365 Days of Love by JazaraRose
Summary: Falling in love is hard. There are just as many good times as there are bad and just as many tears as there are smiles. Love is like a rollercoaster ride filled with tons of ups and downs, and twists and turns. Falling in love is hard...but it's worth it
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1. The First Meeting by JazaraRose

2. The Second Encounter by JazaraRose

3. The Friendship by JazaraRose

4. The First Date by JazaraRose

5. The Competition by JazaraRose

6. The Green Eyed Monster & The Confession by JazaraRose

7. The Three Magic Words by JazaraRose

8. Meeting The Family by JazaraRose

9. The One Year Anniversary by JazaraRose

10. The Unexpected (& Unwanted) Houseguest by JazaraRose

11. The First Fight by JazaraRose

The First Meeting by JazaraRose

The First Meeting


It was the only word his could think of when he saw her. Were there enough words in the world to describe how beautiful she was? No, he didn't think so. He continued to stare at her from across the room. He knew if she turned her head she'd probably be totally creeped out by the fact that he was blatantly ogling her, but he couldn't help it. He hadn't even seen her face, yet he was completely entranced by her.

He was lost in the shine of her hair, in the sway of her hips. His mouth watered at her curves and when he heard her voice, he'd thought he'd heard angels sing.

He had to have her.

"Hello! Earth to Inuyasha! Anybody in there?" Momentarily the young man's eyes left the beauty before him as he turned to glare at his best friend.

"What Miroku?"

"Dude, you've been staring at her for ten minutes. Go talk to her." Inuyasha turned his attention back to the raven haired woman, who patiently waited at the counter for her order. The mere thought of speaking to her sent his heart racing and made his palms begin to sweat.

"I...can't." He said pathetically. He'd never been nervous or scared to talk to a girl before. Inuyasha never really had charm, but hey, when you looked like him did you really need it? Girls went gaga over his long ebony locks and deep violet eyes. He looked once more in her direction only to see her give the cashier a smile and begin to walk away with her coffee. She inched closer to the door and he quickly began to panic.

She was leaving and he hadn't even gotten her name! If he didn't say something before she walked out the door, he'd probably never see her again!

"Excuse me miss! Miss! Yes, you! Could you come over here for a second?" Inuyasha watched in horror as Miroku yelled across the cafe to get the girl's attention. She was coming this way and he had no idea what to do!

"Miroku you idiot! Why did you do that?" He whispered harshly.

"Because if I hadn't you would have let her walk outta here without saying so much as two words to her. You should be thanking me right about now."

"But I don't even-"

"Uh, do I know you or something?" She was standing at their table, looking curiously at the both of them. Inuyasha looked up at her face and was immediately taken in by her chocolate eyes. She was even prettier up close and he could feel himself starting to stare again.

"No you don't know us, but my friend and I here would like to change that. I'm Miroku Ito." Holding out his hand, she took it cautiously giving it a small shake.

"Kagome Higurashi." She looked to the other boy and couldn't help but notice how handsome he was. Though his staring was starting to weird her out. Suddenly he yelped and glared at his friend, for the not-so-subtle kick he'd received from under the table.

"Don't be rude Inuyasha, introduce yourself." Miroku insisted.

"Keh, why should I? You're the one who invited her over here, and I don't particularly care who she is." He said courtly. He heard her incredulous gasp and instantly wanted to smack himself. That was not what he wanted to say. He was supposed to be wooing her not pissing her off!

"Oh is that so? You seemed curious enough when you were staring at me a few minutes ago!" Kagome said angrily. Who did this jerk think he was?

"I was not staring!" Inuyasha tossed back, a hot blush staining his cheek. Who did this chick think she was to call him out like that?!

"Yes you were!"

"Was not!"



"You are such a child! I'm not going to keep arguing with you, Inu-ya-sha, have a nice day. It was nice meeting you Miroku." Giving Inuyasha once last glare she turned quickly on her heels and stomped off towards the door, leaving the entire cafe staring after her and the boy she'd just been arguing with.

Letting his head fall to the table Inuyasha inwardly groaned. Well he'd royally screwed that up. If he had stuck his foot any farther into his mouth, he would've been shitting sneaker for weeks.

Miroku could only shake his head at his friend in disappointment. Patting him on the shoulder, Miroku repeated a phrase he'd said many times during their lifelong friendship.

"Inuyasha, you're an idiot."

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The Second Encounter by JazaraRose

The Second Encounter

Inuyasha sat at the bar nursing a jack and coke as he watched Miroku dance between two scantaly clad women. He hated clubs, and for the life of him he couldn't remember how he'd let Miroku drag him here. There were always too many people, drunk, sweaty, and stumbling about. The music was always too loud for him, and did he mention he really hated all the people?

"Come on Inuyasha! I didn't bring you here to sit on your ass and get drunk. We could've done that at home." Miroku yelled over the music.

"Then why didn't we?" Inuyasha replied as he chugged the last of his drink and ordered another. Looking at his watch Inuyasha sighed at the time, realizing that he had to take a criminal justice exam, that he hadn't studied for, in 5 hours.

"That's why!" Following his friend's gaze Inuyasha saw two good looking females sitting at the opposite end of the bar. One had long chestnut hair pulled into a high ponytail. Her dress was black and tight fitting accentuating her soft curves, but the girl next to her was who caught Inuyasha's attention. Her dark midnight hair fell against her back in thick waves, the red halter dress she wore setting his blood on fire. He continued to stare at her, she looked oddly familiar to him.

"Sango! Sango over here!" He heard Miroku scream. He saw the brown haired girl turn towards them and smile as she tapped her friend to her attention. The two girls made their way over and Inuyasha suddenly remembered where he'd seen the raven haired chick before.

"Hey your that Kagome girl." He said before he could catch himself. She sized him up a look of shock and annoyance crossing her face.

"Oh yeah I remember you. You're the jerk from the cafe." She said huffing and turning away from him.


"Do you two know each other?" Sango said to Kagome, watching their interaction with mild interest.

