365 Days of Love by JazaraRose
FeatureSummary: Falling in love is hard. There are just as many good times as there are bad and just as many tears as there are smiles. Love is like a rollercoaster ride filled with tons of ups and downs, and twists and turns. Falling in love is hard...but it's worth it
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The Three Magic Words by JazaraRose

The Three Magic Words

"You know Kagome I've really got to hand it to you, I didn't think you'd be able to put up with Inuyasha for three months."

Kagome laughed as she and Sango continued to rummage through the sales rack. Thinking back on Sango's words, Kagome herself was surprised at the progress she and Inuyasha had made in their relationship, considering their rocky start. Sure he could be hot headed, rude, and brash, but she couldn't imagine him being any other way. Plus, Inuyasha had a way softer side to him than he let on. He wanted everyone to think he was a big tough guy, but only Kagome knew better.

"I don't just put up with him Sango. I really really like him and he makes me happy." Sango couldn't help but smile at the lovesick grin plastered on her best friend's face. The girl was head over heels for the guy and anyone in a 10 mile radius could see that.

"Sounds like someone got bit by the love bug. Have you guys said 'I love you' yet?" Kagome blushed and looked away, hoping her friend wouldn't see.

"No. I mean I think I love him, but it's only been three months. I don't wanna scare him away you know?" The raven haired girl contemplated all the times she'd almost told Inuyasha she loved him, but it seemed whenever she got ready to tell him words got stuck in her throat.

"I'm sure you won't Kagome, if the way he looks at you when he thinks no one else is looking is any indication, he won't be going anywhere anytime soon." Sango said giving her friend a reassuring smile.

'I can only hope you're right.'


"Wow dude I'm proud of you. You finally found a girl willing to put with your attitude for more than two weeks."
Miroku laughed as he ducked away from the pillow being tossed at his head.

"Fuck off! There's nothin' wrong with my attitude!" Inuyasha leaned back on the couch as he thought of the blued eyed girl he'd been dating for the last three months. A small grin made it's way to his face when he thought about how lucky he actually was to have her.

"I don't think I've ever seen you this happy. Even though it's kinda scary I'm glad for you. So have you told her yet?"

"Told her what?" Inuyasha said confused.

"You know, the three magic words that girls literally wait their whole lives to hear." By the monster blush sporting his best friend's cheeks, Miroku easily guessed that those words hadn't been said. "You haven't told her you love her yet?"

"No, am I supposed to? Did I missed the deadline or something?" Inuyasha said looking worriedly at his friend.

"Calm down. There's no deadline I was just asking. With the way you look at her I just thought you said it already. Plus those words are the key to a lot of secret doors man, like the one to her bedroom." This time Miroku never saw the pillow coming as he landed face first on the floor.

"Shut your mouth lech! I wouldn't say something like that just to get into her pants!" Inuyasha blushed.

"Jeez can no one in our generation take a joke! Seriously though, what are you waiting for? Everyone knows you love her. I bet Kagome knows it too and she's just waiting on you to say something." Was Kagome secretly waiting on him to tell her he loved her? A few months wasn't that long, and what if she didn't feel as strongly as he did? What if she freaked out and thought he was a stage five cling-on?

"I don't know..."

"Trust me Inuyasha, she's just waiting on you."


"Inuyasha, your ramen's ready!" Kagome called from the kitchen. Setting down the steaming bowl of noodles, she watched Inuyasha curiously as she wondered why he hadn't moved from his spot on the couch. She could see his hands fidgeting and she noticed his tense posture.

'I wonder what's gotten into him?' Kagome mused as he finally made his way over to the table. She observed him as he swirled his noodles around with his chopsticks without making a move to pick them up. Inuyasha never let his ramen get cold or go to waste, so something must really be wrong.

"Inuyasha is everything alright? You've barely touched your food."

"Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking...about how much I really appreciate this ramen. I mean it's just, really good ramen Kagome. I enjoy ramen, I like ramen, I love ramen Kagome." Inuyasha said imploringly.

"Um, okay. I mean it's nothing special I make it for you all the time." Kagome said confused as to what her boyfriend was trying to get at.

"No this ramen is special Kagome! I looooove this ramen. I don't want any other ramen besides this one. I love this ramen! And I really hope this ramen loves me too because if it doesn't then I'll just end up looking like a jackass trying to use ramen as a way to tell you I love you, because I don't know what I'm supposed to be saying, and Miroku is such an ass for making me look like an idiot!"

Kagome stared wide eyed at Inuyasha as he continued to ramble about ramen and Miroku. He hadn't realized Kagome had left her seat until her hands were on his cheeks and her lips pressed against his.

"I love you Inuyasha, and the ramen too." Kagome said through her tears and Inuyasha just smiled, thinking that maybe he wouldn't mind eating ramen for the rest of his life if it always tasted this good.

End Notes:
The idea to use ramen as Inuyasha's love confession was inspired by a fic I read called Love, Thy name is ramen? I don't remember who the author is, but I do highly recommend the story for anyone who likes a little InuKag fluff!
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