Source of Magic by Moonsilver by ebonizy
Summary: An AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets new friends over the period of time she is there.
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I read, several years ago, a well written Inuyasha fanfic called "Source of Magic" by Moonsilver. It's an AU, occurring in the modern world, following Kagome as she attends a mixed college -"magic" and "mundane"- where she meets everyone over the time she is there. It's a fun, "slice-of-life" fiction, and I wondered recently if it was still around. I've not been able to find it on this site, and I feel it's a loss to Fanfiction in general and Inuyasha fanfiction specifically on this site. Luckily, I have a tendency to collect stories I've greatly enjoyed, and I have the whole story saved.My copy, unfortunately for me -or fortunately, as it makes it easier to post- is all in 90 -yes, NINETY- notepad files, so I'm not sure of the total word count.
First Day by ebonizy
Author's Notes:
As a test, I'll try to post the first 5 chapters. PLEASE review, let me know if sharing more of their story is to your liking, or if I should stop.
These characters do not belong to me, but the story does!
by "Silver"

Source of Magic

Chapter 1

First Day

Kagome pulled the new trunk in behind her. The golden handle cut her hand so she was glad to let go of it. Turning, she sat down heavily on it and looked around the room. Home sweet home for the next few months, she thought.

It was okay as dorm rooms went. She was sharing it with another girl, but Melinda's stuff was already there and unpacked. Melly, as she had told Kagome to call her, had gone to find a vending machine.

They had two single beds, one lengthwise against each wall. At the bottom of the bed, Kagome had a trunk. Behind the door was a small closet which Kagome had to fill with the stuff in the trunk. There was a small bureau beside the closet. At the other end of the room were two windows. In between the windows were two long bookshelves. Above the beds were two desks facing the wall. Melly had already purchased a small refrigerator and told Kagome they could share it if Kagome would buy her own sodas.

Kagome heaved herself off the trunk and unfastened the latches. Her first classes were tomorrow and she'd better get her room settled.

Kagome groaned as she woke up and remembered that today was the day. She dressed and found her roommate still asleep. Even though Kagome had tripped over a shoe and shrieked, she had begun snoring. Amazing, Kagome thought. She snores louder than Buyo!

She picked up her backpack from the floor and fumbled her class schedule out of the front pocket. "Okay," she muttered to herself as she walked out of the door, "I've got English Composition at nine. I leave that class at nine fifty. I run to Art History II which starts at ten. I stay there until ten fifty. Then I have until one to get lunch. At one I'm supposed to be in Meditation."

Kagome looked up. "And that's it until tomorrow. Math at nine thirty to ten forty-five and Magical Diagrams at twelve thirty to one forty-five. Piece of cake."

She shoved the schedule into the back pocket of her jeans and walked down the hall. Breakfast was first on the list and then finding her way around campus.

She looked inside her first classroom. It was a fairly simple rectangle. The door was straight ahead with the teacher's desk and blackboard to her left. There were two windows in the back and five rows of desks. Kagome wrinkled her nose at the desks. They were pretty to look at, but the molded chair and seat combinations weren't too great for working on. The desks weren't big enough to hold both a book and a notebook. You ended up holding the book in your lap and taking notes on top of the desk.

Kagome slid into a royal blue seat in the row against the wall closest to the door. No one's here yet, she thought. She glanced at the clock. Class doesn't start until nine. It's twenty-five minutes before.

She began reviewing what she'd learned. There's main street. In her mind she saw the gray street dividing her doorm and the college campus. On one side of main street is my dorm. On the other is the university.

To get to the cafeteria, I have to walk across main street, turn right and walk halfway down the block. I go across the next street, through the student center, and the cafeteria is up the stairs. If I walk completely through the building, I end up in a courtyard. On the other side of that courtyard is this building. I've got to find out what these buildings are called.

She reached into her back pocket for her schedule and rummaged in her backpack for the map she'd printed off. The campus was on two blocks for the most part. The main block was right in front of her dorm. The library was on the upper right hand corner. In the middle to the top were the science buildings. On the bottom left corner was another building that had most of the offices in it, but there were a few classrooms. On the block on the right, there was the computer center in the upper left hand corner. The cafeteria building was in the middle on the left hand side. On the right hand corner, spanning almost up to the middle of the right edge, was the building she was in now. There was a big park and then the next block over to the right was the 'boarding school'.

Kagome grinned. What most of the town thought was a boarding school was really a mage university.


Kagome looked up to find a tall, black-haired girl in a deep green shirt looking nervously at her. "Yes?"

"Is this English composition?" Kagome nodded and the girl sighed. "I've got the right room then."

Kagome smiled. "I'm trying to figure out where the rest of my classes are, too."