"Ah my dear, I believe our friends got off on the wrong foot when they first met. How about we go dance and let them get reacquainted?" Kagome protested as her friend let herself be dragged away by Miroku. The last thing she wanted was to be alone with this asshole.

"I'm really not a jerk you know." Inuyasha said suddenly. Her disbelieving look made him want to snap at her, but he rethought that idea. Miroku was right when he'd said they'd gotten off on the wrong foot. "Okay I might be a jerk, but it's not intentional. I just have a bad habit of always saying the wrong things."

She stared at him warily before giving him a shy smile. "Well if that's your way of apologizing I guess I accept. How about we start over?" Turning to face him she stuck her hand out and Inuyasha took it confused on what she was doing.

"I'm Kagome, it's nice to meet you." She said, a wide smile spreading across her face.

"I'm Inuyasha and the pleasure's all mine." He said smirking back at her.

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The Friendship by JazaraRose

The Friendship

Inuyasha smiled down at his phone as he made his way to his 9 am class. Ever since him and Kagome had agreed to start over that night at the club, their friendship had grown. They exchanged numbers and talked to each other regularly. They would text back and forth throughout the day, and talk for hours on the phone in the evening. She was an interesting girl. He wanted to make their casual friendship a little more exclusive, but he never seemed to know the right thing to say.

"Hey Inuyasha!" Turning around Inuyasha easily spotted a red-haired girl, named Ayame, from his criminal justice class. She was very eccentric. She always kept her hair in pigtails and she always wore a purple Iris tucked behind her ear.

"Sup Ayame. You sure do have a lot of energy this morning."

"I took a couple five hour energies so I could pull an all-nighter and finish my government paper. I guess I took one too many. I haven't slept in eighteen hours!" She finished in a rush.

"Uh, that doesn't sound healthy." The two young adults took seats next to each other and waited for the professor to begin.

"I'm sure I'll crash sooner or later. I don't have another class until two, so hopefully I'll be able to get a nap in." Inuyasha watched closely as Ayame began to pull out her books. He'd never spoken to her outside of class, but as he stared at the last text he'd received from Kagome, he began to feel desperate.

"Spit it out already." She said suddenly.

"W-what are you talking about?" Inuyasha said nervously.

"You've been looking between me and your phone for the last five minutes. If you have something to say, say it." A hot blush settled itself on the young man's cheeks at being caught.

"So...there's this girl." Inuyasha's hands quickly made their way to his ears as Ayame's squeals grew louder. "Cut that out! Geez you want me to go deaf?"

"Aww you need relationship advice, that's so cute! Who knew underneath that gruff exterior you were a lady killer, huh?" She said winking at him and tugging at his cheeks.

"Are you gonna help me or not?" He said, finally prying her hands from his face.

"Sure! Let's grab some food after class and we can talk then."


"So how was your day?" Kagome spoke into the phone. She moved about the kitchen with the small device pressed between her shoulder and her ear, chopping onions and stirring her soup.

"Boring. I only had one class today and it started at 9am. Two hours later and my day was over."

"At least you got some time to relax, yeah?" Kagome smiled into the phone after hearing Inuyasha's infamous 'keh' response.

"I wish. I spent the rest of my afternoon with Ayame. That girl has a lot of energy to burn. I think she needs medication." Kagome chewed her lip as she listened to Inuyasha talk about this Ayame girl. She didn't know why, but somehow she couldn't shake this terrible feeling in her belly. Who was this girl? More importantly who was she to Inuyasha?

"Kagome? You still there?"

"Yeah sorry about that. I get kinda spacey sometimes." She quickly recovered.

"You sure?"

"Positive, but I do have...one question. Who's Ayame? I don't think I've ever heard you mention her before." Kagome fought the overwhelming urge to smack herself. It's not like her and Inuyasha were dating. What right did she have to be questioning him? He must think she was crazy.

"She's a friend from my criminal justice class. I don't see her much outside of school and I think I'm gonna keep it that way. Why, are you upset I was with her?" Inuyasha smirked into the phone as he listened to her stutter on the other line.

"N-no! Why would I be jealous?"

"I never said you were."

"Oh God...I must sound like a total idiot."

"No you don't. I kind of like it...you being jealous over me. Hey, Kagome can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"K-Kagome, will you uh...I mean...do you want to-"


"Anata wa itsuka soto ni ikitaidesu ka?" His eyes widened and his face began to heat. Did he just ask her out...in Japanese? He and Ayame hadn't discussed this! What was he supposed to do now?

Lady killer? Yeah right.

"Watashi wa shite mitai."

"You speak Japanese?" Inuyasha said shocked.

"My mother taught me. She was born and raised in Tokyo."

"Kagome would you like to go out sometime?" Inuyasha said a lot smoother.

"I'd love to." Inuyasha smiled into his receiver. That sounded even better in English.

End Notes:

Translations (if you didn't catch them)

Anata wa itsuka soto ni ikitaidesu ka?: Would you like to go out sometime?

Watashi wa shite mitai: I'd love to.

The First Date by JazaraRose

The First Date

Kagome ran around her small one bedroom apartment, like a chicken with its head cut off. Her hair was still a mess, her makeup still wasn't done, and she still had no idea what she was going to wear. Her head turned towards the knock on her door and she went to answer it. Her best friend Sango stood in the hall with a smirk on her face, taking in her friend's disheveled appearance.

"Sango? What are you doing here?" Before the girl could even fix her lips to answer Kagome was pulling her inside and talking a mile a minute.

"Nevermind, it doesn't matter why you're here I need your help!" Dragging her un-suspecting friend into her room Sango was slightly disturbed by the amount of clothes that'd been thrown haphazardly around the room.

"How about we do your hair and makeup and worry about clothes later, huh?"


Inuyasha sat in his car trying in to reign in his nerves. He wiped his sweaty palms on his slacks and took a deep breath. He stepped out his car and let the cool night air relax him. He was bloody nervous and it was showing.

