365 Days of Love by JazaraRose
FeatureSummary: Falling in love is hard. There are just as many good times as there are bad and just as many tears as there are smiles. Love is like a rollercoaster ride filled with tons of ups and downs, and twists and turns. Falling in love is hard...but it's worth it
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The Competition by JazaraRose

The Competition

"So how did the date go?" Popping a potato chip into her mouth, Sango sat on her best friend's couch eagerly awaiting the juicy details of her first date with Inuyasha.

"It was...different." Kagome decided. Even though things had quickly fallen apart she'd had a good time at the end, just laying in the grass and watching the stars with Inuyasha. She had blisters the size of Africa by the time they'd finally walked back to her apartment, but she'd enjoyed herself none the less.

"Is different code for bad?" Sango questioned.

"No! There were a few bumps along the way, but things turned out good. Really good actually." Kagome finished with a smile.

"Really good as in he 'kissed you passionately goodnight' good?"

Kagome blushed. "We didn't kiss."

"Really?" Kagome turned her head at Sango's incredulous tone. It wasn't bad that she hadn't kissed Inuyasha on the first date. She didn't want to appear easy; her mother taught her better than that. Plus one little kiss didn't make or break a relationship. They were still getting to know each other.

"Yes really. You're not supposed to kiss on the first date Sango. It's against the rules."

"What rules? It's the 21st century Kagome, girls kiss on the first date all the time."

"Not me." She had standards.

"He probably thinks you're not interested in him." Sango said matter-of-factly.

"What are you talking about? Of course I'm interested in him. Why would I agree to a date if I wasn't?" Panic started to set in as the weight of Sango's words sat heavily on her chest. Refusing to kiss a guy after a seriously botched date had to be a huge blow to his ego, but she told him she had a good time. She told him that she would call. That was enough right?

Damn her and her out-dated morals.

"She probably hates you."

"Shut up Miroku. Things didn't go as planned, so what? Shit happens right? I mean she told me that she still had a good time, doesn't that count for anything?" Inuyasha had gone over the date a million times in his head. She said that she enjoyed herself. They had laughed and talked and enjoyed each other's company while looking at the stars. When the blisters on her feet became too sore he'd carried her on his back the rest of the way back to her apartment. He could still imagine the feel of her soft thighs in his hands and the warmth of her breath on his neck, as she rested her head on his shoulder.

So why, two days later, was he still waiting for her to call?

"Did you kiss her?"

"No." Inuyasha said sheepishly. Lowering his head in order to allow his bangs to cover his flushed face.


"Just lay off okay it's not like I didn't try! She said kissing on the first date was 'against the rules'." Inuyasha said trying to defend himself. The girl had standards and he had to respect that. 'I just wish they weren't so ridiculously high.'

At the sound of his ringtone, Inuyasha flew off the couch and straight into his bedroom. Looking at the name flashing on the screen he took a deep breath to calm his racing heart and cooly answered, "Hello?"

"Hi Inuyasha, it's Kagome."

"Hey Kagome, what's up?" He said casually. At no point in time did he want her to think that he'd kept his phone attached to his hip for the last forty-eight hours, hoping every time it rang it was her and quickly hanging up on anyone who wasn't.

"Well Sango and I had planned on going to the movies tonight, and we'd thought it be a good idea to ask you and Miroku to tag along. That is if you're not busy or anything?" She asked nervously.

"Oh we're not busy, we'll meet you guys there."

"Okay great!" Hanging up the phone Inuyasha walked back into the living room and promptly told Miroku to wash his ass, because they had a date to get to.

The foursome walked out of the theatre laughing and quoting their favorite lines from the movie. Kagome was so engrossed in her re-telling of her favorite scene that she hardly noticed the dark haired man walking in front of her.


"I'm so sorry! Are you okay...Kagome?"

"Kouga?" Inuyasha's eye began to twitch as he watched a squealing Kagome being pulled off the ground and into Kouga's arms.

"Oh how rude of me! You guys this is Kouga, he was a good friend of mine back in high school. Kouga this is Miroku, you already know Sango, and this is Inuyasha." She said smiling brightly.

"Pleasure to meet you all. It was nice running into you Kagome, but I'm afraid I need to be on my way. Here's my number, give me a call and we can catch up!" Quickly grabbing and kissing her hand Kouga was gone as fast as he'd come.

Inuyasha continued to mentally seethe and Miroku's words did little to soothe his anger.

"Well my friend it looks like you've got a bit of competition."

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