365 Days of Love by JazaraRose
FeatureSummary: Falling in love is hard. There are just as many good times as there are bad and just as many tears as there are smiles. Love is like a rollercoaster ride filled with tons of ups and downs, and twists and turns. Falling in love is hard...but it's worth it
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The Friendship by JazaraRose

The Friendship

Inuyasha smiled down at his phone as he made his way to his 9 am class. Ever since him and Kagome had agreed to start over that night at the club, their friendship had grown. They exchanged numbers and talked to each other regularly. They would text back and forth throughout the day, and talk for hours on the phone in the evening. She was an interesting girl. He wanted to make their casual friendship a little more exclusive, but he never seemed to know the right thing to say.

"Hey Inuyasha!" Turning around Inuyasha easily spotted a red-haired girl, named Ayame, from his criminal justice class. She was very eccentric. She always kept her hair in pigtails and she always wore a purple Iris tucked behind her ear.

"Sup Ayame. You sure do have a lot of energy this morning."

"I took a couple five hour energies so I could pull an all-nighter and finish my government paper. I guess I took one too many. I haven't slept in eighteen hours!" She finished in a rush.

"Uh, that doesn't sound healthy." The two young adults took seats next to each other and waited for the professor to begin.

"I'm sure I'll crash sooner or later. I don't have another class until two, so hopefully I'll be able to get a nap in." Inuyasha watched closely as Ayame began to pull out her books. He'd never spoken to her outside of class, but as he stared at the last text he'd received from Kagome, he began to feel desperate.

"Spit it out already." She said suddenly.

"W-what are you talking about?" Inuyasha said nervously.

"You've been looking between me and your phone for the last five minutes. If you have something to say, say it." A hot blush settled itself on the young man's cheeks at being caught.

"So...there's this girl." Inuyasha's hands quickly made their way to his ears as Ayame's squeals grew louder. "Cut that out! Geez you want me to go deaf?"

"Aww you need relationship advice, that's so cute! Who knew underneath that gruff exterior you were a lady killer, huh?" She said winking at him and tugging at his cheeks.

"Are you gonna help me or not?" He said, finally prying her hands from his face.

"Sure! Let's grab some food after class and we can talk then."


"So how was your day?" Kagome spoke into the phone. She moved about the kitchen with the small device pressed between her shoulder and her ear, chopping onions and stirring her soup.

"Boring. I only had one class today and it started at 9am. Two hours later and my day was over."

"At least you got some time to relax, yeah?" Kagome smiled into the phone after hearing Inuyasha's infamous 'keh' response.

"I wish. I spent the rest of my afternoon with Ayame. That girl has a lot of energy to burn. I think she needs medication." Kagome chewed her lip as she listened to Inuyasha talk about this Ayame girl. She didn't know why, but somehow she couldn't shake this terrible feeling in her belly. Who was this girl? More importantly who was she to Inuyasha?

"Kagome? You still there?"

"Yeah sorry about that. I get kinda spacey sometimes." She quickly recovered.

"You sure?"

"Positive, but I do have...one question. Who's Ayame? I don't think I've ever heard you mention her before." Kagome fought the overwhelming urge to smack herself. It's not like her and Inuyasha were dating. What right did she have to be questioning him? He must think she was crazy.

"She's a friend from my criminal justice class. I don't see her much outside of school and I think I'm gonna keep it that way. Why, are you upset I was with her?" Inuyasha smirked into the phone as he listened to her stutter on the other line.

"N-no! Why would I be jealous?"

"I never said you were."

"Oh God...I must sound like a total idiot."

"No you don't. I kind of like it...you being jealous over me. Hey, Kagome can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"K-Kagome, will you uh...I mean...do you want to-"


"Anata wa itsuka soto ni ikitaidesu ka?" His eyes widened and his face began to heat. Did he just ask her out...in Japanese? He and Ayame hadn't discussed this! What was he supposed to do now?

Lady killer? Yeah right.

"Watashi wa shite mitai."

"You speak Japanese?" Inuyasha said shocked.

"My mother taught me. She was born and raised in Tokyo."

"Kagome would you like to go out sometime?" Inuyasha said a lot smoother.

"I'd love to." Inuyasha smiled into his receiver. That sounded even better in English.

End Notes:

Translations (if you didn't catch them)

Anata wa itsuka soto ni ikitaidesu ka?: Would you like to go out sometime?

Watashi wa shite mitai: I'd love to.

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