'Come on Inuyasha you made it this far no turning back now.'

He knocked on the door to Kagome's apartment and was surprised when Sango answered the door. The brown haired girl gave him a knowing smile as she looked him up and down to take in his appearance. His black slacks were crisp, the two buttons left undone on his white shirt strategically brought her eyes to his toned chest, and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to his elbows making it seem like he hadn't tried as hard as he did to pull together his ensemble.

"Kagome! Your date is here you lucky, lucky girl." Sango said with a wink.

Inuyasha lowered his head using his bangs to cover his flushed face.

"Are you ready Inuyasha?" Looking up at the soft voice Inuyasha was enthralled by the beauty before him. He took in the soft wave of Kagome's raven locks as they spilled gently over her shoulders and down her back. Her makeup was light and her navy blue dress extenuated her cerulean eyes.


Kagome gave him a shy smile as she took his arm and let him lead her from her apartment.

"Oh wow this restaurant is beautiful! How did you find it?" Kagome said excitedly as they walked through the beautifully decorated establishment. The restaurant looked like a scene from the feudal era. Traditional Japanese art and beautiful, ancient looking kimonos hung from the walls. A tall tree stood in the middle of the building with a small fountain adding to the tranquility of the scene.

"Well when you told me you're mother was Japanese I did a little digging."

"Good evening sir, do you have reservations?" Said the young hostess.

"Yes, for Inuyasha Taisho." Nodding the young woman diligently began typing away on the computer in front of her to find a table for the couple, but after a few minutes of waiting Inuyasha's patience began to wear thin.

"Is there a problem?" He said courtly.

"It seems that there's no reservation in our system for 'Inuyasha Taisho.' I'm sorry sir, but we don't have any unreserved tables at this time."

Inuyasha's brow twitched in annoyance. They'd been out for less than ten minutes and already things were turning to shit.

"Fine we'll wait then, how long will it take?"

"Two hours."

"Two fucking hours?!" Inuyasha let out a groan of frustration as he and Kagome exited the restaurant.

"Inuyasha it's okay there are other restaurants in the city." She said trying to pacify him. She smiled at him to let him know she wasn't upset. Inuyasha visibly relaxed as he ran a shaky hand through his hair. The restaurant was a bust, but maybe if he tried hard enough he could still salvage the night.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY CAR?" Inuyasha exclaimed as he watched the tow truck lift his baby onto its back.

"Look at the sign, this is a no parking zone after 9." The greasy truck driver said.

"Give me a break it's only 9:30! Come on, I'm tryin' to have a date here."

"Sorry man just doin' my job. Better luck next time." Tipping his hat the greasy man pulled away with Inuyasha's car in tow.

Inuyasha and Kagome sat in a small park on a cold marble bench. After walking a mile and a half back towards Kagome's apartment, her feet were in dire need of a break. 3 inch heels weren't exactly the ideal pair of walking shoes.

"Inuyasha don't beat yourself up. Things happen." She said gently. So the date didn't go perfectly, he'd tried and that's all the mattered to her.

"I've been making an ass of myself this entire night. I'd understand if you never want to see me again."

"Now why would I want to do that? Just because things didn't go according to plan doesn't mean we can't enjoy the rest of our night."

Inuyasha watched as Kagome walked away from him and to a small patch of grass. The clearing provided a breathtaking view of the stars. Laying on her back Kagome relished in the feel of the slick grass between her toes. She turned to smile at Inuyasha when she heard him settle down beside her.

"Aren't the stars so pretty here? It's hard to see them with all the city lights." Kagome whispered.

"Yeah I guess they're pretty nice. I never really took the time to look at them before." A hot blush found its way to Inuyasha's face, when Kagome's small hand found refuge in his larger one. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze as she laced their fingers together.

Inuyasha turned his head to look at her, a tender smile tugging at his lips.

'I guess things didn't turn out so bad after all.'

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The Competition by JazaraRose

The Competition

"So how did the date go?" Popping a potato chip into her mouth, Sango sat on her best friend's couch eagerly awaiting the juicy details of her first date with Inuyasha.

"It was...different." Kagome decided. Even though things had quickly fallen apart she'd had a good time at the end, just laying in the grass and watching the stars with Inuyasha. She had blisters the size of Africa by the time they'd finally walked back to her apartment, but she'd enjoyed herself none the less.

"Is different code for bad?" Sango questioned.

"No! There were a few bumps along the way, but things turned out good. Really good actually." Kagome finished with a smile.

"Really good as in he 'kissed you passionately goodnight' good?"

Kagome blushed. "We didn't kiss."

"Really?" Kagome turned her head at Sango's incredulous tone. It wasn't bad that she hadn't kissed Inuyasha on the first date. She didn't want to appear easy; her mother taught her better than that. Plus one little kiss didn't make or break a relationship. They were still getting to know each other.

"Yes really. You're not supposed to kiss on the first date Sango. It's against the rules."

"What rules? It's the 21st century Kagome, girls kiss on the first date all the time."

"Not me." She had standards.

"He probably thinks you're not interested in him." Sango said matter-of-factly.

"What are you talking about? Of course I'm interested in him. Why would I agree to a date if I wasn't?" Panic started to set in as the weight of Sango's words sat heavily on her chest. Refusing to kiss a guy after a seriously botched date had to be a huge blow to his ego, but she told him she had a good time. She told him that she would call. That was enough right?

Damn her and her out-dated morals.

"She probably hates you."

"Shut up Miroku. Things didn't go as planned, so what? Shit happens right? I mean she told me that she still had a good time, doesn't that count for anything?" Inuyasha had gone over the date a million times in his head. She said that she enjoyed herself. They had laughed and talked and enjoyed each other's company while looking at the stars. When the blisters on her feet became too sore he'd carried her on his back the rest of the way back to her apartment. He could still imagine the feel of her soft thighs in his hands and the warmth of her breath on his neck, as she rested her head on his shoulder.

So why, two days later, was he still waiting for her to call?

