Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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Source of Magic

Chapter 10


Kagome's train of thought was broken as Melly asked, "Are you going to the dance?"

She blinked and tried to derail her thoughts from her email to the question. She turned to look at her roommate around the bookcase. "Dance?"

"Yeah, Halloween is coming up."

Kagome frowned. "Halloween is connected with a dance how?"

Melly sighed and slid her computer chair around the bookcase. "Halloween dance," she said, putting the two words together.

She raised an eyebrow. "It's Thursday. Last week you were escorting me around, trying to keep a mob of guys away from me. Now you want me to go to a dance?"

"Yup!" Melly said happily. Kagome stared at her. "You are not going to stay in this room forever. College is about learning, that's true. But it's also about having fun. I'm in my last year and I'm going to this dance. Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have vacations during those."

She paused. "If you go to the Halloween one, I won't bug you to go to the Valentine's Day one."

"They have a Valentine's Day Dance?" Kagome squeaked.

Melly shrugged. "Last year they didn't. No one organized one, so we didn't have one. Though, you'll probably get roses and stuff."

The raven-haired girl winced. "Thanks for warning me."

She waved a hand from the other side of the room. "No problem. So are you going?"

Kagome sighed. "If I don't go, you'll bug me about it forever, won't you?"

"Of course!" Sensing defeat, Melly continued. "It's great. See, all of the students do magic on that holiday because it's just taken as special effects. So you'll see some great stuff. Most of the students stay at one or the other of the colleges just like they do for classes. But the ones like us who take classes at both colleges, we go back and forth."

"Kenshin'll do the cooking for the whole thing and he makes the best cookies! Someone will be watching the punch bowl and it'll turn a different color if someone spikes it. We'll start off at the normal university and go over to the mage university. The teachers will do tricks and the students will goof off. Last year, someone had the brilliant idea to dress up as Linus and have the Great Pumpkin show up!"

"What about the boys?" Kagome said reluctantly.

Melly shook her head. "We'll have you hang around me, one of my friends, Sango..." She looked at Kagome slyly. "Maybe Inuyasha will show up."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "He's been nice, but I'm off the idea of dating for a long while."

She shrugged her shoulders. "Suit yourself. Speaking of which, what costume do you want?"

"You have to be in costume?"

"No, but it's always fun. Have any ideas?" Melly drew herself up proudly. "I've been a witch, a goblin, Medusa..."

"I don't know," Kagome confessed. "I'm not going as a princess."

Melly wrinkled her nose. "You'd have all the boys acting as your prince." She leaned back and became the picture of deep thought. "Not anything evil, nothing seductive like a vampiress, no princesses..."

"Hm... This is harder than I thought," she said a few minutes later. "We don't want you in anything that'll make the guys mob you again, so that lets out the whole princess, fairy, elf, sort of thing. You don't have a favorite character, do you?" Kagome shook her head. "Can't dress you up as a lady pirate, too much skin. Could dress up as a goddess, but you're already the Source of Magic. Goddess would be pushing it."

She snapped her fingers. "Why don't we put you in a nice dress and tell everyone you're a winged human? Everyone who doesn't ask will think you're an angel."

"And where am I going to find wings?" Kagome asked. "The dress would be easy."

Melly frowned. "Kagome... What's my major?" Kagome shrugged and Melly slapped her forehead. "We've been roommates for a month and a half and you don't know my major?"

"It never seemed to come up in conversation," Kagome said dryly. "You know mine."

"Library Science," she said. "Ah, well. It isn't any big secret. I'm a double major with one in the normal university and one in the mage university. The normal one is computer science. The mage," Melly grinned, "is illusions."

"So you see," she continued, "I'll have no problems making your wings. You just have to decide what kind you want. White feathers, black feathers, black leathery ones, sparkly ones, whatever you want."

Kagome had images of white glittery wings before she jolted herself back to reality. "I'd better find the dress first," she thought aloud.

Melly nodded sagely. "Don't want to have the dress clash. You could do the toga thing, but a dress would be better."

"No prom dresses," she said suddenly. "And no plunging necklines. What are you going to be?"

The other girl shrugged. "I don't know. Since you can't go as a goddess or anything form-fitting, maybe I will. We can shop for our dresses together."

Kagome's face slid into a pout and she said, "You got me to agree with just the promise of wings." Melly laughed. "I wonder if Sango's going?"
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