The other girl took a few steps into the room. "Would you mind if I sat there?" She pointed to the seat next to Kagome.

Kagome shook her head. "Go ahead."

The girl sat down and turned to Kagome. "I'm Sango."

"Kagome," she introduced herself. "I'm trying to figure out where my art history class is."

Sango leaned over and Kagome adjusted the map. Eventually Sango pointed. "Isn't it there?"

Kagome groaned. "It's beside the library. How am I supposed to get from here to there in ten minutes?"

The girls began discussing whether it would be easier to go through the student center or to go around and hope to find another way. The students filtered in and the teacher arrived five minutes before classes started. The two girls discovered that they had Math together tomorrow at nine thirty.

"Good morning," the teacher said. "My name is Amy Norton. Is this your first college course?" Everyone raised their hands. She smiled. "Let me relieve a few of your fears now. College is not that hard. You should have lots of free time as long as you don't dawdle with your homework."

There was some nervous laughter and then she continued. "I'm passing out your syllabus." She took a pile of papers from her desk and began counting out how many to give to each row. "We'll go over this today and you'll see what we'll be doing this semester. It's okay to feel overwhelmed. Throughout your college years, you'll find that homework comes and goes in waves. You may have a week of nothing but a few light reading assignments. The next week, you may have two papers assigned to you. It becomes easier with practice."

When the syllabi were passed out, Amy went over them. Kagome was surprised to see that it really didn't look that difficult. There was a final paper at the end and a few practice papers scattered, but not that many. Amy quickly explained that most papers in college were three single-spaced pages long. When she asked for a 5-6 page double-spaced paper, she was really asking for two and a half to three pages. There were chapter reading assignments for every week.

Amy smiled. "I know we've only been in class a little over half an hour, but that's all I had planned for today. Wednesday, we'll have a full length class. I'd like you to read the chapter for next class. Any questions?"

There weren't any, but Amy remembered a few last things. "For my commuter students, don't come to class if the roads are bad. If it starts to snow while you're in class and you think it will end up bad weather, go home. Food and drinks are allowed in the classroom. I'd rather have to talk over a couple of bags rustling than stomachs rumbling. Class dismissed."

The two girls waved to each other and ran off to their next classes. Kagome walked hurriedly, almost jogging, to Art History II. Sango strode away from her first class to find out where her Environmental Science class would be at eleven.

Kagome heard more of the same from Hiko, her art history professor. She got the impression that he liked to talk to hear his own voice and he was conceited, but it sounded like he knew his subject well.

Her stomach rumbled after that class so she went to the cafeteria to find something to eat. She paused outside to read the board. For breakfast, she had just plucked an apple from the bowl and paid for it with her point system. She had a meal card and points. For meals, she used the card which subtracted meals. For everything else, the card subtracted points. She had Plan 2. Fifteen meals with $100 in points.

Lunch today was a choice between Italian Vegetable Soup and California Bean Soup, Italian Grinder, Vegetable Quesadilla, Broccoli Noodle Bake, Spinach, Macaroni with White Cheddar, and Caesar Wrap.

Kagome's eyes widened. This was much better than she had expected. She approached the room, got her tray, and presented herself in line. She chose a wrapped Italian Grinder, got a scoop of Broccoli Noodle Bake and a scoop of Macaroni with White Cheddar, and chose a bottle of fruit juice from the cooler. She gave the cashier her card and sat down at the first available table.

Halfway through her meal, the little red-haired person who had served her came over. He sat quickly and asked, "Are you enjoying your meal?"

Kagome nodded. "Very much. I don't even like broccoli that much."

He smiled. "Thank for the compliment. Let me know if there's anything you don't like. Maybe it can be changed." He got up and walked to another table to ask the same questions.

Kagome finished her meal and went to find her way around the Mage University.

She walked across the park and into the Mage University's parking lot. It looked like a normal school to anyone who was expecting to see one. To someone who knew what they were looking for, it didn't. It was a bit like seeing a white house from a distance, then when you got up closer you discovered it was a pale blue. It was built out of stone with gargoyles and other fanciful architecture. Ivy grew up the wall and Kagome entered through the main door. A helpful administrative assistant gave her a map and she began.

It was eleven thirty when she started. An hour later, she was still lost. If I don't find it soon, Kagome thought, I'm going to be late!

She ran around the corner, still looking down at the map. She collided with something and fell down. Kagome raised her head and looked down into yellow eyes. "I'm sorry!" she squeaked, backpedaling away on hands and feet.

The boy got up and snorted. "I bet."

Kagome bristled. "Hey, I said I was sorry and I meant it." She looked for her map.