"Did you kiss her?"

"No." Inuyasha said sheepishly. Lowering his head in order to allow his bangs to cover his flushed face.


"Just lay off okay it's not like I didn't try! She said kissing on the first date was 'against the rules'." Inuyasha said trying to defend himself. The girl had standards and he had to respect that. 'I just wish they weren't so ridiculously high.'

At the sound of his ringtone, Inuyasha flew off the couch and straight into his bedroom. Looking at the name flashing on the screen he took a deep breath to calm his racing heart and cooly answered, "Hello?"

"Hi Inuyasha, it's Kagome."

"Hey Kagome, what's up?" He said casually. At no point in time did he want her to think that he'd kept his phone attached to his hip for the last forty-eight hours, hoping every time it rang it was her and quickly hanging up on anyone who wasn't.

"Well Sango and I had planned on going to the movies tonight, and we'd thought it be a good idea to ask you and Miroku to tag along. That is if you're not busy or anything?" She asked nervously.

"Oh we're not busy, we'll meet you guys there."

"Okay great!" Hanging up the phone Inuyasha walked back into the living room and promptly told Miroku to wash his ass, because they had a date to get to.

The foursome walked out of the theatre laughing and quoting their favorite lines from the movie. Kagome was so engrossed in her re-telling of her favorite scene that she hardly noticed the dark haired man walking in front of her.


"I'm so sorry! Are you okay...Kagome?"

"Kouga?" Inuyasha's eye began to twitch as he watched a squealing Kagome being pulled off the ground and into Kouga's arms.

"Oh how rude of me! You guys this is Kouga, he was a good friend of mine back in high school. Kouga this is Miroku, you already know Sango, and this is Inuyasha." She said smiling brightly.

"Pleasure to meet you all. It was nice running into you Kagome, but I'm afraid I need to be on my way. Here's my number, give me a call and we can catch up!" Quickly grabbing and kissing her hand Kouga was gone as fast as he'd come.

Inuyasha continued to mentally seethe and Miroku's words did little to soothe his anger.

"Well my friend it looks like you've got a bit of competition."

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The Green Eyed Monster & The Confession by JazaraRose

The Green Eyed Monster & The Confession

"What crawled up your ass and died?" Ayame asked as Inuyasha stomped his way to his seat, and nosily sat down.

"Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood."

"Let me guess woman trouble?" By the glare that she was sure was meant to put her six feet under, Ayame only smiled as she gave Inuyasha a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Whatever it is I'm sure it's nothing."

"The fact that the girl I'm dating is going out with her 'long time high school friend' tonight is nothing?" Inuyasha grumbled. When he'd asked if she wanted to go out tonight Kagome had shot him down, saying that Kouga had asked her to dinner. When she'd asked him if he wanted to hang out tomorrow he gave some half-ass excuse for why he couldn't, when in reality he really didn't have shit to do.

"You're jealous?"

"No! What do I have to be jealous about? Certainly not that stupid bastard!"

"You're jealous."

"Am not!"

"Sure whatever you say Inuyasha." Ayame said with a playful wink. He huffed and folded his arms across his chest in defiance.

He was not jealous!


"Wow this is a really nice place Kouga! How'd you find it?" Kagome smiled politely as her old friend pulled out her chair and allowed her to sit. She'd been debating with herself whether or not having dinner with Kouga was appropriate. After all she was dating Inuyasha, but then again she only saw Kouga as friend, so there was nothing to worry about right?

"I come here often for business dinners. It's one of my favorites." He said with a charming smile. Kouga watched Kagome as her cocoa eyes quickly scanned over the menu. She hadn't changed a bit since high school. "You know I'm really glad you decided to come out with me. It's been a while, ne?"

"I know! It's always nice to run into old friends." She beamed. At the word 'friends' Kouga's heart skipped a beat. Friends. He'd always hated the word but had grown accustomed to hearing it fall from the raven beauty's lips. They talked as they ate and reminisced about the glory days of their high school years. After dinner Kouga had graciously offered Kagome a ride back to her apartment. He walked up the stairs that lead to her door and the two shared a hug goodbye.

"I had great time tonight Kouga. I've missed you so much! Next time you're in town make sure to call, okay?"

"Of course, anything for you Kagome." He said softly. He'd been pinning after this girl since they were teenagers. He'd never had the balls back then, but he was a man now and he knew what he wanted. He wanted her. Lightly brushing her bangs from her eyes Kagome's eyes widened at the intimate gesture.

"K-Kouga...?" Kagome felt her face heat up as she realized his face was coming closer to hers. She stood frozen unable to move as she felt his lips softly brush over hers, and all she could think about was how wrong it felt.

"What the Hell!" Quickly turning to sound of the loud voice, Kagome was mortified when saw Inuyasha standing there, with a look in his violet eyes that was probably meant to send her to hell.

"I-Inuyasha...it's not what it looks like." she tried to explain, but Inuyasha was having none of it.

"Then enlighten me on what it does look like Kagome, because to me it looks you're letting your so called 'high school friend' put the moves on you!" Inuyasha turned abruptly to walk out of the apartment building not sparring another glance at Kagome or Kouga. There was no way he was sticking around to further make himself look like a fool.

"Inuyasha wait!" Kagome quickly ran after him, leaving Kouga behind and not giving his presence a second thought. The young man sighed to himself, and finally admitted that if Kagome could walk away from him so easily, maybe it was time to let her go.

Maybe in another life, you'll be mine.


"Inuyasha would you just stop and listen to me for two seconds! Please!"

"Why should I? I think that kiss that bastard planted on you said enough!" Kagome flinched at his harsh words and the pained expression on his face. He was hurt and the tears gathered in her eyes at the thought that she'd done this to him.

"I wouldn't have gone out with Kouga if I thought he had anything other than innocent intentions. I should have seen it coming, because I always knew Kouga had feelings for me, but he'd never acted on them until now. I was wrong to agree to dinner with him. I'm sorry." By the time she was done Inuyasha's eyes had softened and his fists had unclenched, but he was still angry dammit! Just thinking about that asshole's hands on her, made his blood boil.

