365 Days of Love by JazaraRose
FeatureSummary: Falling in love is hard. There are just as many good times as there are bad and just as many tears as there are smiles. Love is like a rollercoaster ride filled with tons of ups and downs, and twists and turns. Falling in love is hard...but it's worth it
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The Green Eyed Monster & The Confession by JazaraRose

The Green Eyed Monster & The Confession

"What crawled up your ass and died?" Ayame asked as Inuyasha stomped his way to his seat, and nosily sat down.

"Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood."

"Let me guess woman trouble?" By the glare that she was sure was meant to put her six feet under, Ayame only smiled as she gave Inuyasha a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Whatever it is I'm sure it's nothing."

"The fact that the girl I'm dating is going out with her 'long time high school friend' tonight is nothing?" Inuyasha grumbled. When he'd asked if she wanted to go out tonight Kagome had shot him down, saying that Kouga had asked her to dinner. When she'd asked him if he wanted to hang out tomorrow he gave some half-ass excuse for why he couldn't, when in reality he really didn't have shit to do.

"You're jealous?"

"No! What do I have to be jealous about? Certainly not that stupid bastard!"

"You're jealous."

"Am not!"

"Sure whatever you say Inuyasha." Ayame said with a playful wink. He huffed and folded his arms across his chest in defiance.

He was not jealous!


"Wow this is a really nice place Kouga! How'd you find it?" Kagome smiled politely as her old friend pulled out her chair and allowed her to sit. She'd been debating with herself whether or not having dinner with Kouga was appropriate. After all she was dating Inuyasha, but then again she only saw Kouga as friend, so there was nothing to worry about right?

"I come here often for business dinners. It's one of my favorites." He said with a charming smile. Kouga watched Kagome as her cocoa eyes quickly scanned over the menu. She hadn't changed a bit since high school. "You know I'm really glad you decided to come out with me. It's been a while, ne?"

"I know! It's always nice to run into old friends." She beamed. At the word 'friends' Kouga's heart skipped a beat. Friends. He'd always hated the word but had grown accustomed to hearing it fall from the raven beauty's lips. They talked as they ate and reminisced about the glory days of their high school years. After dinner Kouga had graciously offered Kagome a ride back to her apartment. He walked up the stairs that lead to her door and the two shared a hug goodbye.

"I had great time tonight Kouga. I've missed you so much! Next time you're in town make sure to call, okay?"

"Of course, anything for you Kagome." He said softly. He'd been pinning after this girl since they were teenagers. He'd never had the balls back then, but he was a man now and he knew what he wanted. He wanted her. Lightly brushing her bangs from her eyes Kagome's eyes widened at the intimate gesture.

"K-Kouga...?" Kagome felt her face heat up as she realized his face was coming closer to hers. She stood frozen unable to move as she felt his lips softly brush over hers, and all she could think about was how wrong it felt.

"What the Hell!" Quickly turning to sound of the loud voice, Kagome was mortified when saw Inuyasha standing there, with a look in his violet eyes that was probably meant to send her to hell.

"I-Inuyasha...it's not what it looks like." she tried to explain, but Inuyasha was having none of it.

"Then enlighten me on what it does look like Kagome, because to me it looks you're letting your so called 'high school friend' put the moves on you!" Inuyasha turned abruptly to walk out of the apartment building not sparring another glance at Kagome or Kouga. There was no way he was sticking around to further make himself look like a fool.

"Inuyasha wait!" Kagome quickly ran after him, leaving Kouga behind and not giving his presence a second thought. The young man sighed to himself, and finally admitted that if Kagome could walk away from him so easily, maybe it was time to let her go.

Maybe in another life, you'll be mine.


"Inuyasha would you just stop and listen to me for two seconds! Please!"

"Why should I? I think that kiss that bastard planted on you said enough!" Kagome flinched at his harsh words and the pained expression on his face. He was hurt and the tears gathered in her eyes at the thought that she'd done this to him.

"I wouldn't have gone out with Kouga if I thought he had anything other than innocent intentions. I should have seen it coming, because I always knew Kouga had feelings for me, but he'd never acted on them until now. I was wrong to agree to dinner with him. I'm sorry." By the time she was done Inuyasha's eyes had softened and his fists had unclenched, but he was still angry dammit! Just thinking about that asshole's hands on her, made his blood boil.

Placing her small hands on his face Kagome forced him to look at her. "I don't want Kouga. I don't want anyone who isn't you, Inuyasha." She said softly.

"Really?" He let a small smile tug at his lips, when she nodded her head in confirmation. Tilting her chin he gave her a quick kiss and said, "good 'cause I'd be damned before I let anyone else have you."

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