Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Source of Magic

Chapter 15


Kagome stood in the doorway of her room and stared at it. It didn't look different.

"Still packing?" Melly said from behind her. Kagome jumped and she laughed. "No, I'm not one of your stalkers," she teased.

"Thank goodness," Kagome answered back. She turned to look at the room and stepped inside. "No, I was just thinking how familiar this has become. I'm going home for the first time since I got here. What if-?"

Melly nodded sympathetically. "What if it doesn't look the same?" Her roommate turned to glance at her. "It'll look like home to you. That whole thing about outgrowing your home, well, that only applies to some people. I still go home and do the same stuff. I lounge in my favorite chair, fuss with my family over who gets the remote, etc."

"So," she continued, "what are you missing?"

Kagome looked at her blankly. "Missing?"

"Yeah! You'll miss something. Always do. Did you pack at least three days worth of clothes?"


"Your homework?"


"How about your shower stuff?"

Kagome's hand flew to her mouth. "Oops."

"Yeah. You're not living at home any longer so your family might not have your stuff anymore. It was such a drag when I got home and realized I'd forgotten my bar of soap."

"Soap?" Kagome asked while finding her little basket of toiletries.

Melly confirmed with a nod. "The rest of my family likes one kind and I have to have another. Something the doctor said about one kind being too harsh on my skin."

She sighed. "It is the price one pays for beauty like mine, you know." Kagome threw a pillow at her and Melly giggled. "Now, I'm going to be driving home in a few hours. Have you got your plane ticket?"

Kagome found her purse and brandished it at Melly. "Yup!"

Inuyasha helped his roommate carry down an extra bag of presents for his family and waved good-bye as the car pulled out of the lot. He looked around the parking lot and saw that most of the cars were already gone.

He dawdled on the way back to his dorm. The majority of the doors were shut and locked because their inhabitants had gone home.

His hand turned the doorknob slowly and he went only a few paces inside to grab his duffel bag and backpack. Clothes, a paperback, toiletries, and homework were inside.

He locked the door on his way out and walked out of the dorm. A few blocks away, he walked slowly up a path and knocked on the door.

"About time," Sesshoumaru grumbled as he opened the door. "Mom and Dad are going to be here tomorrow."

Inuyasha shrugged and walked inside. "Are you cooking?"

Sesshoumaru snorted. "Oh, yes. Let's allow Dad to cook. Burnt turkey. Or Mom. Then we can all have food poisoning because she left the potato salad out for a few hours before we ate it. No, thank you."

Sango sat down with a heavy thump at Kagome's table. "So how was your Thanksgiving?" she asked.

Kagome grinned. "Great! The boys argued over the remote, I helped Mom in the kitchen, and I got to see all of my high school friends. It wasn't weird at all!"

"That's great." Sango sighed. "We had Thanksgiving lunch and then opened up for dinner. It was madhouse. Doesn't anyone know how to cook a turkey at home anymore?"

Kagome hummed along with the stereo as she set everything back in its place. Melly had already checked in, she had seen Sango, and classes started again tomorrow. Home had been wonderful. But college was pretty good, too.
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