Placing her small hands on his face Kagome forced him to look at her. "I don't want Kouga. I don't want anyone who isn't you, Inuyasha." She said softly.

"Really?" He let a small smile tug at his lips, when she nodded her head in confirmation. Tilting her chin he gave her a quick kiss and said, "good 'cause I'd be damned before I let anyone else have you."

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The Three Magic Words by JazaraRose

The Three Magic Words

"You know Kagome I've really got to hand it to you, I didn't think you'd be able to put up with Inuyasha for three months."

Kagome laughed as she and Sango continued to rummage through the sales rack. Thinking back on Sango's words, Kagome herself was surprised at the progress she and Inuyasha had made in their relationship, considering their rocky start. Sure he could be hot headed, rude, and brash, but she couldn't imagine him being any other way. Plus, Inuyasha had a way softer side to him than he let on. He wanted everyone to think he was a big tough guy, but only Kagome knew better.

"I don't just put up with him Sango. I really really like him and he makes me happy." Sango couldn't help but smile at the lovesick grin plastered on her best friend's face. The girl was head over heels for the guy and anyone in a 10 mile radius could see that.

"Sounds like someone got bit by the love bug. Have you guys said 'I love you' yet?" Kagome blushed and looked away, hoping her friend wouldn't see.

"No. I mean I think I love him, but it's only been three months. I don't wanna scare him away you know?" The raven haired girl contemplated all the times she'd almost told Inuyasha she loved him, but it seemed whenever she got ready to tell him words got stuck in her throat.

"I'm sure you won't Kagome, if the way he looks at you when he thinks no one else is looking is any indication, he won't be going anywhere anytime soon." Sango said giving her friend a reassuring smile.

'I can only hope you're right.'


"Wow dude I'm proud of you. You finally found a girl willing to put with your attitude for more than two weeks."
Miroku laughed as he ducked away from the pillow being tossed at his head.

"Fuck off! There's nothin' wrong with my attitude!" Inuyasha leaned back on the couch as he thought of the blued eyed girl he'd been dating for the last three months. A small grin made it's way to his face when he thought about how lucky he actually was to have her.

"I don't think I've ever seen you this happy. Even though it's kinda scary I'm glad for you. So have you told her yet?"

"Told her what?" Inuyasha said confused.

"You know, the three magic words that girls literally wait their whole lives to hear." By the monster blush sporting his best friend's cheeks, Miroku easily guessed that those words hadn't been said. "You haven't told her you love her yet?"

"No, am I supposed to? Did I missed the deadline or something?" Inuyasha said looking worriedly at his friend.

"Calm down. There's no deadline I was just asking. With the way you look at her I just thought you said it already. Plus those words are the key to a lot of secret doors man, like the one to her bedroom." This time Miroku never saw the pillow coming as he landed face first on the floor.

"Shut your mouth lech! I wouldn't say something like that just to get into her pants!" Inuyasha blushed.

"Jeez can no one in our generation take a joke! Seriously though, what are you waiting for? Everyone knows you love her. I bet Kagome knows it too and she's just waiting on you to say something." Was Kagome secretly waiting on him to tell her he loved her? A few months wasn't that long, and what if she didn't feel as strongly as he did? What if she freaked out and thought he was a stage five cling-on?

"I don't know..."

"Trust me Inuyasha, she's just waiting on you."


"Inuyasha, your ramen's ready!" Kagome called from the kitchen. Setting down the steaming bowl of noodles, she watched Inuyasha curiously as she wondered why he hadn't moved from his spot on the couch. She could see his hands fidgeting and she noticed his tense posture.

'I wonder what's gotten into him?' Kagome mused as he finally made his way over to the table. She observed him as he swirled his noodles around with his chopsticks without making a move to pick them up. Inuyasha never let his ramen get cold or go to waste, so something must really be wrong.

"Inuyasha is everything alright? You've barely touched your food."

"Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking...about how much I really appreciate this ramen. I mean it's just, really good ramen Kagome. I enjoy ramen, I like ramen, I love ramen Kagome." Inuyasha said imploringly.

"Um, okay. I mean it's nothing special I make it for you all the time." Kagome said confused as to what her boyfriend was trying to get at.

"No this ramen is special Kagome! I looooove this ramen. I don't want any other ramen besides this one. I love this ramen! And I really hope this ramen loves me too because if it doesn't then I'll just end up looking like a jackass trying to use ramen as a way to tell you I love you, because I don't know what I'm supposed to be saying, and Miroku is such an ass for making me look like an idiot!"

Kagome stared wide eyed at Inuyasha as he continued to ramble about ramen and Miroku. He hadn't realized Kagome had left her seat until her hands were on his cheeks and her lips pressed against his.

"I love you Inuyasha, and the ramen too." Kagome said through her tears and Inuyasha just smiled, thinking that maybe he wouldn't mind eating ramen for the rest of his life if it always tasted this good.

End Notes:
The idea to use ramen as Inuyasha's love confession was inspired by a fic I read called Love, Thy name is ramen? I don't remember who the author is, but I do highly recommend the story for anyone who likes a little InuKag fluff!
Meeting The Family by JazaraRose
Author's Notes:

Meeting The Family

In every relationship there are tests. Humps, hurdles, and loops one must jump through in order to progress into the next stage of intimacy. Some obstacles are easy requiring little to no thought or preparation, but unfortunately meeting your girlfriend's family is not one of those easy obstacles.

The closer they drove to Kagome's chilhood home the more nervous Inuyasha became. Inuyasha had never considered himself a people person. He had a foul temper, no filter, and an attitude that took a special kind of person to put up with. He'd been a loner most of his life until he'd met Miroku and even his relationship with Kagome had a rocky start due to his lack of finesse when it came to interacting in social situations.

