I can be cruel."

"You are not," she said grinning.

"You just helped me carry my things down a two flights of stairs, up another flight, and unpacked my clothes for me. I'm not cruel?"

Kagome considered that. "I guess so."

The movie ended and Inuyasha put the DVD back in its case. Remembering that he was playing host, he asked, "Did you want something to drink or something?"

She shrugged. "Sure." They tromped down the stairs and walked through the living room to the kitchen.

He opened the refrigerator. "Sess's got orange juice, lemonade, and some kind of soda."

Kagome peeked around him. "That's ginger ale. Lemonade?" Inuyasha pulled out the pitcher and poured two glasses.

"Anyone home?"

"In the kitchen!" Inuyasha said in a raised voice.

Sesshoumaru appeared a few moments later. "Oh. You have company." Looking at his brother, he asked, "Did you get everything moved?"

Inuyasha nodded. "Kagome helped me out."

"I exploited his weakness for damsels in distress," she answered quickly.

Sesshoumaru shook his head. "His greatest weakness," he said sadly. "Have you had lunch?"

Inuyasha and Kagome looked at each other and frowned. "Oops," they said.

"How many speeches have I given you about proper nutrition and eating habits, Inuyasha?" Sesshoumaru grumbled, moving into the kitchen. "Out! I'll fix lunch. God knows if Inuyasha does it, we'll be eating cinders."

"Unless it only needed to be microwaved," Sesshoumaru amended. "Make yourself at home, Kagome. Lunch should only take a few minutes. Is chicken salad okay? Chicken, salad dressing, wheat bread?" She nodded.

After lunch was over, Kagome had to leave. She pleaded laundry and more studying. While the laundry was spinning in the washer, she reviewed her diagrams notes again. Clothes washed and dried, she went to see Sango.

The next morning she went to the cafeteria to see if she could find another cheese danish. She had to make do with a raspberry one, but found out that Kaoru had a little boy that they had named Kenji.

Her test was easy after all the studying she put in and she got to the airport safely. She was on her way home!
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