The boy picked it up and handed it to her. "All right. You're sorry you were running around the halls like a maniac. Why?"

Kagome looked at him blankly. He sighed. "Why were you running? Something chasing you?"

"No. I'm due in class and I can't find it."

"Which room?"

"Blue Willow," Kagome said after consulting her course schedule.

He looked at her. "Come on." He began walking and Kagome trotted after him a few steps to catch up.

"I'm Kagome."


Kagome glanced at his head. "Mind if I ask why you've got those?"

Inuyasha looked at her hand pointing up to his ears. "I'm part youkai. That's a japanese dog demon."

"Youkai is the word for dog demon?"

"No, youkai is demon. Inuyoukai is dog demon."


Inuyasha stopped in front of a door. "This is Blue Willow."

Kagome's eyes lit up. "Thank you!" She walked in and was surprised when Inuyasha followed.

"I'm in meditation, too," he told her and chose a mat on the floor.

Kagome grinned. They were giant inter-locking puzzle pieces on the floor. She chose a white piece and noted that Inuyasha was on a red piece.

Other students walked into the classroom and a very tall teacher followed. He was thin with black hair and dressed in black. "Good afternoon," he said quietly. "This is meditation. I am Aoshi Shinomori. We will begin by learning how to breath."

Kagome walked up the steps to her floor and went to her door. She opened it to find her roommate inside sitting on her bed. Melly grinned at her and gestured grandly with her right hand. "You've already got things from your admirers."

Kagome groaned and peeked into the room. Flowers, cards, and candy were piled on her bed. She walked into the room and grabbed the box of trashbags off the bottom shelf of her bookcase. She pulled on a pair of gloves and began tossing things into it.

"You're throwing it all away? Without even reading the notes? Some of them might be sincere," Melly asked with interest.

Kagome shook her head. "The chocolates and flowers will probably be spelled with a love potion or at least a spell to make more receptive to them."

"What about the cards?" Melly asked.

"I could be reading a card and it could have an underlying spell. Too dangerous."

Melly shrugged. "Your choice. I'm going out shopping. Did you want to come?"

Kagome shook her head. "Nah. I'm going to clean this mess up and get started on homework for the next class."

After the mess was cleaned up, Kagome began thinking about the day. The courses weren't too bad. The situation surrounding the school was a bit...uneasy.

It had started before the universities were started and long before Kagome was born. There are two factions of mages, good and evil. Even those names are tentative. A mage casting a typically 'evil' spell to save a life... Are they a good mage or a evil mage?

To do spells, the mage has to have power or magical energy. Small spells can come from the person's energy, but for larger ones the mage needs an outside source. The two factions of mages had a common source for this energy and both had equal access to it. It was within reaching distance of both factions.

Around the same time, both sides decided they didn't want this source so far away. They each wanted it closer to them and further away from the opposing side. There was a war and many mages died.

It ended when the prophetess Kikyo called these two groups to her. She told them to stop their fighting because she had foreseen the answer.

"There will be a woman. She will fall in love and marry one of you. Whoever she willingly falls in love with and willingly marries, their faction will have the closer access."

There were a few murderous looks among the mages and she continued. "This will not stay the same forever. When this woman has a child, they will be the Source of Magic. At the time that child falls in love and marries, the magic will have the opportunity to shift again."

"The person the Source of Magic falls in love with will not be killed. To do so would start the war over again. I have spoken."

The two factions looked at each other and decided it was a pretty good solution. They'd have an equal chance. "Who is this woman?" they asked.

Kikyo smiled. "I."

Kikyo married a evil mage. Her daughter married an evil mage. Kikyo's grandson, however, married a good mage.

So it has continued. Those who are the Source of Magic are born with the Shikon no Tama inside them. Kagome was born with this instead of her younger brother, Souta.

Kagome grinned. Now to the other part of the equation. Most of the town sees the boarding school as a boarding school. About 65% of the normal university students see it that way. The other 35% know what it is. A few take classes over there, some are getting double majors, and some take no classes at all.

I'm taking my courses here for my degree and taking most of my electives over there. I'm the one who decides which faction gets the closer access. She looked grumpily at the trash bag. I also get to have my bed loaded down with presents that I don't want.

Kagome frowned. You would think I'd be this powerful mage. No, instead I get small powers. I can do most of the introductory spells. If I wasn't the Source of Magic maybe I'd be like Souta. He's only twelve and he's already doing the stuff I'll be learning in college!

She shrugged. But I'm not affected by much. I can't do the higher level magic, but I'm not greatly affected by it, either. That's something in the plus column.

She levered herself off of the bed and rustled in her backpack. "I'd better get started on Wednesday's homework," she muttered.
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