His palms didn't begin to sweat until they finally pulled into the small driveway of the modest home. As they walked closer and closer to the door Inuyasha wondered why he was so damn hot when it was a crisp fall afternoon, and as Kagome knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer he wondered how long it was gonna take for him to pass out from lack of oxygen getting to his brain.

"Inuyasha don't be so nervous, I'm sure my family will love you as much as I do." Kagome said with a sincere smile. Inuyasha tried to let her soothing words comfort him, but when an older woman with Kagome's face opened the door he quickly reverted back into a sweaty nervous wreck.

"Kagome! It's so good to see you!" The older woman smiled brightly as she enveloped her daughter in a tight hug. Releasing her daughter the woman flashed the same bright smile at Inuyasha and he too was brought into her tight embrace. "And you must be Inuyasha, I've heard a lot about you from Kagome. It's nice to finally meet you." She said sweetly.

Still reeling from the unexpected hug Inuyasha was struck by how comfortable Kagome's mother seemed to be with his presence. She was so warm and inviting and it reminded him a lot of his own mother.

"Well let's head inside. Dinner is almost ready and I've got tea if you'd like some." Kagome's mother lead the pair into the kitchen where Inuyasha soon found himself being assaulted by a small prune of a man.

"Begone from my home demon!" Said the old man as he slapped a useless ofuda on Inuyasha's forehead.

"What the hell? I'm no demon!" Inuyasha yelled snatching the ofuda from his face and ripping it in two.

"Grandpa! I thought we had an agreement, no ofudas or purifying salts!" Kagome said shaking her head at her grandfather's antics.

"Really sis? This is the guy you're boning? His hair is longer than yours!" A teenaged boy walked into the kitchen smirking at his sisters gaping mouth.

Inuyasha had already met Kagome's mother, the only sane one in the family apparently, was assaulted by her senile grandfather, so that only left her little brother Souta.

"Keh, you gotta alotta mouth for someone so scrawny." Inuyasha said looking the lanky teenager up and down.

"Bet I could still take you, I'm captain of the judo team at my highschool!" He said proudly.

"Souta stop trying to fight our guest and set the table, dinner's ready everyone!" Kagome's mother fixed a traditional japanese meal for dinner and she chuckled at Inuyasha's childlike excitement when she placed a steaming bowl of ramen in front of him.

After Inuyasha had finished two rounds of dinner, three rounds of dessert, and sufficiently kicked Souta's ass in ultimate street fighter it was time for the couple to say their goodbyes.

"It was nice meeting you Inuyasha, feel free to stop by for dinner anytime." Kagome's mom beamed.

"Thank you Ms. Higurashi." Inuyasha replied politely. Inuyasha turned and bowed respectfully to Kagome's grandfather as the old man still eyed him skeptically, and mumbled under his breath about purifying salts.

Lastly he turned to Souta executing the handshake they created during dinner perfectly.

"Don't hurt my sister or I'll kick your ass." Both boys chuckled at the shocked gasps of Kagome and her mother as they both scolded the teenager for his language.

"Wouldn't dream of it kid." Inuyasha said sincerely and with that he and Kagome finally took their leave.


"See I told you it wouldn't be so bad." Kagome said as she opened the door to Inuyasha's apartment.

"Yeah I guess you're right, the geezer's kinda nuts though." He said jokingly.

"He's only trying to protect his granddaughter's honor from bad boys like you, who want to defile me and steal my innocence." Kagome giggled as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend of almost 8 months neck, and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

Her giggles soon turned into full blown laughter as Inuyasha lifted her up bridal style into his arms and carried her to his bedroom. Depositing her on the bed Inuyasha leaned over her small frame and cupped her cheek gently in his hand.

"I love you wench." He said softly suddenly feeling so incredibly lucky for having a girl as smart, caring, and beautiful as Kagome in his life.

"I love you more Inuyasha."

End Notes:
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The One Year Anniversary by JazaraRose

The One Year Anniversary

Kagome woke up to feeling of something warm and wet tracing the curves of her neck. She rolled her head to the side, unconsciously seeking out more of the delicious contact.

"Hmm...Inuyasha I have morning breath." She said groggily, if they were gonna continue down this path then she really wanted to brush her teeth.

"Don't worry, I just wanted to wake you up. Happy Anniversary Kagome." Kagome blinked open her eyes to find Inuyasha smiling down at her. She grinned from ear to ear, sitting up so she could wrap her arms around his neck.

"You remembered!" She stated excitedly. Kagome didn't have any unrealistic expectations for the day. She knew how men could be, then she knew how Inuyasha could be. He wasn't really much for romantic gestures, so when he placed a full continental breakfast in her lap she almost cried.

"Did you make this for me?" Inuyasha blushed at that, scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"No, I ordered it from that cafè down the street that you like. I tried to make a real breakfast, but I didn't think burning down your apartment was the best way to start the day." Swallowing a piece of pancake, Kagome gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

"It's perfect."


After finishing her breakfast, Inuyasha instructed her to shower and get dressed. They went to the movies, where they were playing a special viewing of Kagome's all time favorite movie: Titanic. She usually let Inuyasha pick the movie, not wanting hear him complain about the fact that she always wanted to see a "chick flick". But he sat through almost three hours of emotional turmoil for her and she appreciated it.

They walked back to her apartment, with it almost being dinner time. Kagome was giddy thinking about the surprise she had in store for Inuyasha. He wasn't the only one capable of dishing out unexpected romantic gestures. She immediately darted to the kitchen and set to work, every so often shooing Inuyasha out.

"Okay, it's ready!" She called. She set the steaming bowl of noodles in front of her boyfriend. He stared at her quizzically, as if to say 'this is my surprise? We have ramen all the time.' But that didn't deter her in the slightest. Urging him to try it, he gave his noodles an experimental slurp and the look on his face was priceless.

"Is this what I think it is?!" He said excitedly.

"Yup! All the way from Tokyo, Japan, the famous Menya Mushashi ramen! It took many weeks of convincing to get my hands on the recipe, but I knew you'd enjoy the product of my efforts." She laughed as she watched Inuyasha devour 3 bowls of ramen in quick succession. It was a good thing she'd decided to make a big batch. He burped and rubbed his belly in appreciation.

"I haven't had Menya Mushashi since I was a kid, back when I lived in Tokyo with my folks."

"I know." She said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. He turned his head to plant his lips on hers. She in turn wrapped her arms around his neck, flicking her tongue against his lips to deepen the kiss. He pulled away before things could turn hot, he still had one last surprise for her.

He returned from her room with a black box, large enough to fit a necklace into. "You didn't have to get me anything." She said truly grateful.

"Of course I did, now hurry up and open it." Gently sliding the ribbon from around the box, Kagome opened it gingerly. She gasped at the contents inside, tears of happiness pooling in her eyes. Removing the object from the box she stared at it in amazement.

When she was a little girl her grandfather used to tell her stories of about a mystical jewel, a brave hanyou, and a beautiful human girl, who traveled time to help her friends save the world. It had been her favorite fairytale as a child. Her grandfather had given her a necklace with a replica of the jewel attached when she was ten. She wore it faithfully for years until the chain broke during recess, shattering the glass orb on the concrete.

"I was so sad when I broke my necklace. I never even told Gramps about it. I was scared he'd be upset with me."

"Well, I have faith that you'll take better care of this one." Inuyasha said with a smile. She kissed him then, long and slow to show him how much she loved and appreciated him. He groaned into her mouth and lifting her at the waist, coaxing her legs to wrap around his torso. She giggled as he carried her back towards her bedroom and tossed her on the bed.

And as they laid in each others arms, sleep slowly pulling their eyelids closed, they couldn't imagine any other place they'd rather be.

End Notes:

Menya Mushashi is real reasturant in Tokyo, but whether or not their food is actually any good I wouldn't know.

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The Unexpected (& Unwanted) Houseguest by JazaraRose

The Unexpected (and Unwanted) Houseguest


A loud knock on her apartment door woke Kagome from her mid afternoon nap. Groaning, Inuyasha rolled away from her determined to get back to sleep. It was the day after their anniversary and the couple had spent most of the day in bed, after staying up half the night creating new ways to thank each other for a wonderful anniversary.

Another knock sounded as Kagome found her robe and securely tied it around her waist. "I'm coming!" Opening the door, before she could even register what was happening, Kagome found in herself engulfed in a tight hug.

"Oh Kagome, it's so good to see you! I've missed you so much." Stepping away from the intruder the young girl took in the sight of the woman before her. She had skin paler than hers, straight dark hair that fell at her waist, and chocolate eyes that Kagome could never forget.

"Kikyou? W-what are you doing here?" The girl was pulled into another hug, as the two females squealed happily. Kagome hadn't seen her cousin since she graduated high school, 3 years ago. After breaking away from the iron rule of her parents, Kikyou had decided that she wanted to travel the world. Last she heard, Kikyou was in Grecce living it up with a man who gave Adonis a run for his money.

"Kagome? What's going on?" Inuyasha said coming down the hall, tugging a t-shirt over his head. Having been roused by all the noise Inuyasha took in the presence of their new guest, who oddly looked a lot like his girlfriend.

"Oh, Inuyasha this is my cousin Kikyou! Kikyou this is my boyfriend Inuyasha."

Inuyasha stepped forward to shake her hand all the while thinking he'd seen her somewhere before. Kikyou?' He thought to himself, as the girl walked into Kagome's apartment and made herself comfortable. For some reason that name sounded very familiar to him, but he shrugged it off deciding not to dwell on it. Having been lost in this own head, Inuyasha had missed most of the conversation the two girls on the couch were having. He walked over and took a seat next to Kagome.

"-place to stay. I was wondering if I could crash here for a few days? I won't be here longer than a week I promise! I wouldn't want to be a burden to you or Inuyasha."

"Of course you can! You're never a burden." Kagome said happily. "Inuyasha's here pretty much everyday, but we don't live together." Inuyasha arched a brow at his girlfriend's tone. He glanced her direction to try and read her face, but she was just smiling at her cousin.

"Thank you so much Kagome! You don't know how much I appreciate this."

"Really it's no trouble," Kagome said gently, "hey why don't I invite Sango and Miroku over for dinner? We haven't seen them in awhile and it'll give them a chance to meet Kikyou." Excitingly Kagome bounded to her room, looking for her cell to call Sango.

That left Inuyasha and Kikyou to sit awkwardly in silence. They both glanced around the room, trying to avoid making eye contact. Inuyasha thought about speaking, but in the end he didn't know what to say.

"So Inuyasha, you Kagome attend the same university? How did you meet?"

"Uh, well...we first meet at a small cafe on campus. She kinda hated me." Inuyasha said rubbing the back of his neck meekly. He then went into the tale of how they'd meet each other a second time at the club, and as they say the rest is history.

"That's so cute! You guys seem good for each other."

"Thanks." The silence was beginning to set in again and Inuyasha still couldn't shake the feeling that he'd met Kikyou somewhere before. He was about to ask her when, Kagome entered the room saying that Sango and Miroku would be over in a few hours for dinner. Kagome dragged Kikyou with her to the grocery store, and Inuyasha stayed back to get dressed. He didn't understand why Kikyou's presence was bothering him so much, but if he didn't remember it couldn't be that important right?


A knock sounded on the door, pulling Kagome away from the stove. She quickly wiped her hands on her apron and answered the door to let her friends inside.

"Kikyou, Sango and Miroku are here!" Smiling at her friends she motioned for them to get comfortable on the couch. Kikyou soon came down the hallway to greet her cousin's friends, but it seemed she was already well acquainted with one of them.

"Miroku? Miroku Ito?" Turning at the sound of his name, his eyes bulged as the landed on a familiar form.

"Kikyou? Takeda right?" The two laughed and shared a warm embrace before parting to take each other in. "I haven't seen you in years! I can't believe you're Kagome's cousin, what a small world!"

Sango, Kagome, and Inuyasha looked on at the interaction positively confused.

"I'm sorry, how do you two know each other?" Sango asked finally cutting into Miroku and Kikyou's conversation.

"Well we met in Cabo a few years ago. It was senior year spring break, and Kikyou here was nice enough to show Inuyasha and I a good time. Remember Inuyasha?" Miroku said turning to his friend for back up. Inuyasha continued to stare at the pair, about to adamantly deny that he knew Kikyou until realization struck him cold and hard in the face. His eyes widened to comical proportions and the only thing he could say in that moment was:


The First Fight by JazaraRose
The First Fight

"Fuck." Inuyasha unintentionally spoke out loud. Every eye in the room was on him and it was making him sweat, especially the stormy gaze eyeing him warily. Sango looked absolutely confused, Miroku looked at him apologetically realizing the pile of shit he'd dumped on his friend, and Kikyou looked at him mischievously her smirk creeping up into her eyes.

"Inuyasha? What's the problem?" Kagome said with a concerned look on her face.

"It's nothing, let's eat!" Inuyasha said quickly flashing her a nervous smile. The rest of the evening went on without a hitch, though his nervous energy was palpable to everyone within a mile radius. After dinner Kagome and Kikyou made themselves busy by starting the clean up, while Inuyasha took it upon himself to usher Sango and Miroku out.

"Good luck dude." Miroku said with that same apologetic look as before settling on his face. Inuyasha grimaced and resisted the urge to punch his dense friend in the face. Shutting the door behind his friends, the young man walked into the kitchen feeling as though he was being lead to the slaughter.

Kikyou looked up at him upon his entrance and he sent her a harsh glare, silently telling her to beat it. He quickly moved to Kagome's side taking Kikyou's place in drying the dishes. Minutes passed without anyone saying a word, before Kagome turned to regard her boyfriend.

"You ready to tell me why you've been acting so weird."

"W-weird? I'm not sure what you're talking about." Inuyasha said never once looking at her.

"Oh no? You've been fidgeting around ever since Miroku brought up how you two met Kikyou."

"About that...Kagome, Kikyou and I-"

"It's fine if you partied with my cousin Inuyasha, Kikyou's always been a bit of wildchild." Kagome laughed cutting him off and returning to the dishes.

Inuyasha chuckled half-heartedly and excused himself from the kitchen.

Rubbing his temples, Inuyasha mentally berated himself for chickening out on telling Kagome the truth. He sighed and walked into the bedroom him and Kagome basically shared. Flopping face first onto the queen sized bed, Inuyasha let the silence of the room wash over him and calm his nerves.

Soon he felt a light weight settle on his lower back and dainty hands rub the tension from his shoulders. Melting at the ministrations he let out a low groan. Wet skin dampened his shirt and he felt the small hands creep under his shirt as they continued to message the broad expanse of his back. Smirking to himself Inuyasha quickly dislodged his companion and rolled over to pin her to the bed. He noticed the towel and absently wondered how Kagome had snuck in and showered without him noticing. Nevertheless, the towel was off in a matter of seconds though the sight of two sliver nipple rings had him backing off.

"What the...?" He lifted his eyes to meet Kikyou's smirking cocoa orbs. He moved to scramble off her, but her legs wrapped around his waist kept him firmly in place.

"What the hell are you doing?! Get off of me!" Inuyasha yelled as he tried to untangle himself.

"What's wrong Inuyasha? It's nothing you haven't seen before." She said lowly.

"That was a long time ago! I'm with Kagome now, your freakin' cousin for fuck's sake!" He felt her uncross her ankles and took that opportunity to backpedal away from the girl until his back hit the wall across from the bed.

"So? You were so good to me all those years go, I'm sure you're even better now." Kikyou inched her way off the bed, not bothering to put on the towel Inuyasha had stripped her of. She was close now, licking her lips in invitation.

"I just want a little taste Inuyasha. We don't even have to tell her." She whispered, her face inched closer and closer to his as she steadily rose to her tip toes.


Kagome dried her hands as she finished putting away the last of the dishes. Grabbing a large pot she stood on the tip of her toes to try and put it away on the top shelf, but she was too short. She pouted at her small stature but soon shrugged it off. That's what tall boyfriend's were for.

She quickly made her way down the short hallway into her bedroom, more than positive that's where Inuyasha had been hiding out all this time. Opening the door with her free hand she waltzed in completely clueless and began to ask for Inuyasha's help.

"Inuyasha could you help me with-" Looking up, she gasped at the sight before her. Her nude cousin pressed up against her boyfriend of over a year. Or rather her ex-boyfriend.

Inuyasha looked up as Kagome entered the room and for a moment he couldn't breathe. He met her eyes and saw the exact moment her heart broke. Tears pooled in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks, and Inuyasha knew he'd never forget that look on her face for as long as he lived.

"Kagome it's not what it looks like!" He yelled shoving Kikyou away. He knew it was the oldest, most cliche phrase to use in a moment like this, but it was the truth. He continued to move toward her and his heart clenched when she moved away from him.

"Get out." She whispered, clutching the pot she'd been unable to put away as if it was a lifeline.

"Kagome please. If you just let me explain!" He ducked as the pot she'd been holding flew towards his face and collided with the wall behind him.

"I said GET OUT!" Kagome sobbed. Lowering his head he slowly moved past her, whispering out a quiet apology only meant for her ears. "Don't come back Inuyasha." She said in response, only slipping to her knees when she heard the door slam.

"Kagome..." The frail girl looked up at the sound of her name, the cousin she'd forgotten about in the chaos standing before her, a small cotton towel covering her frame.

"I'm going to bed." Kagome said finally standing to her feet. She moved towards the bathroom intent on drawing a hot bath, so she could cry on her own. "I want you gone by the time I wake up in the morning."

And just like that the only thing Kagome had believed would last forever, was gone.

End Notes:
Most of the chapters have been pretty fluffy so far, but all relationships hit a rough patch and the next few chapters will be showing that.

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